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  1. Gladiator V1 is just the best tactic for FM19 and working miracles for my underdog team Hull. Thanks TFF! First Season Second Season
  2. Agreed. This is me playing Balanced and Standard Defensive Line with Standard Line Engagment. You dont lose the attacking part but just be a bit more solid in defence. Will see how this goes in the prem....
  3. Just about to start my FMT challenge with this tactic after performing so well on 19.2 I cant use the training schedules on FMT - basically what are they? I can focus my training on different areas, would be great to see what areas you focus on too... thanks
  4. Its a skin created by a SI Moderator Lucas Weatherby - Nexus Classic Touch. Here you go.... http://www.mediafire.com/file/w467vmk7aa57gs6/NCT.zip/file
  5. Agreed. For the same team to have the best attack and defence in the league is very impressive. Cant wait to start mt career game with this. Well done!
  6. Great tactic. Whilst waiting for FMT to update thought i'd fire up a save on holiday mode to test, finished 1st easily with Hull City, no signings. (Away tactic used)
  7. 2nd season completed and finished an excellent 7th in 1st season in the Premiership. Runners up in the FA Cup Final. Qualified for Europe.
  8. Insane tactic. Lowly Hull City have walked the league ending with 103 points!
  9. Stormcaller is killing it for me on my Hull save with the 19.2 beta match engine!
  10. surely i dont need to advise you now this is a major bug, its happening all the time and other users have advised of this also. i can see on the FM main game bug forum this is also listed and is under review. on my last game 2 goals at the end were scored (home and away teams) and no flashing text came up. this game is now unplayable and i wont be bothering until this is patched. the match engine this year is the worst i've ever encountered but lets just stick to this problem for now. i also find it laughable that your link doesnt work and i dont have the permissions to access the content! (even though i'm signed in) i have the saved game to upload but cant.....you couldnt make it up..... Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H
  11. Changed the mentality to Balanced. Changed both f9 to SS (A) and i'm now flying. My SS are now scoring way more than my f9 use to.
  12. commentary mode. i'm looking at a blank screen for 1st minute of the game waiting for the game to catch up when on screen display
  13. opposition scoring goals and no notification on commentary mode is really annoying
  14. This is by far the best tactic so far for FM19. Media Prediction 17th - 1st so far.
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