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  1. LMAO the turning circle of a cruise ship. I def agree with the CBs getting beaten over the top. I'm just watching Pique try to turn and by the time he has they're already in the box on goal 1v1. Gonna start my lower league save over the weekend and see what happens. I'm just thankful that players aren't shooting into the side netting anymore.
  2. I think if you keep changing tactics your teams familiarity of the tactics is not as good in the beginning making them play worse. I didn't watch the entirety of your games but it looked like you were getting clear cut chances maybe it's just bad luck.
  3. Yah that's why I was wondering if it was like a player issue or tactics or just something because I haven't had the same issues and I fully agree that it should be consistent no matter what league because in lower league obviously your competition isn't as high. I'm a Barcelona fan so usually the first save I do is with them and than I like to progress with lower leagues as well which is why I'm trying to find out cuz I don't want to deal with bad finishing either.
  4. The ones I'm converting the most of is p much Messi receiving a through ball that is central and he usually just dribbles past or adjacent the keeper and blasts it in. He misses most of the ones from tighter angles and misses prob half or a bit more than half where the keeper just saves it like some of your Salah examples.
  5. Have you kept track of how many you convert? Like I said after the patch I'm converting roughly 1 out of every 2-2.5 chances so I'm still missing more than half of my chances. If I converted all or a majority of my chances the scores would be ridiculous though. I'm converting 6-10 chances at home vs weaker teams and than I struggle on the road against the good teams as Barcelona does in real life as well.
  6. Yah those are some rough ones and I can't really say they're the players cuz its bobby mane and salah. Most of the ccc that I miss are ones blasted from tighter angles or the GK just saves them like they did in the arsenal liverpool game. I actually haven't experienced the ones where bobby just blasts it wide and flat out misses the goal though.
  7. https://gyazo.com/444c347d5243a54b96537aa30e0f9b82 https://gyazo.com/49c864709e2cadac19928f763e1b1597 I just had a game where I converted 9/9 clear cut chances. Usually am converting 1 out of every 2-2.5 clear cut chances after the patch whereas before I was converting 1 out of 10-15 maybe if I was lucky. Messi has 20 finishing though so I'm not sure if this has something to do with it or if 1 striker/2 striker formations matter. I'm about to start a lower league save and am genuinely curious if this is a tactics thing or just a player talent thing or just bad luck.
  8. I play with Barca and run 4 2 4 or 4 4 2 whatever you want to call it and Messis been banging em in since the updated patch. Roughly converts 1 out of every 2-2.5 1v1s so can't really complain. He does have 20 finishing also I haven't tried any 1 striker formations either. It's a noticeable difference though between the old patch and new patch.
  9. I also am missing quite a bit of 1v1s from through balls to my strikers from my midfielders. Most of the time they are from a tighter angle though so can't expect to hit them all. That being said the winger fix is a godsend I can finally play the game. I thought I'd have to wait around Christmas for an update but that wasn't the case, good job SI.
  10. The problems are still there and there has been no fix. It's been 2 weeks and counting so the only thing to do is to wait. Hopefully they'll have it out before Christmas.
  11. This has been a known issue for 2 weeks+ hopefully they fix it soon.
  12. It's happened to me as well if you noticed the amount of dribbles as a stat of players that aren't exceptional at dribbling and compare it to FM19 the numbers are so much higher in FM20. I have random players dribbling through entire defenses like they're Messi. Needless to say with how many bugs or unrealistic features in FM20's match engine so far it's been a great disappointment. If i recall correctly FM19 was so much better on release with only problems with excessive long shots and a large amount of injuries. FM20 is unplayable honestly.... unless you don't mind your forward players shooting half your chances into the side netting or just flat out missing by a couple of feet.
  13. Yah I honestly think the lack of success from strikers directly correlate with the problems of wide wingers/inverted wingers/IFs refusing to square the ball into the box and instead dribbling for the entire pitch and firing it into the side netting or just into narnia. I've had success playing 4-2-4 4-4-2 whatever you would like to call it with 2 inverted wingers and 2 strikers. The goals from the strikers are mostly from deep through balls from the midfield, rebounded shots and almost never from a cross from either the fullback or my wide players. That being said, I play with Barcelona so obviously this kind of tactic cannot work with a majority of the teams as your defense does get cut open by the better sides and the midfielders from Barcelona have extremely high vision and passing. I really wish they would fix this issue or give us an update as to the progress of a fix for this issue. There are other threads with this specific topic some a week old.
  14. Wow.... That is some terrible luck. I play with Barcelona and Messi missed 4 out of his first 5 but he's made his 2 since then. So Idk his penalty taking is 16 and obv his other stats are great.
  15. Yah it seems like many people have voiced their displeasure with both wingbacks/fullbacks taking a lot more shots/getting more goals and wingers/wide players in general just shooting at an extremely tight angle when given the opportunity to cross it to the striker for an easy tap in.
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