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  1. More the other way around, but ridiculous all the same, and of course he's gonna milk it.
  2. From a neutral's perspective, it was just one of those games that needed an early goal to force someone's hand. The atmosphere, situation, matchup, etc. were there for an epic.
  3. You can claim it's soft, but there's a clear push, so no basis for an overturn.
  4. Belgium didn't do their homework. No one stepped out. Could see that coming as soon as he got by that challenge.
  5. Let's not. Let's have someone go for the win in regulation and be rewarded for it.
  6. These are the same takers for Switzerland and they were fantastic against France. Overthinking it here with these soft attempts.
  7. Worse, TBH. Didn't watch Italy-Austria, but England-Germany was comfortably the worst match of the knockouts I've seen so far. I get not really caring too much about that as long as your side wins, but that was a brutal watch for ~70 minutes. Havertz & Sterling looked the only chance for anything happening.
  8. Italy, Spain, England, Denmark. First is hugely dependent on KdB. Last is nearly a coinflip.
  9. Absolutely. You could put him just about anywhere and he'd be a good player, but he's a WC-elite #6. The few weaknesses he has are more limiting at RB/RWB than inside.
  10. I'd say it's more like two or three levels. I've never gotten the hype with Rice. Always feel like I'm watching a CB, that isn't especially good on the ball, forced to play in midfield out of necessity.
  11. Absolutely. Ideally, you'd be able to protect Maguire as well, but that might be too big of a risk.
  12. Definitely not. I wouldn't go so far as to call him MotM, but his pace may have saved England in a couple massive moments. Maguire was solid. Stones was lucky Germany didn't take their chances. Rice was poor as well.
  13. There's a pretty big difference between laughing in a pub and some of the comments made about her and/or her family on social media.
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