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  1. If your keeping clean sheets with 1 central defender then hats off to you
  2. You’ve literally got no holding players in the 4-1-4-1 the bwm even on a defend duty won’t sit and hold, you are far to open. what is your thinking there? Why not a genuine holding role?
  3. The big thing for me is the positive mentality in a counter attacking system, and surely being Villa your aim is just to avoid the drop, so are you really doing that bad?
  4. I’ve never used an anchor man, as I like to have both full backs attacking which I imagine you want in that formation I find the half back role works perfectly.
  5. Just trying to give a way of achieving what the title of the post was asking, sorry for trying to help
  6. Have read of the Chris wilder thread, Rashidi explains how it is possible to achieve but difficult to pull off.
  7. The question was back 3 with ball, back 4 without, can it work? I was purely saying yes it can, by using the half back role you can achieve that.
  8. Yes traits, attributes and other roles/duties in nearby positions. No player will play the role exactly the same so this one dimensional nonsense is quite frankly nonsense. In saying that, 2 identical roles in a partnership is pointless like 2 advanced forwards.
  9. My thoughts exactly, in fm18 I managed to win premier league and champions league with spurs using identical wings
  10. Not sure the right word is “should” get rid of one dimensionality on the wings, it may not be your preferred way but having identical wings can and does work. Newcomers could see that as a rule and should not be done which is not the case.
  11. Look at the team instructions on balanced and then on Attacking, you will see the difference.......
  12. Not sure how you can get overlapping central defenders on fm
  13. Are you able to explain why you’ve selected lower line of engagement in a top heavy formation? Not sure what your trying to achieve there. also why a wing back on support behind a winger on support?
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