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  1. On a good week I'll manage a couple of games. I play full matches, so I usually only get through a couple of seasons in a calendar year.
  2. The most unrealistic part of this whole episode is that it seems that the OP managed to sell Mark Noble without causing a major riot. This whole thing reminds me of when we almost went into administration a few years back when our Icelandic billionaire owner went bankrupt.
  3. Actually, when I switched over to FM2018, I was still on my original save.
  4. My first football management game (except I played it on the C64). Ahh, the joys of getting home from school, loading a game, then watching TV for half an hour while the game loaded!
  5. I remember a near unbeaten season, where I woke up one morning, hungover beyond belief, to find out that I'd lost 4-1 to the bottom-placed team with no recollection of the match ever taking place.
  6. I haven't played the updated version yet, but that's what I'm hoping for. In the beta (with my system at least) , even a pacy defensive line on the deepest setting was conceding several one on ones a match. If, in the current implementation, teams that play a very high line and press aggressively are getting hit more with balls over the top, but teams that play a low block are not, then I'll be a very happy chap. It's these sort of real world pro and con balancing acts that make coming up with the best tactics for a team, and for an individual match, such a challenge and such a joy when done right.
  7. Thanks. I'll take a look at your files when I have a chance. In the meantime, I've uploaded v599 of the editor file. This has the updated NRFL Premier, and Division One teams.
  8. @ratio1618 What problems did you experience specifically? Last year, the NZ league winner and runner up were added to following season's OFC CL. (That was the limit of my testing.)
  9. @Parkera I'm presently testing a file that's updated the NRFL premier and first divisions. The second division currently has 15 teams, as it's a non-trivial matter to move the extra teams to their correct divisions — it cascades, as each league's relegated teams also have to be moved, so I'll have to draw the line somewhere.
  10. Correct. The teams and leagues are currently just last year's file ported to FM20 with a few playability improvements. I won't have time to update all but the highest divisions this season due to time constraints. (the NRFL divisions will be updated at some point in time thought as they're high enough up the pyramid). Regards the OFC qualifications, it worked last year, but I haven't specifically tested it this season.
  11. @benw71 Have fun. Clevedon was the team that I used last year, and it was a very fun save. In reality, the majority of the under 19 team's players would come from the NZ regional teams, so I'd be interested to see which teams your under 19 squad is made up from, and how this is reflected in FM.
  12. In the long run, those are often the most enjoyable and memorable games.
  13. Full-time work, part-time study, football, football training, training for a 2000km motorcycle ride, and working on FM editor files, plus occasionally trying to fit in time for a sleep.
  14. Hey @Dan BHTFC: I've recently released my FM20 version of the NZ league system down to level 11 (your level 24 editor file a couple of years back inspired me to try to do the same sort of thing for the NZ system). Anyway, one thing that I've noticed as being different this year, is that, by default ALL clubs in the system sign youth players on paid youth contracts. To stop this for amateur teams, I had to select all of the amateur teams, and manually apply set the contract type to amateur for all of the allowable squad statuses. This may be an extra step that you'll need to do. Keep up the good work by the way. I'm looking forward to using your editor file again this year when it is released.
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