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  1. Yes I know, but thank you anyway for your words Phil. Of course there are always people in many places trying to chase social brownie points, but as you said the forum is in good hands here.
  2. Very sensitive interpretation of what was said, but OK. And I do agree it is for PC reasons female football is being introduced, as it was pointed out before it was never something people were requesting in droves before. But as said previously, if its something that really wont interfere with the configuration of our game and it wont hinder the development of the game itself, I dont have an issue with it, its just an extra feature/leagues.
  3. Whats wrong with wanting to eliminate a feature, regardless of which one it is if we dont want to use it?
  4. Thinking the same too, and the feedback on the youtube video is somewhat of an indication of that too
  5. I feel the same, unfortunately. And to add to this the waste of resources and time (in my opinion) to develop the female version of FM leads me to believe the situation isnt getting better anytime soon. However, and myself included, I dont want to judge a game when its not even released, not even a demo. Lets wait and see, I´m keeping a bit of positivity in me but so far the direction it is going isn´t positive.
  6. Thank you, i hope it will be there. And sorry to ask again, but are these people taking over Newcastle going to build “another” Man City at Newcastle, and is that what we should expect in the game?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked already, but will the Newcastle takeover be present in FM22?
  8. True, there are decisions that are exceptions. If that is the case here, no problem then. But at the end of the day, just like Amazon, SI are a business.
  9. Any criteria you like to use when the time comes to choose a new save? What is your decision process like?
  10. As a company, SI wont last much more if they keep on making decisions like this in the future. Same applies for any other company
  11. How does the game play in 3D, during a match? Does it stutter ?
  12. Thanks! Can you at the same time also use programs like Chrome and watch youtube videos for example?
  13. Thank you FrazzT. So that means my PC wont come to a screeching halt with 16GB RAM even if I run all the leagues of the game (putting aside the processing speed of FM)?
  14. Is it possible with only 16GB RAM to also run a very big number leagues (for example, all the leagues that come with the game) at a speed where you can play and you can still use Chrome at the same time for example? Thank you
  15. as a complete newb regarding CPU´s, how does this one of the laptop im considering buying stack up against its competition? Bad, average, good? Intel Core i7-1165G7 Tiger Lake (2.8 GHz, 4 cores, TDP 15W)
  16. That’s great! What processor do you have? And can you do other things at the same time as you are playing, like watching YouTube videos for example?
  17. Thank you Kev. Would you also say having more RAM will enable me to run FM and other things at the same time without having the performance of FM suffer too much?
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