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  1. @Stefan01 Michael Owen is not universally liked by the fans,. Iirc he ran down his contract when he was at the top of his game having said he was going to stay (?) and he joined Man Utd - a cardinal sin . There was a rivalry with Fowler who was a Liverpool lad. And an underlying feeling that he favoured England Over Liverpool. With a foot in both camps it doesn't go down well with our fans when he refers to Man Utd as 'we'.
  2. @JordanMillward_1 I've tweaked Mo's stats very slightly and increased his familiarity to playing up top. I've made significant changes to: Robertson, Moreno, Van Dijk, Kelleher, Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Camacho, Hoever, Johnston Larouci, Clarkson, Cain, Duncan and Glatzel.
  3. @OkMarius Agree with Moreno and Robertson and have reflected changes for the Winter update. Wijnaldum - if you recall I had increased his CA prior to game launch and he has now proved consistency so far this season and I've just increased him again. Lallana - I was happy with his pace at game launch but he's hardly played/fit to have had a run of games this season and get match fit to determine a reduction in pace. Mane - Goalscoring is good he's scoring just under 1 every two games, but hardly any direct assists which I've now tried to reflect in his stats. Clyne - I agree he does have limitations. The main reason he wasn't been picked was down to being out injured for nearly a year which has given time for TAA/Gomez to become more established. There are a fair few CA increases and decreases that I'm making across the board currently.
  4. Although I've tried all possible fixes in this thread, I've had no real change. However, and bizarrely I have just changed the full screen resolution from 1366 x 768 to 1360 x 768 and its made a difference?!?!?
  5. @MontyOnTheRun In response... Brewster - I'll check Suarez out. In light of his injury time with Ox I might include him as a friend Ramos - Agree with Lovren after their recent and ongoing social media spat Wijnaldum - I think he might be worth a small CA rise in the next data drop if I can, so will look at Versatility then. Happy with his PA though. Regards favourite clubs, that has been set whilst at one of his previous clubs but you're probably right about not being classed as a supporter. Keita - can't see this set in the DB (?). Ox - i'm happy with him, Henderson and Milner currently and I'm not sure I agree he's been better consistently. Fabinho though was set by his previous club's researcher and I've not seen enough of him at the moment. VVD - possibly, it is not recommended to have more than 4 PPA's and he's currently got 3. Will look again in the next data drop. Tagseth - hard with him at the moment as he's was injured for the last part of the season and he's yet to get a lot of regular game time this season.
  6. He was, he was originally a scout for Liverpool. Possibly down as nfe.
  7. Liverpool's Loan Manager is Julian Ward - https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/features/294279-liverpool-loan-process-explained-behind-the-badge
  8. Gents, I'm not seeing any really noticeable differences when using the advice in here but is that down to my graphics card being only a GT635M? And I'm never going to get anything better with that?
  9. Need to try these on my laptop later. Fingers crossed.
  10. @XaW Krawietz was officially referred to as Klopp's second assistant coach, with Buvac being first assistant coach. So by default and with no official confirmation, I have simply elevated Krawietz to first assistant coach - which in the game is Assistant Manager. I've read that Echo link and don't see that as definitive to be honest.
  11. Football is all about opinions and I am far from infallible. However I do what I believe to be accurate at a given time and as always use the in-game editor to make changes if anything is hindering your game play.
  12. As mentioned previously in the thread, some of his attributes have been reduced from last year and I am happy with where he is currently.
  13. Yep, wrong figure completely. Thanks for pointing it out
  14. That is lower than I requested. The Roma researcher had him down as £59k per week and I asked for that to be increased to £85k. I'll have that checked.
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