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  1. But foreign players who are playing abroad do earn days toward citizenship in that country, right?
  2. I'm playing FMT '17 and I can't seem to find where the "days to earn citizenship" are listed on an an individual player's pages. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. 4-2-3-1 I'm Lost Again

    You'll need to post a lot more about your full set up, roles, approach, etc. If you hit the target Giroud up top, who's nearby for him to play in? Personally, a couple attacking midfielders converging in the box and one late runner from midfield could help Giroud. Any player, by himself, versus a couple centerbacks will eventually end in a turnover.
  4. The 3-4-3 is a formation that fields three forwards. Alternatively, you could play two of your forwards as Inside Forwards in a 4-1-2-2-1. There are plenty of threads for tactics that use both formations - and you could supplement that with non-FM study of the two formations. A "real life" tutorial always helps me understand before trying to apply it to FM.
  5. Why Not 4231

    Care to share what ch-ch-changes did you made to make the AMC click?
  6. Leaky defense. Still playing aggressive offensively (control) with only one holding player (DLP) and both fullbacks attacking? I'd agree with Herne79: What's your latest setup - formation, roles, and TI? How much are you changing during the game? I tend to get too complicated and change too impatiently. I often have to fight that urge and simplify. This is good advice by Herne79 - echoed by the other savvy FM managers on the forums.
  7. Chapter 4 of "Lines and Diamonds" may offer some insight: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423054-Lines-and-Diamonds-The-Tactician-s-Handbook-for-Football-Manager-2015-%28Part-3-Updated%29?p=10256030&viewfull=1#post10256030 Why not just *one* CM(A) and the other two cover for him defensively? A 4-2-3-1.
  8. That's one positional change I would try, given what you've shared about your tactic and troubles. An Inside Forward cutting in, with a Fullback overlapping to the outside is a classic combination. This might offer your TM someone in the box to connect with - or another body in the box for your remaining winger to cross to. Just one thought, I'm sure there are many solutions to try. Tactics aren't "cracked", but teams do adjust how they plan to play against you. (Why wouldn't a team change their approach based on opponent strength?)
  9. I must have misread your problem, it sounded like you weren't scoring consistently. If you're a top scoring team, your opponents may realize that and pack the box or focus on defending tighter. It's a reasonable thing to do. In that case, your chances may not be as clean or consistent as before. Perhaps an attacking boost from an Inside Forward or CM(A) might be needed? Sometimes a little tap to a player with a clearer shot - or a second man to put away a rebound - can help.
  10. So who is supposed to be the scorer(s) in that setup? Your TM appears to be the only one in the box, or consistently attacking the box, and he's bound to be outnumbered. A box-to-box mid will help, to a degree, but I would want someone more focused on attacking the goal. I much prefer to use roles and Player Instructions to create the FB/W overlap, instead of the Team Instruction. I find it's a much more consistent and natural overlap.
  11. Is your Targetman always outnumbered in the box? Are your wingers out on an island, without adequate support and passing options, if the cross isn't on? Are your opponent's wingers or fullback getting a lot of time on the ball, without a challenge?
  12. Start with one of the many threads labeled possession football. There's a wealth of information on this forum. I recommend starting with this one: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/445500-The-Art-of-Possession-Football
  13. This site might be useful to you: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics/roles-and-duties
  14. Jonathan Wilson's piece in The Guardian today is great food for thought on possession vs counter-attacking, proactive vs reactive tactics, perhaps most appropriate in this ongoing discussion. The article suggests what's been promoted in the great recent Tactics Forum threads - these dichotomies are not really black-and-white choices. Link: "The Question: What is Attacking Football?"
  15. +1 to this, speaks to my experience exactly. With pressing, I think you see the back 3 shifting from side to side more, as they should.