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  1. Especially considering it's GBP. Convert to PLN and you would be earning in the top 5% ( I suppose) in population terms in Poland. Wonderful progress with Unia - hope it continues into eventual European qualification and progress there.
  2. Gratulacje! I am interested to see how your further adventures will go.
  3. It might be the result of the takeover. Something like... "No investment has been provided and a loan of X has been taken out to handle existing debts", even if the existing debts might be minimal.
  4. Thanks to your updates, I have just noticed that Colwyn Bay FC have moved 'back' to Wales after being in the English leagues. Keep up the good work with Bangor. It seems like an interesting project, and the youth intake should be worth observing, at least for the nationalities.
  5. It's a long way to drive from Wa in Ghana, to Szolnok in Hungary!
  6. I managed IFK Norrkoping on a FM19 journey youth-only save - where I would not sign players and would move to higher clubs when they came calling. I had joined them in about 2025 and the had been champions the previous season and fired their manager when they dropped down to 11th. After finishing out that season in about 5th, I then won the league for a few seasons in a row. I found Norrkoping enjoyable - there was pressure to win though and if that's replicated for you in FM20, then you might have an early challenge to meet expectations. In the medium to longer term, the Allsvenskan doesn't have much consistency - I think I had three different teams finish second behind me in four seasons - so if you can build consistency, you should be well set.
  7. Keep the faith - this is a great story in terms of the detail level and progress you have made. A setback is disappointing but it looks like it gives you a chance to reinvigorate, both the squad and your interest.
  8. It probably explains the green kit. Congratulations on the first promotion and carry on the good start! I found a bit more on Unia Wapno here and here - in Polish though, so Google Translate may be your friend.
  9. I am enjoying this Benelux adventure, and the part in Luxembourg in particular. I have also tried managing in Luxembourg and the inconsistency was the biggest challenge. Player movement between clubs also seemed very fluid (probably as most players seem to be non-contract based), so if you got any decent players, they would likely get snapped up or move on quite easily. Keep up the efforts and here's hoping for success to close out the season!
  10. The same applies with Bari - playing in Serie D now, with a 58,720 capacity stadium, the Stadio San Nicola.
  11. Enjoy the Balkans! I did a similar youth only effort in Serbia, taking OFK Beograd from the third tier to dominating nationally on the basis of the quality of facilities and youth steup early on. I always seemed to hit a plateau in Europe though, essentially falling at around the First Knockout round of the Champions League.
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