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  1. Hello, As my wing players tend to be Either footed, or sometimes because I want to vary a bit how the attacks come, I tend to ask them to swap positions every once in a while. That being said, I cannot see nor say whether it actually does anything interesting or not. If the AI was using man-marking and especially man-on-man marking (id est, a given player being marked by another specific player and no one else) I can see it being useful as it would wreck havoc in the AI's defence, but I simply fail to see it do anything meaningful. Obviously I can see some noting that nowadays most marking is zonal and this instruction is a relic of days long gone, while others may note that FM isn't real-life and if the option's there, it might as well fill a purpose. This is a more general question that isn't necessarily linked to one given tactical setup or formation: have you seen success when using the "Swap Positions With" player instruction? How do you use it? Does the AI even actually man-mark your players effectively or react to players swapping positions?
  2. Thanks for your more detailed reply. Then I'll go back to do exactly what I used to do (and what I wrote earlier) in such cases: play an AP(A) with Roam From Position. Solves everything for me, even the goal scoring side of things; well, except for "Dribble More".
  3. Sure why not, but that's not very specific. It's not as if no one here has tried the role, so do share your experience in how they compare with other roles.
  4. To be honest, I found the AP(A) with Roam From Position does basically everything the Treq does without giving up defensive ability. Even when I use a player with decent Teamwork, Work Rate, Aggression and Bravery, the Treq still has that pesky "Ease Off Tackles" PI that prevents them from fully committing to their challenges. They close down but then don't truly commit, preventing them from being an actual threat to the ball carrier. Actually AP(A) would even be objectively better if they didn't have that annoying "Dribble More" instruction forced in. They're a good creative outlet, they also do score and pick their spots to make their attempts, and with Roam From Position they also are more available and aren't locked out of the game as much... for an AMC in the current meta/ME. You can even tell them to Get Further Forward. The real question I wondered isn't so much "Are Treqs pointless?", but more "if I had a playmaker, why would I choose a Treq or an Enganche over an AP". For the Enganche the question was quickly answered: never, they're too static; and now that they're on Support duty, they're incredibly useless due to their lower Mentality being stacked on their innate lack of movement. For the Treq... well I'd need a player that I don't mind not challenging too hard for the ball, that I don't want to or is too dumb not to Dribble More (because an AP who isn't dumb doesn't always attempt to dribble like a freaking Winger), but somehow doesn't Shoot Less Often. I have a hard time finding a use for the role; not for the player type, as I like playmakers who can both play their team mates in and score. It's just the role that's... meh. That being said, if you want a fancy, very one footed, injury prone, not quite professional and pretty selfish creator like Recoba instead of a boring, pretty selfless, two-footed creator with a competitive streak that essentially maximised his potential like Zidane, well be my guest. I wouldn't blame you: I also played PES Master League in the mid-00s with (or mostly against) that absurdly good Inter squad. Those are good memories. You'd forgive him anything when his left foot found the net from range. I just wouldn't play him as a Treq in FM if I had the choice!
  5. I've been running a simulation for about 30 seasons overnight, and it seems like it. Locked in place in South America, while it's fluid in Asia. In Africa there's one spot for each competition for each club, in the old UEFA style (except for Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verden Réunion and Sierra Leone who seemingly don't participate in club continental competitions). I guess I could try whipping up a quick system for the CONMEBOL with like 32 clubs in the Libertadores (last winner of the Libertadores and Sudamericana + 3 clubs for 10 nations), and 40 in the Sudamericana with 8 groups of 5 teams (10 cup winners plus 3 clubs per nation). It would re-distribute the cards evenly, but it's just a drag since creating new continental rules never truly was fully implemented by SI. Thanks for you reply.
  6. Hello, I'm under the impression that qualification places for the Libertadores or the Sudamericana are locked in place in FM20. In Europe, countries might move higher or lower depending of the performance of their clubs. I don't remember how it is for Asia as I haven't managed there since FM18, but I thought that qualification places also were fluid back then, although I may be mistaken. As many of you may know, this is not something that can be fixed by using the Editor: creating a new club continental system automatically disables changes in Reputation and disables club coefficients, as @Carlito85 would absolutely love to tell you about; something I've been hoping for years that SI makes available in the Editor but alas it hasn't happened. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I'm not seeing it.
  7. Unambitious can hide very good Professionalism, so it's not a definitive factor for selling. His horrible Determination is a lot more worrying, and he doesn't seem to like the training. However his attribute distribution is great for a DM bar his mediocre Marking, he's good on the ball and he's only 15. he can play as a CM as well, but his Off The Ball prevents him from playing higher up the pitch or on the wings; his Flair is bland as well. I'd have him Mentored ASAP, and I definitively wouldn't sell before a couple years. I rarely if ever sell Youth contract players, generally they're snatched away and I don't care too much because the real truth to youth development is scouting and buying youth that you can shape into the players you want... which is exactly what Bayern is trying to do to you. That being said, the AI rarely knows what they're doing when raising youngsters, moreso at bigger clubs where they can just try out as many kids as possible and who cares if a dozen of them fail. You can sit on that 50% of next sale, you're likely not going to see it. The biggest problem is that you don't have a good tutor for him, because he badly needs it. You're doing well warning and fining him. Gotta beat him up into shape one way or another!
  8. At least I've seen GKs getting PoM performances every once in a while, so I guess it's progress compared to how it used to be a few years ago. Keepers in FMs can face many more shots than IRL, so it's hard for me to rate them accurately. I never know if they're just that good or if it's an FM quirk. Well except for Donnarumma. He's almost always amazing, especially in FM 18 and 19.
  9. Remember this? Well I had mercy of Olympiakos this season: I sent all the substitutes instead of the main squad. Nevertheless, my weakest central defender, Juan Reynoso, scored a perfect hat-trick against them: left foot, right foot and header. I'm blatantly aware that an inordinate amount of goals in the 2018 World Cup were scored on set pieces; but maybe someone ought to consider nerfing set-pieces. I kid, I kid... As long as I'm not on the receiving end of it!
  10. Minor update: ABBA penalty format for JC Schaal. Shouldn't bother too many people since it's how the vanilla rules are, but it's more consistent with the fact that all other penalty formats in the country are ABBA.
  11. Then my players come out and say "dunno if we can win the title boss". After we won three before this slip.
  12. This slip four matches from the end of the season cost us the title. On goal difference. TWENTY-FOUR SHOTS TO ZERO. FIFTEEN ON TARGET TO NIL. JUST AFTER LOSING TO AJAX IN A SIX POINTER.
  13. There's something broken almost every year anyway. FM15 was somewhat balanced... except that the equivalent of Positive + Fluid was by default the best shape and team mentality to use, RPMs were unstoppable forces of nature, and keepers were incredible at stopping penalties; penalties already weren't amazingly balanced in FM14 if my memory serves; but then in FM18, keepers became suddenly hilariously worse at stopping spot kicks. FM16 had unstoppable crosses no matter what you did, and CWBs were frequently populating Ballon D'Or podiums as a result. In an attempt to fix that, FM17 had your wide midfielders always marking the FBs and leaving huge spaces in the half-spaces between them and their CMs/DMs; so much so that having a three-man midfield was a sure way to dominate easily. FM18 had players like Vardy either always getting behind your defenders or being offside; your defenders were absolutely clueless on how to mark them or how to play of the offside trap effectively (to be honest, running intelligence has never been FM's forte), and FM19 was barely better in that regard. The AI always has been looking at reputation way too much in assessing about every aspect of the game. Player selection in transfer windows (like having some kids refuse loans because "not reputable enough club Boss"), how to line up, how good a player is, so on and so forth. Transfer and wages values are indeed based on reputation. Coming back to the ME and combined with how God awful the AI is at creating tactics, this results in teams respecting your squad too much. I've always said that if you have your tactics sorted out, it's almost easier to play in the Champions' League as the less reputable team because the bigger clubs leave themselves more exposed, allowing your somewhat inferior players to exploit their weaknesses or the home/away bias. Anyway, that went tangential real quick.
  14. I know, maybe I was not clear. I was asking if you could share your transparent version please. I wanted to take a look at it to see if all panels work in every menu. No problem if you don't want to though!
  15. Glad it worked for you. Did you manage to also make the panels in the Inbox translucent? I'd be curious to see this. I admit I never bothered with trying to make it work, so I'm curious on how well it works for you.
  16. I think (again) that I've found something that works for me and doesn't make me want to break the ankles of my wingers with a baseball bat. I don't know if it's on the back of my players getting better (the defence certainly didn't though), but my players now pass a lot around instead of dribbling into corners and shooting it in the side-netting, or building near the box, or stopping sending those stupid crosses despite being told to hit low ones because a striker and a winger hardly can win headers against two CBs and a GK. What do you know? The solution to having players stop doing stupid stuff was to completely and utterly lower their Mentality as much as possible. I've put the CBs as BPD only to have them work on the role, but they're actually fairly incompetent at being BPDs. I could've used IW(S) and put the same instructions on, but for some reason it doesn't play as well as WM(S) with a whole stack of instructions on top. I tried WB(S), but they leave acres of space behind them too early in the build-up, and HBs don't seem to do much besides screwing up the CBs. The only "issue" is that it's harder to put much pressure on teams playing from the back due to the wingers being naturally low in the ML/MR strata and being too far to press the opposition's CBs, allowing them to quit easily recycle possession. They try, but thei start from too deep despite the very high line of engagement and D-line. At least the wingers attempt to support their FB instead of throwing their hands in the air when the ball is behind them and saying "well it's no longer my problem Gaffer".
  17. For me FM has been "high floor, low ceiling". As noted my others and many threads in this forum, the game for a beginner is almost an obstacle course of confusing wording, things not meaning what they would mean when taken at face value (I'm looking at you, "Exploit Left/Right Flank"), learning not to trust the AI in any way, shape or form because your staff ranges from merely incompetent to untrustworthy to actually downright stupid, learning the hidden options or sub-menus or vice-versa when something that used to be there no longer is (I still don't know where SI put the Agent Offer options in FM20, it used to be in Responsibilities!)... FM always had this thing where unlike most strategy games where the information and inner working is very clearly laid-out and the mechanics and systems are explained, FM is supposed to remain somewhat mysterious in how it actually works, resulting on too many curveball explanations. It became so unnecessarily complex to the point that in the last few releases, SI tried their best to try to simplify the game; but combined with the addition of more feature, it resulted in more layers of graphical interface and more sub-menus, and options being added and removed; basically more confusing stuff. I'd dare say earlier FMs are simpler despite there being less obviously explained as a result of all that's being added on through the years; and I think it's been echoed in the forums before, so I don't think it's that controversial of an opinion. As such, FM is incredibly reliant on its community to actually help you with the game instead of the game being able to explain itself and tell you how it works without looking up on "what do you mean positional ratings are objective and based on the player's Versatility hidden attribute but role ratings are your staff's opinion and you can disregard it? They're in the same screen!". But when you actually know how to play FM, there isn't a whole lot more to it. The flaws just jump at your face: the opposition's AI isn't good, your staff is stupid, promises serve no purpose, how the opposition plays you isn't based on scouting or adapting to your tactics but just on Reputation, you'll want to slap your players for spitting you in the face when you congratulate them about their first international goal, the FM's ME hardly looks or play like real football despite SI (or specifically Miles Jacobson) being extremely adamant that FM is the closest there is to the real thing. I suppose he isn't technically wrong in that FM is the closest thing to the real beautiful game; I just wouldn't call it a simulation either.
  18. I mean, technically they're on View Only, so they only have two real defenders. But yeah, let's say that this Champions' League was one to quickly forget. Especially with a minus thirty-six goal difference. In comparison, Arsenal merely ended with a minus nine goal difference despite their six losses...
  19. Fifteen to nil. FIFTEEN. FREAKING. GOALS. TO. NOUGHT. In a Champions' League group match. Oh, and there's some epic Farça action going on as well. Next time I hear home bias isn't blown out of proportion in FM I freaking swear that- oh, forgot about Arsenal picking exactly zero points in a group with Bilbao, RB Leipzig and some random Dutch small time club (which is me).
  20. I'm going to insist on that part, because in real life, it's true. The real Jong Ajax usually has something like 16-18 players maximum to give everyone a chance. In FM, there's no point. Eleven is enough. If there are missing players, you can get a first team youngster who isn't subject to U23 rules to show up... and I heard that IRL Ajax does just that: fly young bench players from a squad to another during the day so that they're present for a Jong match after being on the bench for the main squad the day before. Tifo had a good video about how la Masia screwed up. Part of the issue is having too many players and not giving them enough opportunities in the main team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b-EzUmWx7E I've set up my own U19 and B team in the Netherlands to maximize their growth: eleven players, loan, sell or release the rest. My main issue is that my B team is a bit low in the leagues, but I've recruited young also-rans and other sorts of released cheap players that most likely have little hope of featuring for my main squad due to a lack of potential. Hopefully I can turn a profit on them in the process, but I doubt it: the main goal is to promote the B team so that when I get the buying power to get good youngsters, I also have the facilities and setup to make the grow. Yes, I'm that merciless: I have recruited players I know won't play for the main squad to advance my club's profile.
  21. There's a lot of discussion in the last few pages of the TCS skin thread about making transparent panels. If you're willing to roll your sleeves, you could start there.
  22. UPDATE: I got so tired of the options on the wings I've eventually threw some Wide Playmakers at it with MEZ(S) to see how they play. I like the interplay between the two roles. I may end up with a WM(A) role with the same instructions as a WP(A) plus Get Further Forward: they wouldn't completely act the same, but they wouldn't be as much of ball magnets and a bit more sustainable overall. I don't know what kind of FB/WB to put behind them with which kind of DM. The tactics if a proof of concept and not definitive, but the symmetry of the system coupled with WB(S) makes the team vulnerable behind the FBs... and HBs still don't do anything special if you don't have players in the WB strata. I haven't been convinced by a partnership with a CM(A), be it CM(A)/MEZ(S), CM(A)/BBM, CM(A)/RPM, or CM(A)/CM(S). So MEZ(S)/MEZ(S) here we go. I've also sent my main striker Djoni on loan since he wasn't scoring for me. The result? He's killing it at Chievo. While Chievo has played only 7 official matches and lay at an unimpressive 11th place in the league after six matches and only 7 points and already three losses, Djoni is considered a key player at the club. He has scored 5 goals in 7 official matches including Coppa Italia. The AI seemingly plays him as a lone DLP on top of a 4-2-3-1 Wide, which is nothing but his favourite role according to my AssMan. I've requested a report from my scouts to see what kind of tactics Chievo usually uses to see what's going on. He also has attracted the interest of LA Galaxy, so good on him. Ah, and he also hates my guts for forcing him out of the club.
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