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  1. As previously noted though, there's absolutely no guarantee that SI would have been given the same resources by SEGA for doing bug fixes as they have been for adding women's football. There's also no guarantee that the team working on women's football would be working on bug fixes if they weren't working on this new feature, because none of this is the simple zero-sum resource allocation game that some people seem to be thinking it is.
  2. You can't just pull African and Asian leagues from nowhere, though. It's not just a matter of getting licensing from them to add them, it's having the network of people in the country to attend matches, do research, collect stats, and provide the data to allow them to be developed into the database. Surprisingly, it's more difficult to set that sort of network up in Thailand or Egypt than it is in the US, England, Germany or even South Korea.
  3. Given SI is owned by SEGA, and so will likely be proposing projects to them in order to request funding, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is fairly close to the truth. I mean, what is going to sound more appealing to the people who allocate money for projects - "Give us more money so we can continue as we normally do but with more staff" or "Give us money to be put towards what will not only be one of the largest wholescale additions to the game, but also draw eyes from the general public not only to the game, but an entire underappreciated section of the sport at a time when it is gro
  4. They've already said that it'll be a single game, and that you'll be able to manage both male and female teams within the same save.
  5. "Doing the right thing by increasing awareness of women's sport is bad because women don't play FM." That's basically what you just said, and are apparently completely ignoring what Miles said in the original blog post about the reasons for why SI have decided to set up a separate team to begin work on this. It isn't being done particularly for a business reason, it's being done for a moral one.
  6. Just had to have another clear out of sexist and abusive drivel. People are welcome to provide good faith arguments, but please, at the very least, read the blog post first ("it's a political decision!!!!!" - Yes, Miles says as much). People who are just going to whine and complain about "PC CULTURE GONE MAD" or unironically calling people "snowflakes" while crying about women being added to a football game are going to be treated in the way they deserve. I'm honestly disappointed at how much sexist rubbish we've had to clear from this thread. I half expected it on Twitter, it's
  7. I'm particularly interested in the prospect of a Glory Hunter save that not only encompasses the men's leagues and international competitions, but the women's as well.
  8. @Freeman21 - Please don't use spammy thread titles like that in future, thanks. There's no need, and just makes you look childish.
  9. You may do, but remember that you don't own the club - it's the board that decide what kind of affiliate they believe would be most useful.
  10. They'd be required to accept the £10 million, per the loan contract.
  11. In Harry Kane's case, his dad is Irish (from Galway), and so Harry Kane would, per Irish citizenship rules, hold Irish citizenship from birth. Given he was born in England, and his parents were Irish and British, he also automatically got British citizenship, and would qualify as English for the purposes of football registration.
  12. It'll be because, whilst the Bosman ruling has to be followed between EU member states, it doesn't have to be applied within a state - same with England having their limit be 1 month and not 6.
  13. Yes, newgens can come out as gay. It's been a feature of the game for a number of years now.
  14. And with that, I think the OP has received the most decisive answer he's going to, so I'm going to lock the thread.
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