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  1. The save games are compressed right? So you'd have to figure out what compression algorithm they used and then decompress it before you'd be able to make any sense of it. Even then, I'd wager that you'd have to do a lot of playing around with a hex editor or similar with a lot of trial and error to make any sense of it. The safest and easiest option would be to use the editor provided by SI. There's a pre-game editor and an in-game editor that you can use to adjust all sorts of things in the game world.
  2. I've just pre-ordered. Even with my limited playing time, it works out around NZ$0.20 per hour of play time. In any case it ends up paying for itself the first time I stay home and play it rather than going for a night out at a restaurant and a round of drinks. Above and beyond that, I've really enjoyed the changes in FM20. Every year the game feels just that bit more polished to me.
  3. I selected mistakes and fatigue. I'm one of those players that plays as low down the pyramid as possible. I would definitely like it to be technically harder and more draining to play high intensity tactics at that level.
  4. It looks like the goalkeeper was programmed to roll the ball out to the defender. However, the defender was no longer there!
  5. I'm playing a save in the ninth tier, and I have experienced slightly the opposite problem of players being too good. To be fair, pretty much my whole squad of 'pregens' is at the right level. However, I also have two outstanding players, one of which would probably not look too out of place in League One. Is it possible to paste a couple of screenshots of the players that were generated, so we can see what sort of level you were talking about? Here's the guys I was referring to earlier. They're definitely a bit too good for the Essex County league. *In my case, the difference is probably explained by my team's reputation in the custom database, rather than anything obviously wrong with the pregen system.
  6. I've run FM19 on my Intel Atom tablet with 4GB of RAM with a save that had several leagues loaded. it even managed 3D, although I only use 3D for the replays as I prefer 2D. Although I definitely wouldn't recommend it,the performance did exceed my (initially low) expectations. The biggest problem that I encountered was actually the battery usage. Boy did it chew through my battery. I still use that tablet for FM20, but these days I do so via Steam streaming from my main desktop PC.
  7. I saw a screenshot somewhere on here the other day of Tony Pulis at Barcelona.
  8. I still play FM2006. It goes like a rocket, even on an Intel Atom tablet, so you won't have any problems with performance. You'll probably have to jump through hoops to get it running on Windows 10 though. (Windows 7 is much easier.)
  9. It depends a lot on your finances. For a team like Oxford City, it might not be financially viable to do so. In any case, you'd still want your bench to be capable of playing multiple positions, so that you can have all bases covered if you need to make a change. Sorry for the brief reply. I'm also on a work break.
  10. I highly recommend the above guide. I thought I'd already replied to this post and linked to it a couple of hours ago, but I can't find my post anywhere. (I must be getting old!)
  11. I do have to laugh, since I played FM2006 for more than 10 years before finally going to FM18. Other than FM2006, FM20 is my favourite version. It's amazing how opinions can vary so wildly from person to person. Good luck to SI in trying to please us all.
  12. Hi @Stephen Glennon I do have a saved game, but the message no longer displays in the inbox. (The message was from the 13th but the inbox now only shows messages from the 20th). If you have a way in-house of seeing (or regenerating) the older messages, I'm happy to upload the save for you.
  13. I actually enjoyed the shockingly poor long shots in FM18 - I was playing a level 26 save at the time and it added a bit of realism to my save!
  14. @Brother Ben In the editor, look at the reputation and the training /youth system scores at each specific club. Those are the things that I've found make the greatest difference to the quality of the players produced (assuming FM is creating regens for you to populate the teams without players). I've found that good youth and training facilities lead to good quality players in the squad (relatively speaking within the nations pool of players of course). So, if you get to a lower division where all the teams have very low reputations, and all the facilities have a score of 1 out of 20, this is probably as low as you'd want to go. There's other factors too, but that's how I try to scale it.
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