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  1. My question would be why do want to use a enganche and what do you think it will add to your tactic? Also have you got a suitable player? Roles shouldn’t be looked at in isolation.
  2. Another thread started about getting wingers to work? This is getting silly now.... read through your previous threads, you’ve already had plenty of advice on this.........
  3. Why don’t you check your other 2/3 threads you have started in the last few weeks asking virtually the same thing........ but chosen to ignore the advice given....
  4. There is no best striker role in any formation.... it depends on what you want from him and other roles in your team.
  5. You literally have 2 players responsible for defending and even they are risky defenders.......
  6. There are plenty on this forum.... just look at the threads that are stickied
  7. Not so sure that is totally correct, a more defensive full back offers protection for a more attack minded midfielder and vice versa, if the full back goes forward the midfielder can hold for him.
  8. We haven’t seen his players so we don’t know their ppms, not saying it can’t work but having 2 playmakers playing next together is overkill. Too me if you’ve got 2 players doing exactly the same job it means there are other jobs that are not being carried out.
  9. That’s better, but what are the rest of your roles? as I said earlier you can’t use roles in isolation.
  10. Why would you want 2 players doing exactly the same job whilst playing next to each other?
  11. If your going to use 2 attacking full backs then to balance things out your going to be better with 2 holding roles in your midfield to cover for them.
  12. In your formation, CM on defend, DLP on either duty, basically a role that holds position and doesn’t roam.
  13. Using that combination in midfield is still risky as you not using a genuine holding role, even a BWM on defend is still going chase around leaving gaps to exploit. You can’t treat roles in isolation, so in answer to your question it all depends on the rest of your set up.
  14. If it’s getting results then all good, but it goes against the grain to have such an aggressive runner in a 2 man midfield especially given your aggressive wings. If you really want both full backs attacking then to balance things out your better off employing 2 holding midfielders to cover for them, depending on your players a CM on defend and a DLP on support can work wonders. Add to this the roles of the wingers, it’s hardly surprising you have no control in midfield, when your in possession you don’t have one, everyone is attacking the box.
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