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  1. Tammy Abraham should be in with a chance but he needs to get his next move right.
  2. He'd be competing with Mount and Foden, he's never going to play CM for Southgate(or perhaps any manager). The closest he'd get is as some kind of dual #8 but I'm talking more about someone who is going to sit deep, take the ball under pressure and keep it moving. Until we find a player or two like that we'll continue to largely bypass the midfield and work it out wide instead.
  3. I like Smith Rowe but I don't think he fixes the problem we have in midfield. We lack someone who will always make themselves available and get us playing. The closest we've had in recent years was Winks but his form fell off a cliff, before him there was Wilshere but injuries killed him. We can still win without that type of player but we won't do it without ceding possession whenever we come up against the top sides.
  4. Our goal came from him literally doing just that. Agree that the goal probably didn't help in many ways though and once you get into the rhythm of sitting back and soaking up pressure it's hard to then turn it around and start playing again.
  5. Kane had a good first 30 minutes when England were actually somewhat on the front foot but it's hard for attacking players to turn up when a lot of the game is being played deep inside your own half.
  6. Nah it was all Southgate. Sterling, Grealish, Stones etc all wanted to take it but Gareth said no lads, the 19 year old who's never taken one in his life has got this.
  7. Bore off for what? I'm hardly in the habit of defending Arsenal players. I know Sterling is beyond any form of criticism but he's bottled it and hid from the responsibility that he should be taking as a senior player. Grealish as well to a lesser extent.
  8. The Kane takes in here are absolutely baffling, he's been central to so much of our attacking play.
  9. I like him, reminds me of Son. Not particularly technical in tight spaces but quick, direct and shoots well off both feet.
  10. I don't get why Enrique even picked Adama in the squad, in what circumstances does he intend to use him?
  11. Don't know what people want from Kane, the ball has been nowhere near him for most of the game.
  12. Yarmolenko goes in after his goal and assist. Will leave Insigne there for now but happy to replace with Ronaldo, Bale or Mbappe.
  13. Not watched every game fully but from what I've seen I'll loosely go with: Olsen Coufal Lindelof Skriniar Spinazzola Yarmolenko Locatelli Pogba Insigne Schick Lukaku Cheated a bit with Ronaldo on the right but throw in some names and I'll alter it accordingly.
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