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  1. I really, really, really hope not. We're in a bind with Giggs but when that's sorted we need an actual manager, not the guy who looked limited even with the u21s. Shouldn't hand the caretaker a permanent gig just because the ship didn't sink.
  2. No way he won't get 100 caps even if they have to carry him onto the pitch. Any and all retirement talk was coming from journos desperate to stir.
  3. That win belongs to their manager more than anyone. Completely outplayed substitute Page. Difference between first 15 minutes and the rest of the game shows the value of a tactically flexible, intelligent hand on the wheel.
  4. I had half time on mute but every time I looked up there was an England badge on screen.
  5. Not sure the next step is forward. Can't always bank on an improving group of players and the former stars are well into their decline. Country of this size has to accept some ebb and flow and a few players I thought would come on strong two years ago haven't moved much.
  6. Got to pull Ramsey deeper and/or wider to see where Christensen goes. If he stays as a 10 then it's ideal for Denmark as their slow centre halves have loads of cover directly in front.
  7. Even if he was they're only <95% preventative.
  8. The number of times he claimed a Wales player touched the ball when they got nowhere near was laughable. Didn't think Ampadu's foul was a red card even though it's textbook and the pro ref had just told him so. Basic maths seem beyond him. Up there with the very worst commentators on show this tournament. I'd rather listen to Savage for 90 minutes.
  9. Ampadu was a better player when he wasn't getting club games.
  10. Job done, should have been 1-1 but for Bale's now customary shocking miss. Bizarre selections and subs but it's all worked out in the end.
  11. He's an absolute idiot. Only gets on tv because he begs. Even learned Welsh to get more gigs. Out of touch with the modern game and at times (like today) reality.
  12. I'd rather play Finland/Russia/Denmark than Ukraine/Austria so finishing second is fine by me tia. Not normally one for predictions but I think Italy will win but Wales will score, ending that long run of clean sheets they're on. Confidence shaken they go out in the first knockout round. Switzerland to win as well but not by enough to make up the gap in goal difference.
  13. Wales will score against Italy and it will be someone embarrassing like Levitt or Tyler Roberts.
  14. Ramsey was world class during that tournament. Rubbish in qualifying but he turned it on when it mattered. Ben Davies was also our best defender, missed them both greatly in the semi. Joe Allen team of the tournament and deservedly so. Bale was a better player then and carried us there but wasn't anything special in the tournament itself. Think we've got a better team now, DJ is a genuine threat and Moore is better than any centre forward option we were using back then. We're not a 1-2 man team any more, there's other things to worry about than a bit of Bale and Ramsey magic after 85 minu
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