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  1. Doesn't look like he should be. No entry in the Person column in the database table, just Person Name.
  2. Blackburn's last accounts showed a £22m loss, with a wages to turnover rate of 190%. The unfortunate state of the Championship these days is that £9m transfer revenue doesn't necessarily mean anything left over to spend. Clubs need regular large sales simply to pay their bills.
  3. You see some very funny "official" numbers listed for heights (and weights) on club websites. Eyeballing it is usually going to be more accurate.
  4. 1.87m looks correct in photos of him. He's well over 6'. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jan/30/brentford-wycombe-championship-match-report
  5. McBurnie, McGoldrick, Sharp, Mousset, Brewster makes 5 who are all rated at a very similar high Championship level in the database. Burke then is 6 who is more versatile, covering other positions. It's a little strange, actually. I'm sure McBurnie would have had ratings at AM and AML when he was in my file. Played for us as a number 10, and scored plenty in his half season at Barnsley off the left side. Being a pure ST won't be doing him many favours in the squad construction.
  6. Sheff Utd are overloaded with senior strikers so it makes sense that the game would list one of them. It's not something we set directly, and he's not listed in my last quickstart.
  7. I've not seen my board allow more, which is functionally the same thing as those options being unusable. If there's a way to do it I'd love to know.
  8. I've been wondering as well. It can be useful in odd cases like in Denmark where a non-EU player needs to receive a wage of a certain amount to qualify for a work permit, and their contract might not be enough at just 100%. It's strange that the values are visible but not selectable (at least every time I've looked for them).
  9. I really, really, really hope not. We're in a bind with Giggs but when that's sorted we need an actual manager, not the guy who looked limited even with the u21s. Shouldn't hand the caretaker a permanent gig just because the ship didn't sink.
  10. No way he won't get 100 caps even if they have to carry him onto the pitch. Any and all retirement talk was coming from journos desperate to stir.
  11. That win belongs to their manager more than anyone. Completely outplayed substitute Page. Difference between first 15 minutes and the rest of the game shows the value of a tactically flexible, intelligent hand on the wheel.
  12. I had half time on mute but every time I looked up there was an England badge on screen.
  13. Not sure the next step is forward. Can't always bank on an improving group of players and the former stars are well into their decline. Country of this size has to accept some ebb and flow and a few players I thought would come on strong two years ago haven't moved much.
  14. Got to pull Ramsey deeper and/or wider to see where Christensen goes. If he stays as a 10 then it's ideal for Denmark as their slow centre halves have loads of cover directly in front.
  15. Even if he was they're only <95% preventative.
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