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  1. acidmonkey

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Tempted to write about my Vegas save are completely edited db's allowed in here?
  2. acidmonkey

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    first time back in here in a while and....
  3. is it possible that i can change the participation in the cup depending on level the club is at? eg Team 1 is in Tier 10 and their senior team is in the cup Once Team 1 is in Tier 5 their Under 21's take their place in the cup rather than first team?
  4. acidmonkey

    All-Star competition

    yea i gave up with it too, we just get regens/grey players maybe next year
  5. acidmonkey

    All-Star competition

    yea one day and id normally say you poor soul,
  6. acidmonkey

    All-Star competition

    damn was hoping this would work
  7. acidmonkey

    All-Star competition

    @prot651did you get any where? i can get the comp to work and it plays fine but it just wont pick players it just generates new ones
  8. acidmonkey

    Not Generating a Youth Intake

    ok fixed it turns out the Mode was set wrong once i changed it to "Fixed format Rules (Disabled extra Promotion/Relegation)" rather than "Overide all rules in code" - which is what i used for my FM18 file its working fine giving each club a youth intake
  9. acidmonkey

    Not Generating a Youth Intake

    anyone? @KUBI?
  10. I had a working FM18 file which created a USA Pyramid, i re-created this in the FM19 editor with everything i had in FM18, everything works pyramid seniors the U23 & U18 pyramid are all how i expect, however the game never generates a youth intake ever? any ideas for what im missing have uploaded my file for anyone to look and tell me what im missing
  11. rename the editor.exe from FM18 to something else and create a desktop shortcut, you can then use both at the same time its just because both .exe files have the same name and windows will not open two .exe files with the same name
  12. acidmonkey

    Cant find points

    you need to compress the save file again which can be done theres someone on here who has edited the comp_editor.fmf which allows you to recompress editor files (i had this) now it takes seconds to load the game
  13. i think for your issue, its because i "belive" Vitesse's 2nd team are in the 3rd Tier of Dutch football, where the others are in the 2nd tier, like any other league they just need to be promoted
  14. acidmonkey

    France 4th Tier

    Pretty sure you cant manage in it unless you're relegated to it dont ask why
  15. acidmonkey

    [ENGLAND] Sunderland Data Issues

    For added fun we dont get a penny of NDong despite the agreement, its agreed £8m goes to Short from NDong with the difference made up by our owner so if we get £2m for him from another club that goes straight to Short as there was an agreed £8m deal with Watford apparently and if he played a single minute it would have triggered that. so @Gripper i wouldnt worry about it as the club itself wouldnt see a penny from NDong, Dilobodji might end up with the same agreement but he's currently disputing his dissmisal so may even end up back at the club