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  1. It's the team i support, and this year it's a real challenge: no money, some great quality and a huge chunk of deadwood over 30 as rotation players and sometimes starters.
  2. As promised, here is my first update. I know Udinese inside out, so i decided to go on and play their strong traits: good defence and fast and lethal counters: This is our base tactic, so i can make use of our main quality players (De Paul, Pereyra, Deulofeu and pussetto and Braaf fresh from the bench. Also youngster Palumbo is getting a lot of playtime. I also have a couple of variations in a 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 depending if needed during the match. Mind i play with first transfer window turned off, i like to make do with what i have and get a feel of the team. Well, first half of the season seems to be proving our strategy right: we are very solid and managed some great results, highlighting Juventus' nightmare trip to Udine, where they just came at us and we battered them, De Paul scoring 3 and missing also a penalty. I'm delighted with this season, i hope to keep up and see if we can sneak in europe somehow, but i'll be fine with a safe mid table position while we rebuild an ageing and poor squad. Now on to the winter transfer market, i'm planning on getting rid of our old backup players if i can get some interesting loans and bargains (mostly loans to buy, as there is no money), until our army of loanees comes back in summer (we have about 30 players out on loan).
  3. Love to see someone else giving Udinese a go. It’s my first save every year. this time it took me until now to get into the game, i’ll post my first update this afternoon
  4. i'd open a new thread, it has always been done every year. that said, i'm just into my usual udinese save as every year, and it's started in a cracking way.... love the new ME, hate the match UI lol
  5. O con Pereyra dell’udinese...... Che credo che abbia giusto un po’ di esperienza e qualità in più per essere ruolo simile, ma in confronto sembra un brocco come valori
  6. I think it's actually good, forces clubs to think through managerial appointments, and makes you choose wisely if the candidate pool is thinner during the season. Obviously has cons too, but makes jobs a little safer, and you frequently see managers called back to the job after being sacked if the season doesn't go well with the new one. They still get paid till the end of the contract btw
  7. Finally they managed to get that in!! I can't believe it! It's true, and managers leaving for another club was something that "ruined" experience all the time, it is forbidden in real life in italy. You can manage another italian club only in the following season
  8. Also adding on this, the loan of Mandragora has an option to extend to 2 years for Udinese. But i’m not sure if that can implemented into the game
  9. No, i prefer match interface like it was before. I get it, i really do. I can spend hours in the game world, and go at different paces. But the match day interface and having me forced to pause and take 2-3 minutes to do something i use to do at a glance with one widget, really bugs me so much.... i get the concept and i like it. The thing i dont like is forcing it on you. Give me a widget i can customize and i’m happy. And who doesn’t want “unrealistic widgets”, just keeps on the way the game is, with this new experience if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it!
  10. You’re not alone.... i have played only 2 competitive games after the friendlies since i installed the game, i just can’t get into it, it seems a chore now and i miss how i could Just let months fly by ingame With fm20. and this is driving me crazy, as i really love the new match engine and all those small qol changes. Almost everything is a great upgrade. except all this unnecessary invasive “realism”. i want to have fun, and stick To my game for hours. I want a game, not having to “watch football with the eyes of a manager”, having to check every single player one by one to see if they are fatigued or if their body language is good or bad. matches take more than double the time they use to, and also press conferences and talks, i have to look at lots of different things before i choose what i want. i will give it another try today after work, but it quickly starts to feel like a chore, and less of a game
  11. - Udinese have a loan affiliation with Juventus where they are the senior club, surely it should be the other way around?
  12. Love the game, it’s really really polished. And the match engine looks the best i’ve ever seen. some UI issues around the game but will surely get dealt with. The intra friendly team selection was the buggiest thing i’ve found until now. now the bad: the matchday UI is so bad..... i get the concept and idea, and i like it a lot. But it’s been executed poorly. Everything feels unnatural and excessively minimalist. You get lost trying to understand what you want to do, and there are so many extra clicks.... i feel my eyes have to jump all over the screen to check out things i used to have at a glance: morale, body language, fitness levels... i find myself pausing every 5 minutes to check if things are ok along the bottom of the screen. If i dont time just flies by while i make out who is complacent, who is getting tired, who is injured, and try to get an idea of how the game is going. I had a game end while i was trying to figure out my 60 min sub, without pausing. it just feels unnatural and jumbled up, it’s taking more time to get through a match, and eventually had me fed up of fighting with it, i switched my pc off over an hour earlier than i thought after release. it might need time to get use to, but it feels frustratingly complicated right now, even if i like the concept. It just needs more freedom to customize and sort out things where and how we like them.
  13. well, got it in my intra squad match as my only highlight of the whole match, losing 1-0 to my second eleven, with my usual direct positive tactic. Not impressed yet, but will give it some time
  14. It was.... 4-1 liverpool at home, and 4-3 in Turin to seal the deal for the final. They didn't have it so hard in the end. It was quite an entertaining year in champion's league to be fair
  15. It's mostly crosses, and i think the game also counts cutbacks and horizontal passes to the striker as those. A very nice amount of through balls, i think 1 every 2 games is the highest i've ever seen. The RPM really shines in this, and also Blind as DLP was really central in creating chances. He didn't just stick back. Quite a lot of free kicks and corner kicks too, but that is normal when you have good aerial ability in the team, and also a consequence of the pressure you put on the other team
  16. This is quite a nice picture of what was happening most of the goals came from patient possesion and exchanges between midfield and wings, and the free player slotting it into the goal from close range. Quite a fair amount of set piece goals i have to admit Tadic really got the spotlight as a false 9 with 19 goals, i think his movement was really crucial Promise 13 Neres 17 the rest were quite evenly distributed in the whole squad. The thing i loved about it was not being dependant on anyone, and seeing the team really play as an organic unit, always picking out a free pass. With some brilliant goals along the way
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