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  1. FM 2017 in-game editor - new features

    Possible to reverse a hard brexit with this tool?
  2. How important is it to have pure F9 playing in this tactic? Does it work with bigger and powerful strikers too?
  3. Thanks. Is it possible to train these 2 tactics at the same time , and get them both to work properly?
  4. Cant seem to find it mate, can you guide me to it please?
  5. where is the 3412 away tactic?
  6. Does this work at very low level? Im playing in 3rd div of Portugal and it doesnt work
  7. FM17 Performance Benchmarking Thread

    So FM17 is a bit slower than 16, correct?
  8. FM Speeder

    Any FM speeder also available for FM17?
  9. The English Inquisition

    Those facilities are fantastic, even Benfica are going to use them very shortly for their pre-season. So its really the coaching part you are lacking, the way that you play since an early age and also the way you look at players (ie usually the bigger boys get more chances at an early age than the smaller ones)
  10. The English Inquisition

    Poor grass roots football, poor professional players, all in great part due to a lack of good management since an early age. I have seen several youth training sessions in England (not going to name clubs here) and the difference in quality of training to what I know well (Portugal and Spain) is just huge. This is even more serious because in reality you have everything to be producing great players on a regular basis: great facilities, crazy passion for the game in the country, and a big population.
  11. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    If Germany wins, Portugal qualify already for the Confederations Cup next year. So from that perspective, push push Germany
  12. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    very good point, only 1 real striker. Surely they have more if they wanted?
  13. Robbie Savage

    Just out of curiosity and as a neutral, why is Savage so hated?
  14. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    Germany only took 2 strikers to the tournament?
  15. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Is Jose still being rejected by many Utd fans and important figures at the club?