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  1. I have never gotten through a game of Civ 6, compared to my multiple completed games of Civ4 and 5. 6 feels over engineered.
  2. I just hope there are no players with the surname Beta because this time of the year must get really depressing.
  3. Dunno what everybody is in a rush about. I've still got to finish my season ready to transfer over.
  4. Another observation, the player promises used to be so one sided before that it's nice to see some club power with the targets on a season by season basis. I still will probably tend to blaze through this and delete most of the future playing time expectations, but it's nice to have.
  5. I like all of the stuff announced so far. The changes to offering players out will be very interesting and maybe more in line with how the world works now compared to the fax machine era. We'll see how it works in practice though.
  6. Seems like a much better feature set this year and much more progress than FM23. Save game compatibility from one version to another in itself is such a ground breaking change that I think it could stand on its own right. Credit where credit is due to SI.
  7. One big point to be raised, if the game is only accessible via Netflix accounts, and FM versions typically are only on sale for a year for licensing reasons, then does the game completely disappear from existence after a year because people can no longer buy it and it's locked behind a subscription? A troubling thought.
  8. FM will survive because they brought back the Squad Depth page after my complaints last season. If it goes again in FM24 then all hope is lost.
  9. Just some more thorough thoughts. I imagine this is similar to exclusivity deals done with Epic and other similar services including Netflix on other games in the past where there's a set figure and SI have the certainty of the money, either at the same level or higher compared to what they're currently making on the store. This does also ultimately ramp up the price of FMM significantly for people who may play this on a much more regular basis but have no interest in Netflix. This isn't me (and arguably I'm more likely to play FMM now than I was before because I regularly use Netflix as a family account) but I can clearly see how this would damage relations with the significant part of the base who pay for FMM as a solo product year in year out. More generally I intensely dislike products locked in to third parties outside of the platform that I had already paid to use it on (see Fall Guys using Epic authentication after buying on Steam, as one example). I think overall this announcement could have been communicated better, because there's seems to be a lingering air of uncertainty over what exactly is required (Is any account on Netflix acceptable? Does the account require a subscription? Will there be an option to pay for the game separately? Will this version still require a Netflix account?). I don't really get the rush to get this news out of the door without getting the obvious questions that people would ask out of the way. Clearly the responses from SI expected a level of animosity (just look at tweet responses). This is pure speculation, but a thing I also think is a factor here which Miles and SI regularly bring up is people getting access without paying for it. Gabe Newell has always said that this is a delivery/service issue and ultimately making the game more difficult to access may be an impacting factor. I won't get into more details because most forums get squeamish about talking about that sort of thing but it's a thought. It took the treadback statement on the PC game from earlier this year (once the bulk of sales on 23 were through) to accept that the level of progress on the PC game was not as hoped for last year and that this year may be a bit of a transitional step. SI is generally very headstrong in pushing through on these things, so anybody hoping for any sort of recant on this is probably going to be disappointed. I feel your pain though and I think this is a net negative for everybody, but if it's the only thing keeping FMM from being cancelled then ultimately it may be the only option.
  10. I haven't played FMM in a few years but this feels like a genuinely bonkers decision.
  11. Spoken like someone who has never played games developed by either of those companies before. Sincerely, someone with over 20000+ hours combined in SI/Paradox/Firaxis games.
  12. I'm pleased with the radical changes. Most definitely needed. Importing saves from one game to another is going to be interesting. It will pretty much radically change how I approach things on a season by season basis since I'll almost never start a new game now if this is actually coming. I do, however, sincerely hope that the squad planner is revamped or put back to how the squad depth page used to be. An utterly horrid waste of time as it stands currently.
  13. Back again. Plainly obvious this would be broken. Players do not handle the new coefficient qualification rules for the UCL properly:
  14. Lewes F.C. - Season 2029/30 A season where all of our christmasses came at once. National League Table Transfers The finish to this season was unbelievable. After losing to Gillingham at the beginning of April, it looked like our chances were over, but going unbeaten until the end of the season kept the dream alive. In the end, a win against Hartlepool on the 22nd of April put us on the brink, and a draw against Stevenage when a win would have done it for us took the battle to the final day. On the final day of the season we needed a win to guarantee the title. Away at Fylde, our standout signing Luis Grimes secured a brace to take us to a 2-1 victory, and league football for the first time! FA Cup We reached the FA Cup Fourth Round in an incredible run with a favorable draw (Dartford away in the Third Round) before being beaten handily by Livepool 0-5 at home. FA Trophy After the astonishing finish to the league season, we played Hartlepool again at Wembley in the FA Trophy final and won in our last shot at the non league double with a 2-0 win, courtesy of Messrs Grimes and Arnold. Transfer of the Season Luis Grimes - See the player of the season report for more information. Player of the Season Luis Grimes and Kellan Hickinson - Impossible to separate these two. Hickinson was the better over the course of the season, but Grimes played an astonishing 57 games as a brand new signing. They combined for 39 goals at ST and AMC respectively. Season League Finish Notes 2023/24 National League South 1st Champions, Manager of the Year 2024/25 National League 14th 2025/26 National League 13th FA Cup Third Round Proper 2026/27 National League 10th 2027/28 National League 9th 2028/29 National League 7th Eliminated in Playoff First Round, FA Cup Third Round Proper 2029/30 National League 1st Champions, FA Trophy Winners, FA Cup Fourth Round Proper
  15. Lewes F.C. - Season 2028/29 National League Table Transfers Dumped out in the first round of the playoffs. Frustrating. But we're getting closer to getting to League Football. FA Cup We reached the FA Cup Third Round again and had a big match against Tottenham where we were eliminated 0-2 at home. FA Trophy Boreham Wood chucked us out in the Fourth Round after a pretty pathetic display, 0-1. Transfer of the Season Sula Kigonya - A loan signing from Birmingham who anchored the centre midfield and played nearly every game for us this season. Solid. Player of the Season Kellan Hickinson - Our attacking midfield maestro. 7.24 avg with 10 goals. Season League Finish Notes 2023/24 National League South 1st Champions, Manager of the Year 2024/25 National League 14th 2025/26 National League 13th FA Cup Third Round Proper 2026/27 National League 10th 2027/28 National League 9th 2028/29 National League 7th Eliminated in Playoff First Round, FA Cup Third Round Proper
  16. The lag in the 3d match engine is still present. It has been raised as a bug already. I didn't really have any issues with the match engine in the first place tbh, but I am curious as to how exactly QA is done for it. I don't have any observations one way or the other.
  17. Wow. Are Everton really in that much debt? The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I reach -50m, let alone 9 figures. My take just from how I've generally handled my finances, hypercharged: 1. Don't buy anybody. If you need players, go to your youth team and if you really have to go to the transfer market try loaning in on low wages as much as possible. 2. Sell everybody who is not absolutely key to try and get a bit closer to the black. Anybody at 3 stars ability and/or potential or lower is a viable sale. Even players above that should be considered for sale if high bids come in, unless the squad would be decimated by their departure. 3. Anybody who can't be sold should be loaned out with as much wages, fees as possible to get them off the wage budget. 4. Haggle relentlessly and play other clubs off each other for transfers whether selling or loaning. PL TV rights are only 80 million+ a year. The combination of PL and sponsorships is going to take you over around 100 million, and even with CL football you're going to take many years to get anywhere near getting back to a stable state, but it will make getting back there a bit more managable.
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