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  1. I have to agree with this post - the game doesn't handle newgens in a way that models reality for the US. For example, the USMNT are playing England today. I'm not aware of any college draft players on the squad, but three of the expected starters went through the FC Dallas Academy, while others in the squad are also academy products. Oops, Zimmerman was part of the superdraft, but also played for an academy, but not an MLS academy.
  2. The player history for Emerson Hyndman does not show his time at FC Dallas Academy (FC Dallas Jrs in the game). He was part of the academy program prior to being poached by Fulham. At that time his grandfather was head coach of FC Dallas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerson_Hyndman
  3. Well, it adds variety and choices for those who want to be more hands on, but for me there are two key questions: 1) does the new training system make my team play better than last year's system, and 2) does the new training system develop my players faster/better than before? After two seasons I don't see enough evidence to conclude that it is better, or worse, than before. I play hands on with one club and leave it to the assistant with another, so it isn't a matter of me getting in the way. The things that were important before still seem to matter the most: good staff and lots of playing time.
  4. I just downloaded your file and with no changes it shows that everything is verified, but if I change even the name of a team to show that FC Dallas will have a USL team next year the rules don't verify, complaining about stage flags, which is beyond my level of database expertise.
  5. Interesting stuff. I'll follow how this goes for others and maybe start a new play-though myself with this approach.
  6. It appears that homegrowns are not working properly for MLS. For example, Reggie Cannon does not show up as a homegrown player in the roster even though he is. Using the IGE Reggie is listed as homegrown at FC Dallas JRS which should make him homegrown to FC Dallas. Jesse Gonzalez shows as homegrown at both FC Dallas JRS and FC Dallas in the IGE but does not show up as homegrown in the squad registration panel. Moses Hernandez shows up as HGC although he is homegrown and is now 25 years old. And so on.
  7. I'm not aware of any way to adjust league rules using the IGE. I am also currently managing a Belgian club (Antwerp) and I adjusted some players to show as homegrown but so far I see no indication that the game recognizes these changes. The game also seems to have some mistakes regarding MLS players, so perhaps there is a system wide error in the game now.
  8. You should be able to fix this using the in-game editor. Annoying, but workable.
  9. Twice now the game has crashed during a match (unfortunately I was leading in both matches). I did not have this problem during the beta and in the beta I played over two full seasons. I have not changed my computer configuration, downloaded any new applications (other than FM), nor have I made any other changes to my system that I am aware of.
  10. The MLS rules do take some getting used to! One thing I regret in the Football Manager world is not being able to play as the Glasgow Rangers since they spent themselves into bankruptcy, and the Rangers FC doesn't quite have the same cachet for me. A few years back I used to drive two hours each way to watch the old NY Cosmos, with Pele, Beckenbauer, etc., in the original NASL, but that league went bankrupt. Even MLS went through a rocky period at first, but now it is thriving, thanks at least in part to those weird rules. The TV revenue and coverage has been growing substantially, which allows for more investment in infrastructure and players. In 2018 the average attendance ranged from 12,447 for Columbus to 53,002 for Atlanta. The league's rules allow all the teams to be competitive, so this year we see both Columbus and Atlanta competing in the playoffs for the MLS Cup. This parity is important for US fans because each year their team has a realistic chance to go all the way. Some of the high visibility foreign players that come to MLS remark that they see the parity as a good thing. It will be some time before MLS teams can compete on equal terms with EPL teams, and we're still not able to reliably beat those pesky Mexican teams, but each year we do get a bit better.
  11. According to the USL: https://the18.com/soccer-news/new-usl-structure-2019-promotion-relegation
  12. I don't know if this will help the OP, but there is a major restructuring of USL underway and it will have tiers with promotion and relegation. MLS will not be part of that structure, although many MLS teams will have reserve teams in the new USL. Unfortunately the restructuring was not in time to make this database, but in time I assume it will be included. In the meantime the Editors Hideaway and download forum has several people creating tiered leagues for North America, which may satisfy the OP.
  13. In thhe last few versions of Football Manager I've used the database editor to enable lower level leagues in the U.S. This year there is an easy option to enable lower level leagues for a variety of countries, except it doesn't work for the U.S. Simply using the option leaves NASL and 'American Second Division" (read USL) inactive. If you make NASL active it has no teams. If you make it inactive and activate the USL you get an error message indicating that the USL should be competition level 3 even though the database has made it level 2, and so forth. The only way I could find to make things work was to reconstitute the NASL with teams and make both it and the USL active. Annoying but workable. However, the USL as we used to know it is gone and a new tiered structure with promotion and relegation is being introduced, but apparently not in time for this database. If anyone has a better experience enabling lower level leagues, or has a head start on the new format for USL, please share.
  14. https://www.mlssoccer.com/rosters/2018/colorado-rapids
  15. I ran a full MLS season "hands-on" and then reran the same season "hands-off" to see what the differences would be, if any. In both cases I hired an additional coach and recalled some talented youngsters from loans. In both cases the training was done by my assistant except in the "hands-on" play-through I modified the regimen for about one month. In the "hands-off" play-through I went on vacation once I had set up the tactics, allocated responsibilities, etc. In both cases I went with the players already on the books and disallowed any transfers. In the "hands-on" play-though I took the "triple" (Open Cup, Supporters Shield, MLS Cup). In the "hands-off" play-through my assistant only managed to win the MLS Cup (I'd like to think that was due to my, ahem, better coaching). Some observations: performance seemed a bit better than FM2018. Player development seemed noticeably slower than FM2018. However, in the "hands-on" play-through I made a point of playing Reggie Cannon as much as he was able and he developed from 2 1/2 stars to 4 stars. Other highly talented youngsters who did not get as much playing time barely improved at all. In the "hands-off" play-through Reggie Cannon only developed to 3 stars, presumably because he did not get as much playing time. The newgens in my academy seemed more promising than FM2018, which is a much needed improvement over FM2018 and more realistic. At the end of the season there is an expansion draft for FC Cincinnati. My club qualified for the NACL and that appears to be modeled in the game. The salary and team registration rules are different than in FM2018 and seem to model the current MLS practice. The template does allow us to see the salary cap impact for each player, which helps, but the process of team registration can still be very challenging for MLS newbies. A complaint: In the "hands-off" playthrough the talented youth were waived except for Reggie Cannon who was transferred to the Bundesliga. I don't think a real club would simply abandon their talented youth like this, especially since MLS has made a point of requiring academies and using the team registration and salary rules to motivate clubs to develop home-grown talent. Some unknowns: the beta does not allow me to see what is modeled for USL or NASL. USL has undergone some major changes so I am hoping the changes will be in the final product. I was also not able to experiment with the national team. Some wishes: I would like the IGE, when it becomes available, to allow us to change the contract type for MLS players. For example, change the status from reserve to SMS, or from SMS to senior. The salary cap and team registration rules are sufficiently complex that this may mean the difference between someone playing an MLS team or simply giving up. For a case of scotch to the developers: give us a template for MLS team registration that models the slots like the registration rules do - slots 1-20, 21-24, etc. The mlssoccer.com website shows a template for club rosters that would be helpful, especially if the game also showed the salary cap impact, etc. for each slot.
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