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  1. Meanwhile, I'm getting the same results as I was before the patch, but my goalkeeper isn't always kicking it long, since that's the only thing really changed in the patch.
  2. If you believe you've found a bug with the Spanish leagues, please report them in the appropriate bug thread, found here:
  3. There isn't, no. If you legitimately have too many players to loan out (when I've been hoarding young players, I've had 30 or so players out on loan at a time while still having a full u19 and 2nd team), it's time to sell the worst of them.
  4. That's not debt, that's your overall balance, which is positive.
  5. That's an option you have to turn on in the staff responsibilities to have happen, it's not on normally. You can go into the responsibilities to turn it off so it doesn't happen.
  6. It's 8pm on a race day and @alfredbulbasaur hasn't started his stream. Sorry lads, but the only reasonable conclusion is that he crashed too hard in Vietnam
  7. At that level, you probably shouldn't have many players at all on part-time contracts, just non-contracts so you're just paying them for what games they play in. That's how it is in real life, very few players at that level are actually contracted to the team they play for.
  8. Hope you're all ready to race in front of a potentially hostile Vietnamese crowd!
  9. I'm using a controller most of the time at the moment, though I've got a G29 wheel and pedals, but I need to get a new desk that better fits it before I start using only that.
  10. Tend to lurk in OTF mostly and watch @alfredbulbasaur's streams Like I said to him, might need to get F1 on the PS4 so I can join in sometime, given I've been playing on the PC and have hit the point of turning off the braking assists and being on just over 90 difficulty. Still trying to figure out traction control, I still need it fully on to not spin half the time.
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