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  1. There's probably a middle ground between analyzing the crap out of everything and punting it to the assistant. Perhaps pick out one or two really key features of your opponent's tactical approach - such as a focus on wide play, a key playmaker, a high defensive line, etc. Then make just one or two impactful strategic adjustments accordingly and see if that helps. That's what I've been trying to do lately to better learn the game and it feels more manageable to a novice like myself.
  2. This site might be useful to you: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics/roles-and-duties
  3. Jonathan Wilson's piece in The Guardian today is great food for thought on possession vs counter-attacking, proactive vs reactive tactics, perhaps most appropriate in this ongoing discussion. The article suggests what's been promoted in the great recent Tactics Forum threads - these dichotomies are not really black-and-white choices. Link: "The Question: What is Attacking Football?"
  4. Without knowing any more than the quote above... He's running into dangerous space, so I would position a player to take away that space, whether through formation or role. It might be more effective in shutting down those runs from deep than having some poor midfielder chasing the dangerous opponent all game, hoping to mark him fully without fail.
  5. There is an Indian regen named Elvis Singh in my game.
  6. There are plenty of threads about the 4231... take a read, apply to your club & players as appropriate. Requesting tactics for specific teams often doesn't yield a lot of results on this forum, I've found.
  7. "Noone replaces him". Love the screenshot! Look at the fans at the bottom of the screen, throwing their heads back, fists clenched, heads in hands, screaming about such a poor managerial move. One woman looks worried. One guy looks like he's still waiting for the substitute to walk onto the field. One fan is pointing, probably at the manager, calling for his job. Talk about frustration.
  8. Say it to your mother and see if you or she blushes or giggles. Then tell me it isn't funny.
  9. Though, "Ocker room" is not an Americanization of the English "locker room". In fact, if anyone is to drop opening consonants, it might be one of our friends from the British Isles.
  10. I am too, I've never had a son. Instead of working on my "man management", perhaps I should "take a more hands on approach" with the talented female physio on my rival's club. But I digress. I would do the same thing, crafting my son's experience and skills and giving him every opportunity I could afford him. Good luck, dad! Does anyone know if you can have multiple sons in a really long save? Or is it coded that you only get one?
  11. I can see the scene at the hospital the day he was born... the mother asks, "so, doctor, do I have a son or a daugher?" and the doctor says "congratulations, it's a left winger!"
  12. The fans better hope for a few minutes of injury time, just so they can actually get that full chant out before halftime! That's looooong! (And this comment is coming from someone with 12 letters in his own last name. Even I'm impressed.)
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