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  1. I do feel some sympathy with SI in implementing VAR. I don’t think anyone watching the EPL last year for example, had any idea of how VAR would play out in reality, certainly not at the start of the season, and definitely not before the season began which is when SI would have been doing their work for the upcoming season. It’s still a very new, very raw and unrefined product in real life. Replicating that as it is now, in a game that’s meant to be playable over multiple seasons must be a real PITA.
  2. Looks like press conferences and player interactions have had a long overdue overhaul and there's some new stats going on as well (Hello xGs!) For a first tease, there seems to be plenty to mull over. Can't wait to see more.
  3. It’s the FM editor equivalent of the lost city of El Dorado
  4. Yeah I've managed to get them back now, so we're all good there. I reckon if we can open the player names database up it might offer a whole new level of editing when it comes to creating nations. Maybe.
  5. there's a person name ui, which in theory would allow you to tinker with the ethnicity, which is what I want to dig down into. Sadly, all I've managed to do so far is manage to break the display on my nations columns, so that now when I search nations, I can't see anything and I can't get it back to normal, even with unistalling/reinstalling, which is annoying as hell.
  6. I've added in some custom graphics into mine, as I've edited the database further to play down to non-league level, so I'll have to have a look and take out all the bits that aren't relevant first. I'll try and find the time!
  7. Apologies if this has been answered, but I've not been able to find it through my searches. I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in activating the "Person Name" field in the editor by altering the xml files via the resource archiver. I can see the field but try as I might I've not been able to get it to open as a selectable field, wasn't sure if someone else had had more joy. TIA.
  8. I just used Better Finder Rename to change the file names, then redid the config file. A little trial and error at times, but got there in the end!
  9. The picture pack no longer syncs up with the unique IDs of the players, which is a massive shame.
  10. Not quite sure why Luke Benbow has been moved from Nuneaton Borough to Nuneaton Griff in the latest update. He wasn't moved in the data I've sent across.
  11. Not that I’ve seen anywhere. The north and south are increasing to 24 to be inline with the national league as far as I know
  12. It's highly unlikely that they'll be accepted at that level. The criteria the National League set regarding financial commitments and stadium is really strict, far more so than the league. I can't see any Bury team having everything in place in time.
  13. I think tackling the absolute range of dialects in the UK and making it stick in a way that reflects all the diferences would be a job that would take years. There's so many and they're all so varied, and in some cases (especially the aforementioned Doric) are almost unintelligible to non-natives.
  14. Need to keep them at Nuneaton!
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