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  1. Sorry I havent got back to you before now @Neil Brock. I reinstalled and the game now seems to be working fine again.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. I will try an uninstall and reinstall. I've already set avast up with some exceptions but both Steam and Avast were fine during the beta.
  3. Apologies for not making myself clear. I can get to the start up screen. When I try to load my save from yesterday I get the crash dump error message. I tried starting a new game to see if the issue was with my save but its then that I get the error message about the database.
  4. Today I tried to load the game but got a crash dump error message then the game just stops. I have been playing the game fine during the beta and inital release of the full game. The error only popped up today. I tried restarting thinking that maybe my save had become corrupt but then I got another message saying the database could not be loaded. I dont have any additional face packs or similar installed. All my drivers including graphics are upto date. This is the initial error I got. I'm using Avast premier as my virus protection but I dont see an option to temporarily disable that but I dont think thats causing problems anyway since it was fine previously.
  5. trekman

    Poor ball visabilty

    I've noticed this myself. At first I thought that it was just my failing eyesight because I'm getting old (nearly 50) but theres definitely a problem. I've also seen a few youtube videos where this is also mentioned.
  6. I hope so. I still think this feature needs tweaked a bit though. Now I just had a message pop saying he's unhappy because we've had a falling out which isnt true because theres been no conversations between us.
  7. Just restarted after my previous save died on me. Doing ok, not great but ok. I do have one problem though. How do you deal with players who are unhappy at the start of the season because you havent strengthened the squad? I signed Stefan De Vrij and while he's playing well he's unhappy I havent signed any players to strengthen the team. How can I sign quality players if their clubs refuse to sell them? I cant force players to join my team so I think this player happiness\promises thing needs tweaked a bit. I have some targets earmarked for January so maybe he'll be happier then if I can sign them.
  8. I havent encountered any Brexit issues yet. In fact i'm a bit disappointed this is even in the game since it hasn't happened yet irl and may not if the MP's get their way. I think SI were a bit premature including this in this years version of the game.
  9. Yup this is exactly the problem with these players. I'm in a similar situation with Wayne Rooney because I dont want him and have no need for him in the system I am using but I know I cant transfer list him because nobody will pay the stupid wages he's on. In this case I'm just going to give him the occasional game (probably minor teams & cups) and just wait for his contract to run out. I cant see anyone willing to pay a player who will be in his mid 30's the wages he's currently on. He's no Ibrahimovic after all
  10. trekman

    Goalkeepers- Saving Penalties

    If you mean goalkeepers ability in FM17 then dont worry about it because they nearly always save them or the players misses completely. I've seen this on lots of videos on youtube and experienced it myself. Lets hope its addressed before November 4th.
  11. trekman

    Fm17: Good free transfers

    Thanks. I should have realised though that it was a shortlist file. I'm offically a stupid old git
  12. trekman

    Fm17: Good free transfers

    How do you open this? I dont have an app that will work with it.
  13. If they replace Van Gaal with Giggs then theyll end up in league 2 or worse. No real experience. He would struggle I think.
  14. Look on YouTube for a guy calling himself 'The Reckonist'. He's got a few videos as United manager playing 442 the fergie way. His tactics are also available on steam.
  15. trekman

    Demo vs Full game

    Only real differences between the demo and the full game should be a smaller database of players and just one league loaded iirc.