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  1. 100%. Next patch better be a game changer for me or thats me out of FM for good as i've been frustrated with this series for the last 3 years now. FM20 has to be the dullest most boring version yet, cant get a long term save going as results are unrealistic - feels too ramdom now.
  2. Interesting. Care to share player roles & setup as i'm finding the inconsistency baffling?? How can I go 11 WINS on the trot then lose next 7 with SAME tactics and players? Game feels very random this year, not enjoying it.
  3. I fear this is too big an issue in the ME to be fixed in the next patch. Game needs a complete overhaul. Would be good to get a response from someone at SI that this is been looked into however.
  4. Pretty much all can play a part as there young so will develop probably with the exception of scott tanser i'd say. Will let you know as just finished 1st season as championship champions!
  5. Here's my list of bargains i've signed for Hull in the Championship. Most are available for peanuts or at most under £1m. I mainly look for young english / scandinavian / portuguese players as much better value. Some of the signing are cheaper in January as out of contract so you can buy them 'now' as paying up there contract. RICARDO TAVARES 80K BEN SHEAF £90K ERIK BOTHEIM 20K CONRAD WALLEM 2K MARIO FERREIRA FREE LUCA NAVARRO FREE NIKLAS CASTRO £220K HERMAN GEELMUYDEN FREE (JOINS IN JANUARY) SONDRE ROSSBACH £600K VICTOR GARCIA £120K JACK BYRNE £145K KALLE HOLMBERG £73K FABINHO (26YR old mc) £425K SCOTT TANSER £90K SIGURD GRONLI £250K DIOGO CLEMENTE £275K JAKOB GLESNES £80K Enjoy! feedback most welcome....UTT
  6. yeah this doesnt work for me either - nothing happens skin does not reload either when ticked to do so
  7. Gladiator V1 is just the best tactic for FM19 and working miracles for my underdog team Hull. Thanks TFF! First Season Second Season
  8. Agreed. This is me playing Balanced and Standard Defensive Line with Standard Line Engagment. You dont lose the attacking part but just be a bit more solid in defence. Will see how this goes in the prem....
  9. Just about to start my FMT challenge with this tactic after performing so well on 19.2 I cant use the training schedules on FMT - basically what are they? I can focus my training on different areas, would be great to see what areas you focus on too... thanks
  10. Its a skin created by a SI Moderator Lucas Weatherby - Nexus Classic Touch. Here you go.... http://www.mediafire.com/file/w467vmk7aa57gs6/NCT.zip/file
  11. Agreed. For the same team to have the best attack and defence in the league is very impressive. Cant wait to start mt career game with this. Well done!
  12. Great tactic. Whilst waiting for FMT to update thought i'd fire up a save on holiday mode to test, finished 1st easily with Hull City, no signings. (Away tactic used)
  13. 2nd season completed and finished an excellent 7th in 1st season in the Premiership. Runners up in the FA Cup Final. Qualified for Europe.
  14. Insane tactic. Lowly Hull City have walked the league ending with 103 points!
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