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  1. Half back

    Not sure how much he'd cost as I'm playing as Celtic but Kristoffer Ajer has been brilliant for me at Half Back. Been one of my best performers in the CL as well so he'd be good enough if/when you reach the Premier League too.
  2. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Couple of Celtic data issues I've spotted so far 1. Craig Gordon's contract runs out in 2018, he signed a contract extension until 2020 back in March - http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11787/10794495/craig-gordon-signs-new-three-year-contract-with-celtic 2. Likewise, Lustig signed an extension until 2019 way back in Jan - http://www.celticfc.net/news/11945 In game it only runs until 2018. 3. In game Wallace Duffy is a natural at CM and accomplished at DM and CB. He's a natural CB (and a terrible one at that) who should be accomplished at RB, were he has been playing since Ralston's move up to the first team. 4. Lewis Bell is listed as natural at DM and CM in game. He should be natural at CB and at best competent/accomplished at DM, he only fills in at DM on the odd occasion.
  3. Can I play FM18?

    Yeah you're fine.
  4. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Celtic - Try and keep the likes of Tierney, Ajer, Ntcham, Roberts and Dembele at the club for as long as possible. Work towards 10 in a row whilst becoming regulars in Europe after xmas. Long term, win a European trophy and improve the league/standard of Scottish players overall. Also want to try and manage one nation from each confederation and compete in every international tournament. Oh and try and replicate Rodgers unbeatable treble. Torino or Sassuolo - Sassuolo have been my go to Italian team for ages but really tempted to give Torino a try this year. With Inter and AC having cash to splash now it should be pretty fun/competitive. Will try and limit my squad to Italian/Argentine players outside of players currently at the club. Koln - Despite their awful form irl they should have a pretty fun squad in FM. Timo Horn in goals, Heintz and Sorensen at CB with two really promising youngsters as back up (Jorge Mere and Joao Queiros). Two quality left backs in Jonas Hector and Jannes Horn. Then the likes of Bittencourt and Jhon Cordoba in attack. Real Betis - Bit of a rebuilding job to get them ready to compete for CL places. Doubt I'll keep many of the original players outside of Camarasa and Sanabria so will probably take a few seasons to build a squad that can compete. RC Lens - First get them promoted then spend years trying to build an all French squad that can compete with PSG.
  5. I'm quietly hoping it follows last years timescale which would mean the beta is hopefully released as early as next Tuesday. Last year the release date was Friday 4th Nov with beta expected 2 weeks before (Friday 21st Oct) but it was actually released on Tuesday 18th October. So with any luck this year might go similar. Official release Friday 10th Nov, Beta expected Friday 27th Oct, actual beta release Tuesday 24th October. Pretty please SI.
  6. Pascal Chimbonda

    You acknowledge the level of the league he's joined yet still come to the conclusion he must be doing it for money? Considering it's the 9th tier and he has previous for playing non league football for free I'd be more surprised if he's getting a wage at all.
  7. Football Manager TV: Sports Science

    I suggest waiting for FM Braille.
  8. Pascal Chimbonda

    He played for us against Villa in a charity match for Stan Petrov about 5 years back, remember Agbonlahor getting sent death threats after the game by 1D fans for injuring him.
  9. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Just wondering if it's worth upgrading my laptop from 8gb to 16gb before FM18? Will it make much difference to how quickly it will run? Current setup is MSI GE60 Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2gb Nvidia Geforce GTX 765M RAM - 8gb DDR3 (max 16gb) 128gb SSD + 750gb HDD Got it basically bang on 3 years ago so know it's getting on a bit but don't plan on getting a new laptop until this time next year. Will upgrading to 16gb make much of a difference to how FM runs on a large/XL database (120k+ players) or would it be limited by processor etc to the point it would not really be worthwhile?
  10. British / English talent

    I managed to get Reece Oxford for 5.5M at the start of the game, with any luck he'll turn out similar to Cunego's screenshot above. Will Hughes always seems to end up transfer listed eventually on my saves so maybe worth waiting for him. Outside of that pretty clueless in terms of English players but Mings seems to go cheap and Tierney is brilliant at LB. Callum Paterson, despite not having great potential, has continually put in great performances for me. His long throws are lethal. Greg Taylor, Kiltie and Adam Frizzell worth scouting to see if you've got lucky with their potential. Rossiter, Aitchison and John Souttar as well.
  11. It's still version 1702? And no not surprised, more bored of groundhog day. Pretty sure in the past small updates haven't reset everything. In the last 10 days I've had to do the same thing three times. Never mind, now I know I can stop automatic updates it's all good. Cheers Mrtrwsmiff.
  12. No idea, just noticed Brazilian names were back to 3 letters then exited and deleted all the new files. Have the laws suddenly changed in the last 12 months? Was never this bad in FM16 or the ten or so editions beforehand. For an update that just included 'some adboard's updates' it added a hell of a lot files in the dbc, edt and inc folders that had nothing to do with adboard's. No big deal but a heads up would be nice.
  13. Why do these tiny updates insist on messing up club names? Becoming a chore to keep deleting the same files at least once a week.
  14. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Was searching for a player similar to Ozyakup after missing out on him and glad I did. Found Miguel Almiron available for 10m less and just as good. Able to pick him up for 3.5m and he gets a WP on appeal. Edit: No idea what happened to that screenshot but never mind.