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  1. Yes all of that is true but beside the point and I discussed all that stuff before the tournament . It's just because those two are ***** generally and never miss a chance to show it. It wasn't about them watching the world cup, loads of decent people on this forum did.
  2. I quite happily boycotted the whole thing. I pity those of you who couldn't comprehend why people would boycott and watched the tournament without any qualms at all. (The rest of you are alright) But good to know some people are *****. Maybe we should boycott those companies as well? Instead of acting like children one-upping anyone on the playground. But then we all know you'd be cheering on those governments and multinational companies along with Oche.
  3. Doesn't Brewdog have a history of being pretty bloody awful about pretty much everything?
  4. Not at all. It's a certain type of online person mostly. The vast majority of labour voters are not terminally online left people.
  5. Mate, I think you'll find a lot of people just really don't care all that much.
  6. Only to someone who has never been on a forum. I pretty much expect any active forum I look at to have politics discussion of some type. It's like the number one most likely topic of discussion after whatever the forum is based around.
  7. I specifically said British. Its different if you include all the English ones yeah.
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb and say nobody on this forum has known any other monarch on the British throne.
  9. Damn it phone. I meant boner not boxer. I'm sorry you want your Dads Army reruns don't you.
  10. I mean who even watches conventional TV these days outside of old people anyway . And they probably get a boner for Queen stuff.
  11. Well yes but there will still be some sort of official thing that ratifies it if you know what I mean.
  12. It's almost as if we're a ridiculous island with silly laws we've never bothered to update. I think a lot of rules about the Monarchy are still the ones put in place in the 17th century following the Civil War.
  13. There will probably be a sworn in thing that makes it official fairly quickly and then a big ceremonial thing down the line.
  14. Legally yes she is. Parliament won't be able to commence again until a new Monarch is crowned. Courts may well have to stop as well, Judges need to swear in royal oaths etc. All the ceremonial ******** around the Queen is only ******** because everyone (Queen included) collectively agrees to treat it as such. But nothing can legally function without it.
  15. I suspect it'd follow quickly. But it wouldn't be automatic. Though it'd be funny if Australia did retain her.
  16. UK removing her as head of state wouldn't change anything in other countries where she is head of state. Funnily enough the UK doesn't have the power to change other countries head of states.
  17. So much of what people consider tradition is often not really that old either. The whole ceremony and aura around the British monarchy only really been around about 150 years. It was very much something that developed in the Victorian era.
  18. This really - You're basically trying to think logically about a hereditary monarchy. You keep it as is or you abolish it. Reforming it is just ridiculous.
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