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  1. Wow! Amazing work! Well done - now the challenge is how to maintain the step-up, in both the Champions League and title defence.
  2. When your team gets to the top of this list, an extra piece of information is added to the bottom of the note, which lists out the 17 players (in the case of Goteborg and Djurgardens here) and then these can be clickable and you can see information about value, club at which they were 'raised' and so on,
  3. Would you consider taking one of the Liechtenstein teams in the lower league Swiss setup? I think it's probably too tough in terms of youth-only, but maybe your balance of youth intakes, local and then some others might work.
  4. I've managed some clubs from Amateur to Semi-Pro to Pro, and no existing players change contract unless you choose to offer them after the club status change. Thus, I had amateur players that I held onto for sentimentality reasons just after we turned Pro. The difference comes when you have youth players come through and they will be offered contract terms, rather than Amateur.
  5. There is a a large Portuguese community in Luxembourg - roughly one sixth of the population in Lux has Portuguese heritage - and with the strong football & sporting culture, the Portuguese guys show up fairly prominently in football. This is why you'll see clubs in Luxembourg named RM Hamm Benfica, Sporting SC Steinfort and ASL Porto. If your French club is in the north east near Luxembourg there, there is a chance of 'spill-over' of the Portuguese community and the owner and players looking to the football club for community. Thus, I would say it makes total sense for you to
  6. You could play the story that Nath O'Kav's father is FInnish, and that gives him the Finnish second nationality. This could tie in with a narrative around why Jimb O'Kav took a job in Finland, rather than Denmark or Sweden - in order to be closer to her partners roots.
  7. Interesting... I have had the first board takeover on FM21 which resulted in the new board submitting bids for players - and somehow I managed to cancel the bids for the two players which the new chairman made! One was a bid which I was able to choose Cancel Transfer on, while another was an end of contract bid which I was able to withdraw. It seemed like on FM20 and earlier it was never possible to cancel such bids after a new chairman takeover, which was frustrating on a youth only save.
  8. I had the same challenge recently when managing in the 7th tier in Scotland with Heriott-Watt University. I wasn't getting the support from the chairman, every request was being rejected and the club stayed as Amateur, even as we were progressing. Finally, I realized that the club is coded as Always Amateur and I figured that made a difference as to what would be accepted by the chairman. However, I also understood that I needed to balance what my reputation could achieve. After I got two promotions to the 5th tier, I was able to start applying for jobs that I could be considered for. I applie
  9. Another mentoring comment - I understand that the best mentoring results come from a group of 3-4 players maximum. I was worried when I saw an earlier post and you had about 20 players that seemed to be all in one mentoring group but then you narrowed it down to a group of about 6 so perhaps you are tinkering with it to see what happens. Conceptually, I think it just means that the players who do have significant influence don't have to deal with so many other players so can have a more direct impact as a result. There's also the perspective that when players reach the ages of 23-24 that mento
  10. I understand that this is specific to hiring someone in from outside the club - rather than renewing a contract or changing the role of someone within the club already. I think coming to the later topic of Brexit, this also leads to non-UK staff needing work permits to work in the UK, which was not in the game pre-FM21 also.
  11. Looking forward to more updates from Poland! Powodzenia!
  12. The chairman even refers to himself in the third person (with him being the one giving you this message) - as if he wants to blame someone else for the decision!
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