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  1. Yeah it’s quite amazing but I Will say it’s even worse with Barca. I feel they always get some seasons were they are complete shocking and have it hard just getting to top 4
  2. We finished season 2052/53 and we won our fourth league title in a row - a pretty hard season were Barca and Real really gave in a fight - but we won the right games and ended on top once again. We got 1-1 at Nou Camp and lost 2-0 at Berbabeu but beat them at San Mamès and they lost some really strange games. We also won the Spanish Supercup against Real Madrid and the Champions League at and hold on now - Cristiano Ronaldo Park in Torino against Liverpool We lost 4-2 to RB Leipzig in the quarterfinals at the World Club Cup were we had 12!!! players from our firstteam away on national duties, so no chance of winning that title!! I really hope they will fix this bug in FM22 but I really doubt it Our goalkeeper Jose Ros really goes high on games but 1000 games i dont think he will reach he is 33 now and it will be tuff to reach.. One of our best players the last few season is Alain Esparza he is only 24 but damn he is good. He can both play as a playmaker as well as both wings
  3. Another season ended and after a season were Barcelona got the chance of winning the league - we`re now back where we belong. A really tuff battle with both Barca and Real Madrid, but at the end Real suddenly threw it all away, and we said thanks We also won the Spanish Cup against Real Madrid while we went out in the semis against Liverpool after we had sent out both Manchester clubs but after we lost away to Liverpool with 1-0 - we just couldnt score at home so it ended there. And yeah our rivals La Real were relegated again together with Osasuna ! On the youth-side its been a great season. We got some exciting players and some of them have allready got some time. I was actually starting to think that our leftback maybe was starting to loose his quality, but he played 50 games made 19 assists and finished his rating at 7.37 at age 33, so we decided to give him a new contract We also moved up the next leftback in line our 16 year old so he could learn from our legend leftback!! Another young starlett Ander Santamaria were loaned out to Portugal-side Pacos de Ferreira were he played 17 games and he is now ready to play a part in our first-team along with another 16 year old talent Unai Agirre who playes in midfield. Our legendary striker Unai Etxaniz beat the old record from 1950 i think which was 251 league goals - thats quite amazing and he now has 264 league goals - that will take some time to beat that
  4. We have reached another season in Athletic this time we have finished the season 2047/48 season and Barca were too good for us Im afraid. We finished 10 points behind Barca but despite we only won the Spanish Supercup against Valencia - we had a decent season with some of our young talents. In the cup we went out to Real Madrid and the CL it was Bayern we lost too, but I think we have a good season ahead of us going into our 29th season
  5. No I havent and dont Think Will happen unless I play to yeah 3000 😂😂😂 It’s a new stadium but we Got 101,000 at San Manés so we earn quite alot 😜
  6. Me either but so Many funny things happends in the future. Also funny to see the Many new stadiums ! Bayern Got the “Franz Beckenbauer Arena” with a capacity at 110,322 😬😬😬 Wolfsburg Got “Eden Dzeko Arena”, Newcastle Got “jackie Mercer stadium” man city Got a new called “Joe Mercer Stadion”,and PSG Got “Mauricio Pochettino Park” - and the funny Thing is that in 2047 they still havent won the CL 😜
  7. Yeah I really like to come that far when all the players we know are gone, but Also fun to see how the other league progres. So much happends that never Will happen in real life
  8. A bit quiet in here these weeks, but now made to to 2047 and we became champions again in Spain after a really hard and tuff season with Real Madrid, won the Copa del Rey, but only made it to the quarters in the Champions League, where Real Madrid were too good!! Our topperformer were our striker Unai Etxaniz who scored no more than 30 goals in 34 league games and all in all he scored 48 goals in 48 games A real shame he is 32 now, but what a topscorer we have there and ofcourse for my Spain Still looking at that Messi record with 50 league goals in one season - any of you ever managed to beat that ?
  9. Thanx. Yeah it’s a really Long save - had the same Long last year but with Auxerre. Until now we have won the UEFA Nations League and now playing the World Cup 2046 held in Japan. The Media cant believe that 10 in our squad are from Athletic
  10. So a tuff season ended in 2045 and we got third place after a season where we lifted the Copa del Rey trophy, the Champions League and the Club World Cup. We can be pleased with the progres with some of the players and we are building something really strong again Im sure. After this season we have said goodbye to yet another long server on our midfield, so its almost a new fresh and young team we got. In the league Atletico were too good for us, but we beat them in the CL final so we got our revenge. Our midfielder Munoz is our best player at the moment I think, and the we got a new exciting young star who can play central and offensive midfield, and both flanks. He got his debut in the new season and scoret in the UEFA SuperCup so I`ll keep him in the first team despite only being 16!!
  11. Well I had Said no so Many times cause only wanted to play with Athletic, but Then again after so Many years I decided to do it anyway, cause in the 24 years my save have lasted Spain have only won the World Cup in 2038. The national job is Just for fun for me nothing Else no real bonusses or plans to sell in my mind - I just love Spanish Football so just Want to win everything I Can with Them 😁😁😁😁
  12. So another season finished and we`re back on top - at least for now ! We won the league again but it wasnt an easy season because Real really gave us a fight. We ended on 90 points and Real Madrid got 89, so was a hard season. Barca were at a time down at the relegation places, but they finished at 6th place after they got rid of Xaxi . In the cup we went out to Rayo after penalties We are not very good at the moment on penalties so lets hope that will change - Rayo actually ended up winning the cup and in the Champions League we went out to Man City in the quarters, but not really a surprise there. Beside we won the league it wasnt a very good season for us. But we also said goodbye to our to most loyal players with more than 1600 games together Inigo Valencia with 597 league apperances 17 goals and 104 assists (yes he was a leftback) and then Chechu our captain got 586 league games scored 157 goals and got 237 assists - wonder when I will get a player like that again And the last thing - After I said no to Spain nationalteam four times I said yes this time after Pep Guardiola retired - so now Spain will be winning alot of titles I think - Maybe with a whole bunch of players from Athletic
  13. It’s about 23 seasons but Will be taking a little break or not play it so much. Will be trying to make Newcastle as the new powerteam In England
  14. So a new season finished and after 8 straight league titles we came down to earth again by Real Madrid after our amazing players in this generation dont really have the quality anymore, so now starting to build a new powerteam! We still have a few of our old players left they got at age 37 still one year left on their contract and im not selling them now My leftback Valencia is on 857 games and Chechu our captain is on 843 games - I really hope that they will become good coaches or something like that And when we say big figures - I reached 1300 games in charge in Athletic - its massive
  15. Well Think Yeray and Simon are on their Way. 8 years is not much your Numbers Will get much higher Im sure 👍
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