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  1. haha I catch a bug @diddydaddydoddy Thiago left foot set as 1
  2. Age Name Height(Editor) Weight (editor) Height(newgame) Weight(newgame) 23 Wilson Wilson 178 73 173 63 23 Nathan Phillips 190 76 190 76 23 Sheyi Ojo 186 64 186 64 22 awoniyi 178 74
  3. the cloud have some problem before, so I cannot update, will try shortly but it is easy to reproduce. 1. sign player 2. excluded in CL list 3. User get issue on not included in CL list 3. say sorry to user and promise reg him next time 4. Get the CL
  4. the post above already mention the steps, I just do similar things but cannot remember clearly.
  5. CL later stage, 1st leg can select 12 sub, 2nd leg cannot I play with liverpool 1st year. When go to CL knockout round, 1st leg I can name12 subs, but 2nd leg I can only select 7. (I can see on schedule, the rules say 12 subs name, maximum 5 used.) tell me if need same game upload. (my several bugs report post got no response so I donno if anyone still handling here.)
  6. uploaded file Juventus v Liverpool.pkm Same issue, got 10 man without red card or injury, just subs. should be some bug regarding to sub.
  7. After change a cooler, I was able to run CPU at 4.2 all the way very stable. Benchmark A: 01 min 58 Sec
  8. aware that this is not discussion forum. note that club still paying normal salary, just tax ratio strange.
  9. wonder if it was a error on DB. I go to some Portugal personal and found that the salary after tax is strange. E.G. Porto - Sergio Conceicao Salary 18500 p/w , but 5500 p/w after tax Sporting CP - Rafael Camacho Salary 15500 p/w, but 4300 p/w after tax is it they are paying 72% tax? Is the rate normal?
  10. Hi, one more related bugs on friendly. 1. new game, U23 (my liverpool) arrange friendly with "Tranmere Rovers" 2. friendly cancel due to clash with tranmere - Barrow 3. I click re-arrange friendly 4. I got jump to the Tranmere Rovers > schedule > arrange friendly page 5. whatever I choose which team, I will arrange other Tranmere Rovers vs Liverpool U23 match tell me if need screen cap but I think its a bug I can always reproduce. Thx Banana
  11. Type: Desktop Model: Custom build CPU Model: R5 - 3600 CPU Base Frequency: 3.9GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 3.90 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 960M - 2GB Graphics Level in 3D: High Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 02 min 13 Sec Benchmark B: 09 min 52 Sec Benchmark C: 13 min 02 Sec Benchmark D: NA
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