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  1. I set 300mb then , hope this get more years before start deleting data that i like to go see ...
  2. Confirm on german teams a lot of 14 , 15y .
  3. Is full detail , i check that , is strange...
  4. Im in the year 2023 and the next euro is on 2024, i go check the final of last Euro and then World Cup and say " Complete Details are not recorded " , this is a crap i have a very good machine and whant a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE details , i have like 60 leagues and love to have more details , any for to activate more details to keep like historic etc....
  5. So the game works fine in all rest but in inbox sometimes get a stupid lag ... Any solution? Have a I7 plus 16gb DDR3 and a SSD and a RX580 GPU so dont blame my hardware lol ...
  6. Going great on my save on SLB portugal , scoring nice but taking a lot of goals against , any tip to dont get so many? I get a lot of 4-1 5-2 , 3-2 games...
  7. Dont like the last one with 3PL and 2 wings , get a lot of goals , like more the 433 , can you update the 1º one please?
  8. Anyone with this problem or similar? I cant simple upload a vid to youtube , i choose the key moments etc and click upload and dont pass this option , " Coding Video... " , help ...
  9. Windows mode , yes i have custom logo and facepack. I updated the drivers of my GPU let me see if now freaze.
  10. During game in the pitch , after game before talk to players or before tunel talk etc the game sometimes hang completly, have to close the process and start again.
  11. The game freaze completly after do a game, the game end then frozen before go to boxes talk to the players..
  12. Omg no? AHAH , losers... Spain are well in this :\ , hope they lose... is a fail see spain in HOH of Asia Cup :(
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