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  1. Okay. The last Southland division has been added, and the initial post has been updated. The editor file is attached to the first post in this thread. I haven't had a chance to look deeply into the 19.3 database updates yet.
  2. I'm just testing the final Southland division. Then I will upload the file containing the completed Southland region, and then take a look at how much work it will be to update to the latest database.
  3. This weekend, I will hopefully add the final Southland league and then see if I can get this file running on the latest patch. I'll let everybody know how big of a job that will be once I've looked into it.
  4. Sorry. I missed your previous post. At this stage, I'm trying to get the structure as complete and as real to life as possible. So, no promotions initially. If I ever finish then promotion and relegation may be something that I look at in a secondary file. Of course, there's nothing to stop you editing my file to add promotion and relegation yourself. It should be relatively easy to add a three up three down system, or a relegation playoff using three teams from the second tier and the lowest team in the top division. Beyond that, you'll start needing to used the advanced editor functionality, which significantly adds to the complexity.
  5. I definitely hope to take a look sometime soon. It hopefully won't be that hard to get it going since I added most of the teams and leagues from scratch so they should not be affected by the database changes. In the meantime, if it's anything like FM18, you should be able to select the original version of the FM database when starting a new game, which should continue to be compatible with the existing NZ file.
  6. Thanks for the information. The original pyramids were my trying to piece together the entire NZ structure, so there's definitely potential for errors. I'll probably address Otago in the reasonably near future, so I'll double check the structure before I begin.
  7. Due to only two hours sleep, today was a bit of a write off. However, I did get the Presidents Cup added. So one division is added and one is still outstanding. Here's the latest version: NZ Championship v334.fmf
  8. @CX1329 You're up next mate. I'll be adding the local Wellington leagues next. Honestly, I should have done that from the start, since you are the guys who will be using this editor file.
  9. Basic use of the editor isn't that hard. It's more a case of putting the time aside to do it... I won't touch FM 19 from a playing point of view until I've got the NZ leagues completed to the stage where I can properly add the Chatham Cup,
  10. Here's an updated version of the Donald Gray Championship. The changes are: The Donald Gray championship playoff has been implemented. It's currently 2 legs for the knockout rounds (I'm not sure if that's correct or not but it seems the fairest way to do it). Southland weather has been added (plus the Wellington weather patch has finally been merged) Rivalries have been added (I'd hate to manage Old Boys because everybody hates them!) Other minor fixes. NZ Championship v333.fmf Tomorrow, I plan to add the other two divisions. I'll also fit Wyndham Town FC in somewhere (either as an extra team, or in place of a reserve team)
  11. Also, to save you telling me this, I can see that I need to adjust the colour scheme a bit, as it is pretty hard to read: Also, it looks like Surrey Park has been upgraded!
  12. You'll have your work cut out catching Gore! I holidayed through to 2027, and they won every season. Also, are there any club rivalries that you want me to implement? It will add a bit of atmosphere for you.
  13. Here's a very early version of the Donald Gray in case you want to take a look. There's no championship playoff yet, and the Southland weather hasn't been implemented. The teams, stadiums and kits have been added though. NZ Championship v328.fmf
  14. Also, is the artificial grass field at Islington St just a training pitch, or is it also used for matches?
  15. Also, @timmarkcorcoran can you find a picture of Queens Park's away kit? I'm struggling to find a picture, so I've made it their original black and white hoops for the time being. Here's how it currently looks (I'm open to suggestions because there are several variations on the home kit on the website): Home: Away:
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