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  1. In real life, there could be an interesting development concerning the "Jong"-teams. Rumour has it that in due course those teams will be removed from Tweede Divisie and lower. In the Eerste Divisie 4 "Jong"-teams would remain. Plan is that the "Jong"-teams get a separate competition, and that the champion will play against the worst "Jong"-team of the Eerste Divisie for a place in that division next year. And that the champion of the Tweede Divisie would play a play-off with the worst A-teram of the Eerste Divisie for a place in that division next year. This would be hell to re
  2. I think it will be a hell of a challenge to get the new rules regarding the Jong-teams into the game. The KNVB has proposed to set the maximum number of Jong-teams per competition to 4 as of season 2018/2019. I assume that the 4th Jong-team per competition will be relegated and the 1st Jong-team will get a promotion (except from Eerste Divisie to Eredivisie and in case the A-team drops to the competition in which the Jong-team plays. In that case the Jong-team is automatically relegated). And the KNVB has stated that Jong-teams of professional clubs that haven't entered the piramid yet, would
  3. I kept it very simple: clubs from the top 2 tiers, so Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie, with the "jong"-teams being excluded. So a maximum of 38 teams to participate, maximum of 6 rounds. Where in England and France the winner of the League Cup gets a place in next seasons Europa league, I've chosen not to do that for the Dutch League Cup. So only eternal fame for the winner (and a nice financial bonus). For the KNVB-Cup, I chose to enter the A-teams of in any case the top 4 Tiers (Eredivisie, Eerste Divisie, Tweede Divisie and Derde Divisie A & B), and the semifinalists of the 6 regiona
  4. Yes, I did. The first time I used the database changes from my FM14 database and thought a complete rebuilt of the competition structure was enough. But eventually I had to start all over again, including the database changes. Third time's a charm....
  5. It's nice to be mentioned as one of the people who contributed to the database of @Slabbekoorn but all I did was ask some questions. To my best of knowledge, I didn't make any contribution to the database itself. That credit goes entirely to Slabbekoorn and the others. For me these are difficult times. I thought I could convert my FM14 database to FM17 without any major hickups. Turns out that the conversion isn't possible, so I had to start from scratch. But with my experience and the semi-automated procedure of creating new cities, stadiums, competitions and clubs, I expect to be up an
  6. Gonna give this one a try too. What I forgot to ask you: did the teams hold their right competitions during your testrun until 2024, or was there a big resuffle going on?
  7. Ah, now I know what you mean. Perhaps I can help you with that. I still have my files from FM13, where I made a database. Maybe if you take a look at that structure, it might help you in finding a solution. Just be patient.
  8. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but setting regional divisions for a club isn't enough. In the course of several seasons, the game will mix up Saturday and Sunday teams, even if you set regional boundaries for the competitions and the longtidude/lattitude for the cities involved. I don't know exactly how the game sorts the clubs into the right divisions, but I think it has something to do with the reputation. In my FM14-database with my database all the way to 5e klasse, I removed the Saturday/Sunday separation and only went for a regional separation, and still some weaker clubs fro
  9. Great work guys, love the way you try to solve the issues that come across. Just one question though: how will you keep the Saturday-clubs in a Saturday-league and the Sunday-clubs in a Sunday-league? In previous FM-games it was impossible to keep those clubs in the right section. Isn't that annoying if after a few seasons the clubs are in the wrong section? I solved that by removing the Saturday/Sunday separation alltogether. About the Hoofdklasse playoffs: it isn't necesserary to put all the competions in one multiple-competitions setup (assuming you work with the advanced editor).
  10. Pretty sure some/all things are already mentioned: 1. Ability to import data from Excel-sheets (or .txt-files, whatever). That would be a huge help for me, adding 4000+ competitions, teams, cities and stadiums each year. 2. Also the ability to easily change the club colours of imported teams, if possible with the same file mentioned under 1. 3. A better working regional split for custum added regional divisions. Each year I enter regional boundaries to competitions on the same level, and I add coordinates to cities and the preferred competion to clubs, and each year FM makes a mess of the r
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