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  1. Disappointing that there is no changelog, would be nice to see what bug fixes made it.
  2. Home screen team stats shows Red Cards as 5th worst, as you can see from the screenshot below my team is actually the 5th best. EDIT - Same for Goals Conceded, I am actually 2nd best.
  3. I swapped Rovella for Kessie, but Rovella never came on the pitch. PKM is attached Man Utd v Milan.pkm
  4. Team - AC Milan (3rd Season) in Champions League. Trying to buy Marco Kana (25.5mil release clause to clubs in continental competition). Making a bid does not activate this clause Link to download save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qk33rob7ki33r1n/milan.fm?dl=0
  5. In previous releases, setting player playing and unused wage percentage to 100% in the responsibilities screen would carry over when offering a player out. This is not working in FM21
  6. A lot of talk about the missing analysis and widgets from the match which I agree with, but I'd also like to point out the lack of click through in most of the match screens to players and teams. One thing I love about FM is you can access relevant information from almost any page. The new team sheets you can't click on any of the players. You can't click on the Teams in the corners
  7. Condition tooltip not populating when hovering over condition for a player in the tablet
  8. That's true, but it's also a vertical list. In a horizontal list, I look left for a left sided player
  9. The order of this feels backwards to me and I wanted to get the community opinion. Reading from left to right, I feel that left sided players should be on the left and right sided players on the right. I find myself looking at the wrong player a lot when trying to do an action
  10. This isn't really a bug, but I question the placement of the undo button here, when all the other actionable buttons are on the right hand side
  11. I'd been hoping this would get added for a while, but never requested it myself until now. I would like an option to lock the sidebar icons and prevent them from being dragged about. It's a minor annoyance for me, but I find myself constantly moving them about accidentally.
  12. Here are a couple of issues from the match
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