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  1. No qualification that I'm aware of either. Another Jarrod Bowen, sounds like he should be Welsh but no actual link.
  2. Agility should really be named something different for goalkeepers to distinguish it from the outfield version more clearly. With only a few exceptions "he's a good shot-stopper" has always been more back-handed than a genuine compliment.
  3. Agility is how far a goalkeeper is able to dive so will be the primary factor in whether a goalkeeper can save a shot from distance where he's likely to have enough time to see and judge the flight of it. Anticipation, Positioning and Concentration will help but the MotD highlight reel saves are going to be very Agility-dependent.
  4. Of course there's debate to be had. We could just as easily argue for the value of having more attributes. Maybe split heading contact/timing and heading accuracy? Clear up confusion with goalkeeping distribution with throwing distance (currently derived from Strength) alongside Throwing (the accuracy)? FIFA uses long passing and short passing as distinct different attributes. Instead of just a single 1-20 range for a player's ability with each foot why not do separate value for every technical attribute with each foot? Finally the player who can cross equally well with both feet but not pass
  5. Concentration is essentially in-game Consistency, yes. Consistency is whether your player will be at their best (i.e. play to their visible attributes) on a particular matchday, while Concentration is whether they will perform to those levels on a moment-by-moment basis within each game. Important for any player with responsibility, both in defence and attack, on the ball or off it.
  6. Anticipation (reading the keeper's movement), Composure, Sportsmanship (for the stuttering, skipping runups and trash talk)...
  7. Penalty Specialist could just be a PPM/trait. It does feel a bit much to have a 1-20 scale on top of all the other standard attributes that would be applied to them. Penalties are a discreet event that we have plenty of irl stats for conversion rates, so are a lot easier to make feel realistic with fewer variables than a lot of the game.
  8. As a researcher I don't think about "Decisions" in isolation. The question is always why a player makes decisions that are interpreted as being good or bad in a game. Do they lack the vision or anticipation to recognise their options, the composure to make the right choices under pressure (or concentration to do so under no pressure), poor teamwork or flair that makes them selfish or too ambitious for their skillset etc. The Decisions attribute itself feels too generic in application, and rather redundant given all the other qualities can assign players. As you point out, a lot of the qua
  9. Could definitely lose a few of the mental attributes with only minor changes to some definitions. Specifically I would remove Decisions entirely, and whittle down the Aggression/Workrate/Determination/Concentration/Teamwork group into something more streamlined.
  10. Sam Pearson was on the bench for Bristol City on Friday night. On loan at Weymouth in the db.
  11. If they're not 16 by September 1st we don't include them. He's two months too young.
  12. If he sorts his temper out he's got a great future ahead of him.
  13. Player signings are like buying machinery - cash balance decreases but profit/loss doesn't directly as the value is still in the company as an asset. The company only loses money with depreciation/amortisation as the contract runs down regardless of the actual payment plan. So £9m in players incoming would only be £3m "lost" that year if they're all of 3 year deals. When you sell a player the fee is set against the value they still have on the books when considering player trading profits. I'm not sure exactly how staggered or conditional future payments are supposed to factor into annual pro
  14. What is the club's financial projection for the first year in-game? They should be allowed to lose a total of around £61m (£13m+£35m+£13m) over the three year assessment period, having made a loss of £37m (£-2m+£39m) over the previous two years - so anything better than a £24m loss in 20/21 should see them pass you would think. Selling £40m worth of players doesn't solve financial deficits on its own after coming down from the PL, even when you don't spend £9m on replacements. Swansea came down with a similar wage bill and were staring at annual income dropping from £120m to £60m that fir
  15. Worth noting that there's a lot of young players featuring in u23s sides at the moment due to the coronavirus, with first team bubbles preventing top u23s (those who train in the first team) from mixing regularly with academy players. Swansea's u23s have given debuts and starts to at least 4 16 year olds already this season, without it necessarily being a mark of exceptional ability. Early advancement is easier at the moment in real life compared to the gameworld where covid isn't a factor, so it's sensible not to get too excited by appearances at this stage.
  16. Pace is tricky to judge based on match data alone (some players simply don't make max effort sprints without the ball slowing them down) but I've got 37kph in my head as the top end speedsters. I know Adama Traore can/has hit that and Dan James has been clocked a shade under it. At his peak Gareth Bale was capable of that. Last season Soyuncu hit 37.5kph supposedly, according to one quickly-googled article. Defenders often do well in those charts due to long legs and desperate chases to make challenges. "Slow" PL players top out around the 30kph mark to give a sense of how a 1-20 scale sh
  17. Our guidelines put the Jumping Reach for a player of Calvert-Lewin's height (1.87m) at between 12 and 16, so he's at the top end of the scale due to his obvious quality in that department. Higher ratings are used for exceptionally tall players who also have a great leap. Players who can outleap Calvert-Lewin in-game will (or at least should) be rare. The ability to win aerial duels comes down to a combination of attributes (aggression, bravery, strength) not Jumping Reach alone.
  18. I sorted him back in June so it's not a new change from beta to release or something that might have missed a deadline. Booted up a quickstart Swans career and I don't see him haunting the corridors.
  19. He's not at Swansea in the database. I'm not sure what the situation is with the international u18s sides, if they're not in FM then his role won't be and he probably won't appear.
  20. "Never lived up to the promise" is a bit harsh! Was a PL regular with us and won the PL with Leicester...
  21. Not sure how anyone can argue against him being near the very top of the 1-20 scale to be honest. Been renowned for his delivery for years and showing a real consistency with it this season. What does a theoretical Free Kicks 20 player deliver if Ward-Prowse is 16?
  22. My experience has been that the leagues start up properly, it's just a cosmetic issue in the first season.
  23. Because they haven't been doing that before now
  24. Marc Guehi joined in the same window Gallagher and Brewster did. Without the Joe Rodon sale (and bringing in Ryan Bennett as a replacement) the starting finances would have looked very grim indeed.
  25. Daniel Berntsen of Tromso has his last transfer fee (undisclosed) entered on the wrong line of his player history. Should be one year earlier.
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