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  1. Minor detail, Hillsborough now has digital ad hoardings, this is unchecked in the db. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/august/led-boards-installed-at-hillsborough/ Potential case for Jose Semedo to be on the favourite people list? Player data seems spot on, other than minor quibbles over the researcher has done a good job again with the Wednesday data this year.
  2. Is this to be assumed the finished file btw? Not that it isn't already comprehensive enough, just wondering if you had been working on any updates for it?
  3. Hope so. It's just a bit of fun really, sometimes you just want to dominate a few games! Whilst I was editing I noticed Derek Dooley has a superfluous space after his forename. Not a big deal, just means his name doesn't display quite right on certain screens.
  4. I spent some of the weekend editing your database to put a fantasy team together at Sheffield Wednesday. Pele, Cruyft and Maradona causing havoc as deep forwards. Vieira and Roy Keane patrolling the same midfield and Brazilian pairing Roberto Carlos and Cafu marauding down the flanks. Yashin between the sticks.
  5. Where does this rank alongside your previous databases in terms of number of legends? Have you just copied over the existing legends or have you added more in this version? Played both your previous efforts (your FM16 DB is the only reason the game is still installed on my laptop) so looking forward to this one.
  6. This is an amazing coincidence as just a couple of days ago I reinstalled FM16 on my laptop purely to play your database as I was becoming jaded with my FM save. I only came onto this forum to check out the old thread and noticed this one
  7. What's the likelihood of a player ever learning a PPM that a coach says they can't see being successful? I want one of my young attacking midfield prospects to learn to play more one-twos but every single coach (starting with the more obvious ones first of course i.e attacking and technique based coaches) says the same thing, they don't think it will be successful and recommend he learns to play more killer balls instead. Now this player I intend to use as a shadow striker not a playmaker so I don't want to use their suggestion, however I've ignored their advice twice now and twice the player has been unsuccessful in learning the one-two trait. Is he ever going to succeed or has it been determined already that he'll never be able to learn it? Would better coaches make a difference?
  8. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    The press shouldn't find it hard writing headlines for this particular gem..... Superlative name and a great looking player too. Screenshot is taken at the end of season one. No idea what sort of price you'd be looking at as even after just winning the Championship with Sheffield Wednesday my scouts say he has no interest in joining me and Vitesse don't want to sell.
  9. What's been added with this specific update Fenech? I put my legends save (the original release of your db) on hold a few weeks ago as I saw you were planning on adding a lot more so thought I might as well hold off on starting a proper save until you'd released the final version.
  10. Possibly the greatest comeback of my FM career, against such a high quality side too. Maintaining my unbeaten start to the season too.
  11. Vinnie isn't getting any game time tbf. Wimbledon are playing Earle and Sanchez in midfield and Vinnie's not getting a look in, not started any of their 5 games so far.
  12. Robin Friday has scored 3 goals in 3 appearances for Reading but also been sent off twice in those 3 appearances Congratulations on successfully simulating his maverick personality! No reds for Vinnie yet though....
  13. He would have been better than Shearer if it wasn't for his injury Was never the same player after that
  14. When I say mega, I mean as large as you want it to be, you've done more than enough work already!