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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @aulit Thank you for that and now included
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @MontyOnTheRun Thanks for your valued input... 1. Sounds like an AI issue, but noted regards Loyalty, he has been Chairman for 7 years now iirc 2. I believe all of those conditions are still relevant now. Of the 14 players he's bought in only Klavan, Manninger, Van Dijk and Wijnaldum have been over 25. Plus Klopp has given a debut to around 10 Academy players plus the likes of youngsters Ilori, Stewart, Grujic etc - that to me is strong youth development. 3. All of those named were added before my time. I agree there is some debate as to the validity of all them being included (eg Harry Bradshaw, Jack Cox, Arthur Goddard). I have recently tweaked a few of the ratings given too, like Sammy Lee for instance. 4. I'll look into Gerrard, sounds partly an AI anomaly though. 5. Carragher - I wish he was considered for a first team coaching (defensive) role by Klopp JC does say its not guaranteed he'd take the role of Ass Man though. Bottom line - he's officially not my responsibility currently until he's on the LFC payroll. 6. There are a few gaps with regards to non-playing staff attributes that I'm currently looking at for the next update. 7. You'll have seen that I have done a complete time-consuming overhaul of all scouts for this season, it's an on-going 'mini-project' of mine so I'm keen to get them up to date as soon as poss. If you have anymore scouting info, please shout. 8. Firmino will be having an increase in CA, so there'll be a bit more freedom to increase certain attributes. 9. Wijnaldum is one of the hardest players to understand and relate his performances to his attributes. I have very little movement in terms of his CA, but have looked at Concentration and Anticipation for instance. Fair point in terms of Agility, I'll see if I can do anything there. 10. I think Lovren takes an unrealistic amount of stick personally and you're right about him having to take painkillers (same with Henderson). Regards your other points in point 10, I am currently discussing a variety of upgrades to certain 'elite' players and have made a variety of upgrades/downgrades to a lot of players (youth, reserves and first team) already for the next data update. I have no say in the CA's given to non-LFC players, however the best way of judging our players is to see how well I can replicate their real life performances/stats in the game.
  3. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @bananahk I'm not overly convinced about his first touch needing an increase. The ball doesn't 'stick' to him in the same way that it does Messi for instance, so 19 would be too high comparatively. The Roma researcher will have seen much more of him than I have, but I hope to make a few tweaks to his stats now I'm more familiar with him, including increasing his CA. I'm a fan of Hendo, he had a period 18 months ago where he was carrying a heel injury that affected his performance noticeably. He got over that and I thought he was excellent for awhile, but apart from a few games this season he has underperformed - can't quite put my finger on why though?!?!? @OkMarius Not even sure its positional change with him, he was still at the base of the midfield when for me he's played at his peak tbh. Coutinho/Can I will tweak both their ambition and loyalty I think.
  4. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @OkMarius Regards Salah, I'd agree with you on both decisions and balance need increasing, I'm tempted by 2 and 3 points respectively if I can. Heading is more the technical ability of heading the ball (accuracy, technique etc), so I think you're right heading could go up to 12, poss 13.
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Just checked my save and Jaros is 30/06/2019 and Obi is 30/06/2018 ?! I'll talk to SI. How you finding the game?
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @makul In the DB Jaros' contract ends in 2020 and Obi is 2019 ?!?!
  7. Boom! I knew it was simple. I'll try that. Thanks
  8. Yep with contracted staff. There's always the danger that once you terminate their contract they then won't want to re-join. Or you can't afford their new contract demands etc. Seems such a simple request yet I can't work it out. Also part of the reason is if I want to control the Reserve or u19 teams that have their own managers, but want to retain those managers as coaches.
  9. Hi Kubi Already tried that. Changing a Fitness Coach (was 17, changed to 1) to a Sports Scientist (was 1, changed to 20) but he still appears as a Fitness Coach
  10. How do you change non-playing staff roles in the IGE?
  11. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Lattie has now joined Wolves (as of 10 November)
  12. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Because I agree he could do with a reduction in his long shots this season, so you can change it in the Editor until there is a data update
  13. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @b13v3r I'll check those points out thanks @mersk Have you got the Editor? He has had a propensity to take long shots prior to this season, but he is much more aware of his defensive duties to be able/want to take shots this season. Due a reduction thanks. @Sly419 I have played around a bit since being the LFC researcher with his Sturridge's CA and its really hard to determine what sort of return to expect from him these days due to - lack of minutes, lack of starts, lack of playing time, sub apps towards the end of games, his loss of pace, his change in style (he tends to slow down the play when in possession and comes a lot deeper now etc)
  14. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @bananahk Salah - I understand why you'd think that Salah is wasteful and would change high composure and low finishing. He does miss some easy looking chances but unfortunately its not that simple. His conversion rate is as good if not better than Kane for instance this year. But how do you determine an easy chance? Or a difficult one?Shooting from the edge of the box with just the goalkeeper in front of you against dribbling past three defenders into the 6 yard box but hitting the post - in theory from 6 yards out should be easy as you're closer to goal but also there is less room, poss more defenders, closer to goalkeeper, dribbling and off balance etc - so is it actually harder? And stats can be misleading - read up on Simpson's Paradox. My rule of thumb though is what are his figures actually in the game (say after a season) are they realistic enough? For me in soak tests I've found he scores c20 goals with about 6/7 assists - which for now I'm happy with. Its one of those that I will constantly revue and happy to debate this point further though. TAA - as mentioned previously, I will continue to monitor him. Gomez - by creativity do you mean Flair? If so, he could drop a point tbh Clyne aware of his back problem and his new mini operation keeping him out even longer than anticipated. Sorry, L6?
  15. [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    @b13v3r Ox - that has come from the Arsenal researcher who knows him better than I do. It could be that his favoured club is still Chelsea (I don't know) but there were factors that stopped him from joining - such as Chelsea wanting to play him at wing-back, his eagerness to play under Klopp etc. I never expected Mignolet to captain the side at any point. Because he was captain once doesn't necessarily mean his leadership stat should change drastically though. It could have been a ploy as a confidence boost to Mignolet and a statement to the fans/press of his importance to the club. Changing Moreno's speed by one point will not make any real noticeable difference in the ME I believe. Acceleration, Stamina, Strength are all connected to Pace too don't forget. I will look into this for the next data drop though as Moreno's running speed is one of his biggest attributes. Agree with Origi having his ML rating changed