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  1. Thanks very much for the reply, The tactic has been phenomenal. I'm buying players to suit the 4123 so I didn't want to change to the 3142 or 4231 too often. I'll add a 3rd version of the 4123 and make the changes you suggest and I'll tweak as I go along Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for your reply 😁 if you were to use the final version of your 4123 what would you tweak to make it more attacking to chase a goal but without moving away from the style of play you've implemented too much?
  3. @DjuicerBeen following this thread and I've been using both versions of the 4123 (Home & Away), Both have been working an absolute treat and winning me league titles and cups. What tweaks would you make to your base version of the 4123 if you were going total attack to chase a goal or would you rather use the 4231 or the 3142 instead?
  4. What would you say are your key attributes you look for across the board for all positions?
  5. Thanks for answering. I would absolutely appreciate your help on this. The TIs that are used would/could still apply but things like line of engagement and counter-press weren't an option back then so would these be added and if so would the pressing urgency change due to counter-press? If you change mentality to positive would passing and width be affected and therefore need to be changed accordingly. I know I'm just firing questions out and they would need to be tried in-game before they could be answered but your knowledge or the game and ME seems to be up there with th
  6. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I've saw on another topic of yours that you have downloaded the demo for fm2020. You've been quite vocal about the tactical side not being as good as previous editions so do you think this tactic could be updated to this year's edition and still be successfully implemented and be as good as this tactic was when you first created it.
  7. Would you say the milan of sacchi were playing total football? They played in a 4411/442 but he has said he based his team on the philosophy of rinus michels
  8. I'm normally a fan of the high pressing kick and run type football but as of late I've been more interested in the great Barcelona team/teams. I don't remember a specific year but I always have images of a specific team that was all conquering and I've been trying to replicate it of late. I've set up the following in a 4141/433 SK S (Valdes) CWB S/A (Alves) CD D (Pique) CD D (Puyol) WB D/S (Abidal) HB (Busquets) DLP S or RPM (Xavi) MEZZ S/A (Iniesta) IW S (Pedro) IF A (Villa) F9 or CF S (Messi) ( I've also tried using an SS) I li
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