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  1. @enigmatic Many thanks for that. I believe quantity of passes makes a difference but will look into it over the weekend in more detail. I have actually increased TAAs vision already.
  2. Pass completion - does that take into account the number of passes actually attempted though? I have added Likes To Switch Ball, can’t recall on Attempting Long Balls tbh
  3. Robertson’s corners attribute has increased as has his CA. My priority with Alisson has been to ensure his GK attributes are right up there. To change his work rate attribute what do you suggest reducing out of interest?
  4. A bit late to the party for the new research for FM21 but hopefully will have covered everything. I've reviewed all reasonable posts and comments on here and taken those opinions into account. So if anyone else has any other thoughts for the new release for Liverpool, shout before datalock please. A reminder to adhere to the first post in this thread please and I will always then review your opinions in a fair way.
  5. You're not getting this. If a researcher determines that player X has certain attribute values, rightly or wrongly in your opinion, then counter his assessment with something tangible to argue your case. Otherwise its just your opinion against his. Not rocket science. Just the first post in the thread to understand how to engage in this thread please.
  6. 1. They are not stats (statistics) which are factual pieces of data 2. They are attributes that the Spurs researcher has determined to be accurate at the time of the previous datalock 3. Attributes are all about opinion and you have not backed any of your opinions up with reasoning 4. You have not read the first post in the thread that details how to put your difference of opinion across in a constructive way
  7. Thanks for this. Do you have reference for this please
  8. I don’t know, I’ll check it out but I asked for him to be added to the Liverpool DB.
  9. Aaah, it'll be the 2 for 1 drinks on student night he'll be going to
  10. You're right I had a trumpet score from a indirect free kick and my Inside Trombone couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo
  11. Organise a victory parade in an open top bus......there's an idea for a new feature in FM21
  12. I find the same with Defensive / Ball Winning Midfielders too. They seem to be playing ok when you watch the game but there match ratings are around 6.6/6.7. Not the sexiest role, they very rarely score or assist I suppose though.
  13. I always manage Íþróttabandalag Akraness (IA) in Iceland. The challenge being - a country I know nothing about, a team I'd never heard of, with players I don't know from Adam and a language I can't fathom. And I'm now at the point that I've done the whole Google street view of the town, know the club / players inside out, converse with the club / players / fans (a few anyway) on Twitter and watch the live recordings of their games whenever possible on IATV.
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