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  1. The title say all , when the patch come out? Im bored to my best player and good penalty taker get 6.0 in the games because miss 1 , 2 penalties a game..... And yes i dont want the beta , want the final version. I play this game before it was FM and never see one so broken like this ... :(
  2. I dont have beta , so i ask "without beta " ahah ... So no beta for me , what is better for a top club ? for your mat ofc..
  3. Im in a big 3 in Portugal , the question is to change agains lower teams TFF .
  4. Welcome back TFF , one question. Is fine change the mentality?
  5. Hi guys , FM 2020 have a bug , put restrictions of loan even with the under age kids , i put the post in Bugs to and SI are checking it , this post is to check if i can remove this for any form... Checked in FMRTE but can not remove the rule , is the in game editor capable of remove it? Or any chase of solve this without editor? Thanks
  6. Hi Sigames Gods .. Well im having a huge problem in my save , im trying to loan some players and found some bugs. I can translate , say that i can not have more that 6 players with more that 22 years loan out outside my country , but the player have 20 years , any form to bypass this? but is a bug i know but is dam annoying lol ..
  7. Bring it knap . And start putting some fresh FM 2020 please , we miss your tactics .
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