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  1. Club and stadium name changes are pretty straightforward. You first need to search for the item that you want to edit. By default the search is empty (with no filters set) and you have to add the categories that you want to filter your results by (nation, name etc.) Once you have found the items you want to edit, the editing itself is pretty easy. Send me a PM if you get stuck and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.
  2. The player being onside is okay (the rest not so much) : "There is no offside offence if a player receives the ball directly from a goal kick, a corner kick, a throw-in, or a dropped-ball. It is also not an offence if the ball was last deliberately played by an opponent (except for a deliberate save)."
  3. Short answer yes (in my opinion). But whether they play to their strengths does depend on other factors such as their decisions, flare and teamwork for example, plus any player preferred moves, as well as their tactical instructions.
  4. Time is short these days, so if you have any specific leagues that you want added, let me know and I will focus on those specifically. I guess the next region, if I get time and no specific requests, will be the Otago region, as @bowieinspace has indicated that they play down there.
  5. Good news. v408 has been released. This contains the following new playable divisions: Capital Premier Division Capital First Division Capital Second Division Capital Third Division Capital Fourth Division The following fictional regional cups have also been added: Capital Cup (premier and division one teams) Capital Plate (teams from divisions two to four) I've also tweaked the prize money settings a bit, as some of the upper divisions were a bit overpowered due to a couple of the competitions being paid out in pounds, rather than New Zealand dollars for some reason.
  6. Years and years ago (in one of the first FMs with a 2D match engine - I'd guess FM 03/04), I was managing a team in the Conference or the Conference South. A few years into the game, I bought a 17 year old from a team a couple of (non-playable) divisions below me. He had amazing physical attributes (between 16 and 19 for all of them), but his mental and technical skills were nothing special. When given the opportunity, my new player tore things up. As, I was hoping with his physical attributes, he'd frequently make great late runs into the box, unmarked to get on the end of crosses. He basically out ran, out jumped and outlasted everyone. Due to his performances, my cheap gamble for the future ended up being the first name on the team sheet and I modified things a bit to build around his late surging runs (a huge farrow from CM into the box for those who remember tactics in those days) . What I didn't expect, was that, when given the game time, my new player's technical and mental skills absolutely rocketed up, with attribute increases of 2-4 points very quickly across the board. As a lower league manager, I've never seen a progression like that ever again in FM. In a matter of months, my player went from being a one-dimensional impact player who, on paper, wasn't yet good enough for my team, to totally pulling the strings in midfield and being probably the best player in the division by some margin. Within a season, several big clubs were buzzing around trying to sign my new charge. I managed to negotiate the transfer fee to up over a million pounds, finally selling the player to Blackburn. The player went on to play for several top clubs, and became a mainstay in the England team. I remember checking out his PA shortly after selling him, and he had a PA of 182 if I remember rightly.
  7. Most regional divisions have one or more cup competitions. I've tried to model them on the real competitions where information is available, but there's a few made up filler cup competitions too.
  8. Make sure you draw on a big bushy beard if you don't already have one, as you're unlikely to be clean-shaven when they come looking for you.
  9. In terms of tactics, start super simple and only make minor, incremental changes over time once you have seen how the defaults play out. I think that the biggest mistakes new players make is changing too many things at once as this makes it really difficult to determine what affects what if things don't go as planned.
  10. Enable fog of war Make all players fake When creating your persona, set your player and youth knowledge to 1 Join a team in a lower division Only sign staff through job advertisements. Only sign players recommended to you by your staff
  11. I currently have a squad of 16. Although, I'm managing an amateur team with no reserves or youth team in a league that only has 18 games a season, plus 1 cup. If I was managing a pro team, I'd have at least 24 to 25 players.
  12. Thanks for your help. Here's how I normally get the GPS coordinates for the grounds: In Google Maps, zoom in on the field, then the GPS coordinates are displayed in the URL. That is the information I need.
  13. It sounds fantastic to me. Absolutely fantastic. The idea of being able to open up a Chrome browser at work and spending half an hour going through my shortlists or training schedules would be a very welcome addition to my FM experience. Personally, (because I want the option to play FM anywhere, even though I don't really have the time anymore) I currently play FM on five devices. Three of those devices were actually purchased pretty much solely for use with FM, so Google Stadia would definitely allow me to scale back on my hardware. Also, even my best spec PC, although it has a pretty grunty processor, it only has the inbuilt graphics card. So, the in-game graphics experience via Google Stadia would probably be a big improvement, especially with gigabit fiber at home. For those questioning the viability of add-ons: I'm making an assumption here, but if we create a game on our local PCs using editor files, then save the game file to the cloud, in theory, we'll be able to continue our games via Google Stadia.
  14. @CX1329 Hi there. That was my next region to add, but time is short. Tell you what I can do: If you can send me the information about which teams are in which divisions, plus each team's home ground and GPS coordinates (plus training ground if they have one), then I will do my best to add them for you when I next get a spare weekend.
  15. I totally understand where you are coming from. (Although, I'd argue that the example above is more down to professionalism and looking after one's self than natural longevity.) Personally, I'd prefer the longevity side of things to be handled more like how the other hidden attributes are handled, where they're touched on in coach reports etc. without ever being explicitly defined. At the moment, especially with younger players, it feels like the existing system is a bit too well defined. I guess this also touches on another feature request that I made requesting the fog of war to also apply when joining a new team. Although I'd personally prefer a hidden attribute, another option might be to show longevity as a range that becomes more well defined as a player ages.
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