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  1. I thought of these as well, but the player in question is 8 for positioning, 11 for anticipation, and 14 for decisions. Other than his physical attributes the one stat that stands out is composure at 16. I have other wings with better stats in positioning and anticipation, some with better decision stats, but none quite as high in composure. In any case all the wings are fairly close in these stats. I notice that if someone on an opposing team manages to intercept our passes a few times it is most often a midfielder or other attacker, so maybe there is something to that.
  2. One of my wingers is particularly adept at intercepting passes, often sprinting a significant distance to do so. When I examine his stats I see no trait or skill that would explain this to me, although he does have good pace and acceleration. Is this just a random thing that I lucked out on with this player, or is there some way I can develop this in other players?
  3. I haven't used TAM in the game, but here is a link to the official MLS discussion on TAM.. Targeted Allocation Money | MLSsoccer.com
  4. I play MLS regularly and I know many others do. I don't normally read the posts about MLS but from what I have seen the biggest challenge is learning to deal with the salary cap and the rules related to it. There are also some challenges about the status of a player - only so many reserve, minimum salary, and that sort of thing, so the first piece of advice is to study these. Next you have to understand that MLS is a development league and you simply can't afford to load the roster up with high salaried players. In real life teams are learning to develop young players and then sell them on
  5. I play MLS all the time. I think the key for most people who have problems is learning how to deal with the salary cap. Learning how and when to use things like GAM are important and it is also important to know that MLS is a development league and currently can not support a roster of expensive players. Even MLS veterans need to be moved on as their salary demands increase. In real life teams are learning that they must develop youth players and then sell them on. For example, Philadelphia just sold a player to Red Bull Salzburg and one to Genk, and Juventus is currently offering $9.2 mi
  6. In my years of playing FM I normally have a save playing as an MLS club as well as the US Men's National Team. My play style is to develop young players so each save will cover several game years. Naturally I examine each year's crop of US newgens and speaking about the newgens developed in the US the most you can reasonably expect to see is a very few players with a PA of 130 generated. Contrast this with players that are entered into the database by humans who have scouting knowledge of some sort to rate the real life players and you will note a wide discrepancy. The game will not genera
  7. Goalkeeper match ratings are a bit silly. In tis playthrough my keepers are frequently rated poorly, unlike in previous versions of Football Manager. For example, in a match I just complete against a poor side my keeper allowed no goals, had to make no saves, made no mistakes, kept a clean sheet, and was rated at 6.3! I normally scold a player with that level of rating. Given that the keeper had little to do shouldn't the rating be a neutral 6.7 or 6.8?
  8. I uploaded a file named National Team UI Problem. Hope it helps. Note that the problem does not appear for club team matches, only for the national team.
  9. A few of my club team members are on the national team. While they are still available for matches on the club team, they are also available for national team matches concurrently. For example, my club team played a match for the US Cup on 7/7, while on 7/9 some of my players played a USMNT match. The UI did not show these players as away on national team duty, but one of my players out on loan did show as away during this time period. Normally players away for nation team duty are not available for the club team. On the one hand this appears to be a bug, but on the other hand my club tea
  10. If I am in the team selection screen preparing for a match with the national team, and then go back to the main squad screen for the national team, I am unable to go back and start the match. However, I can complete the match by going on vacation for a day.
  11. When a goal is scored I have not seen any information on assists. In FM20 credit for assists was always shown along with the goal scorer's name. Also, at the end of the game I have yet to see a Player of the Match indication. Has this been removed or are my players just not very good this season?
  12. When I start a new save using these files I do not see any of the Central American leagues - should they be available?
  13. I received the message again and checked the contract status of the three players indicated - the contract status had gone blank! I reset their contract status to full-time again. I have noticed some odd behavior in this version of FM with regards to contract status so if this continues I may need to report a bug in the game.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion but all of the players are on normal full-time contracts. In fact, MLS does not have the concept of youth contracts like other leagues. The players in question are fairly young so perhaps FM gets a bit confused by their age despite them being on full-time adult-level contracts.
  15. In the periodic advice from my staff on the development of my players I sometimes see the statement "needs to train full-time". I can think of no reason for this message as the players are all full-time first team players on the same schedule and intensity as the rest of the squad. What does this mean?
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