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  1. There was a really good post in the other requests forum (can’t find it!) that went into some depth on how this could be done. It’s without a doubt my most wanted feature.
  2. Whenever I try to test the rules on an advanced db with geographical draw set in the draw rules, I get a crash dump (have attached the latest dmp. and the save.) Have tested the db with and without those rules and it's definitely them that's causing the crash, which is annoying, because I would love to use them. Editor 2021 v21.1.0.1488190 (2020.12.03 11.51.14).dmp Geographic Draw Issue.fmf
  3. Yup, just uploaded it for you. Couple of weeks prior, not sure if it's early enough for you, but hope it helps. It's called Player unhappy not offered171120Peterhead Earliest Savve.fm
  4. Summary: Got a player who wants out, so I promise to do all I can to sell him. I offer him to clubs and no-one makes an offer. I make another attempt, lowering the asking price, but again no-one comes in. Description of Issue: The player requests a meeting to moan that I didn't sell him. I get that the player would be frustrated, that's fine, but in my options in talking to him, I don't have any option to say that I did make an attempt to sell him, (twice!) and no-one wanted him. I just get options saying that I didn't offer him out, which isn't the case. Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Player unhappy not offered171120Peterhead.fm
  5. Really impressed. Looks great, plays great, and the immersion is already far better, especially in regards to transfers and press conferences. They might be small changes, but that shift has brought the player into the room so to speak. Only done one game in match engine, but I've been really impressed by what I've seen. Couple of cute little passes between defenders, players working to retain the ball in the centre of the pitch, it just feels like a football game.
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