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  1. I added a 21.3 file. In all honestly, you can "just" load the original file in 21.3 since there have been no changes whatsoever in the database that would cause an issue, but I went ahead and validated the file again to make sure. I don't think I'll bother with the Steam workshop file until 21.4 in March, or whenever SI finishes the transfer updates.
  2. Basically, there's no way that I can think of that doesn't involve redoing both the Libertadores and Sudamericana at the very least. @Carlito85 (who has to be the person I ping the most recently) most likely could confirm it.
  3. I'd say keep an eye on formation changes from the AI. The AI in FM has very knee-jerk reactions, and the momentum in a match can shift one minute to the next because the AI in one second changed its formation; sometimes it can even to goals conceded just after scoring one as the AI changed its formation before you could react. As such, a game you're dominating can turn on its head dramatically in the space of a couple of minutes, so keep an eye on the AI's formation at all times to see if they're making dramatic changes and adjust from there. Otherwise and unless you're desperate, be mindful a
  4. Coefficients are fixed in South America, so there is no evolution in the number of countries that can play in the continental competitions, nor there's a dynamic increase or decrease in the places allocation per country. In other words, Brazil and Argentina will always see about half of the clubs in their top division qualify for continental competitions. Also and as far as Europe goes, most of the international competitions are made to qualify the best 54 or 55 confederations in the UEFA instead of every country (which excludes Crimea for example); but that's another topic. In other word
  5. As far as I know, I don't know of anyone who figured out how it works. IIRC, @Carlito85 made it work... by copying the original rules verbatim. So he made it work without knowing why it works the way it does.
  6. Unfortunately this isn't quite news. For example: for goalkeepers, Agility is one of the most attributes since it determines how far you can dive, it's also one of the most expensive attributes in terms of CA cost for the position. However, it's also one of the first attributes that go south as a keeper ages and gets into his 30s, even though FM does suggests that keepers are at their peak later than any outfield player. It's hard to peak in your late 20s or early 30s if one of your most important attributes goes off the deep end that fast.
  7. SI does charge money for the in-game Editor, yet it's objectively a worse product than FMRTE (less functionalities overall, no export/import function, etc.) which costs about the same. The latest twos or three FMs have sold better than ever. Money isn't always the answer. To be honest, it's sadly the usual from SI for FM: your questions regarding basically how anything in FM works, from Tactics to the Editor are best answered by people who are not directly working at SI's brick and mortar studio (which excludes researchers for example). It's come to the point where, while I don't want
  8. Does SI even use the Advanced Rules? To be honest I'd like to be sarcastic, but more often than not I'm not under the impression that there are many people at SI who can answer Editor related questions; or at least, they don't intervene too often on this section of the forum...
  9. Apparently some people have an issue enabling the database, so I've uploaded the file to the Steam Workshop, which link you can find below and in the OP. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2373082582
  10. I've been looking at the three different B team setups I posted about a month ago earlier in this thread. First note: with the way I set the teams up, B teams in the Eerste Divisie also play in the Reserves league during the same season, as shown below for Jong Ajax. "Get best reserves (Use Reserves league)" file: Teams in the Eerste divisie do rotate, but I can't see the relationship between the finishing position and the presence in the Eerste divisie. Maybe it's based on Reputation, but it's not based on finishing position. "Get best teams from Division" file: summons rand
  11. I did notice the same thing, but I posted about it in another (wrong?) thread.
  12. You can now check out the FM21 version of this database in the thread below.
  13. They're unchanged from last season, so they should work as usual. I can tell you than putting together the promotion/relegation system for the Hoofdklasse, Eerste Klasse and Tweede Klasse hasn't been easy; which reminds me I've forgotten to credit (once again) Claassen as his efforts have also paved the way to this project. One of the minor issues present in the FM20 version in the lower leagues were delayed playoffs since there weren't enough stadiums. It did clear itself up once every club had built their own stadium, and had no real impact on the viability of the save. Now that most, if not
  14. It is exactly what it says on the tin: this is an updated version of the Dutch leagues down to the seventh tier (Tweede Klasse). It is an update of my FM20 file. It features COVID mitigations for the Eerste Divisie (D2), but not for the tiers below. Indeed, the lower tiers already start their season much later by design, and at worst you're in Semi-Pro leagues and aren't as affected. It still features the KNVB Beker expansion with possible qualification through the six Districtsbekers, the Periode system including last year's custom variant for the Tweede Klasse to allow for a fairly fluid pro
  15. I'm testing the db posted above. Considering the rules are the same as last year, there shouldn't be any bad surprises at all that haven't been caught over the last overall year of this project. I'll have to add "Virus Restrictions" to the Eerste Divisie though.
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