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  1. Impressive looking results but Can I ask, how are your goals scored? In the two graphics above you had a total of 57 shots, 23 of which were on target, scoring a total of 5 goals, yet you only produce one CCC in all that. I know CCC can be a misleading stat but a return of one from all those attempts seems low.
  2. One thing that has been successful for me when defending a narrow lead is around the 80th minute I drop my mentality back 2 notches ( I normally play positive), and then I issue the ‘demand more’ shout. Could be a massive coincidence but don’t think I’ve conceded late since doing it
  3. One potential problem could be your midfield “triangle”... SS pushing forward, volante on attack and a HB on defence dropping in between the CB’s could make it easy for opposition to get thru your midfield & attack ur back line. But impressive results so far.
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