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  1. Bump. I haven't tested that in a while, but does anyone knows if the HB positioning has been altered since FM17? When a HB was on the pitch, the CBs would split wide only if you used players in the WB strata, not the FB strata. With the (locked) thread below, what I mean should be more explicit. I had drifted away from using HBs as a result, favouring DLP(D) instead to recycle possession from deep. I had found that HBs with FBs would make the CBs leave odd gaps straight in the middle of the pitch between them for some reason. It annoys me since in theory a HB would be my ideal DM role; even
  2. You can find some good answers in this thread: FB(A) is going to run up and down the pitch a lot more than WB(S). He's both more aggressive on when you have possession and more conservative when you don't.
  3. Also, the rules are read in order from top to bottom. So you need to ignore the top division teams first, then add lower division teams. Been there, done that mistake.
  4. It's not that easy for sure, but what would happen in FM is that all those Russian players would get the Estonian passport. The first couple of seasons would be a bit problematic since all those players would rush to get a passport done and you're going to have a lot of players unhappy about being left out of squad registration, but after that it should work. It's not perfect, but it's what I would consider "good enough" within the limitations of FM.
  5. Let's try to unpack that to see if it's doable. Since a player who has the passport is considered "PTE" and since players are very likely to get the passport (5 years to gain citizenship in the database), then it's (almost) the same as saying "you need to register 25 Estonians out of 30 players"... or in another way, "you are only allowed 5 non-Estonian players". That can be done; it's not perfect but it can be done. You could also put "years to gain nationality" at six (because paperwork can take a lot of time in FM) or seven years instead of five if it's bothersome. Also, if there are
  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer. To be honest, I indeed was thinking of league database file rather than a player database file. I had checked Riddler's files, but the bottom league doesn't relegate into the lower leagues for some reason on any of his files I've checked so far, which I do find to be an important feature so that the system doesn't become a completely closed loop. Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion.
  7. That's an amazing job. Now just gotta find a decent enough 21.4 database for Japan! Most of the ones for FM21 are for previous patches.
  8. Perhaps the forum has an issue; nevertheless and as indicated in OP, you can find it on the Steam Workshop if you so desire. The link is in OP as well.
  9. Event though at times FM can miraculously allow you to manage two matches in the same day even if they're on either side of the planet, I've never seen FM allow a stadium to host multiple matches per day. For example Milan and Inter share the same stadium IRL, but they do not share the same stadium in FM: there is both a Giuseppe Meazza stadium and a separate San Siro in FM. That's how they work around that limitation. Maybe you could consider it: even if it's not very realistic, that's how SI officially does it. Other than that, good luck with your Argentinian lower leagues db. I'v
  10. You could manually their U19 squad in there, then Get All Teams From Division. Like that for example. If you don't want them to get promoted or something, you can always ban them from promotion or relegation. If you only want the best reserves in the division, then don't do that and probably use "Get Best Teams From Division", team type is whatever you want (Reserves for example), and you input the number of these teams you want. You'd still ban them from promotion or relegation of course. This requires a lot more work however. Otherwise and regarding your second post, yo
  11. Among other possibilities, this is what I can think of: FM's fixture scheduler has never been brilliant. It tends to stack matches at the beginning and end of the season by default, and sometimes pulls some pretty nonsensical schedules. I know England can have some severe congestions issues, but it's not the case everywhere in the world. It could be that some of these grounds are being shared between multiple teams and/or their youth squads: this can cause conflicts and rescheduling. It could be a scheduling conflict with another competition, especially cups and moreso when y
  12. The AI is pretty binary in its reactions. It might play conservatively, then it may also throw the kitchen sink at you if there's like 30 minutes left and they're down a goal or two. Basically what that means is that they change their tactical preset by the flick of a switch. Notice how about every manager has a preferred attacking and defending formation? That's what happens: with the right triggers they switch formations instantly, and if that new formation works well against you... That's just FM for you: it's not particularly new behaviour, but it's pretty jarring when IRL it tends to take
  13. To be fair, the AI isn't particularly competent at tactics or exploiting the best out of their players. You're not going to lose too often with a squad of equivalent or slightly worse quality if you just have tactics that make basic sense. At least, you're not going to unless things don't go your way at all: worse Reputation, worse player quality, Home Bias (the AI does play more positively at home), bad luck (refereeing, injuries, etc.). It is what it is in FM. You'll have a few shock loses, but that's really about it. Honestly, compare the AI to itself and not to you: look if the other match
  14. I've played with empty databases in the past. Assuming the quality of player is the same between all clubs, (which it is since you're going to "Add Players to Playable teams"), Reputation will essentially be the main factor influencing the results. For example, say you have the French Ligue 1 or the Italian Serie A where one team tends to consistently dominate all the time, in this case PSG or Zebre Juventus. Now imagine you give the exact same players to every team in the league, and you simulate for a season. The result is that more often than not, PSG and Juve will come out on top because R
  15. Thanks for the answer, I'll try it out someday. I had never managed to get it going in any way in the past; I'll try with your settings and see what happens.
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