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  1. Well, as i was sure was going to happen, come Jan 2020 i lost my motivation on Juventus save. It's a pity because only italian team with Under 23, so 3 youngster squads to develop (i love that kind of thing). Will give Italy a little break, might be joining the Northern Ireland challenge with Larne.
  2. If that's true, i'm glad they removed this long lasting bug....
  3. after 4 seasons i lucked winning a Champions League.... players were worth from 30 to 60 mln, and not one single offer for anyone. Just for the promising youngsters i wanted to start sliding into first team. I think it's up to the reputation, it can't handle a quick boost from winning a major trophy, and making clubs interested in my star players, as would happen in real life if something like that were to take place
  4. Remember my Udinese problem? Reputation is too much of a factor....
  5. Higuain’s loan to Milan cost 18 mln (then half of that was agreed as he spent the rest of the season at chelsea, who paid the other 9 mln)
  6. Also i’d like to add, in italy real life football, there is a lot of abusing installments and add on fees with little upfront cash. Also loans with option or set to buy. As you can tell by Milan’s trouble with Uefa. Also Inter to some extention. i also like paying with money i have, and try to get installments when i sell, so i have a regular cash flow in the following years
  7. i just checked in my save and he's balanced in october 2019
  8. @quee in my experience Luperto is a very very solid option, way over his attributes. And also it doesn't hurt registration rules that he is homegrown for nation and italian.
  9. Well, Cristiano is not only outstanding on the field, but also outside as he convinces his fellow portoguese team mate to stop throwing toys out of the pram
  10. So Cancelo is putting up a fit, wanting his contract more than doubled. I think i found my next big sale for January. Now on to find Vagnoman's (who i will start from now on) new backup (hopefuly italian). Or might bring De Sciglio back on the flank, if i find myself with a nice centerback
  11. Unfortunately no, as it will add fake (newgen) players
  12. I go on selling sprees, i HAVE to trust my assistant's judgment (i always look for highest JPA and JPP), so everyone less than 3 star potential gets the boot (with some exceptions, i get sentimental sometimes). Even if it means letting others develop a goodish player.
  13. The second preseason is the longest always, especially when i am in italy. So many players to evaluate and move on... then it gets better. As you can see i love to keep my squads short and essential, it helps giving young players a chance. I might have to rethink something with Juventus under23 being in serie b, if i want them to get into higher positions, maybe some backup and better starters are needed, even if that will come naturaly in time, promoting under 20’s
  14. Palacios was brought in squad in January, first season. My only non-EU signing. Jovelic i got second season, and selling Mandzukic abroad freed a second non-EU spot i haven't used yet, i'm saving it for January as i will see how my U-23's fare in Serie B, i have some targets in case i can't get an italian player in my weaker spots
  15. So, second season summer transfer market was a 3 day long chore.... so much dead wood, and we were in need of great youngsters for the under 23 Serie B campaign So lets's take a quick glance at our 4 squads First team Under 23 Under 20 Under 18 First joy of the season, and it was pretty hard to get back in the game:
  16. I’ve found that the best hoyds are the ones with best personality and great JPP and JPA. Bernhard Peters is my must go to almost every save
  17. i'd value that trait only for fast wingers or inside forwards myself. Who is your Head of youth developement? seems to take in great youth intakes
  18. It takes time and patience.... you have to sell very well to start affording bigger fees. It took me years with Udinese. Not with Ajax, as i went for an own academy producing only basis there. I have a moneyball fetish
  19. I signed Scuffet from a relegated Udinese, as i said, i'm trying to make the squad more italian. I checked the Arsenal thread and it seems a bit insane. But as i said, i sold starters or players that started over 20 games for a winning CL team. And they were just over their value (i was not planning to sell Emre Can, hence i asked for 100m and they accepted - he was worth 77 in game)
  20. As i said, when he started moaning, he went straight to the bench as i don't like unhappy players starting matches in key positions Perin stepped in the last 9 league matches and from quarter finals in champion's league. Have we finished with the inquisition now?
  21. Well.... Szczesny is the starting goalkeeper for the whole season he was worth 72 and he went for 72 because he was whinging for a new contract, when he already had 7.4 yearly wage. Will be starting my "backup" Perin from now on
  22. It will be hard getting him to do better than 42. I actually want him to get serie A top goalscorer, as he was beat by Icardi’s 24 by only one. The 15 in champion’s league were insane, but that was actualy the focus, winning it after 24 years
  23. Juventus is a really easy and successful save, it can get boring but it’s going to be short. All players were sold not more than 10-15 mln over their actual value ingame (matuidi scored both goals in champions league final). spoiler: i bought belotti for 60 mln and chiesa for 125, so overpriced is going both ways. i find that high reputation + achieving titles this year produces these transfer results. won the champion’s league with Udinese in the 4th season in another save, was getting no interest in my players because the team’s reputation hadn’t caught up. @zlatanera can confirm this
  24. It’s a very easy save just to see how far i can push Ronaldo, trying to get an italian backbone in Juventus while i’m at it. And win a champion’s league and you’ll see values skyrocket
  25. No, it’s not me in the Arsenal thread. You could easily open it and check it. i actually have no idea why i am answering to such garbage accusations.
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