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  1. Unless your work permit system is based on paying him over a certain amount, he won't ever get a work permit unless he starts playing, which means you need to get him loaned out and playing first team football.
  2. Basically? You can't, if he refuses to accept loan deals and he has no work permit.
  3. Without that league being playable, you just have to wait and hope that, via reputation, etc, your reserve team ends up being one of the teams "promoted" out of National 3 to National 2.
  4. Yea, the second one will blitz FM easily, and get you decent graphical settings on most new triple A games out at the moment.
  5. The second one, as the first doesn't appear to have a dedicated graphics card, which the second one does, as well as it having more hard drive space.
  6. I've found having 2 recovery sessions helps a lot in terms of overall injury susceptibility with a congested fixture list, it's what I've been using since FM19 came out.
  7. Different attributes cost more than others, depending on the player's role. Whilst TAA may have more attribute points overall, this is because he has a number in areas that aren't important or essential for a Right Back (such as corners, finishing, long shots, free kicks, etc), and so cost much less in terms of CA points.
  8. They just show on Steam, they don't "do" anything, other than note particularly impressive achievements you've hit in-game.
  9. They have an u18 league, but they don't formally have an u23 team, just the second team, which tends to play in the Regionaliga, which is in the 4th tier of German football.
  10. No, you can arrange friendlies for the 2nd Team in the schedule/calendar tab. As for prospects, remember that they'd only be playing 4-5th tier football, so that might be appropriate for them, but otherwise you'd either need to play them in or around your first team, or loan them out.
  11. It's because the 2nd teams play in the lower leagues that aren't in FM, but they still act as if games are being played in terms of development. If you want to increase fitness, try arranging some friendlies yourself.
  12. Very nice, cheers @Neil Brock - will the competition/rule fixes require a new save to work?
  13. We'd need to know the rest of your computer's hardware specs to know whether it's an issue with your PC.
  14. You can tell Steam where to install the game when you start the install for the main game: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129 If you mean the Sports Interactive folder in My Documents, you can move it like this: Once the new folder is generated, you can delete the one on the SSD.
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