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  1. What version are you playing? As team shape no longer exists
  2. To be fair I thought that, well not a carrelo but a more defensive role but then noticed the inverted full back on support that would move into the Mezzala space so think that’s covered
  3. I suffer the same insecurities to be fair but sometimes you just have to accept that either you’ve come up against a better team or your players simply had an off day, I’ve just had a scenario where I’ve played sevilla off the park and won easily and then the next game against Utd without changing a thing I only manage 1 shot on target and lucky to come away with only a 1 goal defeat.
  4. What a refreshing post, showing a well thought out and balanced tactic, looks like your on the right track and have got answers for every decision you have made. The results you are getting seem in keeping with Dortmund’s team strength and standing in Germany. keep up the good work, makes a change to someone asking for help with 99 team instructions and asking “where am I going wrong?”
  5. Agree with this, plus add the aggressive team instructions into the mix and makes it even more risky
  6. His attributes for the Winger Attack role are higher than both Moura and Bergwijn despite them being rated far better by coaches, I am now 3 seasons in.
  7. I’ve got an issue similar to this at the minute, I’m playing as Spurs and my coaches only rate Jack Clarke has 2 stars and a decent Championship player yet attribute wise he is a better player than 3 star rated players who are described as good premier league players 🤷🏻
  8. Just a fair amount of overkill to me, your already playing on positive and adding to that higher defensive line, higher line of engagement and offside trap makes it a very attacking and aggressive tactic. I don’t recall Spain ever being overly attacking and aggressive going forward given the dull draws at the start of the tournament. I would look to tone down a lot of those instructions given the positive mentality. A decent balanced tactic shouldn’t need 11 additional team instructions. That would be my starting point anyway, most attempts at tactical recreation can be don
  9. Roles and duties look ok but not sure about all the team instructions, what made you choose all those?
  10. Your formation on the screen is your defensive formation so thats your 4-4-2 then to morph it into a 4-2-3-1 encourage one of your strikers to drop deep by using a support a duty and put your wingers on an attack duty, that should get you attacking in a 4-2-3-1.
  11. In answer to your question, I don’t think you are....... looks like an exploit of some sort.....
  12. At a glance your roles and duties are not set up to exploit the space behind the full backs
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