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  1. No gave him a few cup games, but no dont waste your time on him. There are better players through 😏
  2. So before the 2028 season we said goodbye to some familar faces and replaced them with some fresh young talent, and after many years it was time to say goodbye to Inaki Williams who went to China and Aimar Oroz went to Wolves, Cordoba left to Marseille and Laporte didnt get a new contract. From this new team we have big hopes for Jorge Bilbao very exciting midfielder and striker Gorka Castro, who allready have 3 goals in 6 matches, so might be a great season and a new topscorer. You can also see our balance and transferbudget - we dont really need any money
  3. It’s not just happening in the game! 🔴⚪️ 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗖𝗢𝗣𝗔 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟭 𝗧𝗫𝗔𝗣𝗘𝗟𝗗𝗨𝗡𝗔𝗞!!
  4. Thanx! Here is is works fantastic and against tuff teams away I use a 3-5-2 tactic
  5. Another update and after two league titles in a row I thought should be 3, but no!! Real won the league by being best head to head in the season not a good way to end the season! But then there is Champions League and my old friends from Manchester United - I always meet them - but what a way to end this season Last but not least legend Iker Munain ended his days at San Mamès after a long carrier and what a player. Too bad he had very bad stats as a coach so couldnt use him in my team. I also put a screenshot of Serrano in 2027 he is so good
  6. Most of the time yes. Him or Inaki cause didnt have any very good striker, but now I have a great striker, so Serrano is left Wing again. But he is amazing 😏
  7. I agree on that. He is very good as advanced forward and scored Many goals for me in the first season. But must say try give Nico Serrano some time in the first team. He is ridiclius for me and almost cant hold PSG, Chelsea, City and United away. That talent is huge 😏
  8. In my sixth season and time for prizewinners and how about that!! Ballon D`or to Athletic Club He had an amazing season and also won FIFPRO Player of The Season and Goal50 earlier this season, so a massive season he got Goalkeeper Unai Simon won World Golden Glove but it might go some time before I get so many prizes again i think
  9. City bought him in january 2022 and then I loaned him in july 2023, so had to wait a Long time for him
  10. I sometimes get a few in my Youth intake, but they are not very good. But maybe it Will happen one day
  11. He was transferlistet in Man City for almost 2 years, so I tried to get him but wasnt easy. Finally they agreed a loan and with a Clause to buy him and then I moved Quick, cause Real also tried 😀😀 With a clause at 38 mio € I moved for him
  12. Finished my fifth season and finally we won the Spanish League Title after a amazing season with this amazing club. And thanks to Mikel Oyarzabal what a season he had - absolut worldclass player Look at those stats Our second Champions League final and against that PSG - but we did it Maybe a little bit lucky but we needed and playing Cordoba as a striker were very clever I think Okay this is a first for me I must say! "Figo-ball" I like that by the way This picture I like alot - almost on top here so gotta get Juve away from that position.
  13. Well another great season in Athletic with a great second place and a cupwin against Real Madrid. Sociedad got a huge beaten with 8-0, but in the league Barcelona this time were too good for us. Nico Serrano had a really good season as well as Imanol at left back, so I think the future looks good
  14. What a crazy almost sick season in Bilbao. We ended up as second in the league as Real were totally dominant, but ask who gave them their only loss in the league ! We lost the Spanish Supercup to Real. but beat them in the cupfinal and in the quarterfinals of the Champions League I must say winning the Champions League shocks me cause had no chance in my mind against Liverpool, but been really good season. Inaki topscorer with 24 goals and loanie Odriozola got 15 assists so we bought him! Now next season lets win the spanish league
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