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  1. My scouts seem to work just fine. I’m consistently finding great newgens that I am desperate to buy
  2. I’m not so sure buddy, I am noticing my creative midfielder is seeing a lot more of the ball and playing passes wide and through balls perfectly straight for my striker to run onto. He has been running the show for me in the middle since the update, and I hadn’t changed a thing.
  3. I feel there is a better flow and fluidity to the ME since the update.
  4. I don’t know if this happened before or after I installed the update but I am concerned about how it’s listing the 3 fixtures for bournemouth. Is that potentially gonna break my game here dya reckon? Anyone know if it’s anything to worry about?
  5. Sometimes I hate FM cos I want to play a different computer game but I know playing a different game is time I could have spent playing FM
  6. Sounds like a great save mate, it is the best when you really connect with a team and stay with them for years. I had similar experience with grimsby a few FMs ago. Sure does take a lot of effort and perseverance.
  7. Hey guys, what would be ‘best of the rest’ actually mean, in the club vision?
  8. Aaah of course! I completely forgot about that. Thanks for ur help.
  9. Hey guys, this is weird right? Fixtures starting in July? This has caught me out somewhat lol is this a bug, I am not sure.
  10. I only worry there might be a problem with the game when I read over these forums. I’ve been playing a lot more than I have been reading the forums the last few weeks and during that time I never encountered anything at all that seems like a huge game breaking problem with the ME, I really enjoy playing it. Have people just tried to approach it for what it is, I mean it is just a computer game and isn’t actually real life you know guys.
  11. Signed Callum nicell on a free for Torquay. Decent creative midfielder. Improves a lot
  12. I played around with cov for a bit when the first beta came out. They are the team I support after all, seems a tough challenge with having to get them into the playoffs and all. Good luck, buddy! And Brewster, nice signing.
  13. I have just started as Torquay and player recruitment is very difficult. I tend to say I need a right back so grab the first 30 players I see as a free agent on trial, so if none of them are good enough then I go get another 30 on trial and rinse and repeat until I find something half decent for my right back position, But yeah it’s real tough in the lower leagues. what I did find is the board didn’t want more than 30 players on trial at any one time. That feels like a new thing in the game, I wonder why they would say that?
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