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  1. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Any chance for Ronaldo to take his top off
  2. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    The Neuer flap in the CL was in the QF's
  3. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    Yeah but does he get angry in Portuguese http://www.marca.com/en/football/national-teams/2016/06/18/5765802246163fc0458b45d6.html
  4. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    If he was representing any team other than France it would have been Spain anyway, has said he feels more Spanish than French on a few occasions.
  5. The Iceland one was on a bus as well, so pretty much exactly the same thing... Some people just utter misery guts.
  6. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    Griezmann Who was it who said France didn't have any top class forwards? Yeah it's an awful celebration Pretty sure he devised it with Koke, as they both do it together anytime either of them score.
  7. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    GET IN ICELAND All those racist who wanted out of Europe have got exactly what they wanted
  8. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Mon Iceland
  9. Group D - Spain vs Turkey - NOW!

    Bendtner obviously the best striker in the world.
  10. They are playing with 3rd tier players in their side, what do you expect?
  11. How will you watch Euro 2016?

    Yeah watching the 2010 WC down under was awful, amazed I even managed to stay awake during the snoozfest of a final (4am-7am).
  12. How will you watch Euro 2016?

    Went with other, I'll probably watch about 50-60% of the matches but wont be supporting any team in particular.
  13. Spain announce 25-man provisional squad

    Yeah seems to have been utterly no consistency in the squads and XI's picked by Del Bosque in the last year. Don't think he has any idea what his best side is.
  14. Euro Memories

    Yes it's ri196.
  15. Euro Memories

    This is ri, what do you expect?