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  1. Ok this is very bad or very stupid , I have like 10 players , yes 10... i try all to loan out but without any dam luck , this is super frustrating and is completing ruining my game , i report this in the past and no result. If the dev team is short just say to mr Miles to contract more people , ignore the bugs and the HUGE bugs like this one is a mistake , hope in the future a new game manager game comes out to this company get some decent hit on the sells . Keep the players is needed ignore it will make it leave the game and not buy it . Sorry if i just blowup but im trying to loan-out this dudes like 2 months and is dam frustrating !!! BTW i have all CM/FM i start in Championship Manager in MSDOS and this FM 2021 for me is the most annoying and lack in changes or development in the history of the saga, and this bug is killing me. All this players want to talk to others clubs and is nice to move to another , not unhappy or dont want to leave etc .. Need my save? love to upload it ... thanks.
  2. To fix the B teams showing in CUP need to start a new save? Fixs like this is a crap , people lose time to making a save 2 , 3, ,4 seasons of work and then a new fix and isnt save game compatible ...
  3. If you translate see one person insulting the other only . And not me.
  4. I have the same problem, have a open post and i have the save game uploaded.
  5. Tuga power... nao uses o translate :) , e não , não sou criança , se calhar ainda não tinhas nascido já eu jogava CM 1 :) . Claro que o jogo ainda está meio verde mas ser parvo não vai acelerar a correção de problemas , muito menos em português e já agora " caps , bolt etc.. come on this is a forum " é capslock , bolt é o texto carregado logo não é traduzido :) . Se não sabem estar num forum não venham largar parvoíces nos mesmos. Se não estás satisfeito , pede os euros de volta mas boa sorte que alguém devolva passado de teres o jogo faz dias.
  6. Guys , caps , bolt etc.. come on this is a forum . Ok bugs know and urgent to fix is the B teams . 2022 winter is not a break is the World Cup so dont report that like a bug . I still play with the Beta Save Game , is any of that talk bugs need to get a FULL new save to play? That will be bad because im in 2023 ...
  7. Hi , i think i could have a bug and is getting annoying . So my players hidden personality stats are getting down all time , with mentoring , without mentoring etc , i see personality of my players droping. Some perfectionist get only high determination , some model citizen drop and i get training reports all time telling me " less appealing characteristic of the team are getting effects " and i see the personality sometimes drop . Never see anyone get the personality raise , only drop and is dam strange , i even put a model citizen with 3 kids with low personality and dont see any change. Can you guys help me fixing this or help some how ... I put the save game in the cloud , Tiago Rebocho - SL Benfica.fm
  8. Dont think is a bug , if you see is all week potencial/players , i release all that players because value allmost zero and no one buy it... so put it to 0 yea... possible will end to release to zero to. SLB need space in teams due the limit of registration in the leagues major , 2º , sub23 , sub19 etc.... This yes is a dam serious bug and need to get fixed ASAP ...
  9. I know is a bug in beta but in final release is still there? I get B teams in Cup . Question , need a new save to fix that error of B teams in Cup? thanks.
  10. So i punish a player and after select only talk to it and got the crash and the game close. Print and dmp on attachemets , Save Game uploaded to cloud with the name Tiago Rebocho - SL Benfica . FM 2021 v21.0.0.1476964 (2020.11.22 17.52.17).dmp
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