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  1. @diddydaddydoddy thx first. Can help to take a look on Mirza Varesanovic relationship? Seems he have a brother Mak, Mak have a father Mirza. But not either way. Know that non-liverpool player should not handle by you.
  2. 1. both public beta for FM and Editor 2. Default location 3. public beta FM + NON-public beta editor > same error 4. Non-public beta FM19 + NON-public beta editor > Normal , unless many bug on FM
  3. My windows version cannot launch also. nearly the same problem.
  4. you all see different number may due to tax problem....?
  5. @perpetua any things can do with their finance? https://www.dailysabah.com/football/2018/11/16/financial-woes-defeats-spell-end-of-halcyon-days-for-besiktas
  6. Any update figures to reflex the current finance status of Beşiktaş?
  7. Hi, I load my own tactics from old save. All position go black, all player dont know how to play any position. Try to go on holiday for month they also havn't learn in training. Is it a know bugs? my save file is here. Banana
  8. Since early version, I have feels of unrealistic when got the winter update. The winter update contact both 1.database bug fixed and improvement, and 2. winter transfer. I am wonder why cant we separate those and allow select by End User. I don't think it would be realistic for start the game at September but with winter transfer or keep using the old database version with know bugs or error. what the database looking for is realistic data and attributes but the winter update is broken it up. furthermore, if want to included winter transfer update, why not add future transfer date so the transfer can happen on the correct day? BTW, same apply to the game start day. i mean, can the game do more to reflex the correct transfer day of Kepa Arrizabalaga ? Banana
  9. Hi again, want to point out an non-liverpool player, Wan-bissaka, unlike on the game, he is very very good player both marking and go forward. I do think he should got much increase in many ascpect and PA also. Banana
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