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  1. If you just type "Champions League" or "World Cup" into the search bar in-game, it'll take you to the page for that competition, and you can check the fixtures and results.
  2. Did you turn off your PC right after closing down the game (with the game saving just before you quit out) by any chance? If so, you shut down your PC while it was still saving (as it is still sorting out the save file after the game closes), and that save is likely gone now. Did you have any earlier autosaves?
  3. You'd have to download a database that someone else has made that includes those transfers, and start a new save. You can't just add new transfers during an existing save without doing each one individually with the in-game editor.
  4. I'd say no, because once looking up the actual specs of that laptop (you should always be dubious when a site doesn't tell you what model processor, etc, it uses - it just saying "i3" is no use to anyone), the processor doesn't actually appear to be 3GHz like it says on that page. The actual base speed is 2.2GHz, which is barely over minimum specs, and again isn't a processor designed for the sort of heavy loads that FM puts on a CPU, which means that when pushed by FM, it won't reach its "turbo" speed of 3.4GHz, it'll just stay at 2.2GHz to manage the processing load and heat generated by the processor. If you could afford another approx £60-70, this laptop (https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-10181374-pdt.html) is discounted by £100 at the moment - it'd normally be £699, but is going for £599 at present, and has a processor that will breeze through FM for the next few years at a minimum, as well as having a decent graphics card that'll deal with FM easily. It would also let you run a lot more leagues than the laptop you linked, if you wanted, but would otherwise run FM much quicker with the number of leagues you stated in your post than the laptop you linked. Basically, for the sake of £70, in your position, I'd get the discounted better laptop that should be able to play the next few years' worth of FM releases fairly easily, rather than get the laptop you linked, and find it barely plays FM19, and potentially won't be good enough to run FM20 when it comes out in October/November.
  5. It depends a lot on your tactics. You can set up a tactic that uses a lot of crossing, or you can make one that involves through balls or however else you prefer to play. I use a couple of different tactics that use different means of getting the ball to the guy who'll take the shot, depending on the team I'm facing.
  6. With the second part, sure, you can do that. You just use the original database rather than the updated January database, and select the option to prevent transfers in the first summer window.
  7. If you want the slightly larger screen and a DVD drive, I'd go with the second one. Otherwise the first one is basically the same.
  8. The processor in that one isn't quite as good, as it's again one not out-and-out designed for heavy loads (Intel processors with the "U" designation at the end are the "Ultra Low Power" processors, which prioritise low power consumption over workload, and can, if they're under heavy load and start getting warm, start throttling their speed to try to maintain a reasonable temperature, which is bad for performance. It'd likely do FM okay, but you'd have to keep it cool, and it won't run it as well as the slightly more expensive one I linked, which would impact how fast the game runs when you're doing all 15 English tiers, and whatever other country's leagues are running at the same time. With laptops, regarding gaming performance, it really does come down to getting what you pay for,
  9. No worries, and for on the right side of £700, I'd go with this: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-1-tb-hdd-10181374-pdt.html Brilliant processor that others have got and works superb for FM, plenty of storage space, decent amount of RAM, and a medium end graphics card that'll breeze through what FM needs, and would also work well for other games too.
  10. Nope, it downloads it to your PC on the Steam Workshop - plus, they've not said that there will be Steam on the Stadia, so it would appear that this version of the game works outside of Steam, like the mobile and touch versions for tablets.
  11. Given the game would be stored on Google's servers, I'm not seeing how face packs, kit packs, skins or any other mods would work with it, since you wouldn't have access to their servers to add those packs, and given the licensing issues around the face/kit packs, league names, etc, I doubt either SI or Google would want to risk the ire of EA (who hold most of those licences) in letting people use them.
  12. I'd have to go with "no". That website is telling fibs saying that that is a gaming laptop, because it isn't. That processor, other than being over 4 years old at this point, is designed more for browsers and Netflix than any games, never mind ones that require a lot of CPU power like FM does. Additionally, it's not designed for heavy duty work, which FM would put it through, and as such the speed of that sort of processor is throttled at minimum when put under heavy load, which would mean, for FM, it would only just be over the minimum requirements, which for an expanded database including lower leagues will likely have poor performance, and it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, which will impact performance too. Honestly? Extra RAM or an improved HD isn't going to make this run FM any better, really, because it'd barely run FM at the best of times anyway. It might sound harsh, but you'd be better off saving your money to get a better one for when FM20 comes out, because you'd likely be wasting your money getting that laptop and hoping that FM20's system requirements don't go over what that laptop can do.
  13. Those laptops are over the minimum requirements, but not by much, so they should run the game, but it won't be particularly quick at all (the processing ability for a single core on each of those laptops [FM relies more on single processor core power than the power of all the cores] is about 70% the performance of the i5-8300H processor, which is one we tend to recommend as a more budget level, high performance FM processor. Also take into account that the performance may be worse than that, as each of the laptops you linked aren't designed for games, and the processors in them are designed to reduce their processing power when they get warm, and FM makes processors get quite warm after a while. The minimum I'd really be happy going for a laptop that'll run FM decently, and won't need replacing in the next 12-24 months, would probably be approx. £600-650, since then you can get a processor that'll run FM well, and a dedicated graphics card so it'll run smoother in matches (such as this one).
  14. You can buy out the clause if the board allows it, but otherwise, it doesn't matter how many times you renew a player's contract, because the clause isn't part of the player's contract, it's part of the transfer contract with the selling team.
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