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  1. yea, might ask for sides i don't get to see as regularly as i like but as i'm a Sunderland fan and feel premier league is took expensive for the crap we play, i've started just going to a NL game most weekends always different teams
  2. when the data went in last year Hardy (typo on my part) was acting chairman too (or he was at the i asked who the acting one was), i know its now Don Cowan, but unfortunately i was on holiday when the files were sent out, will be fixed in the round of files im sent
  3. Ryton are in Ebac Northern League Division two which is Level 10, i dont get any files for that league unfortunately so not something i could change. thanks,.
  4. a bit like this tom?
  5. i created a level 10 file created a defunct club and i'm currently up to 2059/60 season