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  1. Yes, but it doesn't mean he won't run into channels, moving across the opponent's defensive line for just the right opening. Were you asking for more of a supporting striker to move side to side and hold the ball up when he gets it?
  2. I think what you'll hear from folks is with both wide backs attacking (and sometimes leaving the wide areas for the center); a BWM(s) closing down hard in the midfield and/or a BBM roaming and moving forward sometimes;, and all three central defenders (almost) always playing Stopper - stepping up to deal with the opponent's attackers instead of holding position - you're leaving little if anything sitting back shielding your goalkeeper. Who's actually defending? A few immediate ideas might be: giving at least one central defender a basic Defend role; attacking with one wingback while the other supports and provides some defense; one holding role in the central midfield [like DLP(d), CM(d), etc].
  3. So it sounds like there may have been a few players that may have played this particular FM role... but have any of you used it? Effectively? Into what kind of tactical setups might the wide trequartista fit better than other roles available?
  4. One of the new tactical features in FM18 is the ability to play the trequartista role at AML & AMR. However I haven’t seen much, if any, discussion about that on the forums. What types of setups would the “wide trequartista” be used most successfully? What are the real life examples of the “wide trequartista”?
  5. There's probably a middle ground between analyzing the crap out of everything and punting it to the assistant. Perhaps pick out one or two really key features of your opponent's tactical approach - such as a focus on wide play, a key playmaker, a high defensive line, etc. Then make just one or two impactful strategic adjustments accordingly and see if that helps. That's what I've been trying to do lately to better learn the game and it feels more manageable to a novice like myself.
  6. Also never underestimate the players' individual abilities, in addition to tactical choices. Slow defenders - in mind or body - might be contributing to the problem of getting caught by opposition counter-attacks or direct play from deep.
  7. Just my two cents, having worked on this same type of tactic... Playing with an Attacking mentality pushes your defensive line up already, so I'd agree with the suggestion to reduce or remove the Much Higher Defensive Line Team Instruction. 8 of your 10 players are in the middle of the field, including your ball-attracting playmakers and targetman, so I might recommend dropping the Exploit the Middle and Play Much Narrower Team Instructions, too. Remember that Exploit the Middle does things with forward runs for central or wide players, beyond their roles. You want to play largely through the middle, but piling on all of the team instructions might make it too predictably central-focused. Give the narrow tactic at least a little room to breathe.
  8. I don’t think you can assume this, especially just a week or two after the game is released.
  9. But foreign players who are playing abroad do earn days toward citizenship in that country, right?
  10. I'm playing FMT '17 and I can't seem to find where the "days to earn citizenship" are listed on an an individual player's pages. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  11. You'll need to post a lot more about your full set up, roles, approach, etc. If you hit the target Giroud up top, who's nearby for him to play in? Personally, a couple attacking midfielders converging in the box and one late runner from midfield could help Giroud. Any player, by himself, versus a couple centerbacks will eventually end in a turnover.
  12. The 3-4-3 is a formation that fields three forwards. Alternatively, you could play two of your forwards as Inside Forwards in a 4-1-2-2-1. There are plenty of threads for tactics that use both formations - and you could supplement that with non-FM study of the two formations. A "real life" tutorial always helps me understand before trying to apply it to FM.
  13. Care to share what ch-ch-changes did you made to make the AMC click?
  14. Leaky defense. Still playing aggressive offensively (control) with only one holding player (DLP) and both fullbacks attacking? I'd agree with Herne79: What's your latest setup - formation, roles, and TI? How much are you changing during the game? I tend to get too complicated and change too impatiently. I often have to fight that urge and simplify. This is good advice by Herne79 - echoed by the other savvy FM managers on the forums.
  15. Chapter 4 of "Lines and Diamonds" may offer some insight: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423054-Lines-and-Diamonds-The-Tactician-s-Handbook-for-Football-Manager-2015-%28Part-3-Updated%29?p=10256030&viewfull=1#post10256030 Why not just *one* CM(A) and the other two cover for him defensively? A 4-2-3-1.
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