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  1. Anyone a few seasons into the new game? How does Edwards develop?
  2. France deserve to lose for playing Sissoko over Kante.
  3. All of this is beside the point, we lost to Iceland ffs.
  4. AVB's grandmother was English, does that count?
  5. If the missing word there is suck then I agree
  6. Enough of the faux outrage. Come on England
  7. Hart; Walker, Cahill, Smalling, Rose; Dier, Rooney, Alli; Sturridge, Sterling, Kane
  8. Sounds like it'll be the same team that started the first two games but Sturridge for Sterling(with Lallana moving to the left).
  9. Sommer Hysaj Pique Bonucci Rose Dier Perisic Ramsey Iniesta Payet Bale
  10. To what? Not sure how I'd go but one player I wouldn't start is Lallana, he's been doing fairly well(pressing/linking play etc) but unfortunately he has the cutting edge of a piece of wet lettuce.
  11. It's easy to say rotation cost us but there's no real basis to say our first choice 11(whatever that is?) would've won the game, all three performances have been very similar. Spain kept the same side and lost, maybe they should've freshened their team up a bit.
  12. Barely a peep about De Gea's pathetic performance tonight, imagine if that was Hart.
  13. Southgate The man who a year ago left Dier out of his Euro u21 squad.
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