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  1. @algytaylor you legend that looks like it works looking at my backups i was close using the pro/semi/amatuer stuff but i had it set to get teams from division but had them in "Qualified teams" rather than in the rounds
  2. ooh good shout, did look at the pro/semi pro/amateur will give it a shot as id like to set up the Durham and Northumberland County cups
  3. ill be honest i tried so many things i actually forgot i opened this thread im still not getting anywhere tier 1>4 (professional leagues) Tier 5>6 (National league) Tier 7>11 ('Non-League') so in real life a team in tier 5>11 will enter their first team in the "County cup" but once they hit tier 4 they stop entering their first team and start entering their u23s' ive tried with a secondry division attempting to rank by rep (assuming rep would be higher for the pro teams) and have the top 4 teams enter the u23s no dice i end up with first and u23 teams in th
  4. its done by: Get all teams from lge 1 Get all Teams from lge 2 Get all Teams from Prem Ranked by Best team type U23 Only other way i can think of doing it: Add my static list of teams to a secondary Division "Durham County" Select Best 4 Teams from Durham County (ordered by Rep) and use the U23s Select rest of teams i dont expect more than 4 sides from county durham to be in pro football at any one time at a push: Sunderland, Gateshead, **My New Club**, Darlo/Gateshead
  5. what im trying to achieve is the realistic county cups which i can do but if i take a side from the vanarama to the prem i dont want the first team still playing in the cup it should be the u23s instead
  6. i am wondering if i set the competitions teams to those four then in the first round said get U23's from premier league, championship, Lge 1 & Lge 2 and senior teams from vanarama if that would do it
  7. that doesnt work as for example the cup is a specific list of teams so for simplicity say its between the following 4 clubs these four clubs never change its always the same Sunderland Gateshead Darlington Hartlepool if either side are below league 2 its their senior side, if they are in league 2 or above its their u23 side
  8. theres no file as i just dont know how to pick a u23 team if the senior team is in specific division as the entrants dont change every year its a defined list of teams
  9. Ok so what I want is to create the durham challenge county cup now its straightforward to do rules etc. No issue there the one thing I'm at a loss for is the following The team list is fixed same sides every year Professional teams send their u23s rather than senior sides so how do I get the game to pick the u23 side if it's a team who started off low eg if I get Durham. In tier 10 they would enter their senior side in the cup then they get promoted to say the national league and it uses the u23s from that point? Is it possible and how? Hoping its something simple
  10. Well my Vegas save is on hold/possibly dead due to a "Save cannot be loaded issue" ive started again in Level 12 in england with the intention of doing a bit of a journeyman save going to play through a few seasons then see if i want to start a thread was at Sunderland West End, but tonight i take up the offer of Crook Town to be their manager in Tier 11
  11. Pre-season has gone pretty well time to start the season
  12. Ok now that you're all caught up its time to introduce the new signings for this season 2024/25 Transfers Roberts is brought in to be back up LWB Harvey is brought in as my AP Backup Im still desperate to find a back up goalie and a backup Libero
  13. 2020/2021 So after the surprise double promotion we lost a handfull of of first teamers we had to replace big, with alot of players coming but with finances tight it was about blancing the budget, there were no stand out names this year except Josemar a brazilian Right Wing back. It was a fairly rough first month as the step up was evident but close as we only took the one point from the opening three games a draw at home to Tyler. Only five points in august was dissapointing the only upside was a Guzman brace which put us into the next round of the cup. we then started to build up a
  14. 2019/20 So after the shock of Promotion last season we set about building for the new season we took advantage of Buena Vista Magic missing out on promotion by signing their three star players Top Scorer Andre Guzman came in as did midfielders Dean Jones and Jonathan Villa, also arriving was midfielder Daniel Spidal and defenders Dada-Luke and Delgado as we massive bolstered our squad thanks to us turning semi pro we were able to attract the best of the NISA and some fringe players from abroad. The season opener was a trip to Brooklyn to play the wanderers where Heinemann picked up wher
  15. 2018/19 We got off to a blistering start to the debut campaign as we went eight games unbeaten would have been 8 game winning run only to struggle in michigan, but we went to Sacramento and Connecticut claiming victories against the odds. with Jimenez on form we looked to be having a good run w started in the US Open cup quite well too as we beat Lower leage oposition in the first qualifying round but fell to NASL 1 side charlotte in the next round considering i was expecting to finish mid-table it was a solid effort, btu by the middle of september we were solidly top of the pile and looking
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