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  1. I'd like there to be occasional random future rule and competition changes, so that long-term saves don't feel as static.
  2. If you can't get a refund, at least give FM Touch a go, which came free with your Steam purchase. It is much more streamlined.
  3. I definitely agree that amateur clubs could be implemented better. It is very tedious having to offer a new contract to a key player 10+ times a season in order to get them to stay each time that an offer comes in.
  4. Good job. The promotions that go right down to the wire are always the most satisfying ones.
  5. I remember Bobby Zamora was once out for a couple of weeks with blisters, so it can happen.
  6. The tactical side is identical (except there is no tactical familiarity penalty, so players instantly learn new tactics in FM Touch). But, both scouting, and (in particular) training are significantly simplified in Touch compared with the full version. (At least in FM Touch 20 - I haven't tried FM Touch 21 yet.)
  7. Personally, I watch full. But I think the majority would use and recommend comprehensive. Some people use a combination of both, and start out watching full matches and then switch to comprehensive once they get a feeling for how the match is progressing. Ultimately, different people prefer different levels of highlights. But, if you really want to analyse your tactics, the more of the match that you watch the better.
  8. One thing I would recommend with tactics is to keep it simple, especially in the beginning. If you throw too many instructions together at once and things don't work out then it is very hard to figure out what to change. When starting a new version of FM, on my very first game I start with a totally empty tactic (no team or player instructions at all) to see how the match engine naturally plays out. Then, I'll start making minor incremental changes until my team is playing the way that I desire. Also, in the beginning, I'd recommend at least watching part of your match in full. You
  9. What a legend! This replaces the beta release prediction thread as my favourite thread of the year.
  10. Full matches normal speed for me. It's the only way I can play the game because I feel I'm missing out on too many details otherwise. I barely have the time for it though. I probably managed around 30 matches in total in FM20.
  11. I assume that these were saves started with the beta version. I've heard (somewhere - can't remember where) that it's been fixed in the full version, but I'm guessing you'd need to start a new save.
  12. That was a good read. One thing that I disagree with - playing at the lowest possible level is never a grind for me. Getting a team, with barely a double figure attribute amongst the whole starting eleven, to play something that resembles decent football is the best part of the experience for me. I used to love reading the LLaMa blogs where players went from one sacking to the next before eventually finding some limited success, only to end up sacked again after a bad run of results. Those kind of blogs were a cracking read.
  13. You've just reminded me that I once hired an assistant manager where the defining factor was that his online profile listed his favourite band as Primordial, which is a band that I also like.
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