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  1. Well my Vegas save is on hold/possibly dead due to a "Save cannot be loaded issue" ive started again in Level 12 in england with the intention of doing a bit of a journeyman save going to play through a few seasons then see if i want to start a thread was at Sunderland West End, but tonight i take up the offer of Crook Town to be their manager in Tier 11
  2. Pre-season has gone pretty well time to start the season
  3. Ok now that you're all caught up its time to introduce the new signings for this season 2024/25 Transfers Roberts is brought in to be back up LWB Harvey is brought in as my AP Backup Im still desperate to find a back up goalie and a backup Libero
  4. 2020/2021 So after the surprise double promotion we lost a handfull of of first teamers we had to replace big, with alot of players coming but with finances tight it was about blancing the budget, there were no stand out names this year except Josemar a brazilian Right Wing back. It was a fairly rough first month as the step up was evident but close as we only took the one point from the opening three games a draw at home to Tyler. Only five points in august was dissapointing the only upside was a Guzman brace which put us into the next round of the cup. we then started to build up a solid position only losing three in the following two months but too many draws hampered us as we tried to climb the table. But only six wins from thirteen games was shocking again saw our season be stop start as we struggled to climb to mid-table and every time we did we seemed to slip backwards. Only two wins in the final two months mean we finished the season in 12th never really looking to break into the top half but managing to drag ourselves away from the drop zone enough so that it was only a small worry. We also probably progressed the furthest we ever have in the US Open cup this year as we went all the way to the first Qualifying round with Guzman scoring five goals over the three rounds, the Alaska Airlines cup was dissapointing as only the single victory in the three group games saw us finish third and miss out on qualification. 2021/2022 We went after alot more quality this summer with Palacios arriving for £150k as our biggest ever buy a pair of new goalies in Jorge Cantu and Ryan Moberg a new Cb in Nicolas Selotti and a big striker in Ajeej Sarkaria we intended to improve on last years finish and push towards the top half. With three straight wins we actually found ourselves top of the table before a run of four without victory saw us slide back down the table towards the middle of the pack. And this set the tone for the season as we went periods with really good performances and ones with poor spells as five wins and two draws saw us right back up in contention, before a rubbish three game spell saw us plumet again! Those good spells and the up and down of our season meant in the end we finished 6th as the top five were way to strong for us finishing a massive 11 points clear of us and 18 points from top spot, we have alot of improving to do if we are to challenge for promotion! A Win over San Francisco City before defeat to Daytona meant we were out of the cup before we even got going. The Alaska Airlines cup however was a different story! Drawn into a relativly easy group we Edged past NPSL side Sacramento Gold as Sarkaria got us the win, defeat to Weston left our progression in the balance before a crazy group game finished 4-3 with Tyler left us finishing second in the group. The First Knockout round saw us travel to Daytona and this time we edged them to take the victory and progress, another tight game this time in Michigan as we needed penalties to progress to the quarter final. a home tie with Boston went to extra time and saw us into the last four giving us a trip to hawaii to play East Bay on nuteral turf where we edged them and setup a final with Med City FC to be played in Jacksonville at EverBank Field!: 2022/23 Fresh off that Alaska Airlines cup win i strengthend with only a handfull of new signgins knowing if we found soem consistancy we could be there or there abouts this year three new strikers were snapped up and a couple of new centre backs. We also didnt really lose anyone to worry about so kept the bulk of the squad intact. Boy did it work! we hit the ground running and dominant eleven victories and two draws from the opening thirteen games left us far ahead at the top of the table we looked like a side easing towards the championship, we had a bit of a wobble into october though two wins and two defeats but we arrested that picking up 28 points from 39 as we eased towards the title One win in the last five made it look alot closer than it actually was as the lead was cut to 9 points from the 15 it was at one point. We did the best we ever have in the US Open cup too! three qualifying round victories saw us make the first round proper for the first time but we lost to higher league opposition in Buxmont Torch We breezed past the group stage into the knockout round but i made the mistake of resting a couple of players and that meant we got forced to extra time before we went out and as we went up it meant we lost the chance of retaining the trophy. 2023/24 ALL CHANGE! despite being dominant i chopped and changed for mations and with that meant too much dead wood so i had a clear out in the summer with Afari leaving and being our biggest sale at $475k Boer and Contreras also left after only a year at the club as i tried to rebuild based on what i wanted from my system so in came a raft of new players, most important was Mike Gutierrez a $5k buy from Leones Negros as my new Libero, Enck signed on a free to be his understudy but went on to leave in January, a new Goalkeeper in Cameron Atkinson forced Cantu to be understudy, five new cb's came in with Vulovich and Lewis arriving from the NCAA, Lee from Tulsa, Nichols from Nashville and Allison-Russell from Orlando. In January we strengthend with two new wing-backs in Kote from Bastia for $8k and Durkin from Tulsa for $25k The new signings change of system and new set pieces got us off to a flying start winning the first five games including a win over MLS Two side New England in our Presidents Cup Debut. two wins in eight was a huge wobble but the four draws helped massivly to keep us up there with Local Rivals Las Vegas Soccer Club five consecutive wins put us joint top going into a huge derby! but we had a massive off day as we lost 2-0 poor performance meant we slipped behind them but kicked on massivly four wins and a draw in December before two wins a draw and a defeat. before running through to the end of the season consistantly picking up the points to see us win the title, this was a big shock with the new tactics and so many new players.
  5. 2019/20 So after the shock of Promotion last season we set about building for the new season we took advantage of Buena Vista Magic missing out on promotion by signing their three star players Top Scorer Andre Guzman came in as did midfielders Dean Jones and Jonathan Villa, also arriving was midfielder Daniel Spidal and defenders Dada-Luke and Delgado as we massive bolstered our squad thanks to us turning semi pro we were able to attract the best of the NISA and some fringe players from abroad. The season opener was a trip to Brooklyn to play the wanderers where Heinemann picked up where he left off scoring twice Spidal also hit two in a 4-2 win the opening game at the new MGM Stadium was also a win as we defeated Greensboro Utd through another Heinemann goal a draw and defeat brought us back down to earth with a bump. We Responded brilliantly as we then didnt lose until the 19th novemeber pickking up 12 wins and 3 draws in an incredible run that saw us go top and build up a 10 point lead un surprisingly as we did same as last season where we went and lost to second in the table as we were beaten 2-1 by OC Invita. Three wins and adraw kept us top but the chasing pack made up ground before the arse fell out of our season We lost to Seattle before the turn of the year before a shocking january saw us only pick up three points from 15 Febuary was better but a poor march meant it was between us OC Invicta and Beacon hill in the quest to avoid the 2nd v 3rd place play off. a change in system saw us go on to win the next five games and see us promoted to the NASL1 with only a point to spare!
  6. 2018/19 We got off to a blistering start to the debut campaign as we went eight games unbeaten would have been 8 game winning run only to struggle in michigan, but we went to Sacramento and Connecticut claiming victories against the odds. with Jimenez on form we looked to be having a good run w started in the US Open cup quite well too as we beat Lower leage oposition in the first qualifying round but fell to NASL 1 side charlotte in the next round considering i was expecting to finish mid-table it was a solid effort, btu by the middle of september we were solidly top of the pile and looking good for promotion, we welcomed floridans Buena Vista Magic to the strip only for the second place side to spank us meaning they overtook us as this turned out to be a good title race with them we followed up with defea on the road before injury meant Brad Heinemann went up front and scored nine goals in six consecutive games! as we went 5-1-0 through to the end of october. Two poor performances allowd Buena Vista to take a solid league but we boucced back again with six straight wins but again buena vista kept pace in the Alaska Airlines cup we drew with LA Wolves and Mass Utd but the big win over NPSL side Deportivo Miami saw us through. into the new year we went the entire month of january unbeaten before losing again to Med City we almost lost ground on buena vista but for a 93rd minute equaliser to save the day! a bit of a shakey febuary was helped by Buena Vista having a similar shakey month this allowed SC Arizona to make up ground on both of us to turn the run in, into a three horse race! In the Alaska Airlines cup we beat Fort Worth then Charlotte Eagles (Revenge for the US Cup) to go into the quarter final a solid march and the other stuttering saw us ease towards the title building up a four point gap before sealing the title with a victory in Bakersfield
  7. Las Vegas City are the third and perhaps least know club within the City of Las Vegas of Southern Nevada, The Citys main club is that of Las Vegas Lights who are based in Northern Las Vegas near Freemont street and down town, The other side being Las Vegas Soccer Club, who are based in the town of paradise nevada which is actually where the vegas strip is and alongside us play at UNLV's sam boyd stadium whilst we both await construction of our new arenas. The Club is part owned by the MGM Group who after the success of the Vegas Golden Knights are looking to make inroads into the new USA Soccer structure, The international resort group have also part funded the construction of the MGM Stadium a 3,500 capacity ground on land behind the Strip beside the Planet Hollywood hotel. There is no history to speak of as like many clubs they have been founded for the creation of the new structure meaning there's a blank slate for which to create history. starting in the lowest all amatuer tier theres a long way to go before we get to take on some of the more well known faces of the USA. The Under Construction MGM Stadium
  8. im currently a USL Three size. so some way to go still ill try and get this upto date over the weekend but theres six seasons to re-cap
  9. Decided to go with a thread as i want to write about my save but not as often as for a blog. If you want more uptodate stuff i urge you to follow @Acidphire2185 So ive played many a journeyman save always passed through the MLS at some point but whilst loving the idea of managing in the usa the league gets stale quickly with its crazy rules and the lack of competition within the continental cup (if you avoid the mexicans you can fly through the competition) so as a few of you may know i set about a few fm's ago to build myself a new USA pyramid, with promotion and relegation a seperate college system and more importantly a continental cup that involves both north and south american clubs. Well that worked to a degree but found alot of issues in my haste to make it and play it. Well two years later im back in the good ole US of A! ive created: MLS - Current twenty MLS Teams (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have moved to a newly created 16 team Canadian Premier League) - 3 up - 3 Down - MLS2 - at the time all the "likely" expansion teams including Cincinati, Detroit, Sacramento etc. The Rest of the teams (primarily on the db) USL Championship USL League One USL League Two USL League Three All divisions have the following promotion rule: - Top Two Automaticlaly Promoted, Third is also automatically promoted if gap between third and second is more than 10 points if less third to Sixth go into a promotion play-off - Bottom Two Automatically Relegated if gap from Third Bottom to Fourth Bottom is greater than three points they are automatically down else a two team play off occours with the loser relegated Two releegated to the NASL North American Soccer League Division One North American Soccer League Division Two - Top goes up 2nd and third play in a play off for the other promotion spot - only one team is relegated from NASL Two National Independent Soccer Association - Only top team goes up (lowest playable league) bottom two go down to the unplayable NPSL Cups US Open Cup - Open to All teams in the senior structure Presidents Cup - Essentially a league cup only open to MLS 1&2 * USL C-3 Alaska Airlines Cup - Chekatrade trophy equivilant only includes NASL 1/2, NISA & NPSL sides Group stage followed by knockout rounds Disney Cup - The opening game with the winners of MLS v Winners of the Canadian Premier League. Youth U23's Structure leagues match main with promotion & Relegation U18's Structure leagues match main with promotion & Relegation National cups for U23s & U18's these are exact copies of the Open Cup NCAA - Two division seperate structure of amatuer only sides 10 teams per division including Michigan, Alabama, UCLA etc. NCAA Cup (straight KO with those 20 sides) Continental InterAmerican Champions League - a copy of the UEFA CL format but using mix of N&S american sides (prize money matches UEFA) Qual rounds before a group stage which has top two sides from USA,Arg,Bra,Mex as first seeds. InterAmerican Cup Winners Cup - A Two Legged Knockout tournement involving all Domestic main cup winners in North and South America. InterAmerican Super Cup - Winners of the other two tournaments Dont ask for the DB as i got hounded on twitter by so many people i decided im only going to release this ONCE my side has won the InterAmerican Cup! Im also about 5 seasons in so will post a few to catch you all up on that
  10. Tempted to write about my Vegas save are completely edited db's allowed in here?
  11. first time back in here in a while and....
  12. is it possible that i can change the participation in the cup depending on level the club is at? eg Team 1 is in Tier 10 and their senior team is in the cup Once Team 1 is in Tier 5 their Under 21's take their place in the cup rather than first team?
  13. yea i gave up with it too, we just get regens/grey players maybe next year
  14. yea one day and id normally say you poor soul,
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