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  1. Decided To start with Stuttgart cause didnt want to begin in the Best League
  2. I would like to develop young players most from own club like did last year in Auxerre, but both have very good youth setup i think
  3. They Are on my list but not this time but surely Berlin needs a big team
  4. Looking for a save in Germany but cant make up my mind so I hope you can help me a bit Im between RB Leipzig, Leverkusen and BVB (Dortmund) and the aim is the same. Focus on the youth and stop the dominance from FC Bayern. RB Leipzig : Exciting team with the likes of Poulsen, Haidara, Werner, Konatè and Upamecano, the link with the other Red Bull clubs and the fact they dont have any real history and trophies. BVB : Maybe the team many would choose and with many amazing talents like Zagadou, Sancho, Gomez and Isak but also the easy team to beat Bayern? Leverkusen : Maybe the most interesting team in Germany and with the talents like Brandt, Tah, Havertz, Bailey and Paulinho they are maybe the team to be, but can you keep the players?? But who would you choose ?
  5. Hi again. Have you worked on the Yugoslavia database?
  6. Thats Amazing. I would be so glad if could play the old Yugoslavia League with Those Amazing teams and maybe could play with the nationalteam too 😅🙏
  7. Anyone out there with a desire to make a Yugoslavia database & league ? Would love to be playing with the old Yugoslavia league
  8. Normally i Would choose Forest cause i like Them but alleeady had a safe with Them and also tried Newcastle and Coventry
  9. Im planning a new safe in England thinking Blackburn or Leeds but Maybe you have other teams i should try? I like teams that have won something before socalled "Sleeping Giants". Let me hear your choices
  10. Thanx mate. I went with Auxerre due to the Challenge would be the hardest with Them
  11. Hi all. About to begin a save in France but cant decide the team. Auxerre, Rennais or Bordeaux. What us your option of these teams? Who would you recommend??
  12. Fantastic Work you have done here. Any chance that you Can remove Liverpool and Celtic with Valencia and Schalke?
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