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  1. The B-team and C-team cant play in the same division, so if b-team is in segunda (la liga 123), the C-team cant be promoted no matter what it says in the game
  2. I moved about 4-6 Young players up to the first team and players like Serrano, Nico Williams, Morcillo and Imanol gets alot of time
  3. No problem. The only thing i wish was different, that Young Spanish under 17 who arent basque didnt show in the scout report. But i guess some people still buy Them 🤷‍♂️
  4. Go in under player search in the scout area and then choose edit search in the right corner and under Add condition choose nationality. After it choose Spain go back in and choose basque 😏
  5. I would sell for That money, but you must have a talented keeper?
  6. Nico Williams (younger brother of Inaki) got a great boost in the winterupdate! He looks very good now so must make a team with the brothers Also right back Asier Grande looks decent and Unai Gomez (cant remember him) looks quite good
  7. I Think the brilliant Anel Ahmedhodzic Got a boost in the Update. He was good before, but now he is playing superb in Man U and my second test he is in Man City. Look at these ratings and for just 6 mio €
  8. So is it still Galli who are our favorite Hoyd? For me it is but have any had succes with one maybe someone we dont Seem to Pick up in the game? Would be fun if there was a HOYD from the start of the game that is awesome and we didnt know about it 💪😀
  9. First round after New Years and I think Real Sociedad would have wanted to meet some other team
  10. After 3 years with not so good results in Europe and the league we are again back we can again battle for the league title, but Barcelona have got a crazy team and they are not easy to win against. In the league it was very tight, but at the end Barca won the league again!! But in the Champions League we got our revenge against Barcelona and we won the big title again It was also last season with Unai Nunez and we have only Unai Simon, Oliet Sancet and Mikel Oyarzabal left from the start of the game. We got a execiting young talent who I think can be really good for us. He is
  11. Well i have a special Young guy. He is born In Spain in the basque area, but then moved to Uruguay, but he is back now in Bilbao, but he plays for the nationalteam in Uruguay 😂😂😂
  12. Not from the start but now In 2030 it’s only my own Youth i use, cause I dont Think other teams Got better Youth intakes 😏
  13. Yeah crazy Money but he wanted to leave for 3-4 seasons, but not until now I have players to replace him. Got a 17 year Old who my assistent Can be better than Serrano - it’s so crazy 😏😏 I would loan him out but make sure to loan out in highest league and that he plays as important player! 😉
  14. What a crazy end to the season we had. Barca have a crazy team and were in front all the time, but suddenly they got some defeats and we took our first title, where we got over 100 points It didnt go well in CL where we went out to Chelsea in the quarter, but our young team will be stronger next season. But it will be without our main man Nico Serrano who finally got that big club he wanted, and what a player we had here. 368 matches and he scored 132 goals
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