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  1. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    bet he's got an aversion to using wide men though as he wont like crosses....... im here all week....
  2. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    good I've narrowed it down to 3 different saves im just trying to make the final decision
  3. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    its march and i'm already thinking about my FM18 save please someone tell me im not on my own?
  4. hmm interesting i might try the nickname thing
  5. Brexit Categories

    its a hard brexit but one of the easier ones ive had four FGN before which was erm fun
  6. The Scandinavian Shankly: smashing the status quo

    if no need to strengthen splash it all on one player
  7. silly question and im too lazy to go back through the thread, but what does the brackets mean on each player? (26d) Adam Siguroar (Res) ??
  8. Host qualification

    think theres an issue with the link between the qualifiers and finals as i never get any qualifiers until the finals are actually drawn
  9. Host qualification

    Something is still wrong getting With the following settings for teams for the Stage 0 that will be hidden also attached my file if anyone wants to look and tell me what ive done wrong? 2.5_20714F4A-A31E-4DB1-837C-D3296E5F6D6E.fmf
  10. Host qualification

    I've got turkey in both the possible host nation list and fixed as host in 2020 (and Germany in 2024) but ill try the stages tonight and get back to you if i get it to work if only for other people searching as i struggled to find anything
  11. i "think" its done in advanced editor and "Fate actions"
  12. Host qualification

    Ok i put it in the ask the experts thread but didnt really get anywhere maybe it works better here, maybe im just impatient as this is frustating the hell out of me! My edit so far is re-created European championship qualifying and finals, everything else is set up how i want it Turkey are the hosts of the competition in 2020 as shown here also picks X number of stadiums for group games: however Turkey as the hosts are being dragged into the qualifying no matter what i do ive got this set up and was kinda hoping that would do it but wonder if I'm missing something? this is driving me mad so if anyone could help id be massive grateful!
  13. so yea ive got this set up: but the host is still being included in the qualifying stage anyone got any suggestions?