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  1. Quite good safe you have going there. I Think we all wish the Young we get would be more difference positions ! In my save it’s either wingers or defensive midfielders. I Think I Got about 10 potential wingers who all could play and allready have both Nicos and inaki Munain and Morcillo, so some have to go 😀
  2. Just finished my third season in Athletic and we won the league again this time quite comfortably with 16 points down to Barca, but its was only our league form we can be happy with this season. Got knocked out by Juve in the Quarterfinals, lost to Sevilla in the Spanish Cup, so wasnt a amazing season. Further we lost Inaki Williams who got a serious injury and were out for 8 months with cruciate ligament, so will be exciting to see if he can come back in his earlier form. On the positive side younger brother Nico have improved alot this season together with his friend Nico Serrano and th
  3. It’s true i would say Oyarzabal you Can maybe if come to England first and maybe Laporte before gets to Old, but thats it. And in 2025-27 there are no one out there 😂😂😂
  4. It’s so stupid. When it happends I have the best Young players So there are no High profile players in other clubs 😬😬😂
  5. I’ve tried so Many times but wont happen. They are actually schocked when you dont buy players
  6. I dont sign any players and it goes so well. You focus on your own players and giving Them more attention. The funny Thing through is that the board gets pissed when they expect you to sign players under 23 and sign High profiled players
  7. Not in Athletic but tried it with smaller teams. It’s so annoying when it’s happening
  8. So first season finished and we finished in second place - a very good season. We lost the final to Real Madrid in the Spanish supercup, while we won the cup 3-1 against Barcelona. Our first season have Bern busy where we have Said goodbye to quite a few players. Lekue left for Brigthon for 2,3 mio €, Ibai Gomez left to Granada for 1,4 mio €, Balenziaga went to Olympiakos for 400,000, Ezkieta went to Al-Ain for 4 mio, unai Lopez to hertha for 12 mio, de Marcos to Valencia for 1,8 mio, Cordoba to Hoffenheim for 4,9 mio €. After the season we also Said goodbye to Villalibre who went to
  9. Almost same answer from me. From season 2 I always get my b team in second division, so no need to loan Them out, unless it’s a la liga side or a good team from a great league that plays in CL. I love keeping my talents in my Club and control everything 👍
  10. Im really in doubt here it’s Auxerre or Spanish Racing Santander. Think they are quite even, but who would you choose? of course I would use both clubs excellent Youth academy, but not sure which is most exciting. France league maybe a bit easier, but Spanish stronger league and more money 🤷‍♂️
  11. The B-team and C-team cant play in the same division, so if b-team is in segunda (la liga 123), the C-team cant be promoted no matter what it says in the game
  12. I moved about 4-6 Young players up to the first team and players like Serrano, Nico Williams, Morcillo and Imanol gets alot of time
  13. No problem. The only thing i wish was different, that Young Spanish under 17 who arent basque didnt show in the scout report. But i guess some people still buy Them 🤷‍♂️
  14. Go in under player search in the scout area and then choose edit search in the right corner and under Add condition choose nationality. After it choose Spain go back in and choose basque 😏
  15. I would sell for That money, but you must have a talented keeper?
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