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  1. weird question, if i make a new stadium how do i make it eligable for a continental cup final? do i just make the capacity over a certain amount? or is there an option im missing?
  2. acidmonkey

    World Cup 2026 and Host Nation FM18

    I'm having a couple of similar issues is the world cup host working? as for me the stadium list is including all the qualifiers national stadium my two plans for qualifiers not sure if it will help (havent decided which im going for) --1-- Define a list of hosts (as its every 4 years should be easy to rotate for a good couple of hundred years every 5 years the continents will get a cup) Create 5 instances of the qualifying under every continent have each one set for every 20 years so: - UEFA Qual 1 (Host) start in 2017 (for 2018 world cup repeat 20yrs later for the 2038 world cup) - UEFA Qual 2 (Non Host) start in 2021 for the 2022WC repeat in 20yrs for the 2042 world cup - UEFA Qual 3 (Non Host) start in 2025 for the 2026WC repeat in 20yrs for the 2046WC - UEFA Qual 4 (Non Host) start in 2029 for the 2030WC repeat in 20yrs for the 2050WC - UEFA Qual 5 (Non Host) start in 2033 for the 2034WC repeat in 20yrs for the 2054WC --2-- figure out dynamic groups so that one group or one round misses a team this is my preferred option but i've never managed to get it to work for the likes of Asia where there's KO rnds in the qualifiers before a group stage id rather get option 2 working but accepted option 1 as my probable work around as you just need to make the Host instance make one non host instance then duplicate with different valid years
  3. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    here you go, i started adding stuff and i think ive just made it worse https://ufile.io/87gso DOH half asleep uploaded the wrong file
  4. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    Anyone any ideas how i fix this? games are fixed to play at the 12 stadiums so not a major thing but frustrating the hell out of me!
  5. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    once the draw is made i end up with this as a list of stadiums: it changes from picture one to picture two
  6. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    that seems like its to add specific stadiums, im trying to use the Stadium 0-12 options so that the stadiums change when the next world cup comes around
  7. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    sure i am however tying something without the seeds to see if that works
  8. acidmonkey

    Real teams for the 2018 World Cup

    you edited a world cup so you need to re-create the qualifiers for all continents
  9. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    cool thanks im trying and struggling to set my qualified teams into seeded pots that put the competitions host nation into pot A, i can make it do one of two things: Host goes into Pot A but Seeds are pretty random but fixed in that Group A & B are the top 7 teams i set as seed zero, C & D are the next 8 seeds and so on (despite it picking one team from each seeding group so it puts Germany, France, Spain & Algeria in group A (the game puts Germany in Seed group 2, France in 3 spain in 4 --OR--- the seeds are the correct way round so top Host is a single seed 1 next 7 are Seed 2 next 8 are seed 3 next 8 are seed 4 but the game wont pick seed 1 first and starts at seed 2 its starting to frustrate me also ive set up all my fixtures to run at "stadium 0, Stadium 1..." etc. but when the nations qualify it adds wembley etc. to the stadiums list, any way i can get the game not to do that? Thanks
  10. acidmonkey

    Hidden stage question?

    as im having issues with seeding of groups can i use a hidden stage as round one of a competition to sort my qualifiers before moving them onto stage 2? no game will be played which is why im concerned about it not working?
  11. acidmonkey

    Host Qualification

    i'm pretty confident using the editor this is the one stumbling block I've had for re-creating new international competitions ok if its do able i now need to figure out how :S
  12. acidmonkey

    Host Qualification

    OK planning a big edit but need a little guidance before i get going regarding world cup and qualifiers I'm going to recreate the world cup as is and create the qualifiers slightly differently my question is if i was to set the World cup hosts to qualify automatically can i set qualifiers to work if every four years a nation is missing? eg. Russia for 2018 is missing from UEFA Quals but is back for 2022 quals with Qatar missing.
  13. he's sold his house and is moving to Florida as one of his kids is at the tennis academy there how many other club owners actually live in the UK id say very few of the foreign ones... i also wouldn't say he was incompetent either he's put to much trust in non footballing people who have screwed the club over (Di Fanti, Congers, Byrne and I'm yet to be convinced about Bain) but the argument about how useless or gullible short is, is best suited to the OTF forum rather than the database it could always be worse as we could be owned by venkys
  14. Sorry to be a pain @Gripperbut our elusive chairman has finally spoken to the media and says we arent actively for sale anymore but would entertain an offer if from credible sauce so what that means for FM18 ive no idea... http://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/ellis-short-interview-everything-the-owner-said-on-sunderland-s-plight-1-8839979
  15. nice one, thanks @Gripper so we'll get relegated to league one with a bit more money