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  1. NOVEMBER 2022 La Serena's first title... and our rivals for Supercup. If they could make it, why can't we can make it next season? CHILE NATIONAL TEAM
  2. NOVEMBER 2022 The last game, such a crazy ending of the season due 2022 World Cup that Chile had quailified. No changes. Universidad de Chile and La Serena are going to play a definition match to guess who is the champion. Both or them are going directly to Copa Libertadores group phase. Colo Colo is going with us to 2nd Round of Copa Libertadores qualification. Iquique, Antofagasta, Universidad Catolica and Union Española are going to Copa Sudamericana qualification round. Ñublense and Curico were relegated. SQUAD Gutierrez and Diaz are coming as fre
  3. OCTOBER 2022 WE DID IT !!!! We're going for the first time to Copa Libertadores (2nd qualifying round), if we make it through 3rd round and lose, we can go to Copa Sudamericana. One more match, winning, tying or losing for us doesn't make a change, but for Palestino can go up to finishh 10th or 11th. 2 bagdes more to go.
  4. SEPTEMBER 2022 A strange match in Valparaiso, Rios tie the match in the end. On our way to Copa Sudamericana!! (4th to 7th) They didn't make it, but I'm proud of them. YOUTH INTAKE 2022 Kids are getting better
  5. AUGUST 2022 The worst month in our career, the win in the city derbi keeps us for Sudamericana qualification. 23K attendance!!! Top 4 now, 10 matches left. 3 matches left, hope they can make it. Yay!!!
  6. JULY 2022 Almost a perfect month. Gil is on a nice goal streak. Top 3. Continental qualification stilll goes on. U19 5 matches to go, I'm still happy for them
  7. JUNE 2022 TRANSFERS IN Universidad de Concepcion called back San Martin (DC) because he wasnt playing that much, so we go all in for a defender. Romulo (BRA, 22 yrs, MC). Saavedra (CHI, 24 yrs DL), Brayan Gil (ELS, 20 yrs, ST) and Ancheta (URU, 23 yrs, DC) are the new faces. TRANSFERS OUT One of 5 players transferibles was sold, Saez, (WBR), Jerez (WBL), Zuñiga (MC) and Valenzuela (ST) still with us with no offers yet. We advance to 3rd round I think we can make semifinals, but quarterfinals will be okay for our return to 1st tier.
  8. MAY 2022 Sepulveda is doing fine 10 in 15, he was injured against CC on second half and didnt play against SW, so La Serena's Asenjo took advantage again (11 in 16). Gillard scored his first goal with us after being U19 goalscorer last season. Top 3! Iquique made it to Top 4 :O Curico had another match postponed due Copa Sudamericana, now against U de Chile Good news! I'm very happy with this.
  9. APRIL 2022 Sepulveda shares top scorer !! 9 goals in 11 played. Amazing 15k in the province derbi against Huachipato. Still top 4, I think we can make a Sudamericana qualification at the end of season. Curico vs U de Concepcion was postponed due Curico's participance in Copa Sudamericana We have to face Valdivia, they were relegated from 3rd tier to 4th tier last year, maybe we can test some players to choose if we keep'em or sell them. (free them)
  10. MARCH 2022 Sepulveda is doing well as striker, but La Serena's Mauricio Asenjo have 1 goal more (7 in 7). 3 of 4 win matches were bottom 3, winning against La Serena was a surprise, we were predicted 18th but if we avoid relegation will be awesome, then a continental qualification is the next goal. Our U19 is fighting the best 4 junior coaching of the country, so I'm glad for their performance More news...
  11. FEBRUARY 2022 No more signings. The best comeback possible after 30 years, our first loss in home. Our U19 doing okay
  12. SEASON 2022 JANUARY IN Some ex-players and U21 loans OUT Our U19 is in South group, the best 4 qualifies to quaterfinals. Job Offers Matches
  13. DECEMBER 2021 Now we're promoted... our affiliation with Huachipato is done, but Universidad de Concepción stills ... going to look for free agents and some U21 loans of others teams. Only the loan of San Martin got extended, Solano didn't wanted to renew, and the others (Tapia, Silva, Bogmis) weren't asked for extension. Got the whole month of december to study the course, nice. Hope he do okay in 5th tier. He wasn't even bench so i don't mind
  14. PROMOTION FINAL - 2ND LEG 3 disallowed goals for them... luckily for us there's no VAR in 2nd tier... but in 1st there is.
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