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  1. If your playing with a target man Keepers and defenders will try and find them as a first option
  2. Not sure that’s strictly true, the correct player with the right attributes and maybe helpful ppms will enter the box quite regularly, especially on higher mentalities
  3. One of peps principles is he always has players playing high and wide, I don’t see either in your tactic. His full backs always play in different vertical spaces than his wingers, yours don’t, I think you need to look at your roles here.
  4. Not quite sure the point of this thread…. Lots of great advice given yet non taken….
  5. Pep always ensures he keeps width, I can’t see no width in the tactic.
  6. Got to be one of the most underrated roles in the game, although I always prefer the inside forward on attack maybe because I understand and trust it more but I’m sure given the right player the Raumdeuter would work just as well.
  7. Without a single attack duty it looks like it’s lacking penetration, no one attacking the box, but if it’s working.
  8. Found it strange they gave me a very vague answer and then closed the thread to avoid a discussion starting 🤔
  9. Look at the top of the page… there’s plenty of tips there
  10. I think that formation is his shape in possession, in FM the formation on the screen is the defensive one, I think the formation he uses is the 3-4-3 which he then morphs into either 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1
  11. For the amount of time a counter attack lasts I seriously wouldn’t worry about whether they are sticking to their role/duty
  12. Of course it is, as long as you’ve got the structure around/behind it then yes it can, don’t fall for a lot of the advice here saying you can’t use the same roles or identical wings etc as every player has different attributes which will make them play the role differently.
  13. What version are you playing? As team shape no longer exists
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