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  1. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    Does it matter which database we load with this update? I don't recall whether I used the original FM 2017 database or the updated one. Also, I made a copy of your mod and then made a few tweaks to FC Dallas to reflect roster changes. Perhaps I inadvertently affected something else although I don't recall touching anything other than FC Dallas. Anyway, if nobody else is seeing this problem then good since it is a nice mod to the game.
  2. Own Club

    I would like to be able to own a club and be my own "board". Since I earn a salary I'd like to be able to use it. Even if my management career doesn't allow me to spend my earnings I'd like to be able to start a game as the owner of a club and not have to answer to a board. I realize that in some cases the board might help with fiscal management but I am quite willing to take on that responsibility.
  3. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    I went back to an older save and reran the game. Still no prompt. I checked the ingame competition rules which stated that I should register the team on November 27th and there was no prompt on or around that date to register. So, something is amiss, and no, I am not using anything else that modifies the database.
  4. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    Playing as FC Dallas my team was eligible for the FIFA World Club Championship but I had to forfeit because no player registration prompt came up with the result that all my players we ineligible. I checked my log to ensure that I didn't simply overlook something but I saw no prompt for registration. Normally things that require a response nag you but that didn't happen either. Was this an isolated incident or has someone else noticed this?
  5. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    I set it to 155 to be like Germany. I think Brazil is a bit higher, Mexico is lower.
  6. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    just once per save should be enough.
  7. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    If you have the in-game editor: at the top of the screen click on the world icon and then select the country you are interested in. Once that is done invoke the in-game editor, then "edit nation details" then "generated players". This setting affects the PA of new players. If you don't have the in-game editor then you would need to use the database editor and modify the download. Each country has a "generated players" setting so change it to what you want.
  8. [FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

    I just started a save with this download and am enjoying it so far. I play with my normal club team and as the US National Team coach. In checking the US player pool I noticed a rich supply of young talent (for a change), so I decided to see what the generated players setting was for the US. As much as I like the idea of super talent coming in all the time I decided to tone it down to be comparable to Germany. Other players may want to consider this as well, but on the other hand....
  9. Try February or early March. The MLS preseason starts towards the end of January and the season normally starts in late March. In real life they do host international teams for friendlies in the summer for mid-week games, but this may be difficult to arrange in the game.
  10. In my saves I consider a talented youth to have been developed well when the CA is close to the PA by the time the player is 24. To get there a lot of things have to happen, such as having good facilities, good staff, and giving the player lots of good experience in the proper positions. Even then I sometimes am a bit frustrated because one or two attributes aren't what I want them to be, but that is real life as well. It also happens in real life that as a player develops their position should change because some attributes are developing faster than others and they become more suitable for a different position, and I see this in the game as well from time to time. In my saves I often play as two or three teams so that I can loan talented players to my lower level teams which will give them lots of first team experience until they are ready for my main team. Overall I am satisfied that my players tend to develop "successfully" according to my standards.
  11. Managing in Germany

    I agree that FM shows snow and rain and mentions travel from time to time, but compared to real life what happens in FM is essentially cosmetic. I recently listened to an interview with the new manager for Houston (in MLS). He was asked about how he would go about recruiting players. He mentioned that while he thought Houston was a wonderful city it also had a "unique" climate. So, for example, he would not actively seek to recruit a player from Iceland, for example, because the player would "melt" in Houston. FM doesn't simulate this type of effect. In real matches in various cities you can visibly observe that visiting teams simply "run out of gas" somewhere after the 60th minute, compared to the home team, and this can be because of altitude, heat, or humidity. I suspect a rainy match day in Liverpool or Manchester affects both home and visiting teams about equally. On the other hand, when the US and Mexico play the Mexicans normally win when the match is held at the Azteca during a hot month, and the US normally wins when the match is held in Columbus on a winter or very early spring day. The differences are beyond the normal home field advantage. In MLS teams that travel from one coast to the other for a match are also at a disadvantage beyond what would normally be expected in most leagues. I have never noticed any such effect in FM. I'm ok that FM doesn't model real life to that extent. Another factor that I'm not sure is modeled in FM is the fact that in real life many players need time to adjust to the new league and playing conditions there. In MLS the experience has been that for most players it takes from 6 months to a year for a player to adapt, although there are some rare cases where individuals do not need this time to fit in. In FM any player that is new to a team needs to adjust to the local tactics and formation to some degree, but again there is a difference between what FM models and what can be observed in real life, and a real life manager must take this into account as well. So, while I agree that football is football, I also believe that at least in real life going from one league to another to manage may well involve some additional complexities. Looking at a study one home-field advantage in English leagues, Oliver Roeder and James Curley who studied data from the "top four tiers" and over 200,000 matches provides a graph which shows that the home team wins slightly less than 50% of their matches, draws a certain percentage, and loses a certain percentage. The home-field advantage has been declining. In MLS Stephen J. Dubner notes that the home team wins 69.1% of their games. This is a significant difference in my opinion.
  12. Managing in Germany

    #! - Yes, but... On the field there will probably be few differences between a match in England and one in Germany, but try taking a team that is used to playing at sea level and move them to say the Azteca in Mexico City for a game where they have to deal with a combination of altitude and pollution. FM doesn't simulate this type of condition but in real life the manager must take this into account. Or shift to a league that has many restrictions on who can play and what the team's salary budget is. MLS for example, often gives headaches to people trying to manage there. For that matter, historically managers usually have not done well in MLS if they didn't also have prior playing experience in MLS, or at least served some time as an assistant to an MLS manager. The reasons for this are many, including the league rules designed to promote parity, but managers also have to take into account fairly dramatic differences in climate and altitude between the different venues, as well as the amount of travel involved. A team may play in Montreal on a Saturday, in Panama on a Wednesday, and in Seattle on the next Saturday, after logging several thousand miles of travel and adjusting to very different climate conditions. As I recall, during the last World Cup played in Brazil any team the played in Manaus lost their next match, and this was attributed to the climate in Manaus draining the players. FM doesn't simulate all of these (and other) conditions a manager must cope with, but in real life they do make a difference.
  13. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to reconsider your approach to the game as the potential complexity of it can be overwhelming. I happen to use the in-game editor to allow me to play the game the way I want to. I have no interest in building a team by buying and selling players. I'm a former youth coach so my passion is developing young players. I need time to be able to see the fruits of my efforts in the first team squad and table. So, I give myself a long contract and make myself unsackable. Some owners have little patience but it is not unknown for clubs to be patient with coaches that need time to turn a team around. My local club team gave one coach a 5-year contract and stuck with him even though the results were not good. We lost several good players who didn't want to play for him. After his contract ran out the owners had the good sense to give the job to the person who was instrumental in developing our highly regarded youth academy and the last two seasons we finished at the top of our table. So, what I do in my save is not unrealistic as far as I am concerned. In real life some clubs will fire a coach after a few months, and some clubs will award multi-year contracts to a coach and stick with them. I tell the board I want to develop young players and to use our youth program, and I need time to do that. I agitate for better training facilities and coaching staff. Over time the results begin to show up. As far as tactics and managing the game - if your players are markedly weaker than the opposition then you will lose most of the time and tweaking tactics won't change that. If your squad is better than the opposition then you will win more often unless you do some really dumb things tactically. In real life some coaches prowl the sidelines and scream themselves hoarse, and some coaches sit and observe and make most of the adjustments at halftime. What is your style? Both styles can be successful in real life. I wouldn't start my FM coaching career with a high pressure situation, such as the English Premier League, and I would try to start with a club and league that I felt I had an understanding of. I'm also not ashamed to tweak the game a bit to allow myself to learn and play the way I want to. When I feel proficient enough I can try a more challenging situation. Isn't that the way most of us learn? Start with something manageable, master that, then take the next step.
  14. Another thing that seems to affect the regens for a club is the "generated players" setting for the nation from which the youth regens are drawn. This can be seen and changed in the database editor or the in-game editor. For example, in Costa Rica generated youth players will have a youth rating of 66, which is probably an average or median rating for the PA. In Germany, however, the youth rating is 155. The "generated players" settings also affect the typical personality attributes as well, such as adaptability, ambition, etc. Personally I think the generated PA should be the same for all nations and let the local facilities, coaching staffs, etc. make the difference in the CA, but that is not how the game is currently designed.
  15. Both the expansion teams are in the game and are part of the league schedule for 2017. In addition there is an expansion draft at the end of the 2016 playing year, which caught me by surprise. Overall I think the game does a good job of modeling MLS.