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  1. Aaah, it'll be the 2 for 1 drinks on student night he'll be going to
  2. You're right I had a trumpet score from a indirect free kick and my Inside Trombone couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo
  3. Organise a victory parade in an open top bus......there's an idea for a new feature in FM21
  4. I find the same with Defensive / Ball Winning Midfielders too. They seem to be playing ok when you watch the game but there match ratings are around 6.6/6.7. Not the sexiest role, they very rarely score or assist I suppose though.
  5. I always manage Íþróttabandalag Akraness (IA) in Iceland. The challenge being - a country I know nothing about, a team I'd never heard of, with players I don't know from Adam and a language I can't fathom. And I'm now at the point that I've done the whole Google street view of the town, know the club / players inside out, converse with the club / players / fans (a few anyway) on Twitter and watch the live recordings of their games whenever possible on IATV.
  6. You've got to do the full 90 on 3D. Its as nerve wrecking as watching your own team in the real CL and I've done both.
  7. Speaking as the Liverpool researcher... Gripper is not a moderator per se, he's Head EFL Researcher The opening post clearly states a 3 point plan when posting in this forum which includes evidence/proof if something is wrong. The poster didn't do this and his opinion has no validation, doesn't follow the 'rules of engagement' here, hence the response. If he had followed the original instructions and posted WHY he thought Lallana and Wijnaldum were on par (and presuming he didn't have the Editor), then I would have corrected him with an explanation. No foul language was ever indicated.
  8. You've hit the nail on the head 'there simply is no evidence to pick one over the other' the truth is both are JK's Assistant Managers that have different qualities and skill sets to their role. I have given a number of reasons of why I went for Krawietz including in my last post. He has the longer track record in that role which is a indisputable fact that differentiates between the two. You keep using the phrase 'assistant managery' without definition and stating 'you know you're in the majority who believe it should be PL' without foundation. That is your opinion but there's no substance to debate with. For instance, Lijnders has been lauded for his media handling and Krawietz keeps away from that responsibility - so that has substance behind it and therefore is hard to dispute and we are therefore both in agreement. When you look at the responsibilities of an Assistant Manager in the game (I'm not at home so don't have a complete list of role) - Tactics, Team Feedback, Opposition Instructions, Data - Krawietz edges it for me. Lijnders edges its with Man Management, Training, Media, Player Development. Its a hard call. I'll say it again I am on the fence, so if there was something more tangible for me to consider than great and maybe it does very much depend on how you view/use an Assistant Manager in the game.
  9. Ditto with Lijnders and Krawietz at Liverpool, both are Assistant Managers and hold different responsibilities
  10. I've conversed with you before and I've taken on board points/proof that you've previously given, so I'm not sure why there's a hint of attitude now?! Krawietz and Buvac were both Assistant Managers, PK was made Assistant Manager after Buvac went on 'garden leave', he also retained that position when Lijnders joined the first team set-up and when he then left too. That track record stacks up if Klopp was ok with him as AM. I have also stated that I'm on the fence however. I have asked you to give me some proof/evidence as to why you know Lijnders is more influential? In what ways? So I have something tangible to help make decisions with. Lijnders media involvement could well be down to both Krawietz/Buvac's reluctance to engage with the media and Lijnders having a great personality to be in the spotlight but that doesn't mean he is the preferred AM necessarily. What can I do with 'the most assistant managery job', 'the extension of Klopp', 'his role would be called chief analyst' (I believe Edwards is that), 'nearly everyone agrees with me' - have you done a poll, how do you know this? (I've not seen much discussion of that in here). With respect that's not evidence or proof or tangible to make an informed decision one way or another on. So moving on - I've proved that I will openly engage and discuss the Liverpool data particularly when people adhere to the opening post as you've done previously.
  11. As you'd imagine not every country has the same transfer window so the update is usually early March, when I think, China, is one of the last windows to close.
  12. Klopp has had his CA and PA increased. Re: Lijnders v Krawietz - I'm sitting on the fence a bit with this for now. The main difference between the two is that Lijnders is more involved in 'taking' the training drills (but Klopp/Krawietz/Lijnders are equally involved in what they should be) and Krawietz is more involved in analysing our own performance and that of the opposition which then feeds into the training. Tactically they both seem involved pitchside. You're not showing any evidence to back up what you're saying. What are you basing Lijnders being more influential? In what ways has he expanded upon Buvac's role? The truth is BOTH are no 2's / Assistant Managers, unfortunately FM doesn't cater for that.
  13. Nope. Penalty conversion and regularity seems spot on for me
  14. Real life players will have had that set by Researchers, I'd report it in here...https://community.sigames.com/forum/708-database-and-research/
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