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  1. Okay campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties cause its cold out there...
  2. Yep, Dinamo players now cost a fortune. Before the update LW was basically pick your wonderkid with Marin, Solomon and Olmo all great option for an IF. Then Trincao and Lainez as proper wingers. Lainez and Solomon have joined new clubs and Marin and Olmo's values have skyrocketed.
  3. Can anyone who's started a new game with the Scottish leagues loaded check and see if there's any u18 competitions running? Only thing keeping me from starting my long term save, would be awesome if they've been added before full release so I can get a good session in on Wednesday night/all of Thursday.
  4. Little Miles' handwriting has improved substantially overnight. At this rate he'll be writing like an adult by the time the beta drops.
  5. How much would it cost to buy touch on it's own? Just asking because Voidu are doing the full game, touch and beta access for £23 with the code BLUEWINTER. So if you were paying upwards of £15 for touch alone it might be worthwhile just grabbing the Voidu deal and giving it a go yourself. You can assign your assistant to sort all the training, do all the press conferences/team talks etc then hire a Director of Football to take care of staff recruitment and contract renewals etc so that would cut out a lot of the bulk/time if you prefer it that way. And like monkeywool said the new tutorials in 19 would be ideal to get you up to speed with the rest.
  6. The Dortmund side scored 10 (Ten) goals in one game against Real Madrid.
  7. Remember one of the youtubers that uploaded content yesterday mentioning that the IGE was enabled in their save so gonna guess it'll be available when beta drops but yeah hopefully one of the SI guys can confirm either way.
  8. This. Using Sanchez to Spurs as an example just doesn't work for reasons you've given. Kluivert moved to Roma for £15m this summer, if that was a Prem club buying they'd likely have demanded a good bit more. So FdJ to Leverkusen for 25m seems fairly in line with that. The SI guys also added a flat 30% sell on clause (not just a percentage of profit clause) so that likely lowered the price a fair bit as well. On the keeper ratings, was also disappointed from what I seen from the 2 streams, doesn't look like they've been sorted at all.
  9. The improvements to training and tactics are a positive, and probably more than I was hoping for. On the other hand VAR, whilst I agree with it's inclusion, will almost certainly become tedious once the novelty has worn off. Quite like the 'new style' despite some of criticism it's taken but by the same token it's pretty much irrelevant on a personal level since I've never stuck with the default skins for longer than I had to. Likewise the Bundesliga license, although one less thing to do I suppose. The new 'induction' will be helpful I guess but it's a bit meh as feature reveal. Disappointed there's no mention of AI improvements with regards to transfers/squad management, assume if there was any significant improvements they'd have been revealed by now given how important it is to the enjoyment of a long term save. That's the only thing I want.
  10. Probably for the best, the semi would only be a letdown.
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