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  1. Hi guys, where can I change tax brackets (gross and net) in a specific league? For instance, the Portuguese league has incorrect amounts for gross and net salaries.
  2. Incredibly poor service from SI on this
  3. Just out of curiosity, for all those people loading nearly every league on the game, how is the speed? Is it playable?
  4. Hi guys, simple question: is it possible to edit the team names and competitions on Stadia? And is there any other type of editing possible there?
  5. what is even more puzzling, is that I think in FM19 it actually worked better, VAR
  6. good question, also want to know about it
  7. Anyone having issues with penaltys? Maybe its just with my team, but so far in 4, missed 4, with 3 different takers.
  8. Dave, im more or less the same as you regarding the game, really enjoying it despite having a bit of that low conversion rate of clear cut chances as mentioned before. But do you think when SI release the next patch, it will negatively influence our current tactics and therefore kind of ruin our enjoyment of the game?
  9. At least you have Stadia in your country, i dont even have it in mine.
  10. sadly, ive had a very hard brexit on my savegame, which has ruined it.... Any idea on how to remove it?
  11. Hi guys, quick question. Is it possible to add a custom league (in this case the Japan League) in the middle of a save? Thank you.
  12. quick question about the game, maybe a silly one but does the game calculate distances in terms of travelling and its effect on the fitness of the players? So for example if im playing in Azerbaijan on a thursday and sunday i have a league game, does the travelling make any difference?
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