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  1. Yarmolenko goes in after his goal and assist. Will leave Insigne there for now but happy to replace with Ronaldo, Bale or Mbappe.
  2. Not watched every game fully but from what I've seen I'll loosely go with: Olsen Coufal Lindelof Skriniar Spinazzola Yarmolenko Locatelli Pogba Insigne Schick Lukaku Cheated a bit with Ronaldo on the right but throw in some names and I'll alter it accordingly.
  3. Shearer does this thing where he pretends to have taken some obscure piece of information off the top of his head when really he's just looked it up or been briefed on it beforehand.
  4. Pickford, Walker, Stones, Rice, Mount and Kane are all certainties to start I think. Shaw and Foden highly probable. Sterling likely. Leaves CB and CM open if 433, or CB and RWB if 343.
  5. Don't see why a three of Rice, Mount and Foden couldn't work. They're industrious enough to get around, not like they're a couple of Ozils. Those three with Sancho/Sterling and Grealish either side of Kane. Not going to happen though obviously but it's not outrageously unbalanced.
  6. So much drama over him picking four right backs, as if it matters when you have a 26 man squad.
  7. Did Madrid not target him? Seemed like their entire game plan on the night was to get the ball to his side and run at him ... and it worked. I've not seen another FB struggle as badly against Sterling this season in the way that TAA did at Anfield either.
  8. In what sense? Pretty much everyone agrees that he's quality on the ball but defensively questionable. What's laughable about that? Where do you think he ranks defensively amongst the four right backs?
  9. Dont think Shaw over Chilwell is clear cut either tbh, quite a few positions are up in the air.
  10. Ramsdale, Godfrey, White, Ward-Prowse, Saka, Watkins plus either one of the RBs, Lingard or Greenwood to miss out.
  11. I don't care about fans doing it for their own players, I probably do it too but I don't know of any other player where supposedly impartial commentators refer to them by their first name. Rival fans saying Trent is just weird to me too, do Liverpool or any other fans call Wan-Bissaka 'Aaron' because it's easier? I don't think so.
  12. That's fine, as is TAA. Fans and more so commentators/pundits calling him Trent all the time though is complete cringe and I can't think of any other player who gets the first name treatment to that degree. It's all Carragher's fault.
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