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  1. Need that info too... i'm gonna ward this thread xd
  2. Hey @michaeltmurrayukdo you know how to make the widget of "WAITING FOR THE NEXT HIGHLIGHT" more wider?
  3. OMW... EDIT: it worked!! what did you do?? Segunda (D3) first semester is playable!!! great work!!! PD1: It is 1 foreigner (EXT) in Segunda (D3) not 5 as shown PD2: Tercera and Cuarta (D4 and D5) must be u23 rules, and there are some players 24-25 yrs playing and have 3 foreigner limit signings. Iwas updating some things (colours, kits, stadiums, rivalries) andi dont want to lose that work, i think it's more easy to add what did you do here to your previous version updated by me or send you my db and you can modifiy it.
  4. @Timo61 What is up with Chile D3 rules? All teams have squad registration problems, but in the winter transfer windows, they all register all players.
  5. I think same as @romaedmu and @omarsorto6 maybe the 2020 version as nothing happened, and an alternative covid-universe leagues. Also, Venezuela have a cup stage with the best 8 in apertura and clausura (no covid version) and Ecuador there is apertura and clausura, and both winners play each other for the anual title with no cup stage.
  6. @Timo61 Nice works, some advices: Chile D4 and D5 are U23 no foreigners or loans, D3, 5 players up 24yrs and 1 foreigner. Bolivia starts mid january, not last week of december Paraguay, Supercopa missing starting 2021 (not played on 2020 for covid) Ecuador, missing Copa Ecuador and Supercopa 2021 (not played on 2020 for covid) Venezuela, missing Copa Venezuela 2021 (not played on 2020 for covid)
  7. Awesome work man, but do you know how i can interchange the colours of the bar and the line of the bar? Or how can i make the letters or the line of the bar with the secondary colour?
  8. Hi, can you share that mod please? or tell how you manage to put 4-6 slots instead of 8 ??? Also... is there a way to change purple text of the teams name to white??
  9. I think FAC its Ferroviario Fortaleza of Brazilian Serie C, not Fortaleza of Serie A
  10. Estudiantes de la Plata wrong kits, away its white and not red (text black (?)), third is gold
  11. WOW!! Awesome !!! Congrats !!! Could you put an image with the facilities info? thx!!
  12. As a Chilean I have to say, very good save!!! You have one fan here
  13. Hi... the rule for these players (the real rule is only 5 players over 24, if you cant put a single player over 24, the patch its not accurated), also if you expand to level 4 and 5 (no foreigners no loans, and they're semipro), the players if have contracts they wait till the end to became free agents and return to 2nd tier, as free agents i think 2-3 with no team they get retired. As you say, in real life, chilean clubs terminate contracts inmediately when they get relegated to level 3 and 4 of over 24 yrs players, some teams keep them to sell and gain some money
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