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  1. If people are able to get Varane from Madrid then that seems to me to be a bug. I honestly cant see him ever leaving Madrid. As for other defenders Kostas Manolas from Roma has a reasonable release clause of £34m but you have to get in real quick. He was always a pretty good defensive option in previous games so I imagine it will still be the same and lets face it anyone would be better than calamity Jones.
  2. I sold all the players I previously mentioned. I cant remember the exact prices though but they were all sold to foreign teams but I do remember that PSG bought Fellaini for some reason. Selling these players seemed to unsettle the squad and I guess they kind of 'downed tools' and never got over it. I also signed a new assistant manager in Mark Venus and let him do things like interviews, match training but maybe he wasnt as good as I thought because there were complaints at various points in the season about the training intensity. Before picking Venus as assistant I tried to get Mike Phelan back as assistant but he just signed a contract with an australian team. Now the game is out officiallly I'm going to try again and maybe I wont be so desperate to get rid of so many players at once.
  3. I think the first transfer window is probably where I went wrong. Got rid of most of what I consider dead wood ie Jones, Young, Valencia, Fellaini, Darmian and replaced them. I think I unsettled the squad by getting rid of too many too quickly.
  4. Too easy? Well I'm the complete reverse. I think its too hard and Man Utd are hopeless. On 28th January I got sacked. I tried to play more like vintage Fergie with wingers but ended up for some reason playing like Mourinho irl and only finished 8th. I signed Kostas Manolas thinking he would be a much better defender than what I have but only managed 8th before getting the boot. I will restart and try and figure out what I did wrong.
  5. I've just had a screen pop up about the new Brexit rules since the uk will be leaving the eu next season. Why is this even in this years game since brexit hasnt happened yet irl. I know you'll probably say something like SI are planning for the future but nobody knows how exactly leaving the eu will affect football here in the uk. I think its very premature to even have this feature in the game. I think its going to cause a lot of issues especially for those players who are obsessed with finding the next south american wonderkid.
  6. Only played a couple of games so far in the league but doing well. Only one defeat so far which was a 9 goal thriller against Liverpool loosing 5-4. Signed Kostas Manolas who has a release clause at the start of the game of £34m and the game says he's an 'Elite defender'. You've got to be quick though. Planning to give Periera, Chong and Gomes games against the 'easier' opponents. I'm thinking about a better striker because I think Lakaku needs too many chances which is a bit accurate considering how he's playing irl. I'm looking for a couple of good wingers (not wonderkids) because I'm planning to play 'The Fergie way' and want too guys with good crossing so recommendations welcome.
  7. I have a similar issue with the game saying my graphics card performance is only 3 stars which I initially found odd since I'm using a Core i7 8700k, 32gb ram & an EVGA GTX 1070TI which should be more than capable of getting 5 stars for everything I would have thought. My game speed with the leagues I've loaded (All the top devisions in Europe) is only 2 stars which I also found a bit surprising. I've enclosed my dxdiag for someone to examine. DxDiag.txt
  8. I'm planning to do the same and I've been playing the game for 20 odd years
  9. I think I might go with Man United as well. Valencia, Young, Rojo, Darmian, Jones, Fellaini & possibly Matic all need to be let go imo. Plenty of good enough youngsters like Chong, Pereira, Gomez can be played. I would also like another top class striker because Lakaku needs too many chances imo before he can score. Its a challenge I'm looking forward to.
  10. I agree with you. From what I've read about him he's not that good. You should also take into account his age (32 iirc) so he would definitely be a short term signing and the only real reason for signing him would be for maybe sponsorship or ticket sales reasons. Being a pro footballer and an athletics star are two very diffrent things. He definitely wont be featuring in any of my games since I dont load the Australian leagues anyway.
  11. Yes Miles confirmed on the stream he was on that the game will ship with white and dark skins. I think I'm in the minority going by what I read on twitch\youtube and here but I actually like the purple skin and cant really see myself using anything else. Obviously though that might chance once the beta is here and I dont like it on my own monitor since its always really hard to judge when watching a stream.
  12. I personally never carry on a beta save when the full game goes live because the beta is only a small database iirc and I prefer a much larger pool of players to work with. As for who I'll go with I think I'll try Sunderland who seem to have fallen from grace and are now in league 1 irl so it would be good to see if i can get them somewhere near the premier before the main game arrives.
  13. Miles confirmed this on the fm 19 twitch stream the other day so unless he signs a professional contract real soon he will not be in the initial release of FM19
  14. Sorry I havent got back to you before now @Neil Brock. I reinstalled and the game now seems to be working fine again.
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