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  1. Not quite sure why Luke Benbow has been moved from Nuneaton Borough to Nuneaton Griff in the latest update. He wasn't moved in the data I've sent across.
  2. Not that I’ve seen anywhere. The north and south are increasing to 24 to be inline with the national league as far as I know
  3. It's highly unlikely that they'll be accepted at that level. The criteria the National League set regarding financial commitments and stadium is really strict, far more so than the league. I can't see any Bury team having everything in place in time.
  4. I think tackling the absolute range of dialects in the UK and making it stick in a way that reflects all the diferences would be a job that would take years. There's so many and they're all so varied, and in some cases (especially the aforementioned Doric) are almost unintelligible to non-natives.
  5. That's the sort of thing someone would say if they were trying to hide the fact that the Beta was actually released yesterday.
  6. Nuneaton Borough - looking forward to starting at the lower level once some of the LLM databases are out. Manchester United - Can't not fancy the rebuild job there Sunderland - lived there for four and a bit years, again, a rebuilding job. Union Berlin - Hipster challenge plus it won't be easy keeping them up in the Bundesliga. Peterhead - Me dad's hometown, a bit yo-yo in real life, try and get them established and kick on. Quite fancy an unemployed save as well with a host of random nations added, once one of the world league multipacks comes out.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49925419 Marchisio clearly isn’t on your side here!
  8. Absolutely this. It’s a real pita. Would also be good to be able to set set piece instructions for sub so they have a role when they come on.
  9. Good stuff. The sooner all last vestiges of the T word are eliminated, the better.
  10. Sounds like you might have a name change file selected, either from editor Data or the inc file, because it should already be Borough in FM19 by default I can promise you! Are you using multiple files?
  11. Agreed, with players in a club, I can’t see how no dialogue would take place at all. Bit different when you’re approaching someone outside of the club.
  12. If anyone was watching, in hope of a resolution... In the end had to do a complete uninstall/reinstall, which suggests it was something I did. I’ve no idea what though.
  13. Tried that, both for the game and the editor itself. No joy.
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