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  1. I might have a podcast or music playing in the background and find that between that and playing FM, I am 'splitting' my attention enough. I've not found myself watching Youtube videos as a result as if I do actually watch a video I want to focus on it and not be switching between Youtube/FM/something else in case of missing something. I have watched a few on FM topics, so see something very specific (on mentoring for example), but that's usually when I have not been doing anything else. I am just as happy to read a detailed report of how someone is doing/playing - as opposed to watching
  2. I like your story for the style/layout/mix of stupid GIFs and I'd probably keep reading regardless of what you were doing
  3. Italy seems like a great option. Obviously you will lose the connection with Shankland and Mallan - you'd have to see this as the progression to a whole new level in the save in that sense, and think what would a club job look like after Italy.
  4. It's been a long time since I managed in Italy, so not sure I can give a specific comment there. I feel like the club went through a lot of changes, between manager, players, tactics so I'd suggest to try and stick it out - assuming the board gives you that much time of course... I would consider slotting in a few friendlies with low level sides and see if that helps in building both morale, and some positive form. The international window between the Atalanta and Lecce games could allow you to lay at least two games, even if it means using the reserves based on players being away on inte
  5. Interesting career path so far. Fantastic job with Espanyol and it looks like Brazil are enjoying their time with you too. From managing Brazil in previous FMs though, I remember that they fire managers very easily.
  6. Sorry for your losses and it's good to hear that at least FM allows you some release. I am glad to see this continue. Carry on in the style that works for you!
  7. Another interesting challenge, with lots of fascinating detail! I look forward to seeing how this goes.
  8. Speaking of infrastructure, it looks like Bolton have a new stadium incoming so something to look forward to. I will predict the future again and say it will be the Nat Lofthouse Stadium. Looks like you have very solid foundations to work from - I doubt it'll be long til you are moving up the leagues.
  9. I had a feeling it could be someone like Sunderland or Bolton! Good luck - they have fairly good infrastructure, as long as the debts are (hopefully) cleared by the time you are there.
  10. I saw @metallimuse had something similar happen in his Motherwell save when a 'Glasgow Community Stadium' was built. I believe the game sometimes puts in stadiums as a kind of 'placeholder' when certain countries might not have enough large all seater stadiums to actually host, but would still be considered. The few times I have seen this happen was when Scotland and Wales co-hosted a future European Championships, so perhaps you can check the history of that tournament and connect it to them the Bridgend Community Arena was built?
  11. What kind of project do you have in mind? Sounds like you want to bring a medium sized 'fallen' club back up to the top. Would a club like Sunderland or Bolton fit that, if they are still down the league levels?
  12. Off to a good start! I enjoyed an FM save with Czikszereda a few years ago, taking them up from the third tier with a strong group of youth players.
  13. Agreed - the longer I play FM, the more I realize that there are elements to just be 'ignored' so to speak. The Golden Generation tag is one that a lot of people now get frustrated with and I can see SI perhaps adjusting, in wording at least. The strategy of signing all youth candidates is one I have been increasingly following too, after yours and @_Ben_'s examples and finding that there's plenty of value in the 16 (or so) players brought through, even if not all will be world-beaters. If you try and approach youth development with data and analytics in mind, it makes lots of sense to ge
  14. I see it as being a realistic challenge as the logical next step on this managerial run - you will have enough prestige with Celtic to attract 90% of British and Irish talent (but not the 10% who will be in the English Premier League) and it'll give you a few more years of effort in Scotland before you might think of moving further.
  15. I hope you are not losing interest in the save - it looks like a rollercoaster ride. I have found those are the most satisfying in the end when you have been through it all. Keep it going!
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