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  1. Is it just me or has the striker efficiancy dropped from m.e 1918 to 1919/1920??
  2. 3 of 4 goals are from corners Liverpool v Crystal Palace 3 goals.pkm
  3. In this game, 4 out of 5 goals come from corners, before this game I had 7 goals from corners in 7 games in the league. Had the same issue with last Me including indirect free kicks, glad to see that was fixed. Liverpool v Crystal Palace 4goals.pkm
  4. 5-1 3 set piece goals West Ham v Liverpool 3 set pieces.pkm
  5. 2-0 2 set piece goals in game nr.5 Liverpool v Brighton.pkm
  6. Hello, I have played 4 games, 2 friendlies and 2 league games, scored 15 goals, 9 from set pieces. I played the Torino game twice just to look if it was a trend with the set piece goals. pkm´s attached. The bournemouth game, I don't know what to say about that. Torino v Liverpool set pieces.pkm Torino v Liverpool set pieces 2.pkm Bournemouth v Liverpool crazy.pkm
  7. Will we be playing on an update before the weekend? Sorry for the impatience.
  8. pamf

    Pre set friendlies

    yes, but then all the teams you may want to play against is busy..
  9. Customers or paying testers? Are the customers of football manager customers or are we paying testers? I have wondered this a lot in all the years I have played FM, espescially in the first month or so after the "full" release of the game. Every year it is the same thing, you buy the game, start playing and it is not finished- one thing when you play the beta, then you must expect some bugs and issues. But I don't play the beta much I wait for the full release and it still have a bunch of smaller and bigger issues with don't get fixed for a week or two, sometimes up to a month. And the paying customer needs to play the game and report in thousand of bugs and issues. The biggest issues every year is the match engine and crashes, I must say the crashes have occurred less and less for me on fm 17 and 18. But the match engine? Just one example- I played with Liverpool and Virgil Van Dijk had 21!! goals all from corners, Fabinho had 12 goals from penalties, Firmino played as striker had far less shots then Van Dijk(yes these things are reported in the bugs forum) I see many say play a tactic that suits the match engine, I don't want to play to just beat the match engine, I want to beat the match engine with my own style. Another example is the user interface, its lacking small bits here and there( yes also reported in the. bugs forum). I love. this game, its a great hobby of mine and I spend abut 1500-2000 hours a year playing it but I am really tired of having to wait for a patch, and there I come to the next thing, communication from the developers. Can we get an estimate on when a patch is coming? Are you seeing all the bugs that are reported? When I buy a game, I want to play the game to win trophies, develop players and teams, not play the game to look for mistakes so I can post it in a forum. I must say I really love the game and when this you years game is finished I am sure it will be the best one ever made. Thank you for a great game! I really mean that.
  10. pamf

    Pre set friendlies

    its a small thing really, but when you set up a new game, it should be an option to not have pre set friendlies and pre set training camps. could be put in next to the "allow in game editor" "use real players" etc Its a detail thing I guess
  11. Min: 04.17 14.09 26.52 52.43 69.31 Liverpool v Napoli throw ins 2.pkm
  12. Hello!I have instructed Firmino nr.9 to lurk in the back post on offensive throw ins, he meets short every time: Min: 01.49 12.00 45.35 58.55 63.34 78.14 Liverpool v Napoli throw ins.pkm
  13. pamf


    I don't know if I have just lost it or if it is a glitch, but I can't get my strikers to be efficient. Ive even cheated with the IGE, making my striker insane good, maximizing tactical familiarity etc. My team is winning, so that's good, but my striker does not contribute no matter what I do. have tried pre set tactics, my own tactics and different roles with no luck, even with the help of the IGE. I love to have strikers who score lots of goals so this is hard for me Is there a striker problem in fm19 m.e 1914?
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