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  1. I don't know if this is the right place and I will try to explain as good as I can. first issue, when my Liverpool side was In the Middle East playing club world cup, we traveled a lot, we also travel to away games at Everton, pre season vs Tranmere and other teams close to Liverpool. second issue, I won the premier league after 32 games, I got a list of the PL winners, wich all had played more then the required 5 games, but I had 2-3 players on 3-4 games, and when they reached 5 games, shouldn't they also get a winners medal? even if it is after the deciding game? a solution could maybe be to wait with the winners list until the last game is played, the same goes for the trophy lifting, in real life, the trophy is given after the last game
  2. i am having a similar experience which is making my controll possession a bit unrealistic. How can I help? what kind of PKMs can we provide to help fix this?
  3. the only thing I could do was to quit the game. i am not sure what more info I can give you.
  4. Days, weeks or months. A rough estimate. If we have to wait to march, fine, but atleast say so.
  5. The game is really really great.. love all the new features. The staff responsibility screen is a bit messy I feel, but all in all they have striked gold again. The ME certainly have its problems as have been stated more than enough on this forum and many other forums, what bothers me most is their unwillingness to communicate when the update will be. I understand its hard to pinpoint exactly, but are we talking days? weeks? months? I refuse to believe the " we don't know" "when its ready" answers. And if the case is that we shouldn't wait for a update until march, at least say that. This said, I don't feel the game is unplayable and completely damaged, it is actually very very good. Last thing, every year the game is dropped with minor bugs, game interference errors, etc etc(not talking ME). Isn't that what the beta is for? excluding these minor hick ups. Even now a couple of months and a couple of updates in we still have small bugs all over your product. All in all, great game!!
  6. I understand, this worked on fm 19 so tought it should now also. Adding focus like this works. thank you for clearing this up.
  7. I am playing on a MacBook pro 13 inch late 2016 with a MacOS catalina here I have selected multiple centre backs and want to set them all to central defender on defend only one of the central defenders is getting the training. Hope this helps and made things clearer..
  8. When i click on the individual training and then «list» it is blank, i have to click on detailed and back to list for it to show.
  9. In the indivudual training list when i want to select multible players and asign them with training ex. 5 players on ball playing cb only one of the selected gets the training.
  10. In the indivudual training list when i want to select multible players and asign them with training ex. 5 players on ball playing cb only one of the selected gets the training.
  11. When clicking maximize tactical familiarity in the IGE it does not show on the tacticsscreen.. seems like i have to try multible times and change the screen back and forth for it to change.
  12. As always, these comments is not worth anything if you dont have pkm’s to back it up with..
  13. i don't know if you need more on this, incase you do, here goes. Liverpool v Lyon pens.pkm Tranmere v Liverpool and pens.pkm Tranmere v Liverpool more pens.pkm Tranmere v Liverpool pens.pkm
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