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  1. Hi guys. I'm just testing the latest version down to the sixth tier in the northern region. If all goes well, I will upload that version tonight. This version will need a lot of tweaking before it is final, so I will probably upload a cleaner version some time tomorrow when I've had time to clean things up a bit — I just wanted to give those that are interested a quick sneak preview. The version that I am currently testing contains the following: All required teams down to the sixth tier in the northern region (barring a few Auckland and far north ones, as I still have one division to add). Region-specific weather for the far north, Auckland, north and south Waikato, Bay of Plenty and the central north island (previously all of NZ was using Canberra/Snowy Mountains) — Note: I might release a Wellington weather fix later, so that those playing in the Australian leagues can properly experience playing Wellington Phoenix away on a cold windy Wellington night. Loads of new towns have been added (this is useful for region specific weather, travel times, and regen place of birth information). Still to do/known issues: I haven't added stadiums (or should that be fields) for the new teams. The team reputations will require significant tweaking. I will do this in the future once I've added all tiers, so that I can balance things properly. I still need to set the prize money for the lower tiers. (I'm not sure what the default values will be like). EDIT: Testing worked reasonably well. An updated version is now attached to the first post.
  2. Stupid question number 2, but where/how do I select it to change it? That's the bit that I can't seem to figure out. It should be so simple, so I must be overlooking something.
  3. I seem to have forgotten how to do something really simple. In the nation rules in the basic editor, if I click on Divisions > [Sub Division Name] > Sub Divisions, I get the list of sub divisions displayed in a table on the right hand pane. However, if I click the Add button to add another competition to the sub division, the Belgian Pro A league always gets added, and I can see no way to modify this to the competition of my choosing.
  4. Just a quick update. All northern pyramid leagues have been added. Next I will add all required northern teams, so that I can get this region somewhat playable. There is no ETA for that at this stage, but hopefully I will have something to share by the end of next weekend.
  5. Thanks. That sounds similar to the system that I have in mind, so it's good that the actual rules also reflect that.
  6. When this is all done, I will probably create a fictional promotion playoff to the HANDA Premiership as a separate file. Regarding the other Oceania nations... there's a possibility, but I need to get the NZ project done first.
  7. Here's how it all looks when put together. I think this is going to keep me busy!
  8. Thanks once again for your information. How is how I understand the southern league pyramid based on your information and my own research. Please let me know if anything is incorrect. (You didn't specifically mention South Canterbury last time.) One question. Is there a direct promotion from the feeder leagues into the FootballSouth Premier? The final system that I create will definitely have promotion and relegation in some form for play-ability reasons. However, if promotion and relegation already exists I will try to be as real to life as possible.
  9. Awesome. Have fun and let me know how you get on. In particular, please let me know how the finances are looking if you get a couple of seasons into the game. The finances will be one of the hardest things to get the balance right on, so any feedback in this area will definitely be appreciated.
  10. DementedHammer

    Editor Knowledge Base

    Hi guys, I've just started looking at the advanced editor, and it's struck me that there seems to be a serious lack of documentation regarding all of the options in the editor and how to achieve specific tasks. Firstly, does such a repository of knowledge exist? Secondly, I'm a technical writer by trade, so if the answer to the first question is "no" then I'll be happy to create one for people to refer to. However, as I'm a reasonably novice user, I'll be reliant on either trial and error or a subject matter expert's assistance. The objective would be to create two main sections: a reference section explaining what all the options in the editor do, and a how to section explaining how to perform common tasks. Also, maybe a troubleshooting section to help resolve common issues.
  11. Hi there. Do you know if these initial instructions still valid for FM2019? I need to create a similar competition structure to the one that the original poster was attempting to create.
  12. Thanks for information. It will be a great help. It's a small world too - my father played for Queens Park in the 1970s.
  13. I've now turned my attention to researching the Mainland Premier feeder leagues and I'm definitely keen for any assistance that you can give me in this area. My understanding is that the Mainland Premier is made up of teams from the local Nelson Bays and Canterbury leagues. But I'm wondering how the other regions fit in. Presumably, teams from the western regions (Hokitika, Greymouth, Westport etc.) somehow feed into this as well. Edit: I think I've answered my own question about the western regions (via http://westcoastfootball.org.nz/about-west-coast-football/): "WCSF is no longer associated with NZF and is run by a group of West Coasters that have a passion for football and just want to play the beautiful game. Our aim is to build the game on the coast to a new level, make the game sustainable and available for all to play."
  14. Attached are images of the Northern and Central region pyramids, as I understand them. I'm fairly confident that I've got the Northern region spot on, but if anybody knows the Central pyramid well, please feel free to cast your eye over it and let me know if anything is amiss. It has been difficult to find the exact structure in terms of which child league feeds into which parent. There is definitely a chance that I've got something wrong. In particular, does Hawkes Bay have a premier/first division? (The local league structure seems to begin at division two.) If accurate, these images are a pretty good representation of my final vision. Although, I may not go down to the lowest levels listed here, since the number of reserve teams that I will have to create will probably prove unmanageable. (There's one Auckland league that is basically made up of five or six teams from the same parent club!)