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  1. 1) What team are you playing as? Finances, etc. 2) What scouting packages do you have? 3) What scouting range do you have? 4) What country knowledge does your scout team have for Poland?
  2. Anyone who knows specifics for things in FM21 won't be able to tell you until the game is released, just FYI.
  3. Additionally, in future @naterego93, don't bump posts every couple of hours. If people want to engage with a thread, they will, otherwise you're just spamming to keep a thread people don't want to post in on the front page.
  4. @goranm- If you've got an issue with a moderator decision (I wasn't the one to remove that part of your post, fyi), what you should do is use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum to speak to the forum admins who work at SI, rather than post issues on the forum.
  5. Usually because they purchase keys from countries where they're much cheaper, and then sell them in countries where they're more expensive for a reduced price. With FM, I'd advise against CDKeys, as they're not an approved partner of SEGA, and so although the site says that you'll get the beta early access if you buy from them, they aren't actually in any position to guarantee that (they've not been able to provide it in previous years). The approved partners are the only ones that can guarantee early access for a pre-order: https://www.sega.com/sega-approved-partner-list
  6. If you're going to refer to women's football, or sport in general, in here, please do so respectfully. Do not refer to it in a manner that suggests the only reason certain sports like women's tennis are watched is because of the attractiveness of the athletes (the person who spots their post alluding to that is now hidden should take particular note, given his recent prior warnings). Also, if you want to argue the intricacies of gender politics (and tone down the "They're only doing it for the SJDubyas" ****, please), take that to the Off Topic forums.
  7. Previously you've been able to buy it at any time before the full release date and get into the beta, if you purchase the game from an official source that provides beta access.
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/fm21-gameplay-new-features/? Interesting article and view of the gesture system
  9. I mean, there'll probably be less empty space on a team that actually wins games
  10. And they almost certainly will do, they do most years. Remember that not all feature reveals are for the long-term fans, but also new players, casuals, etc.
  11. People can discuss it, people have done here on the forum, and that's fine. When you make 4-5 posts in the space of 10 minutes all just telling people to go and use it, all in the same thread and one after another, and those posts are off-topic, that's spamming and will be removed.
  12. If people would kindly stay on topic, and not just use this thread to talk about every other topic, it'd make it much easier for people to post their initial thoughts on the features currently announced and what they'd like to see announced next. Feel free to discuss other topics in relevant existing or new threads. @Richardcharlston, the reason that the posts you're spamming out about the physics file modification are being removed is because, as it is a third party modification, it isn't something being supported or endorsed by SI, and that's been stated several times across the forum
  13. Yes, and that's why a lot of sites that provide downloads for that sort of thing got cease and desist letters for their trouble.
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