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  1. I usually have a look at the Swansea ratings on FIFA when they come out. Always disappointed and a bit confused. Never get tempted to buy it, at least.
  2. Newport County. Plenty of Swans DNA in the side now, capable of playing good football. Just a shame their 15 year old starlet is too young to be in the game. Be a shame to kick Michael Flynn out of the manager's chair but he should be highly rated enough to find another job.
  3. The attributes you can see are what they are. But when your scouts give star ratings or say "decent Championship player" that's a subjective opinion and not worth the pixels it's printed on.
  4. Average Championship players make up half the Wales squad, Kieffer Moore and League One loanee Joe Morrell bossing it irl. Don't pay your scouts assessments much notice imo. As manager you will know better.
  5. English grandmother. Capped for Wales now anyway.
  6. Heading is defined in our notes as the accuracy, choice of target and ability to use the right amount of power in headers on goal. It's the technical quality of headers, not the ability to win them effectively when challenged.
  7. The PPM is for players who "tend to dive into tackles and slide instead of staying on their feet". General willingness to tackle is covered by aggression and bravery attributes.
  8. Technically the attribute profiles we make are supposed to represent a player on his best day, with hidden attributes (consistency, pressure), morale, fitness etc. effecting how well they'll actually perform. But obviously multi-year spells of "poor form" ought to be reflected and unless there are serious excuses we can lay at a player's feet an attribute profile should reflect the player we're actually seeing, rather than the one we hope they might become again.
  9. I tend to think of strength in terms of weight as much as how much they might bench. In your specific example that's potentially more a balance issue than a strength one, though.
  10. True. Been hard to keep track the rate they've been leaving over the last six months. Still going as well, two out this week (that I know of). edit: Three now.
  11. 2 in 7 isn't an appalling conversion rate compared to real life. Talk to me when he's putting away 0 in 7
  12. He does have one or two worrying attributes in my save (low balance iirc) which would effect his ability at a sprint. But overall he's way too good for the division I'm in, mad that I was able to get him on a free. My scouts played a blinder there. His release clause is 5x my record sale at £2.5m. Only downside I agreed to let him play as an AF-A when he's my best right winger and Elia Petrelli's a slightly better centre forward. Jack Evans is one of those rare young midfielders with a working defensive brain. Anticipates danger and defends spaces well, not just a grafter/tackler/thug. Bi
  13. Finishing chances as the overwhelming favourite seems to require some luck/black magic for deflections or mistakes. Had a ridiculous 17-1-1 record in my second season with FC Eindhoven with a high press 4-2-3-1 and then hit a brick wall on match day 20. Except for cup matches where I've beaten 3 top division sides in a row, including Ajax away 1-0 when they honestly could have had 5 or 6. The AI isn't smart enough to actually "figure out" your tactics but where in previous years breaking down "park the bus" teams was hard (because "defensive" = cautious, patient, possession football), thi
  14. There's definitely some issues that make it a hard match engine to love.
  15. Drop the defensive line one notch and make Crowley a Defend duty and you'd likely see less counters against those teams and theoretically draw them out more to create spaces. Also make sure your centre halves are very pacy in an extremely high press like that.
  16. Thomas Schalekamp (Dordrecht) has dark skin and black hair in game. Should be light skin and blonde.
  17. Imagine benching one of your best performers because some other dudes have higher numbers and more potential.
  18. 15 is still very quick in the match engine (not enough players have <10 ratings which ruins the curve a bit), and I wasn't sure at the time how his little legs would manage up against full grown men at the elite level. Even on his first sensational performance for us against Ipswich in October they had Matthew Pennington at right back, who is a natural centre half and wasn't long out of development football himself. Hardly top competition in a sprint. Didn't have clocked kph speeds to go off for the rating back then. In CA terms he was already overrated for a player with no senior expe
  19. Uses what he has well. Quick of the mark, turns quickly and plays well when running at speed, but didn't cover ground any quicker than some massive Kosovan lads in a flat foot race. I don't see him regularly, though, and gave Dan James pace 15 a little over a year ago. My word ain't gospel.
  20. Which part(s)? He's nippy but doesn't outrun big tall defenders over distance in the games I've seen him play with Wales.
  21. That PPM is no longer all important, as the behaviour has been added to the Ball-Playing Defender role.
  22. Chris Gloster (PSV) has white skin in game.
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