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  1. If you sign a player on a 4 year contract the work permit remains valid for those 4 years. If you try to change that contract (to extend it, sell him, loan him out etc.) you have to apply for a new work permit and the criteria will be checked to see if he gets one, but otherwise the player is allowed to work for those 4 years. IRL apparently the work permit would only last 1 year so if the permit was rejected you might end up with a player who is not allowed to play but you still have to pay wages to.
  2. "With current permit" would mean a player who is already working in Norway with a contract at a Norwegian club, so when buying non-EU from other clubs in Norway or extending the contract of a player you already have. The player needs to have played in over half the first team games while he's been in the country, so you can't stash young prospects in the receives and hope to extend their deals later. I have no idea how "potential" is worked out for bringing a player who needs a work permit into the country as I've never had one turned down. I've brought in quite a few post-Brexit UK pla
  3. Maybe positional, although Southgate uses AML in his preferred formations. In my new save Ings and Calvert-Lewin are called up ahead of him. They're not quite as highly rated as Rashford but are 20/20 natural centre forwards.
  4. Players signing scholarships at this time of year will (almost always) be u16s too young to be in the current game, with the two year scholarship period beginning at the start of next season. It's information for FM22.
  5. Sanchez has a pretty high random potential range that will if he's lucky allow him to become a very good PL keeper, which makes sense given his relative lack of experience. I imagine it will probably be changed to a fixed value if he remains first choice goalkeeper through the season.
  6. I see the menu now. Not one I've had to use before. edit: On a quick start Brentford save he's down as England & Scotland 100%, Ireland 67%, with a long-term career preference to scout in France but no familiarity.
  7. He should probably be given a high Adaptability rating given his role in a foreign country.
  8. I'm actually not sure if we can assign knowledge to a non-player with no nationality/playing experience linking them to a country.
  9. No qualification that I'm aware of either. Another Jarrod Bowen, sounds like he should be Welsh but no actual link.
  10. Agility should really be named something different for goalkeepers to distinguish it from the outfield version more clearly. With only a few exceptions "he's a good shot-stopper" has always been more back-handed than a genuine compliment.
  11. Agility is how far a goalkeeper is able to dive so will be the primary factor in whether a goalkeeper can save a shot from distance where he's likely to have enough time to see and judge the flight of it. Anticipation, Positioning and Concentration will help but the MotD highlight reel saves are going to be very Agility-dependent.
  12. Of course there's debate to be had. We could just as easily argue for the value of having more attributes. Maybe split heading contact/timing and heading accuracy? Clear up confusion with goalkeeping distribution with throwing distance (currently derived from Strength) alongside Throwing (the accuracy)? FIFA uses long passing and short passing as distinct different attributes. Instead of just a single 1-20 range for a player's ability with each foot why not do separate value for every technical attribute with each foot? Finally the player who can cross equally well with both feet but not pass
  13. Concentration is essentially in-game Consistency, yes. Consistency is whether your player will be at their best (i.e. play to their visible attributes) on a particular matchday, while Concentration is whether they will perform to those levels on a moment-by-moment basis within each game. Important for any player with responsibility, both in defence and attack, on the ball or off it.
  14. Anticipation (reading the keeper's movement), Composure, Sportsmanship (for the stuttering, skipping runups and trash talk)...
  15. Penalty Specialist could just be a PPM/trait. It does feel a bit much to have a 1-20 scale on top of all the other standard attributes that would be applied to them. Penalties are a discreet event that we have plenty of irl stats for conversion rates, so are a lot easier to make feel realistic with fewer variables than a lot of the game.
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