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  1. I do find it much quicker to save/load and process days between matches. It gets through international breaks in no time now. It is one of the major pluses for me about this years game
  2. I sense there will undoubtedly be changes to the ME if something is a bit over powered in some area. It’s best to enjoy winning now before it gets changed and we all start losing and getting sacked again
  3. It is way too easy. I am confident in this because I am a crap football manager player and even I am getting average teams top of the league, destroying other teams.
  4. Scraping around with relegation and just surviving is familiar! madders and wilson back would be the dream! I worry with the Covid situation and coventry not being in our own stadium it would be quite a long haul before theres any real finances to be able to work with.
  5. I was guilty of being mostly good/top teams in fm20, just for an easy life. Found relatively easy glory with ac Milan and Roma. I’d really like to try and make something of a Coventry save, as they my club, but I just don’t think I’m good enough to pull it off. back in the day it was always always Coventry I started with but I haven’t done so in previous years of FM, so I am giving it a go again this year, but damn it is haaard. I don’t think I have it in me these days to make the game too challenging for myself.
  6. I am up to November in 2 saves I have going. One is getting my behind whooped trying to figure things out at Coventry ; the other is as Man Utd to easily win games to make myself feel better.
  7. I’ve only played a few hours this afternoon, but I think this installment is excellent. I was not going to buy this year, so much so I had no idea it was even out until yesterday. What really changed my mind was seeing how good the 3D match day looked. I agree with the sentiment that perhaps the UI on the match day could be shifted around a bit.
  8. My scouts seem to work just fine. I’m consistently finding great newgens that I am desperate to buy
  9. I’m not so sure buddy, I am noticing my creative midfielder is seeing a lot more of the ball and playing passes wide and through balls perfectly straight for my striker to run onto. He has been running the show for me in the middle since the update, and I hadn’t changed a thing.
  10. I feel there is a better flow and fluidity to the ME since the update.
  11. I don’t know if this happened before or after I installed the update but I am concerned about how it’s listing the 3 fixtures for bournemouth. Is that potentially gonna break my game here dya reckon? Anyone know if it’s anything to worry about?
  12. Sometimes I hate FM cos I want to play a different computer game but I know playing a different game is time I could have spent playing FM
  13. Sounds like a great save mate, it is the best when you really connect with a team and stay with them for years. I had similar experience with grimsby a few FMs ago. Sure does take a lot of effort and perseverance.
  14. Hey guys, what would be ‘best of the rest’ actually mean, in the club vision?
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