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  1. Hi DDD, Thx for the work on Liverpool db. seems my reply wrongly on old topic, let me post again here. Firstly VVD: he is the best defender in the world. a very good spot on his strength as he is not muscular. but his best strength is leading the defend. Every partner playing with him seems upgrade. Also, we see him doing excellent job in critical position to clean the ball both on crowd and on 1 on 1 situation. my suggestion: anticipation +2, position +2 decision +2 Mo Salah: in fact he waste many chance last season already and this season 10+ match he also not playing at peak. I understand it is difficult to serious downgrade, consider he is golden boot, but I think most of his gold is from salah good position play + team mate create space + penalty. he sometimes score some good goal but also he always shoot out of target. my suggestion: shooting -2, dribbling +2 *some of our player first touch is not as good as we think, especially when under pressure, but I'm sure you watch a lot like me so I will leave it to you to consider. both WB: I can see you continue upgrade our WB rating, but warm reminder, some merit should be go to Klopp as our tactical play release them unmarked and let them cross freely. So may be they are not as good as we think. (I dont have seen Robertson play international match, TAA also not play often) Thx and keep on good work. From Hong Kong
  2. Since early version, I have feels of unrealistic when got the winter update. The winter update contact both 1.database bug fixed and improvement, and 2. winter transfer. I am wonder why cant we separate those and allow select by End User. I don't think it would be realistic for start the game at September but with winter transfer or keep using the old database version with know bugs or error. what the database looking for is realistic data and attributes but the winter update is broken it up. furthermore, if want to included winter transfer update, why not add future transfer date so the transfer can happen on the correct day? BTW, same apply to the game start day. i mean, can the game do more to reflex the correct transfer day of Kepa Arrizabalaga ? Banana
  3. Seems FM just use 1 core..... whats are their engineer doing..
  4. haha it might be late, should try a test plan on Demo version first. BTW, my Xeon still in good performance and Intel seems much better than the new Ryzen... any reason behind?
  5. I open 10 new game on 15/2/2017 and barkley never go above 6.5 avg rating
  6. Hi All, Regarding every year winter transfer DB update. It should consist of 1. current DB fine tuning (player attribute changes) 2. Error Fix (really sth wrong) 3. January transfer Is it a good idea of saperate January transfer DB changes from the error/fine tunning? Since I think many ppl like me would enjoy playing with Summer transfer but with the error fixed. Banana from HK
  7. Also, since the 17.3 database included DB error(or fine tunning + january transfer. Can we select if we included one of 2 ?
  8. AMD CPU..... this is main point I think. there is a benchmark thread.
  9. isn't it a rushing out rating and one on one?
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