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  1. Great stuff. I'm currently doing a massive overhaul of the DB so hopefully there will be an even better version available soon.
  2. Let's look at more of my squad: 13 - Paul Robinson - GK A young goalkeeper with bags of potential. In reality he succeeded Nigel Martyn, and there's no reason why that can't happen here, but not yet. 14 - Stephen McPhail - MLC A technically gifted midfielder, but unfortunately he's physically lacking. Backup at best. 16 - Jason Wilcox - AML A decent winger, but not good enough to be a regular for a top team. 17 - Alan Smith - SC A fiery character. At just 20 years old he already has great stats. 18 - Danny Mills - DRC/DMRC A fine right back, he and Gary Kelly are two good options to have. I may look at bringing in better though. 19 - Eirik Bakke - AMRC A good squad player, he isn't outstanding and won't be starting regularly if we're to be a top side. 21 - Dominic Matteo - SW/DLC/MLC Another squad player at best, but he has decent stats and his versatility could prove invaluable. 22 - Michael Duberry - DC Well down the pecking order, no real future at the club. 23 - David Batty - DMC Club legend. 32 years old, he still has great quality and he brings much needed experience. He will be key to my plans. 24 - Danny Hay - DC See Duberry. 25 - Jacob Burns - AMRLC See Hay. 26 - Danny Milosevic - GK See Burns 27 - Alan Maybury - DR/MR See Milosevic. 29 - Rio Ferdinand - DC In my last post I called Kewell the crown jewell but I may have spoken too soon. One of the best defenders in the game, he will be absolutely key. In my next post I will take a look at the youngsters and assess where I need to strengthen.
  3. The Leeds board know they can't risk failure. In a controversial decision they have sacked David O'Leary and put their faith in a young, totally unproven manager. What are they thinking? What's more, they aren't just demanding Champions League football, they are demanding the Premier League title. I have my work cut out for me. On the plus side I have a strong squad to work with. Let's take a look at what I have: 1 - Nigel Martyn - GK One of the finest goalkeepers around. At 34 years old he is the most experienced member of my squad, and is at his absolute peak. He will be a stalwart in my side. 2 - Gary Kelly - DR/MR Feels like he has been around forever, but is still only 27 years old. 27 isn't old, but he is one of the most experienced members of my squad. In my mind, he is edged out at the minute by Danny Mills for the right-back spot, but he is more than just backup, he is competition for that spot. At the moment he is out for two weeks with a twisted knee. 3 - Ian Harte - DL 23 years old and entering his prime. In reality he had already peaked. A set piece specialist. Despite being tortoise slow in reality, he has great pace in this game. I don't really have much competition for this spot so I may need to look at bringing in another left-back. 4 - Olivier Dacourt - DMC A determined and aggressive midfielder with a great engine and no small amount of technical quality. 5 - Lucas Radebe - DC A club legend who still has a lot of ability, but is unfortunately past his best. He's also very injury prone by this point, and starts the game out for two months with a damaged knee cap. I'm happy to have him in my squad, but he can't be relied upon to be a key player. 6 - Jonathan Woodgate - SW/DC At 21 years old he has all the potential in the world. I intend to help him fulfil that potential. 7 - Robbie Keane - FC Another youngster with bags of potential and blistering pace. 8 - Michael Bridges - SC A great young striker whose career was ruined by injuries. Unfortunately he is in the midst of that injury hell as the game starts - he is out for four months with torn knee ligaments. Hopefully I can alter his future and get him back to something like the player he was before his injuries. 9 - Mark Viduka - SC A striker who has everything in this game, even pace, which he most definitely did not have in reality. He will be a key figure for me. 10 - Harry Kewell - AMLC/FLC The crown jewell. 22 years old with the world at his feet. Hated by Leeds fans now, he never really fulfilled his potential. Hopefully that reality will never come to pass in this game. 11 - Lee Bowyer - MRC He will be the driving force in my midfield. Aggressive, hard working, with energy to burn, and no lack of quality. I'll continuing my squad preview in my next post.
  4. First off, this has totally been inspired by The Square Ball which is a Leeds United podcast. They came up with this idea. 2001-02 was the season when Leeds United's decline began. Chairman Peter Ridsdale, and young manager David O'Leary, were "living the dream" They had a young, exciting, attacking team that was tearing it up both domestically and in Europe. 2000-01 had seen the club surge to the semi-finals of the Champions League, where they were controversially beaten by Valencia. A 4th place finish in the Premier League meant the club narrowly missed out on a second season in Europe's top club competition. Although no one outside the club new it, least of all the fans, this spelled financial disaster. But all was not lost - from 2002 onwards, the top 4 English clubs would qualify for the CL. Leeds had just finished in the top 4 for the third consecutive season. They could continue spending big for one more year in order to reach the holy grail. In reality they finished 5th. The dream was now a nightmare, one the club still hasn't awoken from. Join me as I go back to right those wrongs, to get Champions League football and put Leeds United in their rightful place among European football's elite.
  5. I holidayed for 18 years and took a peek at the game, which is in 2009 now. Leeds are looking pretty damn strong: Let me know if you want to see what's going on with other clubs.
  6. When I add an embargo in the editor it doesn't show up in the game. Is this a known issue? Can anyone help?
  7. Maybe this isn't a simple question, but how to you create a DB in excel and then import it into the editor?
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