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  1. If you mean goalkeepers ability in FM17 then dont worry about it because they nearly always save them or the players misses completely. I've seen this on lots of videos on youtube and experienced it myself. Lets hope its addressed before November 4th.
  2. Thanks. I should have realised though that it was a shortlist file. I'm offically a stupid old git
  3. How do you open this? I dont have an app that will work with it.
  4. If they replace Van Gaal with Giggs then theyll end up in league 2 or worse. No real experience. He would struggle I think.
  5. Look on YouTube for a guy calling himself 'The Reckonist'. He's got a few videos as United manager playing 442 the fergie way. His tactics are also available on steam.
  6. Only real differences between the demo and the full game should be a smaller database of players and just one league loaded iirc.
  7. Out of interest how many times did you play him and how many goals did he score. Was he better\worse\about the same for the hammers as he was for Liverpool?
  8. Why are you playing Gerrard up front? To the best of my knowledge he plays midfield\attacking midfield for Liverpool irl unless I've been dreaming for the lasxt few years! I always either play 4411 or 4312 with him as the man in the hole and he always does great getting well into double figures every season.
  9. I havent played the beta yet because I am still enjoying my last game with FM12 and doing very well actually as Liverpool boss. Anyway I was thinking about this DOF feature and wondered if it was possible to appoint the person you'd just replaced as manager? Think of the fun that would be having the likes of Fergie or Wenger as your DOF!
  10. Despite saying that I would not download the beta or demo I couldn't help my self and downloaded it as soon as I got the needed code from greenman gaming. However my computer has suddenly went pairshaped and will not let me use the dvd drive in fact it doesnt even show up in my computer and I get an error in device manager about not being able to verify the digital signatures of the drivers. Anyway I dont think this is an issue to do with the game because I noticed things going a bit odd before I downloaded. My question is will I have to re-enter the code if I do a system restore and restore my computer to an earlier time or is it just a case of downloading the game again?
  11. I'm willing to bet that someone from the skinning forum will release one within a couple of hours of the beta being released.
  12. Am I the only one that was slightly worried that Miles was about to burst into song at the start of this blog when he said 'now the end is near'?lol. Anyway as to the video at about 1.11 that definitely did look like a dark skin to me but I'm pretty sure its been confirmed that there will not be one this year with the game so perhaps this was just one they were toying with at the time and removed it from the finished game.
  13. I noticed from your dxdiag report that your graphics card drivers are quite a bit out of date so you should try and get a more recent version of the drivers which should help in lots of ways.
  14. Thats why I suggested he downloads gamebooster. Its a very handy little piece of software for doing this automatically.
  15. If you have any problems with such a low amount of ram then I would suggest an upgrade if possible. Alternatively try downloading gamebooster which is a free program that will temporarily stop anything running in the background that your computer doesnt really need to work ok thus freeing up ram.