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  1. How can i get this 25% smaller?
  2. I was hired by Juventus Bucarest, i searched it in google to get the logos and kits... and now its called Daco-Getica Bucarest... and also many Liga II teams have changed names in 19-20 season
  3. There's a chance that the promoted from Tercera A to Segunda Profesional gets their U19 team playin the Futbol Joven Primera B? In 3B, north group there are Quillon, Parral, Cauquenes, Chimbarongo, Tome, Lota, Ranco and Hualqui, they're at south group actually
  4. https://www.prensafutbol.cl/321524-superliga-chilena-la-propuesta-de-independiente-de-cauquenes/ New smoke. Creation of a Superliga. 22-24 teams in Primera, 22-24 teams in Primera B. Elimination of Segunda. Primera B relegates to Tercera, and Tercera promotes to Primera B
  5. 1 tier - 18 teams (no teams relegated 'cause the social claimings, but 2 promoted from 2 tier) and VAR starting in 2021 2 tier - 16-18 teams (promote 2 or 4 teams from 3 tier and no relegation), no more 2nd promotion playoff, the runner up gets promoted 3 tier - 12-14 teams (no relegation (6-8)+naval+linares (4 tier champion)+ 4 teams of 4 tier promotion group stage), same 7/7 division to promotion and relegation groups Copa Chile - Final with 1 match in neutral stadium with VAR from quarterfinals Supercopa - VAR
  6. Because of the problems in Chile, the Federation is thinking in change the format for the first 3 tiers, cause 4th and 5th are administrated by other association (ANFA). So we should wait for the 2020 format, but will be no problem if we only use 2019-2020 given format through the years. 2020 1 tier (1a) - 16 teams. Champion and runner up qualify to Libertadores group stage. 3rd goes to 2nn qualifying round. 4th to 7th goes to 1st round of Sudamericana. 15th and 16th relegated 2 tier (1B) - 16 teams. Champion promoted. 3rd to 6th goes to a promotion playoff and the winner defines the 2nd promotion with the runner up. 16th relegated 3 tier (2°) - 13 teams. First 6 goes to promotion group, last 7 goes to relegation group. Winner of relegation group promoted, 6th and 7th of relegation group relegated. TBA. Because Naval and Independiente participation are not confirmed yet, it may be 11 teams, but same format. 4 tier (3A) - 18 teams. Champion promoted, 2nd to 5th goes to promotion group and winner promoted. 17th and 18th relegated. 5 tier (3B) - 36 teams. Divided in 3 zones (north, center and south). Best 6 teams goes to promotion group. 1st, 2nd and 2 best 3rds goes to playoff (8 teams). Winner and runner up promoted. Last 6 teams goes to relegation group. 6th team of each group relegated 6 tier (3C) - 10 teams. Only Bio Bio Region teams. Winner promoted to the South Group of 3B (5 tier). Maybe as fantasy, 6 tier could be 48 teams, 3 zonal groups of 16 teams, and the winner of each group promoted to each group of 3B. There's a rumour that 1-2 tier may be with 18 teams and 3 tier with 16 but not official.
  7. How can i change the upper case font to lower case as I have in FM19?
  8. Hi, i think if Fiorentina is retiring number 13 in honor to Davide Astori, he obviously should appear at least as favourite people of Fiorentina, not sur if legend or icon
  9. Don't know for sure. Think in Asia and North America are predetermined too, only Europe and Africa changes by clubs performance and Oceania by FIFA ranking https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Liga_más_fuerte_de_Sudamérica_del_Siglo_XXI Paraguay is 4th and Chile 5th ... but Chile get better spots (?) It should be a nice job if in the game the spots were changed by club performances, but it will be unreal bc conmebol made it that way.
  10. In reality this doesn't work... it's been a while in real life that Paraguayans and Ecuatorians club gets quarterfinals, semifinalss and finals of Libertadores and Sudamericana above Chilean team performances that they even did not qualify to 2nd round (playoffs) and Chile have better spots... As chilean, i find it injustice, but Conmebol do what they want.
  11. New post: Should be added the points discount like Peru of u20-21 minutes (Primera, Primera B, Segunda y Copa Chile) 3 points if the time is 45%-99% of minutes required (1350 min per team) 6 points if the time is 40-44,9% 9 points if the time is < 40% If it not possible to do exactly, there could be something alike for the discount of points.
  12. Nop, neither reserves or B tournament, only u19. Imagine how many players unhappy there are by middle season, half of they leave free when the contract is over beacuse they dont want to renew it
  13. There's and error in Supercopa Argentina record... appears Rosario (Nothern Ireland (?????) ... There's no stadium for 2017/18 (Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza) that is also the final of 2016/17 not San Miguel. The stadium of 2011/12 is Bicentenario Catamarca, San Fernando del Valle The stadium of the Copa Argentina final between Rosario Central vs Gimnasia is also Mendoza instead San Miguel The stadium of Arsenal vs San Lorenzo is Bicentenario Catamarca, San Fernando del Valle The stadium of Boca vs Atlanta is El Gasometro, Buenos Aires ... replaced by possibly the new San Lorenzo stadium
  14. Copa Libertadores, Sudamericana and Recopa. 11 players and 12 reserves, now you can only choose 7. http://www.conmebol.com/sites/default/files/reglamento-conmebol-libertadores-2019-esp.pdf ART.92, this error was part of FM19 also.
  15. new post Miguel Ramirez carrer as player 1988-1994 Colo Colo, appears 1990-1994 achievements: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993 Primera Division 1989, 1990, 1994 Copa Chile 1991 Copa Libertadores 1992 Recopa Sudamericana 1992 Copa Interamericana Victor Rivero carrer as player 2001 Limache 2002-04 San Luis as manager 2015-16 Everton Luis Marcoleta player 1977-80 Antofagasta 1981-82 Magallanes 1983 . America de Cali (Colombia) . Campeon Primera 83 1984. Audax 1985. Iquique 1986 Antofagasta 1987 San Luis 1987 Union La Calera 1988-89 Valdivia 1989 Palestino 1990 Lozapenco 1991 Huachipato as manager 1998 Valdivia 1999 Deportes Talcahuano (Naval) . Campeon 3era 2000 Universidad de Concepcion 2002 Antofagasta 2003 Union La Calera 2004 Concepcion 2004-2007 Ñublense . Campeon 3era 04. Campeon 1B 06 Fernando Vergara: as manager 2005 Barnechea as player 1993 1996 1997 Cl 1998 Primera Division 1996 Copa Chile Osvaldo Hurtado as player 1976-1978 La Serena 1979 U Española 1980 U Catolica 1981 O Higgins 1981-85 U Catolica 1985-86 Cadiz ESP 1986 Filanbanco ECU 1987-88 U Catolica 1988-91 Chaleroi BEL 1991 Concepcion 1992 Alianza Lima PER 1992-1993 Arica as manager 2015 Salamanca 2016 Arica sub19 Emiliano Astorga player 1978-82. San Antonio 1983-84. Magallanes 1985. Union La Calera 1986. Magallanes . Descenso a 1B 1987. Rangers. Descenso a 1B 1988. Naval de Talcahuano 1989-91. Soinca Bata 1992-95. Melipilla . Ascenso a 1A 92. Descenso a 1B 93 1996. Santiago Morning. Campeon 3era 96 manager 2003- San Antonio Unido 2009- Melipilla 2017-18 Ñublense Luis Landeros 2013-14 Valdivia
  16. Gustavo Huerta missing carreer: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustavo_Huerta as player 1976 Ovalle 1977-81 Ferroviarios 1982 Antofagasta Ascenso a primera 82 1983-90 Cobresal. Campeon Copa Chile 87 as manager 1991-92 Cobresal . Descenso a 1B 93-95 Ovalle. Campeon 3era div 96-99 La Serena - Campeon 1B 97-98 segundo entrenador chile 2003 Cobresal 03-04 Bolivar 04-05 Cobresal 06 U. de Chile 15-17 Santa Cruz Fix: 2009-10 Iquique (appears 2009 to 2009) 2011-14 Antofagasta (2009 to 2014 03/10/2017 arrives Cobresal, not 03/10/18 Mario Salas missing career: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Salas 2015-17 Universidad Católica, 2016 Ap Cl Champion, Supercopa 2016 winner Dalcio Giovagnoli: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalcio_Giovagnoli Fix 1999- San Martin SJ not Mza. Missing: 2002- Cuenca ECU 2002-03 Jorge Wilstermann BOL 2003 Bolivia national team 2006 Aldosivi 2010 Ferro 2011 Guillermo Brown Jaime Vera missing: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaime_Vera_Rodríguez 2000 Ñublense Fix: Iquique did not won the 2014 Supercopa, so he should not have that achievement Marco Antonio Figueroa missing: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marco_Antonio_Figueroa 2001- Comunicaciones GUA 2002 - La Piedad MEX 2003 - Jaguares Tapachula MEX 2004-05 Celaya MEX 2005 Queretaro MEX 2006 Lagartos Tabasco MEX 2006 Tecos MEX Missing Supercopa 2018- Colo Colo def. Santiago Wanderers at Estadio Nacional (neutral) Copa Chile 2018 - Palestino def. Audax Italiano. (1-0 away, 3-2 home, 4-2 aggregate) Futbol Joven sub19 https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fútbol_Joven_de_Chile#Sub-19 Year - Champion, runner up 1998 - U de Chile , Palestino 1999 - U de Chile , Union Española 2000 - Concepción, Audax Italiano 2001 - U de Chile, Colo Colo 2002 - U Catolica, Colo Colo 2003 - U de Chile, U Catolica 2004 - U Catolica 2005 - Colo Colo 2006 - U Española , Huachipato 2007 Ap - U Catolica, Huachipato - Cl Huachipato, S Wanderers 2008 Colo Colo, U de Chile 2009 U Catolica, S Wanderers 2010 U Catolica, S Wanderers 2011 Ap Palestino U de Chile / Cl U Española, Huachipato 2012 Ap - Palestino, U Catolica / Cl Palestino, U de Chile 2013 Ap - U Catolica, U Española / Cl S Wanderers, U Española /Final U Catolica def S Wanderers 2014 Ap- Cobreloa, U de Chile / Cl Colo Colo, U de Chile / Final Colo Colo def Cobreloa 2015 Ap Huachipato, U Catolica / Cl Palestino S Wanderers /Final Huachipato def Palestino 2016 Ap Everton, S Wanderers / Cl U de Chile, U Catolica /Final Everton def U de Chile 2017 Ap Colo Colo, S Wanderers / Cl Palestino, Everton / Final Colo Colo def Palestino 2018 Ap Everton, San Luis / Cl Everton, Cobreloa
  17. Supercopa 2019 is Universidad Catolica vs Palestino (2018 Chile Cup Winner) not Santiago Wanderers (2017 Chile cup winner) There are no matches on wednesdays on August, League should end in 1st week of December not 1st week of November, also there should be no matches in National Holidays (11 Sept 11-Sept 20)
  18. Universidad Católica. Cesar Pinares and Duvier Riascos appear on loan form Chinese clubs, they moved free and Pinares renewed till 2021 https://www.transfermarkt.es/cesar-pinares/profil/spieler/61856 https://www.transfermarkt.es/duvier-riascos/profil/spieler/119229 Sebastian Saez should be bald Kits: Primera: Colo Colo 3rd doesnt exist in 2019 Antofagasta away half red half black Ohiggins away is yellow, third is pink Calera away full white, no red stripe Catolica away no white triangle in chest, its a line. third blue with white as Boca Primera B: Puerto Montt, half green half white as Monaco
  19. Just put your best U20 in the 11 starters, that wont affect you and help your U20 to improve better... that is the reason that Bolivia and Chile put that rule, to have better U20 and U23 national teams
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