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  1. swansongs

    Utilising 3 tactic slots

    Main tactic - Mirrored main tactic purely for convenience - Ultra defensive tactic (which usually ends up working best for everything).
  2. swansongs

    Pace of the a.i

    The issue with Pace in the game is that too many players are rated 10+ when a 1 in the match engine isn't a slow crawl but the slowest expected top speed for a healthy professional footballer. So we come to think of ratings of 9 and under as "slow" but a slightly below average sprint speed in trained athlete isn't slow at all. A Pace 5 midfielder isn't moving at walking speed. A Pace 20 player isn't moving 4x as fast. The 1-20 range isn't that broad in terms of mph.
  3. swansongs

    Pace of the a.i

    Pirlo used to control midfields without running more than Pace 1.
  4. I'm playing a 4-4-2 at the moment and the only way I'm getting any defensive solidity is playing with Very Narrow width. Any team with three central players will otherwise play rings around the midfield.
  5. swansongs

    Throw-In Routines

    I think Johan Cruyff said that he always wanted his throw in taker to be the most creative player on that side of the pitch, as after the throw in is taken they'll be the player in space.
  6. Your players are very deep in the "wrong" pictures. I'm not sure I have a problem with my central defenders coming in that narrow when under pressure in my own 18 yard box. Ideally the fullbacks would have dropped off as well to provide passing outlets. If your centrebacks had split each defender would be marked by a pressing attacker and one small mistake would see you concede. If the split wasn't happening 20 yards further up the pitch that would be another thing entirely.
  7. Everyone is welcome to come throw wild, unqualified opinions about Swansea players my way once the game is out. You won't need to have written a thesis on Kyle Naughton's forward passing accuracy percentage first (though brownie points if you do).
  8. Open and honest discussion of player attributes is a good thing (subjective opinions included). I wish it happened more around here.
  9. Does your right back have better support (in front and inside)? Star ratings are (almost) meaningless, so maybe look to specific attributes that might be failing him as a defender. Match ratings are heavily influenced by attacking play.
  10. What's your overall team mentality? That can effect how desperate your midfielder will be to charge forward.
  11. swansongs

    height and weight , useful or useless ?

    Height will determine whether a player will play the ball with his foot, knee, chest, head, or have to jump to head. Actual height they can reach is determined solely by Jumping Reach, so for a centreback defending crosses his listed height is next to meaningless; Jumping Reach 15 has the same result at 5'8 as it does at 6'5. But height still has some small significance to how a player works.
  12. swansongs

    [Suggestion] Keeper Distribution

    The main Goalkeeper attributes for distribution are Kicking (length of the kick), Passing (accuracy of the kick), Throwing (accuracy of the throw) and Strength (length of the throw). Technique, First Touch, Decisions, Anticipation etc. are all factored in when the ball is at his feet. Some of these attributes are hidden, but are still set by researchers.
  13. swansongs

    Troubled by CA and PA

    Young players don't enter the game at birth. If they're a product of a professional academy, a 15/16 year old newgen will have already had 6-8 years of footballing education by the time they appear in your save. Those years have a significant effect on the level of ability an average player can hope to reach, and countries that don't feature such development systems are realistically going to create fewer standout players.
  14. In practical terms that's a lot of additional data to add to the database, for a feature that won't have widespread impact. Lot of work for researchers and processors alike. A single 'Preferred Position' field that can be left blank would be sufficient to model real-life examples.