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  1. Lacklustre performance again from England, well done Belgium
  2. looking forward to another meltdown of the english supporters after another defeat
  3. So chuffed to see England lose yet again and perform poorly, followed by the usual forum meltdown And well done to Croatia, great spirit and quality during the whole tournament.
  4. England vs Colombia? Good, England will be knocked out as usual
  5. Why english fans watch the England team in big competitions, is a mystery for me.
  6. Just the usual mediocrity of England again
  7. Is the new prize money for Champions League and Europa League included in the latest patch?
  8. I reckon this is the best case scenario in case of a brexit yes? These non UK players wouldnt need work permit, right?
  9. For example in the case of the striker, you use a DLF correct? What if I have a really good Target Man, would it ruin the whole strategey employing that role?
  10. Do have to point out, just played a bit and last 3 games albeit vs lower table clubs, I got 3 wins.
  11. around 8 matches, 7 losses so far. Changed it mid season, is there something I might be doing fundamentally wrong?
  12. Decided to give this tactic a go mid season with Boavista, but so far really struggling. Should I stick with it and eventually results will improve?
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