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  1. @tv_capper Many thanks for the post. I’ve got Ray Shearwood (only found that his job changed yesterday as he was watching the u18 game and got name checked) and Maciej Herba in my next submission. But not heard of Jamie Blair, Nathan Davies or Harry Carmen. Excellent work Edit: Jamie Blair's background is in IT so he might not be on the Football side of Analysis at all
  2. The THFC researcher has answered this already on the previous page
  3. @ClarkKent1 Salah - Salah's (and Robertson) performance this season has not been at the same level as it has over the previous two seasons. He has scored still hence why his scoring based attributes are the same but his overall performances have been inconsistent like every Liverpool player this season. Penalty Taking could be increased slightly but that isn't the only attribute that constitutes successful penalties. Your suggestions show no offset to your increases and I don't believe his CA should be increased. Robertson - that is your opinion that he's been Player of the Season /
  4. Do the Board allow the contract? If so that might be an error. @Pete Sottrel
  5. @kopfan1977 There is a cut off point for when injuries in real life are included in the game @pamfUnfortunately in the game you can't have 2 Assistant Managers in the EPL.
  6. He is Assistant Sporting Director to Michael Edwards
  7. That’s an error for sure. I’m sure it was set as 8 or 9 iirc
  8. Thanks for that. I am not aware that he can represent Wales, he was born in Preston and played at various national levels for England - though I don't know about his parentage.
  9. Pathetic, immature comments that discourage constructive dialogue and input from Researchers.
  10. @bananahk I agree with Salah and VVD regards free kicks - neither of them hardly take direct free kicks for Liverpool. I'm happy with Milner as being 'accomplished' in those positions for now - he has the stamina to play back and forth in those positions still. Hendo's Work Rate is 18 which again I'm ok with. Gomez Jumping Reach could come down -1. Pace could go up +1. Neither though would make any noticeable affect in game I don't believe. VVD's Pace I'm ok with, don't underestimate Anticipation attribute as you don't get too many straight sprint races with VVD and an atta
  11. If you read and follow the first post then you'll give the Southampton researcher tangible evidence to look into your opinion in more detail.
  12. Who are they, any links and what are their roles? This’ll help the Arsenal researcher a little more if he’s not aware of them
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