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  1. celtic_fc

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Probably for the best, the semi would only be a letdown.
  2. Just a heads up for everybody in the UK MOTD highlights on in 10 minutes.
  3. Mon Big Boyata getting the winner on Saturday.
  4. Remember that time England almost reached a World Cup final? This is beautiful.
  5. Yass what a ****ing start to the day
  6. That was my reaction until I realised it'll most likely mean Gamboa at RB vs Rosenborg.
  7. celtic_fc

    Brazil vs Costa Rica, Friday, 1pm BST

    Please grab a winner Costa Rica.
  8. celtic_fc

    Argentina - Croatia, Thursday, 7pm BST

    Jesus Christ If ever a goal summed up a game.
  9. celtic_fc

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    What a finish.
  10. celtic_fc

    2018 World Cup squads

    Belgium to have an injury crisis at CB and Boyata to get a big money move off the back of a couple of fluke performances please.
  11. Yeah I'd assume 'buying players' would play a role but like others have mentioned there really should be more clarity. I've always looked at 'Business' and 'Patience' as well but really have no idea whether either play a role at all. I was just working on the assumption that 'business' would maybe influence ability to negotiate the best fee and 'patience' would help in contract negotiations.
  12. celtic_fc

    Damn Brexit!

    I'm probably missing something but could you not sign him and loan him out to a Spanish club for 2 years?
  13. celtic_fc

    Defenders - Ready for EPL first season

    RB - Inigo Lekue, Karavaev, Elustondo LB - Tagliafico, Kim Jin-Su, Frank Fabra, Miguel Trauco CB - Domagoj Vida, Kannemann, Diego Reyes, Rodrigo Caio, Paulo Diaz