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  1. It's a literal ranking of how the teams did at the WC.
  2. LB is a struggle, no one really stood out there. I liked Attiyat-Allah(Morocco) but turns out he actually only started two games, Perisic had a good tournament too but only started at LB once so would be a bit cheeky putting him there. Martinez; Hakimi, Thiago Silva, Gvardiol, ??????; Amrabat, Tchouameni, Mac Allister; Griezmann, Messi, Mbappe
  3. Did want Argentina because of Messi but Lloris has the chance to become the first player to captain his country to two World Cup wins, would certainly make up for winning **** all with us.
  4. The commentators were talking in absolutes that this would be his last WC game but I don't think it's entirely impossible that he makes it to 2026 if he wants to carry on playing.
  5. Hakimi got that typical overinflated ego that you see of big name players from smaller nations.
  6. Happened to Son once, only time I can recall seeing it happen. Was yellow carded as well. Think the rule is if you stop at all during the run up then it's an offence? Not sure if Lewandowski stopped completely at any point but was definitely pushing it.
  7. Actually, I complained about the karma farming digs with no other intention to engage, like yet another one from CC up above. I don't care about people calling me out on something if they actually offer some kind of retort, such as yours. I don't care much for CJ's transparent attempt though.
  8. More or less than your search history?
  9. Yeah, even the main feed looked in to me, kind of bemused by all the hysteria.
  10. The only false equivalence is one of those countries is among the most powerful on the planet, while the other is barely a blip on the map.
  11. Well, we're all for human rights and in 2026 the World Cup is being [co]-hosted by a country that clearly scores very low on that front. I mean what more basic human right is there than to be able to live your life without worrying that some **** is going to shoot you at any second. Clearly they aren't going to do anything about it so I guess it's up to us push for change. I just hope those who have stood against and boycotted this World Cup don't suddenly lose their voice.
  12. Is there not an element of truth in that then? Let's see if there's the same level of political push-back in 2026.
  13. Taylor still working on that Premier League injury time.
  14. People love to jump on the Kane dropping deep thing as their go-to for an abject performance. Had he stayed high up the pitch the game would have played out no differently, you'd just have people moaning that he barely touched the ball instead.
  15. Italy: 2006 - Winners 2010 - Group Stage Spain: 2010 - Winners 2014 - Group Stage Germany: 2014 - Winners 2018 - Group Stage France: 2018 - Winners 2022 - 😬
  16. TAA to Giroud seems like a productive combo. Bale at LB is also questionable to say the least.
  17. You think? I wouldn't have taken Dier either but I'm expecting him to start.
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