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  1. Just a quick question, is the new European COmpetition announced by UEFA in FM20?
  2. By in-game editor you mean the pre game editor that we also have on FM 19, or a editor to edit the game after it is created?
  3. Thanks Neil. Also, as I am from Portugal, can you possible give me an indication when will I be able to buy FM on Stadia here and play it there? That is the platform I am most interested in for FM20.
  4. Any info how fast the game will be on Stadia? Is it like playing in a really good PC or just a normal one?
  5. If we play the game on Stadia, can we still edit it with logos, facepacks etc just like we do now?
  6. Also just seen the same, so is it something only for the 2022/23 season and after goes back to normal?
  7. Lacklustre performance again from England, well done Belgium
  8. looking forward to another meltdown of the english supporters after another defeat
  9. So chuffed to see England lose yet again and perform poorly, followed by the usual forum meltdown And well done to Croatia, great spirit and quality during the whole tournament.
  10. England vs Colombia? Good, England will be knocked out as usual
  11. Why english fans watch the England team in big competitions, is a mystery for me.
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