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  1. Go to a clubs history then click landmarks, it'll show if there's has been any takeovers and what type. Then just use the down arrow next to the club name to quickly check through the other clubs in that league.
  2. Dundee United? Got a few good youth to start with and first season in the Championship would give you an opportunity to play a few youth players from the start. Plus you've got the challenge of winning the league and reaching a Europa League final like they did in the 80s. Queen's Park would also be decent now they're not strictly semi-pro.
  3. Who said they should be common?. In game there are a grand total of three 5* staff members across 8 coaching categories. That's not just uncommon or even incredibly uncommon, it's non existent. Especially when you consider two of those three don't even perform the job they get 5* for IRL.
  4. Yeah I could increase them myself but tbh that feels a bit like cheating to me, not really a fan of making changes from what others are playing. Bit ridiculous that we'll have to wait until most likely March for those changes to be made though, I mean how all four of those examples weren't picked up before the data lock in mid October is laughable.
  5. According to FM Scout there is one 5 star defensive coach in the entire game, who is a scout IRL. There are zero 5 star attacking coaches and one coach who gets 5 stars for possession but is actually a goalkeeping coach IRL. There is an actual 5 star GK coach though, and a handful of fitness coaches, but yeah, yet another area of the game that desperately needs improved and has done for at least a decade.
  6. Waited nearly a month for the major update to start a proper save and O'Riley and Scales CA's have not been touched? Great.,, O'Riley still has a lower CA than Ideguchi. Scales still default transfer listed because his CA is so low. Palma nowhere near Forrest or Haksabanovic in terms CA or PA. Yang's CA miles behind Mikey Johnston.
  7. Has the database been updated at all in terms of individual players? Was told Scales and O'Riley's CA would be looked at and they don't appear to have been touched. Waited almost a month for the update and the Celtic squad is still a mess. O'Riley still has a lower CA than Ideguchi. Scales still default transfer listed because his CA is so low. Palma nowhere near Forrest or Haksabanovic in terms CA or PA. Yang's CA miles behind Mikey Johnston.
  8. Torino if you want a club with a bit of history, Sassuolo if you fancy creating your own.
  9. Pep Boada is good freebie. Model professional, 20, 19 and 20 for the main attributes and solid mentals.
  10. @Stuart Milne Both Abada and O'Riley's sell on clause still need be bought twice, same goes for O'Riley's instalments. I mean it's a simple fix in the editor but still, would've took one of you less than a minute to fix.
  11. Interactions have always been terrible but they've never been this bad, if they get it back to where it is just a chore and not game breaking I'd be happy enough with that, I think that's doable in the the 2-3 window they've given themselves. And I never mentioned anything about AI squad building because I haven't been that far into a save yet. Whilst rotation has been an issue for years (hence why I'm not so hopeful), the AI managers refusing to make subs should be a simpler issue to resolve.
  12. Too late for Luis Palma upgrade? I mean the guy is off the back of a great season at Aris and carried that into this season firstly with Aris (2 goals and 2 assists in CL qualifying plus an assist in his only league game) and now at Celtic (good record in the league and if not for the slightest of touches by Maeda would have 2 CL group stage goals in less than 150 minutes). Also forgot to add Yang to the Scales/O'Riley list of players who have been called up or capped for their international sides this season but are miles off a call up in game.
  13. Absolutely loving the match engine and really hoping it hasn't been changed too much since the beta build. If SI have sorted interactions (hopeful) and squad rotation/AI manager's not utilizing substitutes (not so hopeful) for release it could be the best FM in years imo.
  14. Dundee United would also be a decent shout. They start in the Championship and have some good youth. Overall goal would be the same as Aberdeen (ie. returning them to their 1980s glory days, United's only league title win and Europa League runners up in '87) but a tougher challenge after you get what would be a pretty fun first season out of the way.
  15. I'm tempted to try the same this year although start in the Championship. Have done it in the past and usually just switch Cardiff and Swansea for Celtic and Rangers and only issues I've had are the ones @Damian_Rusling mentions above but they're not really major, tend to just use the Scottish League Cup in the first season to give game time to the youth players who are lacking game time.
  16. Easiest way I've found is to go to browse Europe then under clubs select finances, then click on any rich clubs that seem like they shouldn't be 'rich'. Then go to the clubs history and choose landmarks, which will show any takeovers and say what sort (ie. tycoon). Or if you're looking purely for clubs in a specific league then go to landmarks then just go then just press the down arrow at the left of the club name and you can fire through a league in no time. Only one I've found so far is Go Ahead Eagles in Dec '23, tycoon has pumped 40m into the club and gave them a 5m transfer budget plus increased the wage budget by 200k p/w. Will get round to uploading it at some point as it could be a fun save with that wage budget and being able to offer players pre-contracts within a few weeks of getting started.
  17. That's some team you've built there, even the bench is really strong.
  18. I hate to admit it but you're 100% right, only Morrison and Borland have been/are -8 since leaving and like you say Borland has never been in the database as a Celtic player before. Even checked the FM21 editor cause I was that convinced it was in the original database. So yeah, apologies for that. Although I still maintain Ferns, Frame and Vata are as good as any Scotland talent out there but I do get PA ratings are opinion at the end of the day so I'll leave it there. Also glad to know the Celtic researcher did actually contact the German team to look into Frimpong's sell on cause I think that and the Sinclair clause was where much of my frustration was coming from to begin with. Another thing I did notice today when playing was that with Abada's sell on and both O'Riley's sell on and monthly fee buyouts, the game is making you buy it out twice for it to go away. Not sure if that's just an issue with those two or a wider issue in the beta though? Oh and any chance you would be willing to sneakily reveal Paulo Bernardo's PA so I can decide whether it's worth shelling out the £6.5m option?
  19. Yeah he's got a similar value on my save. Looks we're gonna end up with pretty similar teams cause I've got Berterame and Ruiz on my list too. As @Hoarau mentioned, the other two are Alvaro Fidalgo and Doria who starts at Santos Laguna. Really appreciate it Another couple worth checking out are Adamo Nagalo, Nadir Zortea (available for 500k) and Orri Steinn Oskarsson.
  20. He looks great for the price, suspect he'll be one of my go to signings as well now. Not sure how to post screenshots but Fidalgo and Doria are absolute bargains at the start of the game, under £2m each and can slot into a Prem side straight away. Also Julien Carranza and Alexander Barboza are great pick ups on pre contracts at the start of the game.
  21. Any chance you could link me to the skin the skin you're using? And yeah, Joao Neves is an absolute must sign if you've got the money.
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