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  1. IF you have the necessary forward available, I’d be tempted to switch the AMA to a target man... someone who can hold the ball up to allow your 3 midfield support players to join in as I’m not sure how much involvement the AMA will get. as per previous post I would def consider changing one wide player to a winger on the side you have the cmd.
  2. Brave man! It’s definitely one of the weirder formations, and very negative with the ball, however 4-0 and 3-0 have been mightily impressive results. it’s basically sit deep and narrow, and hit Antonio/ Bowen on the break. Having watched their last couple of games id say Cresswell starts narrow, moving wide and forward when they have the ball so he’s prob more of a bpd set to stay wider. Masauku def as WB, your choice of S or A depending on how well Cresswell performs behind him and what you do with Fornals. Rice is generally there to break up play so maybe more of a bwm? I’m not sure
  3. Your choice of roles and duties isn’t horrendous, but you need to highlight what your team/player instructions are, and with what sort of team you are playing with before any relevant advice could be given
  4. Had been managing Milan for last 3 seasons, playing my standard 433 which won me the title last two seasons, mainly utilising loan signings of Fati and mahrez out wide. Into preseason, loans ended and The club then got taken over and as part of the takeover the chairman lavished the club with Arthur, Neves & Lacazette. Whilst I could play players slightly out of position to keep the 433 rolling I Challenged myself to move away from my standard 433 to avoid boredom, coupled with I now have Arthur/Neves/Cataldi/Kessie/Tonali In the midfield. Rather than taking the easy option of rotation I w
  5. Could you provide more info on how they are beating you? Is it because you can’t score against them or is it Cos they score freely against you?
  6. @Experienced Defender I’ve never considered the wide 442 diamond, would be great to know how you would set this up
  7. So I’ve just finished the season with Barcelona, won the league and champions league using my own 433 version. Messi has just retired and all my recruitment was centred around replacing him to go again with the current 433 (pic below). I’d used Haaland as my main AF with Esposito as a quality back up. Then a week before the transfer window ends, Harry Kane Slaps in a transfer request at underachieving Spurs, and I find my 85m bid accepted before I realise its unbalancing my formation! Clearly most of FM success is built around the 433 variation, but I desperately need to get my 2 sta
  8. To comment on your Leeds formation, your set up on roles looks ok, but when using a striker less formation you have to ask yourself where you expect your goals to come from? In your set up it looks like you aiming for the Rmd & Mez to be the goal scoring threat as the winger will stay wide & the Engache is a very much playmaker in first phase. Your TI are super aggressive, both of these roles require space to run into, yet you are using a much higher LOE, coupled with other aggressive OOP instructions means these players have very little space to run into especially when play
  9. @Haribo1681 don’t get too disgruntled, if you lost the league on the last game of the season you are clearly doing a lot right. dig into the analysis a little more, how are you conceding goals? Whilst FM is geared towards pressing & high defensive lines, you still need the right players. Not sure on Felipe attributes but Hummels has the pace of a snail doesn’t he? Use split block closing down to encourage your forwards to press even though you’ve dropped the high LOE. Your last attempt at a tactic imo looks less balanced then your original, and looks like you’ve tried to force som
  10. In my novice opinion the lower tempo with play narrow and an AF on attack makes you very easy to play against. Your striker will be isolated by teams defending deep and you’ve lowered the tempo which gives opposition time to regroup, when they wasn’t pushing out very far in the first place. What are you hoping to achieve with play narrower?
  11. I just looked back and formation that I used for big teams is very similar to yours, and it won the lot with Barca/Man Utd/Inter so a couple of tweaks here and there should help. In game I add counter & change left wb to A and if chasing with turn HB to a bwm depending how we are going.
  12. At the moment, as a big team like Dortmund, the opposition are probably mostly playing very cautious against you, for them nicking a point is a result. So by having a high LOE they rarely venture from their half, but by playing a back 4 or 5 with 1 or 2 dm they still have the numerical advantage to keep possession. Plus what space is there with the higher press for you fast front three to run into? ive had greater success with bigger teams by using standard LOE and high ( not higher) defensive line. The opposition only knock the ball around at the back Cos your high press makes moving for
  13. I would suggest dropping your LOE.. draw the opposition back four out, and create some space for your fast forwards to attack in behind
  14. Have you set any individual PI’s? you have set a TI of defend narrower so arguably your defenders are largely following your instructions and packing the box to protect against any crosses ( albeit in this case it does seem a little extreme). maybe setting the fb to stay wider ( altho it’s an in possession instruction mainly it at least means his starting pos is a little wider) if you want to persist with the defending narrow TI. Quite why your W (S) is deeper narrower than your fb is a mystery tho!
  15. Impressive looking results but Can I ask, how are your goals scored? In the two graphics above you had a total of 57 shots, 23 of which were on target, scoring a total of 5 goals, yet you only produce one CCC in all that. I know CCC can be a misleading stat but a return of one from all those attempts seems low.
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