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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49925419 Marchisio clearly isn’t on your side here!
  2. Absolutely this. It’s a real pita. Would also be good to be able to set set piece instructions for sub so they have a role when they come on.
  3. Good stuff. The sooner all last vestiges of the T word are eliminated, the better.
  4. Sounds like you might have a name change file selected, either from editor Data or the inc file, because it should already be Borough in FM19 by default I can promise you! Are you using multiple files?
  5. I’ll have a look see if I’ve got the file before and let you know later today.
  6. I'm having a similar issue with Tuanzebe in my save. He moans he's not getting enough, so I promise to offer a new contact, but then he won't meet with me. One way I have found that seems to bypass this, is to arbitarily change his squad status, but really that shouldn't be what's done. FIle is uploaded and called tuanzebe contract.fm
  7. Agreed, with players in a club, I can’t see how no dialogue would take place at all. Bit different when you’re approaching someone outside of the club.
  8. If anyone was watching, in hope of a resolution... In the end had to do a complete uninstall/reinstall, which suggests it was something I did. I’ve no idea what though.
  9. Tried that, both for the game and the editor itself. No joy.
  10. Absolutely flummoxed by this one. Created a file, new league system for the English league, nothing I've not done before, however, when I go to load it into a game, it's stopped adding changes after a certain point, so some cup competitions not showing after I've created them etc. I've verified it, tried converting to advanced, verified it there, called it a different name, exported it, the works. I've got backups so I won't have to go too far back, but I'd rather a) avoid doing that, and b) understand what's happened, in case it happens again. Anyone else ever come across anything similar and did you work out a fix/cause?
  11. How did you solve this pal, I'm having the same issue? Thanks.
  12. Weird one. I can see you’re editing in advanced, did it work ok in basic? Promotion issues easier to spot there I find. If you need a second set of eyes, I can look over lunch.
  13. To expand on that, it would also be awesome if we could save these assignments to use again, in the same way we save shortlist’s etc,
  14. Have you set playoff rules and promotional rules in both the parent and sub divisions?
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