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  1. I'll definitely keep adding them in between adding the other regions. I'm back from vacation now. So I'll definitely make some form of update this weekend.
  2. Good question. Honestly, I don't know. I've set the high school and university teams to always be amateur. But, in theory, the other teams could progress to being professional if they have sustained success. I assume that it will partially come down to finances, plus success on the field. Although, I don't know if the low reputation regional cups and championships will increase a team's reputation enough to make them decide to change to professional status.
  3. Two Waikato leagues added and uploaded (v314). One Waikato league to go, and then the northern region will be completed.
  4. Bay of Plenty Division One now added (version 310). If anybody is wondering why progress has dropped off, I've a had a lot of issues with corrupt data. Even though I was using a version control system, it was very hard to determine how far back in the past the corrupt data was introduced. Luckily, a new version of the editor has been released and some of my issues seem to have been addressed. I'll have to keep an eye on things though. I'll try to add the Waikato leagues tomorrow, which will complete the northern league structure. I may also add a basic placeholder FA cup system, so that those playing the northern region have another cup competition to aim for. After that, I'll start adding Federation Six (the upper South Island). I'll also be working on my data import tool. When It is confirmed as working I will reach out to those that are interested in helping me to add data.
  5. DementedHammer

    Average Gamer Age

    I'm 39, and I've been playing CM/FM since I stumbled across a copy of CM4 at a secondhand game shop in Malaysia. I've pretty much only ever played football management games, starting with Football Director, Multi Player Soccer Manager and The Double back in the mid eighties.
  6. DementedHammer

    Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    Awesome. Glad that I could help indirectly. (You've helped me a lot so it's nice to be able to return the favour in some way.)
  7. DementedHammer

    Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    It allows. NET programs to be compiled and run on other systems such as Mac and Linux.
  8. DementedHammer

    Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    At this stage it is Windows only, but I could potentially use Mono to convert it.
  9. DementedHammer

    Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    Cool. Thanks for the information. Since I posted I've written a unique ID generator, and it seems to be working well. (I imported 100 random new cities as a test and everything worked correctly.)
  10. A minor update. I've just run a proof of concept on my import tool idea and it is working for city imports. So once I start to focus on the tool, it should lead to much quicker progress in the future.
  11. DementedHammer

    Excel and the FM Editor - FM Editing

    Hi all, Sorry for the thread dredge, but does anybody know what the rules are around the <large id="db_unique_id" and <integer id="db_random_id" attributes? I'm working on a tool to bulk import records, so I will need to generate these values on the fly. Obviously, the values need to be unique within the file, but there seem to be some other rules (incrementing an existing value by 1 didn't work).
  12. Regarding my progress. I hit an issue with a corrupt file, and I had to revert to the last published version, losing almost a week of changes. That's not a completely bad thing though, as it has made me re-evaluate and change my approach, and will make things much faster in the long run — I'm now working on a tool that will allow me to import data without having to use the FM editor for the majority of the changes. Once completed, it will be able to bulk import teams, cities, weather etc, which will significantly speed up the process of adding data. I'll be happy to share this tool when it is done (assuming that SI are okay with it). I'm pretty close to fully completing the northern region so I will do that first. Then, I will spend some time working on a faster and more reliable method of importing the data.
  13. Sorry. I missed your reply originally. Thanks. This is useful information.
  14. DementedHammer

    Extra Leagues for a Hexagon Challenge

    Hi there. There's been a lot of progress in my NZ editor file over the past few days, so you might want to take a second look and see whether it fits your intended purpose. If there's anything specific that you want added, please feel free to request it.