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  1. I'm planning to start a Spurs save today because its a team I've never tried in any version of Championship or Football Manager. I am interested in one thing though and thats why everyone is signing Haaland? I played the beta as Man United and bought him but he was terrible. When the full game got released I started a new game again with Man United and turned off transfers in the first window which is also something I've never done previously. I signed Timo Werner instead of Haaland in the January window and he was just immense. He ended up being top scorer at the club for just half a season which was phenominal I think and as a result I finished the season 2nd and won the Europa league. I'm starting my spurs save today later and he's the first person I am going to try and get.
  2. joking aside I think most people turn the sounds off becausde they've been terrible for years now. I think the team are rightly concentrating on more important areas of the game
  3. Alex Telles from Porto is another good option for the left back slot. I paid a bit too much for him (£36m) because his release clause is actually £34.5m iirc. Although Brazilian he doesnt need a work permit so he must have dual nationality with a European country but I havent checked that. Even though Manchester United arent playing in the Champions league he will come If anything I found the opposite to be the case with the beta. Even though I was mostly playing him on the left Rashford was just too strong and scored 29 goals in all competitions. Thomas Partey is a great B2B. He has a release clause in the game of £53m which is a bargain imo. The board might try and block this transfer though but they should give in once you talk to them.
  4. I think they've already fixed the cheap transfer issue because I tried to sign Maddison and Leicester wanted £80m. As for Bailly well he came to me and asked to leave because he didnt think his work permit would be renewed. I've never seen that before so if thats a new feature then it gets a thumbs up from me
  5. I finished the first season in 2nd place, I got to the final of the FA Cup but lost to Liverpool, I won the Europa league so was very pleased with that. I got rid of most of the deadwood in the shape of Young, Matic, Rojo & Mata. I couldnt get rid of Jones because surprise surprise he got a big injury. I only signed 2 players in Bruno Fernandes & Thomas Partey for a combined £106m. Thomas Partey has a release clause of £53m now I dont know if thats accurate but its a bargain because he's immense in the B2B role. I play Fernandes as Mazala and he's just brilliant. Tried to get Maddison for the cheap price everyone else seems to get him for but thats obviously been addressed because Leicester now want £80m so that transfer will have to wait until the summer. Taking into his real life form I think that Rashford is a bit too good in the game though and is a goal machine finishing the season with 29 goals in all competitions. One other thing I noticed was the I was Chelsea's bogey team and managed to easily beat them whenever I played them in either league or cup games. I'm going to bring in another quality centre back because I dont think that Lindelof is quite there yet and will use him as more of a backup and I plan to bring in competition for Luke Shaw at left back. Overall very pleased with this years game.
  6. Partey is also insanely cheap when you consider his ability. He has a release clause of just £43m (or £53m if you're playing the FM20 beta). The best money you could spend I think.
  7. Just like real life VAR is broken I've noticed that you mostly only get VAR decisions for offsides and the very occasional penalty. I've also noticed that in England the ref runs to the little tv at the sideline whereas irl they dont use them at all. To be fair to SI though I dont know how you could fix this issue of the refs going to the pitchside tv in England so I guess thats just something we'll have to live with.
  8. Possibly a licence issue. Si dont have licences for all leagues and teams which is why teams like Juventus in Italy are called Zebra
  9. When you take into account their real life form I have to agree and say Manchester United are far too strong. I've been playing the beta since release and although I had a shaky start since 20/10/2019 I went on a crazy winning streak way better than Ole's real life one when he came to the club. In all competitions I won all matches except 6 draws and 1 defeat. Marcus Rashford was top scorer with 28 goals in all competitions. This leads me to one conclusion and that it that the guys in the SI office are all Manchester United supporters with the exception of Miles because in all versions of Football Manager & Championship Manager before it they are way too over powered.
  10. Alex Telles has a release clause of £36m. Thats really cheap for someone of his abilities.
  11. I think its pretty safe to say this has been fixed in the beta because I tried to sign him tonight in the January window for Man United and Leicester wanted £80m.
  12. Bruno Fernandes was a great Mezzala in FM19. Scored tonnes of goals from that position for my Man United side.
  13. Thats been confirmed as a bug and has been brought up in the forum. It will be fixed for the full game release so if you want him get him now if you plan to continue your game.
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