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  1. Any chance that one of you guys have still got a copy of this? I've lost my version to an old laptop dying and all the links on @Syze's blog are broken now and it seems to have been abandoned.
  2. Gutted that the legendary Skonto Riga are no longer around. I went to a Skonto game when I travelled to Latvia back in 2011 and had a great FM12 save with them when I got home.
  3. Doesn’t sound like banning them is going to stop them getting in anyway.
  4. Trust me, the rest of us English people hate those yobs more than the rest of Europe does.
  5. Wow, that guy is a walking stereotype. £500 bucket hat, drinks **** cider, “banged a load of powder”, tattoo on his arse from a stag do, in Benidorm no less, Chelsea fan…. Ticks every single box in I’m A **** bingo.
  6. Yes, but that’s what I mean by no respect. We all know stewards have no power of arrest and no real authority, but those normal people amongst also know that those facts don’t make it okay to just charge through them and knock them out of the way.
  7. It’s 2021, nobody deserves a knighthood.
  8. This too, as I suggested on Sunday the police can’t really win in this situation. If they turn up mob handed with riot squads, mounted police and the works people will be moaning about the heavy handed nature at what is supposed to be a ‘celebration of football and the nation’. Plus those dickheads are going to get munted on alcohol and coke either way so you stick a ring of police around the stadium and all you’re doing is giving them a target, it’d be like a red rag to a bull. And if they show up in the sparse numbers they seem to have done on Sunday then those same dickheads are still going run riot, but this time almost completely unchallenged. And you can see by what that ‘Pablo’ says that they have no respect whatsoever towards stewards and regular stadium security. Just all round ***** tbh and I’m sick of it being fobbed off as a small minority. It’s quite clearly a large minority.
  9. I just hope we put as much effort into investigating why large sections of our society think it's okay to act that way as we do into why there wasn't enough police on site.
  10. This Tweet in reply stands out to me also.... Frankly I just want to see a report come out that explicitly says "yes the authorities underestimated the manpower needed but all those fans involved are absolute selfish, raging ***** and would have just as much blood on their hands if there was a major crush on Sunday". Getting really fed up with the complete lack of responsibility in the modern world.
  11. I like Beverly's take... "this is totally unacceptable, the referee should have acted more appropriately, what sort of message dose this send to children" Anybody struck by how many women signed the petition? Not that women can't enjoy football or have **** takes but it's predominantly a male dominated sport and that petition seems to be mostly women.
  12. Would pay good money to have seen some of those England fans up against Italian riot police tbf
  13. Lower quality games probably but at least they will have more riding on them if teams have to finish top 2 to get out of the group.
  14. Think you’re giving them too much credit there tbf. They tried to force their way in because they wanted to see the final, they didn’t give a **** if they had seats or not. Probably didn’t even think that far ahead.
  15. Some amazing games. The knockout stages were brilliant. The evening of Spain/Croatia and France/Switzerland was probably the best day of football I've ever seen.
  16. If the rankings on my FM save are anything to go by then if we allow the top 32 teams into the Euros we can look forward to the delights of Greece v Belarus and Georgia v Albania in the group stages.
  17. Things have happened tonight, stuff might be missed.
  18. That's my thoughts. Defenders aren't burdened with overthinking chances like attackers are, they can just step up and put their laces through it.
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