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  1. In real life, there could be an interesting development concerning the "Jong"-teams. Rumour has it that in due course those teams will be removed from Tweede Divisie and lower. In the Eerste Divisie 4 "Jong"-teams would remain. Plan is that the "Jong"-teams get a separate competition, and that the champion will play against the worst "Jong"-team of the Eerste Divisie for a place in that division next year. And that the champion of the Tweede Divisie would play a play-off with the worst A-teram of the Eerste Divisie for a place in that division next year. This would be hell to recreate in FM! How on earth can you attach that "Jong"-competition next to the Tweede Divisie (would be the same tier) and make sure that the right teams play in the right divisions? Something for the die-hard editors to figure out.
  2. I think it will be a hell of a challenge to get the new rules regarding the Jong-teams into the game. The KNVB has proposed to set the maximum number of Jong-teams per competition to 4 as of season 2018/2019. I assume that the 4th Jong-team per competition will be relegated and the 1st Jong-team will get a promotion (except from Eerste Divisie to Eredivisie and in case the A-team drops to the competition in which the Jong-team plays. In that case the Jong-team is automatically relegated). And the KNVB has stated that Jong-teams of professional clubs that haven't entered the piramid yet, would be granted a start as high as 3e Divisie or Hoofdklasse. Until now, new Jong-teams had to start all the way down the piramid. It probably requires two or more hidden stages to determine the relegated teams. One hidden stage for the regular teams, and at least one hidden stage for the Jong-teams. I'm trying to get to grips with this issue, but still haven't found the best way to get this into the game. On a different note: my own database with 10 tiers of Dutch football is done, and works like a charm. It's a mix between the real life piramid and some fantasy elements (such as a League-cup) but people doesn't seem to mind that. I haven't released the database on this forum yet, because I still need to see what havoc the 17.3.0 update has wreaked to my database. Bit nervous to open the database with the editor...
  3. Dutch club and competition names are licensed too. You can't change them.
  4. I kept it very simple: clubs from the top 2 tiers, so Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie, with the "jong"-teams being excluded. So a maximum of 38 teams to participate, maximum of 6 rounds. Where in England and France the winner of the League Cup gets a place in next seasons Europa league, I've chosen not to do that for the Dutch League Cup. So only eternal fame for the winner (and a nice financial bonus). For the KNVB-Cup, I chose to enter the A-teams of in any case the top 4 Tiers (Eredivisie, Eerste Divisie, Tweede Divisie and Derde Divisie A & B), and the semifinalists of the 6 regional cups. The Amateur-Cup: finalists of the 6 regional cups (in real life only the winners enter, but I wanted to give it some more body). The Amateur Super Cup is the seasons opening game between last seasons winner of the Tweede Divisie and the Amateur-Cup. In theory, both teams could've been promoted to the Eerste Divisie, so it's a bit weird to call it an amateur Super Cup. Game is to be played as a prelude to the Johan Cruijff Schaal, the big Dutch Supercup game. Both games are played at the same date at the same stadium (Amsterdam ArenA), but the amateur game starts at 14.30h and the professional game at 18.00h.
  5. Yes, I did. The first time I used the database changes from my FM14 database and thought a complete rebuilt of the competition structure was enough. But eventually I had to start all over again, including the database changes. Third time's a charm....
  6. It's nice to be mentioned as one of the people who contributed to the database of @Slabbekoorn but all I did was ask some questions. To my best of knowledge, I didn't make any contribution to the database itself. That credit goes entirely to Slabbekoorn and the others. For me these are difficult times. I thought I could convert my FM14 database to FM17 without any major hickups. Turns out that the conversion isn't possible, so I had to start from scratch. But with my experience and the semi-automated procedure of creating new cities, stadiums, competitions and clubs, I expect to be up and running again at the end of next week. Hopefully my database gets past the third season successfully then. O, and by the way: my database is more of a fantasy database. I deleted the separation between the Saturday and Sunday and adjusted the promotion/relegation a bit (more like the English model). I also added a Dutch League Cup, just for fun. And I adjusted the KNVB-cup, Dutch amateur cup and the regional cups a little. So for a more realistic structure, you should play the database of Slabbekoorn. To my defence: I did create more than 2400 clubs (including their cities and playgrounds) with some room in the lowest Tier to spare, so everyone can play with their own favorite amateurclub, trying to win the Champions League with them.
  7. Thanks for the reply, KUBI. I will post this in the bugs forum. Didn't know you guys supported crashes with custom databases too. By the way: there are no new competitions starting in 2019, only the ones that existed already.
  8. That's what I said a few days earlier when I though I'd resolved the problem with my database. When I use my custom database, everything works fine for 3 seasons. But now, everytime on July 4th, 2019, the game crashes. I've checked and double-checked everytrhing, even the editor sees no problems with the competitions and verifies everything well past 2019. So this one is a bit of a mystery to me. Put in a lot of work to get things working for FM17, but now it seems all is in vain... I know the game crashing is related to my custom database, I just can't seem to find out why it is crashing.
  9. As they are in real life... But I understand your point. Maybe you should consider someting else, a bit like the Nations League for European countries. Take 4 groups of 10 teams each, and let them play a double competition, so 36 games in total. The top 2 teams will play for the overall title in a knock-out phase. The bottom 2 of each competition are relegated to the European League 1. In That League 1, also 4 groups of 10 teams each will play a double competition, with the top 2 of every competition getting promoted, and the bottom 2 getting relegated to League 2, etc. Draw of the group stage is then the most tricky part. You can either choose for some kind of regional draw, a draw which uses some kind of seeding, or a draw with no seeding at all. And what to do with teams of the same country? If you maximize the number of teams from one country to a maximum of 8, you can try to tell the game not to draw more than 2 teams from the same country together. In this case, all the Tiers of the system would contain 40 teams, and you could go as deep as you wish. So with 360 teams, this would mean 9 Tiers. That's a lot, I would maximize it to 6 Tiers, which means 240 teams maximum.
  10. Gonna give this one a try too. What I forgot to ask you: did the teams hold their right competitions during your testrun until 2024, or was there a big resuffle going on?
  11. I think it's a very interesting idea to make a European competion, although I agree with @Sankalan that 360 teams in such a structure is a bit too many. I would maximize it to 120 clubs, where you have 6 tiers (from European Premier League to League 5), without multiple divisions in a Tier. That discharges you of making some kind of regional divisions. It could be interesting to set up such a competition structure, and take the CL and EL as a qualification tournament for the lowest tier of the European competitions. Big problem indeed is the adjustments that will have to be made to the domestic competitions, but you can use your dynamic relegation system for a good purpose now :-) As for the maximum number of clubs from a country, I think that would be hard to accomplish, and slightly unfair to teams from big countries that play outside the European competition. For example: I you maximize the number of teams to 6 and there are 6 Spanish teams in the top 2 Tiers, a new Spanish club would have to wait until one of those clubs are relegated out of the bottom Tier to have a chance of playing in the European competitition. I would let things take their course and see what happens. If you take the Euro Club Index as a reference for the 120 teams to be chosen into the European competition, you would have 16 teams from England, Spain and Germany in the competition structure. I'm pretty sure that the remaining clubs from that countries will not play a big part in any sort of qualification for the lowest Tier, where as for the clubs from Holland (Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV and AZ Alkmaar would 'qualify') , maybe Vitesse and Heerenveen would be in contention for promotion to the European Lague. And all the Serbian clubs would stay in their domestic competition for the first season, so plenty of opportunities for Crvena Zvezda to wil the CL or EL, and qualify for the European competitions...
  12. I've completely rebuilt my competition database the last few days, but it was worth it. Finally my database works! Seems the 2017 editor doesn;t agree with competiton databases from previous years, in any case not from way back in 2014... I'm gonna do a final testrun, and when that is successfull I will realeas my database to the general public. Would like to thank everyone who supported me an gave me tips, tricks and useful advice. You guys were a great support.
  13. I've deleted 4e klasse and 5e klasse, and tried to verify the other competitions. And now the editor again says that the Eerste Divisie is not finished in time for the seasons update. Now I'm getting frustrated and mad. I've run through every setting and checked everything four, five times. I cannot get my head wrapped around the fact the editor refuses to verify the competitions. Everything I try seems to be in vain. I've set the season update day way back to end of July, but that doesn't work either. I've tried to enter a forced end to the Eerste Divisie, doesn't work... I really hoped I could get my database working this year, but that's not gonna happen. For now, I will take some distance because if I don't, chances are my keyboards ends up into my monitor...
  14. I knew I read it somewhere... :-) Without the position playoff the problem remains. I've changed the promotion playoff to a full knockout stage but that didn't solve the problem. I'm pretty sure the problem lies in the 4e Klasse though, beacause when I try to verify the competitions, I now get that only 48 teams get promoted from 4e klasse. That is right, because all the 48 champions are promoted directly. For some reason the game doesn't accept the promotion playoff (now a 3 round knockout-stage with 192 teams), where 84 teams earn promotion to 3e klasse. So next step is to remove the 4e klasse (and 5e klasse) completely and we'll see what happens then. If the game does generate the next season, I know where the problem is. After that, it's just a matter of rebuilding the 4e klasse and 5e klasse.
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