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  1. JordanMillward_1

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    That one only has intergrated graphics, not a dedicated graphics card, so it'll run the game, but you want a graphics card if you want to play other games, or a decent frame rate in 3D in FM19.
  2. JordanMillward_1

    Coach's Important Attributes

    @Neil Brock @Jack Deal Has this bug been logged?
  3. JordanMillward_1

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I'd say processor and RAM, mostly, though a half-decent graphics card is useful. What sort of budget are you looking at?
  4. JordanMillward_1

    fm19 editor

    Both the in-game and out-of-game editors are always released on the proper release day, so as to avoid people reporting issues with the game that have in fact been caused due to edited databases.
  5. JordanMillward_1

    Nexus Classic Skins for FMT and FM

    Nice skin, but there are a few screens where the text is black, and would have been on a background that matched the team's colour, but is now just on the dark background and you can't read it.
  6. JordanMillward_1

    Dark mode - inbox is white

    You're a legend Chris, cheers!
  7. JordanMillward_1

    Coach's Important Attributes

    No problem. I was actually just trying to figure out which part of the bug report forum to post it on when I spotted your post, so thanks for making it easier for me!
  8. JordanMillward_1

    Pitch Grass Colour

    Agree here, it looks very muted and grey to me.
  9. JordanMillward_1

    Dark mode - inbox is white

    I have to agree with this, the dark skin is pointless at the moment. I always try to use dark mode as white on monitors tends to hurt my eyes, especially with black text on a white background. The current dark skin just isn't dark at all, it just changes the purple to grey, and leaves all the white.
  10. JordanMillward_1

    Beta for fm2019

    And I've checked, and Amazon is only selling the boxed version, so there is no way to buy it from Amazon and get involved in the beta.
  11. JordanMillward_1

    Coach's Important Attributes

    I was about to report the same issue @Jack Deal. The Overall, Attacking-Tactical and Attacking-Technical highlights are showing correctly, it's the rest of them on standard coaches. This is what shows instead: Defending - Tactical Defending - Technical Possession - Tactical Possession - Technical Additionally, I've noticed that the highlight for GK-Handling & Distribution is not highlighting the GK Distribution attribute. All the other highlights for staff appear to be correct. Additionally, it's not just the highlights on the individual coach's overview page that are incorrect. When you go into Staff Search to look for new staff, and select the pre-set options for attributes to look for for the above coach roles, the same incorrect attributes are highlighted, as shown here: They do, however, appear to be correct on the Training "Coach" section.
  12. Solidarity comrades! If we all stick together, we will overcome. FM players have nothing to lose but our free time - we have championships to win!
  13. I both love you and hate you for this Neil, very good job.
  14. I know what's going to be haunting my dreams now...
  15. You never know, to be honest, just keep an eye out for it. I'd reckon it could turn up any time before 9pm.