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  1. I would strongly suggest you take a look at Ajax's manager profile, his preferred formation and playing style. Adjust your tactic according to the way he attack and defend to counter him. Also you can analyze the player he picks for every position and tell what roles he use. Try to take their playermaker roles out of the game.
  2. It really needs to have a player with several habits: shoot from distance, get forward further and get into opposition area. Without these ppm I don't think it's gonna work to replicate him. As for roles I would say CM-A, Lampard is not a mezzala and he is way more offensive than defensive.
  3. You can improve both of them by training roles which require bravery or workrate. They can also be acquired through general training sessions. For workrate, discipline the player after he had a poor game is a more effective way.
  4. I would say gegenpressing is definitely an op tactic when you play against ai teams, but it doesn't mean that the game lacks balance. Actually gegenpressing tactic is quite possible to counter with quick direct overhead long balls plus pacy strikers, but ai teams are less likely to tweak their tactics accordingly. Also in higher leagues, more ai teams tend to play possession based football, so it's easily slaughtered by gegenpressing tactics. On the contrary in llm where many teams play low block direct counter or even route one, you'll find high line and intense pressing are not that op.
  5. Personally I don't want my attackers with decent size and jumping reach to have this habit. In my save I have two right-footed wingers playing on the left(IF-A) to kind of emulate Cristiano Ronaldo. They have quite similar attributes and habits. The only difference is one with likes ball played to feet. He struggles in the whole season, while the other played just as brilliant as I want him to be, scoring multiple cut in long shots, frequently making smart runs into the box or channels to get headers and score.
  6. Brilliant work! I just wonder if higher LOE plus two banks of four leave much more space for possession based opponents' defensive midfielder (maybe DLP)to operate and build up play? And what type of wingers would you prefer? Guys with explosive pace or those with higher work rates who can contribute more in defense?
  7. definitely anchor man, try warning him when he has some terrible games in the youth team to improve his work rate or determination.
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