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  1. I don't support either, I just don't support the idea that objectifying in private is ok if you're then going to denigrate objectification as a whole.
  2. I am as porn is no good for anyone involved, I also worry for the current and next generation of kids growing up who have easy and unlimited access to such material. I also think it's hypocritical of those lecturing others on objectifying women whilst happily cracking one out to images on their screen.
  3. Can you tell me you find someone attractive?
  4. Well I thought a lot of that was a given but why the outrage at Big Geordie's post then? So it's cool for him to think that whatever woman he was talking about has a cracking body but sharing those thoughts out loud crosses the line? Also, the part about going up to a stranger and telling them they're hot, what if instead of "hot" you say "beautiful"? What if you make a remark on her hair, or her clothes. Are all comments about a woman's appearance off limits?
  5. So what point are those against objectifying women even trying to make then? It's fine to look at women and think of her sexually just as long as you don't say it out loud or do something about it? Surely if you're against it then you need to be against thinking that way as well. Seems a bit half-measures otherwise.
  6. Well when there are so many women happy to market themselves as objects then is it any wonder that men become conditioned to think the same way? I'm also not purely referring to those working in the sex industry but provocative and sexualised images of women are everywhere; whether that's tv, music, social media, magazines, billboards etc. Everywhere you turn you're bombarded with sex but then you expect men to not think a certain way. Also tbh you say I have a dim view of men but at least I'm not making the leap from finding a woman attractive and rape. All of that said though it's mostly
  7. Porn is exploitative of the consumer as well, I don't think people realise the psychological effects that prolonged porn use can cause. Onlyfans is just another stain on society, further pushing women as a commodity and men as customers. Whilst the men will always be seen as the villain in all of this I don't see why women capitalising on male physiology should be seen as a positive thing.
  8. Feminists want men to stop objectifying women but at the same time support and encourage women selling themselves as objects, many even go as far to call it "empowering". How does one not contradict the other?
  9. Finasteride isn't something to take lightly, do your research first as it can have a number of side effects. If you're slick bald on top and have been for a while then none of the above is likely going to do much for you. Finasteride is primarily to keep the hair you do have or slow down the loss, it can in some cases result in partial regrowth but if the hair has been gone a while then it's not coming back.
  10. It's not really a tattoo as the ink doesn't penetrate anywhere near as deep and I think you have to get it redone every few years, they'll also numb your head as well anyway so you won't feel it. Some of them look great, some of them not so much, generally you get what you pay for I guess.
  11. There's nothing wrong with being bald but there's also nothing wrong with not wanting to be bald, a woman wouldn't be expected to be fine with it so why should a man? You've already lost your hair so medical treatments are of no use now. If you don't want to use wigs/hair systems anymore then hair transplants(depending on the thickness of the remaining hair on the back/sides of your head) and SMP(effectively a tattoo but the really good ones actually do look very realistic) are your only other options. That and staying bald as well obviously.
  12. Now they do it even more, especially young people growing up thinking that their goal in life is to get affirmation on the internet.
  13. The world would be a better place without social media.
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