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  1. Hope it works... waiting to start my last long save with your 10 south american updates. Si no puedes hacer Tercera B como las divisiones bajas de España (con divisiones dentro de la division), dejalas como competicion con grupos y todos los equipos en la división en vez de los grupos norte centro y sur.
  2. Chile crashes with Uruguay and Paraguay too... maybe Chile is the problem. Chile "default" from the game isnt playable with your updates
  3. When i downloaded Ecuador Chile and Bolivia the first time, there was no error with the configuration of teams, its so weird...
  4. How is Peru and Argentina going? have a expected day to upload them? Amazing work with south america... Was wondering, can you make a Sudamerican Cup with another format (like Europa League with phase groups?) Como podria crear el campeonato regional de la región de Bío Bío? https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campeonato_Regional_de_Fútbol_2018_(Chile) Juegan todos los de la región que están en Tercera A Tercera B (Cuarta) y ANFA (por lo menos 8 equipos)
  5. cant wait to play in Paraguay!! pd: in Chile in Everton appears without manager but its managed by Gustavo Diaz https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gustavo_Díaz
  6. Loved the story till now... but, have you ever studied any licenses? or still having National A?
  7. Bolivia league is divided by Apertura (26 matches between february and june) and Clausura (26 matches between august and december) not 26 matches between august and may Same as Paraguay, apertura (22 matches between february and may) and clausura (22 matches august and november) not 22 matches between february and november... i've noticed it after 6 years in the game and i've lost the will to play in Paraguay in my south american challenge (Ecuador and Bolivia cleared)
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