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  1. By check marks, do you mean the red or green arrows? Those are where the attributes are going up or down with training or play time. Otherwise, what check marks do you mean?
  2. Probably if any interest is being shown in them at a European club.
  3. If the processor is cool enough to be able to boost up to its turbo speed of 3.2GHz, yep, that processor will do it. It does, however, also depend on what your graphics card is. The ASUS site suggests that it's a Geforce 950, which should be fine for the 3D graphics. If you could search with Windows for DXDiag, and run a report, save it, and attach the document here, we'll be able to confirm it or not.
  4. JordanMillward_1

    lack of long range goals

    Apparently this is something that is being tweaked in the public beta, and so will hopefully occur more often once that has been released as a full patch.
  5. According to this video, yes. It shows you how to install it too.
  6. Apologies, that's what I'd meant. For games, other than the initial booting up of the game, it doesn't make much difference.
  7. No idea, it'd depend on what your laptop specs are.
  8. The there are 2 differences - the more expensive one has a slightly better graphics card (Geforce 1050 Ti, the upgraded version of the one in the first laptop, the 1050), and it has a quarter of the hard drive space (256GB of space, rather than 1TB), but it's a faster Solid State Drive, rather than a standard (and slower to load, save, etc) hard drive. It's up to you if those differences are worth it. Depending on your priorities, it could be worth it, or it might not be if you don't care about having to wait for your laptop to boot up and are only going to play FM on it in terms of games.
  9. If you can push for an extra £40 or so, I'd go with something like this: https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/system/FFXV-Ultra-Gaming-PC It won't set the world alight, but it'll run FM fairly well. You won't be able to get much better for the price, given how expensive the newer processors (that are decent for games) are.
  10. That might have 12GB RAM, but the i7-8550u isn't really made for gaming, though it would run FM19, but it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, which limits it. I'd instead go with this one: https://www.amazon.com/8th-Gen-i5-8300H-GeForce-FireCuda-Windows/dp/B07BP9QG2J/ref=sr_1_6?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1543975187&sr=1-6&keywords=laptop&refinements=p_36%3A2421888011 Just as good single-core processing (which FM relies upon), nearly as good multi-core, has as much RAM as you'll need for FM, and has a dedicated graphics card that's not bad, so will not only allow you to play FM easily, but other games too.
  11. That's the issue though, it ultimately doesn't matter what the FA or the league organisations want, it comes down to changes in the law regarding immigration.
  12. JordanMillward_1

    Brexit in FM19

    I wouldn't have especially said so, you get to recruit players of any nationality as long as they are first team international players. That's actually a lot more open for lower FIFA ranked countries that often have good players but you can't get under the original rules.
  13. It was moved in FM18, but it isn't in FM19, I don't think I've seen anyone say they had the World Cup moved from Qatar.
  14. JordanMillward_1

    Linux User

    Linux is not supported by default, no, as the Steam page only shows system requirements for Windows and Mac OS, and would normally show Linux if it was supported. https://store.steampowered.com/app/872790/