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  1. I'm quietly hoping it follows last years timescale which would mean the beta is hopefully released as early as next Tuesday. Last year the release date was Friday 4th Nov with beta expected 2 weeks before (Friday 21st Oct) but it was actually released on Tuesday 18th October. So with any luck this year might go similar. Official release Friday 10th Nov, Beta expected Friday 27th Oct, actual beta release Tuesday 24th October. Pretty please SI.
  2. Pascal Chimbonda

    You acknowledge the level of the league he's joined yet still come to the conclusion he must be doing it for money? Considering it's the 9th tier and he has previous for playing non league football for free I'd be more surprised if he's getting a wage at all.
  3. Football Manager TV: Sports Science

    I suggest waiting for FM Braille.
  4. Pascal Chimbonda

    He played for us against Villa in a charity match for Stan Petrov about 5 years back, remember Agbonlahor getting sent death threats after the game by 1D fans for injuring him.
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Just wondering if it's worth upgrading my laptop from 8gb to 16gb before FM18? Will it make much difference to how quickly it will run? Current setup is MSI GE60 Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2gb Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M RAM - 8gb DDR3 (max 16gb) 128gb SSD + 750gb HDD Got it basically bang on 3 years ago so know it's getting on a bit but don't plan on getting a new laptop until this time next year. Will upgrading to 16gb make much of a difference to how FM runs on a large/XL database (120k+ players) or would it be limited by processor etc to the point it would not really be worthwhile?
  6. British / English talent

    I managed to get Reece Oxford for 5.5M at the start of the game, with any luck he'll turn out similar to Cunego's screenshot above. Will Hughes always seems to end up transfer listed eventually on my saves so maybe worth waiting for him. Outside of that pretty clueless in terms of English players but Mings seems to go cheap and Tierney is brilliant at LB. Callum Paterson, despite not having great potential, has continually put in great performances for me. His long throws are lethal. Greg Taylor, Kiltie and Adam Frizzell worth scouting to see if you've got lucky with their potential. Rossiter, Aitchison and John Souttar as well.
  7. It's still version 1702? And no not surprised, more bored of groundhog day. Pretty sure in the past small updates haven't reset everything. In the last 10 days I've had to do the same thing three times. Never mind, now I know I can stop automatic updates it's all good. Cheers Mrtrwsmiff.
  8. No idea, just noticed Brazilian names were back to 3 letters then exited and deleted all the new files. Have the laws suddenly changed in the last 12 months? Was never this bad in FM16 or the ten or so editions beforehand. For an update that just included 'some adboard's updates' it added a hell of a lot files in the dbc, edt and inc folders that had nothing to do with adboard's. No big deal but a heads up would be nice.
  9. Why do these tiny updates insist on messing up club names? Becoming a chore to keep deleting the same files at least once a week.
  10. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Was searching for a player similar to Ozyakup after missing out on him and glad I did. Found Miguel Almiron available for 10m less and just as good. Able to pick him up for 3.5m and he gets a WP on appeal. Edit: No idea what happened to that screenshot but never mind.
  11. Celtics average attendance over a season still lower than their actual season ticket sales this season. \o/ Despite it being raised (with evidence) in the data issues forum. Cup semi's/finals at Hampden still don't even sellout Not a big deal as it takes 2 mins to fix in the editor but given that ticket sales is essentially the main source of income for SPFL clubs it kinda feels like cheating to manually correct it even though all your doing is fixing something that should already have been sorted.
  12. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Been amazing for me as well. Initially bought him and Vizeu to rotate with Griff/Dembele and by Jan Kuki and Vizeu were my 1st choice strikers.
  13. Who to BUY?

    RB - Mario Fernandes, Rosales, Danilo CB - Diego Llorente (always seems to be available on a pre contract (jan) on my saves). Gabriel Paulista and Sule tend to get transfer listed as well. Youngster wise Upamecano, Sarr and Milenkovic. LB - Biased but Tierney is brilliant. Emmanuel Mas a solid player on the cheap. Kolasinic and Charlie Taylor sometimes available on a pre contract. Toni Lato or Maouassa for youngsters. CM - Defensively M'Vila, Lucas Silva, Jorrit Hendrix, Roque Mesa all pretty decent. More attacking, Will Hughes, Andre Horta, Ozyakup.
  14. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Quite a few bargains in Scotland this year. O'Connell and the Don's players you mentioned plus Hearts have got Callum Paterson who only has a year left on his contract and Perry Kitchen who rivals Pierrek Cros as the best sub 500k CB at the start. Then there's John McGinn and Jason Cummings at Hibs.
  15. Should be renamed "Who's creating a thread this year?" Depressing how quiet this place is these days.