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  1. Maybe it was a freak occurance but I was playing as Man United obviously & finished 4th which was fine for a 1st season since I havent been playing the game constantly because i'm in the process of moving house. The freaky thing I noticed was with Man City. They only finished 7th :o and more surprisingly they sold both Aguero and Jusus.
  2. Maybe not. I was watching a really interesting video on youtube from a youtuber called Lollujo today who has been playing the game since it was called championship manager and he ended up with a 100M transfer budget for his Leicester side. So there are definitely ways to make large sums of money in the game. Granted this was the beta so that might be tweaked come full release.
  3. I'm finding a lot of the Manchester United players need rests regualarly. For example I took over and the next day before I'd even played a match the coaches came to me saying that Donny Van De Beek needed a rest. How can he need a rest when he'd not even played a game. This is something that happens constantly. I do think this is a bug of some kind.
  4. I'm not suggesting that you are making things up & I apologise if thats what came across. I was just saying that some people on forums do make things up without providing proof. Personally I'm playing as Man United and I am struggling big time even though I've been playing the game since it was called Championship Manager in the early 90's. I think its a bit harder this year.
  5. I dont think the difficulty needs changing. I honestly have never believed these people who say they've won the league, cups, champions league ever year since taking over. Provide actual proof and I might believe you.
  6. I found a possible work permit issue. I have already signed AC Milan's Alessio Romagnoli for my Manchester United side. When a message popped up that Gianluigi Donnarumma was available I jumped in and made a bid. This bid was accepted and terms are agreed but he apparently needs a work permit. I dont understand why since his AC Milan team made Romagnoli didnt. They are both Italian internationals so I dont understand why one needs a work permit but the other doesnt. Neither have dual nationalities from what I can see so is this some sort of Non Eu bug now that the UK are no longer part of the EU.
  7. I dont know about the number 6 but number 3 was Paolo Maldini's when he played for the club and that number was retired when he did. From what I can remember the understanding was that if either of his two sons came through the Milan ranks then the number would be made available again. His son Daniel pays for the club now so that might be why that number has been made available.
  8. Romagnoli is ideal for a left sided centre back. I had him in fm20 and he was immense. He looks just as good in FM21.
  9. Try updating graphics card drivers. Windowed mode works fine for me. You should report this in the fm21 bugs forum not here. Go you have a virus program? If so make sure to set it up to ignore the Football Manager folders. I remember this being an issue in the past Try updating graphics card drivers.
  10. Started the beta as Manchester United. First thing I did was sack Phelan & Carrick. I replaced Phelan with the one person that every Manchester United fan wants to see return to the club irl. A chap called Roy Keane. He should be fun in the dressing room dealing with the egos. I sacked Carrick because I cant understand what his function at the club is. I've watched him irl and he rarely moves from the bench or speaks to anyone else on it. I just dont get it. It will be fun trying to get rid of the overpaid dead wood as well. I dont think theres much chance of winning the title this season but thats the long term aim.
  11. Make sure you're graphics card drivers are fully up to date. Also if you have a virus program running make sure that it ignores any FM folders when scanning. This has caused issues in past versions of the game. Yes. Thats not true. I was able to add other leagues and change database size before starting. If you cant do this then i'd suggest logging this as an error
  12. Thats the first thing that I noticed. Its way quicker than fm20 if the star ratings are anything to go by. Maybe it also helped that I updated by graphics drivers this morning as well.
  13. Thats optimistic because Miles has had to jump in his car and go forward in time to fix an issue with Football Manager 2045
  14. The registration filters are a good idea. It will help forgetful old blokes like me who forget all the time
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