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  1. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Another interesting test that might shed some light on player development in the game would be to compare the national teams of selected countries and then run the game for say 10 years without any human managers or involvement, and then compare the same national teams. For example, if I look at the national team for Germany in FM 18, I notice the top 10 players have a CA that matches their PA (max being 189 for the GK). I don't see the same thing for England, nor for Brazil (although Neymar has a CA of 190 and a PA of 197). Nonetheless, all these sides have pretty high CAs. While I can't say at this point what would happen in FM 18, based on my previous experience with prior versions (e.g. FM 17) I'd be willing to bet that the CAs for these teams would be noticeably lower after they became dominated by newgens. Either way it would be interesting to see how the AI handles development and how closely the results match what we see from real life players. If the results match what we see in real life then kudos to FM
  2. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I haven't done exactly what you suggest but I have done this: I played with several managers at once, one with my main club team, one with the national team, and others with lower level leagues. Using the editor I give each team excellent facilities and staffing. Then in the academy for my main club I use the editor to give a few players a PA of 170, a few of 150, and one with a PA of 200. I do this each year with newgens. I play the kids to the max in the various teams I manage over a number of years, using loans. I can get a CA close to their max of 170 or 150, but I don't recall ever getting anybody up to anywhere close to a CA of 200. Another thing I noticed is that the player's development for the first few years (16-18) is generally proportional to their PA. For example, taking 2 kids in the same academy, one with a PA of 150 and one with a PA of 130, and giving them identical amounts of playing time, personalities, etc, the one with the higher PA will develop faster. So based on this sort of test I might conclude that the PA is not a necessary upper limit for highly talented kids, but does limit moderate to lower talent kids.
  3. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Since the game itself points out that a player's CA will not change much once the player reaches the age of 24 it would seem that there is a natural upper limit to a player's development, even if there were no PA in the game. Thus, the player's experiences up to that age would govern his ultimate CA even without a PA.
  4. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    Seb, the factors you mention governing the PA for a nation are still static. That is what doesn't make sense as far as I am concerned. By the way, I think your observations about the importance of soccer to American youth is a bit outdated.
  5. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I agree with you on this. For grins I did a long save managing a club team in Ireland, which has a very low average PA. I used the editor to give the club excellent facilities and then focused on poaching a lot of young players. The FA rules for Ireland allow this and by developing good youth players over time the club team was able to do reasonably well in the Champions League, although never matching the "big" teams with high reputations. But, because this club team was successful, and because of the club's excellent facilities and staff, the PA of my regens got a bit better and the league's coefficient went up nicely. Similarly, if the teams in a nation pump money into better facilities, better staffing, etc., and get better international results, the average PA for that nation should rise as well. While I can affect the regen PA values somewhat for a particular club in the game, the values still seem to be heavily influenced by the static PA for the nation in which the club plays. The nation's regen PA value should be dynamic as well, as long as we still have a PA value.
  6. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    I think your comment shows you simply (or willfully?) didn't understand the point. The game sets the average PA of regens from many, many countries much lower than the average PA from a few countries, and it doesn't change, no matter what. That is much closer to lunacy than a more rational and realistic system.
  7. Revaluation of the CA - PA system

    The problem with the current PA, as you have described it ("think of it as genetics"), is essentially racist. I would argue that all nations should generate players with the same "bell curve" of PA and let the nation's facilities, staff, etc. determine how well a player develops. If I had the patience I would start all of my saves by setting the youth regen value for all nations to be identical. Now you could persuade me that each nation has a third value that influences players developed in that country, which might be described as "soccer culture". For example here in the US I see a lot of money being put into youth facilities, academies, etc. and nobody could argue that the intellectual and athletic potential of American youth is somehow lower than in other countries, yet I see a lot of our young players lacking the technical and tactical sophistication that I have seen in the youth of some other countries. Watching young American baseball players I notice that by their early teens they automatically do the right tactical thing in baseball games because they have been nurtured in a culture that is now sophisticated in baseball. Based on my own experiences as a youth coach I have explained this difference as a soccer culture that is not mature enough to nurture young players as well as in other countries. Now if I take that same young player and send him abroad to develop in the youth system of another country his PA should not be limited by his nation of birth. In fact, some American players are born and raised in other countries so their "soccer culture" should reflect that country, even if they are American citizens. As it is, a nation like the US starts with a limiting PA of about 110 for its young players which doesn't change no matter how many years a save runs, so the US national team and players will simply never be competitive with countries like Germany or Brazil or Argentina. This is not reality.
  8. Have you tried the search screen with attributes of nationality and second nationality?
  9. If a staff member for a national team has been given an ongoing scouting assignment there is no way to cancel or change it. There seems to be no way to hire data analysts for the national team. There seems to be no way to hire sports scientists for the national team.
  10. Given the importance FM is attaching to sports scientists and data analysts I find it surprising that my national team has neither on the staff. When I go to the staff search tab there doesn't seem to be any possibility to search for either of these specialties. Surely this is an oversight by the developers?
  11. I am managing a national team and I want to change where my scouts are exploring. I can create new assignments but do not see any way to cancel an ongoing or existing assignment. I am in charge of setting assignments and handling scouting meetings but seem to have little control over what the scouts are doing.
  12. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Toyota Stadium (FC Dallas) has an incorrect seating capacity. The database lists the capacity as 15000 yet it holds over 20000 seated customers. At present a portion of the seating area is blocked off due to construction but the capacity still exceeds 15000. IN fact the average attendance for the season just completed was over 15000 with many empty seats showing, https://soccerstadiumdigest.com/2017-mls-attendance/
  13. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Kellyn Acosta players for FC Dallas and was signed out of their academy yet the database does not reflect this history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kellyn_Acosta
  14. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Josh Sargent is not in the database. He was a member of the US U17 National Team that just made it to the U17 World Cup quarter-finals and has recently been called up for a senior team match against Portugal. In fact, several of the U17 players are missing from the database. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Sargent https://www.ussoccer.com/us-under17-mens-national-team/latest-roster#tab-1
  15. [U.S.A.] (Official) Data Issues

    Victor Ulloa of FC Dallas was trained in their youth academy but the database does not reflect his homegrown status https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Ulloa_(footballer,_born_1992) By the way, homegrown status affects salary cap issues and also affects how much of a transfer fee is retained by the club and how much goes to MLS.