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  1. Pretty sure some/all things are already mentioned: 1. Ability to import data from Excel-sheets (or .txt-files, whatever). That would be a huge help for me, adding 4000+ competitions, teams, cities and stadiums each year. 2. Also the ability to easily change the club colours of imported teams, if possible with the same file mentioned under 1. 3. A better working regional split for custum added regional divisions. Each year I enter regional boundaries to competitions on the same level, and I add coordinates to cities and the preferred competion to clubs, and each year FM makes a mess of the regional divisions, with clubs entering competitions for which they have to travel hundreds of km's instead of a competition nearby. 4. A manual to the editor, both basic and advanced. I know my knowledge of the advanced editor is pretty extensive, but some features still are unknown to me. If those 4 options would be added to the editor, I seriously would consider buying that FM-game. Due to my disappointment in the editor I've declined on FM15 and are still playing FM14 (with my own regional database, with all its flaws and setbacks).
  2. Thanks for the offer, will certainly consider that. So this would be the biggest problem in my file. I have added 2100+ clubs with matching home kits (away kits are fantasy kits) and I've altered the home kits of several existing clubs. So those would all be lost. Very annoying.
  3. So if I understand people here correctly, FM14 database-files can be imported into the FM15 editor? And what are the chances of (huge) unsuccessful changes? I have a huge FM14 database-file and I'm really not looking forward to doing all that work agein, especially because the database was mainly made with Notepad, using the same rules over and over again to add clubs, cities, stadiums, competitions etc. Importing the database into FM15-editor with minor (and preferably no) failures could save me a huge amount of time. I haven't bought FM15 yet, because I've got tired with the game after FM14. But reading all the reviews and seeing all the screenshots, I might just be tempted to buy the game after all.
  4. What is the path of the folder where you've unpacked the database? I suspect that something went wrong there, or maybe you've missed the part at the beginning of the game where you have to select the database and de-select all other databases.
  5. I think that will be the Topklasse (tier 3), although not every player will be there. I've updated the downloadlink because something went wrong in adding stadiums to existing teams which didn't have a stadium in the standard database. So I've fixed that. I also fixed the reputation of the cups and took some minor errors out of the database.
  6. Noted. Will change that in a next update. Thanks for the remark. If you download the rar-file you have both at the same time. If you unpack it in a map that's different from the football manager 14 map you can choose what to do with the files yourself.
  7. No. It's a semi-realistic database. I've dropped the separation between Saturday and Sunday. But apart from that, the structure is pretty much the same. For more info, please read the opening post of this topic.
  8. Just like in earlier years, I've tried to make a database which contains the Dutch league structure. Not entirely as in real life (because unfortunately that's not possible in Football Manager and believe me I've tried), but sort of a fantasy structure that is almost similar to the real stuff. I've dropped the separation between Saturday- and Sunday-leagues, all teams now have one senior team in the structure. The structure of the league is as follows: Because it's in Dutch I will explain a little. From Tier 2 downwards, the competition is divided into periods. In the Eerste Divisie there are 4 periods, the other competitions have 3 periods. The winners of each period qualifies for the promotion play-off at the end of the season. That play-off is played in a competition format where every team plays the other teams twice. Winners earn promotion to the next level. Except for the Hoofdklasse. In the first round of play-off, it's a round robin structure where the winner qualifies for the next round, which is also a round robin playoff. The two winners of the second playoff get promotion. I've also remodelled the national cup. I wanted to create a cup in which all 2480 teams could take part, but for some reason the game crashes at the initial setup of the game with that number of teams. So for now, I've downsized the cup to 656 teams, that tiers 1 to 6. Also, there is a national cup for amateurs. For this cup, all teams from tier 3 plus the 6 winners of last years regional cups qualify. Thos regional cups contain the teams form tier 4 to 9 from each regional competition. At the end of the season, the two champions of tier 3 play a home and away match to decide which team is overall amateur champion. The champion plays at the beginning of next season against the winner of the national amateur cup for the amateur super cup. And finally, there is the Super Cup for the professional teams: winner of last years Eredivisie against the winner of last years KKNVB-beker. As I said, 2480 teams are filling the competitions. 2121 teams are new and added by myself. Every city now has coördinates, every regional competition has the boundaries set and for each team the preferred competition for tiers 3 to 9 are set. All teams have kit-colours which as far as I know match the real situation, at least for the home kits. The away kits are purely fictional. In FM12 and FM13 I also had a similar database, but in those database I had the annouing problem that when you didn't select all tiers to play with, the game would occasionally throw gost-teams into the competitions at the beginning of a new season. I cannot say if that's the case with this database because I haven't been able to test it exetensively. I'm aware that there are still some (small) errors in this database. I will try to correct them in a next version. If you run into something that needs improvement, please let me know. Every form of feedback is appreciated. FAQ: * Why does my team play in a different competitions as it's supposed to play? Well, that's one of the annoying thing of FM every year. Even though we try at our best to set the regional boundaries as correct as possible, the game always manages to get some teams in the weong competitions. It's annoying, but it's something we have to live with. * Is this release sdave-game compatible? No, it's not. If you want to play with this database, you have to start a new game. * Can I use thes database with all databases form SI? This particular satabase is made with the standard database of SI. If SI releases a database-patch, chances are my database produces errors with the new release. * Can I use this database witrh other databases from other users? I strongly recommend not to. I don't know whether using another database causes errors of some kind. * Are there players added in this database? No. It's a club-database only. * Help!! It takes forever to load this database and to play the game All I can say is: be patient. It's a very big database and it takes a while to load it. But it will load, eventuelly. * Something's wrong / I see an error / I have a tip As I said, every feedback is appreciated. So please, do tell. The link to the files: You've downloaded a .rar-file. This file contains the following: 1. An Excel-file called "FM14 all clubs and starting competitions". This contains all the clubs, their cities and initial leagues. Conveniant if you want to find a club quickly. 2. In the "editor data" map you will find the actual database. 3. In the "graphics" map you will find all logos of the clubs involved, as well as competition logos. Both are in normal, small and background left/right format. The filenames match the UID's in the game. Just unzip the file in the Sports Interactive map in My Documents. That will cause no problems, because it's highly unlikely you already have a file with the same name. Maps with similar names will be merged to one. When starting the game, make sure you tick the boxes for adding staff and players to playable teams. If you don't do this and you select a lower league team, chances are you have to start from scratch to build the team. Note: When you download this database and all the other contents, you agree not to distribute this content onto the net without the permission of the author (that'll be me). If you wish to do so, you can ask for permission. Note2: If you have any questions about this database, please state them in this topic. My time is limited and maybe there are other users that can answer your questions before I can.
  9. Thanks. Here's the link to the database: It's the KNVB-beker that doesn't work. All the other cups are tested and found to be working. When I delete the first 4 qualifying rounds and the teams involved, the KNVB-beker will work. So something in the first 4 qualifying rounds is causing the crash.
  10. Good suggestion, but no luck. Game still crashes.
  11. Thank dim13. I will post it later. For now, I'm editing some data in order to get all the kit-colours right. And finally I need to make a logo-pack for my database. When that's finished (propably somewhere tomorrow), I will place my version 1 online. But that's because a lot of Dutch people want to play with the database regardless of the cup not being complete yet. After tomorrow I will be celebrating Christmas and preparing for New Year's eve. So no rush on my part.
  12. Well, I've tried lots of different dates and settings, but the game still crashes. So for now I've decided to downsize the cup. Instead of 2480 teams, I've managed to create a working cup which lets 656 teams enther the competition. In my game, that's tiers 1 to 6. Tiers 7 to 9 won't enter the cup. Not because I don't want them to, but because the game crashes if I add those teams. I'm going to investigate why the game crashes if I enter more teams and more rounds. Maybe it has something to do with the dates, maybe not. Pitty FMUpdates doesn't exist anymore, I'm sure I would have got somebody to collaborate with me in order to find the problem. So if somebody knows more about crashes caused with an advanced database and wants to help, let me know. If so, I will put my crashing database online.
  13. Wow. Thanks dim13 for sharing your file. Looks interesting and I might give it a shot. Right now, I'm more interested in how you set up the cup. Looks very similar to what I have done (in terms of setting the parameters etc.) so you might be right that the crash dumnps are caused by scheduling conflicts. I will try to alter the dates in my database and see what happens.
  14. Thanks for the reply dim13, but as you can read, I already did what you suggest. Can I find your file with your cup somewhere?
  15. Hi, Here's the deal: I want to make a custom national cup with all the teams from my country involved. There are 2480 teams. First I've set up all the (qualifiying) rounds. I noticed you can't enter more than 500 teams in the cup and more than 1000 teams in one round (which is a weird thing offcourse, shouldn't it be the other way around?). But no problem here, as I did in FM13, I've opened the .xml-file and changed the numbers manually. With opening the editor and looking at my database, everything seems fine. All the numbers are correct, so time to play..... not. Everytime I want to verify a league or play the game, I get a crash dump from the editor and/or the game itself. So that makes me wonder: can you make a custom cup with over 1000 teams, adding the numbers manually, or does this always result in crashdumps?