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  1. You either use up your current transfer budget or you don't. It doesn't really matter, the money comes out of the club's bank balance eventually, which effects all future transfer budgets, sanctions etc. Some real life managers have made a career of ruining football clubs this way.
  2. swansongs

    Tactics / Dynamics help

    Loaning to playable teams is considerably more effective than loaning to non-playable teams.
  3. BWM is the last role I'd want as my holding midfielder screening the back four. Far too aggressive to play on its own.
  4. Balance is intended to be a bonus in physical contests, to represent how those "low centre of gravity" types like Aguero can hold players off/shield the ball far beyond their stature. Generally speaking, few big old-fashioned centre halves should have high values for Balance, and few 5'8 attackers should have high values for Strength.
  5. That's actually a minor use of the Balance attribute. It's primary function is to determine the accuracy with which a player can play the ball (shoot, pass, cross) when moving at pace. High Balance players will sprint onto tap-ins and perfect crosses on the run while low Balance players will get things all wrong unless they slow down and take a touch first. It's a technical ability modifier sort of like Composure but for speed instead of mental pressure.
  6. It's about degree of response. An Attacking 20 manager might drop to Control mentality in a tough fixture, while an Attacking 1 manager would be playing Contain w/ Timewasting from minute one in a similar matchup.
  7. I know in previous games I used to train my CBs to be comfortable at DM to shave a few points off their CA, but I don't think that still works. If I were to hazard a guess I'd say that there isn't a way to make weightings "lighter" by teaching a player more positions (or more familiarity with a position). The cost will only increase or stay the same. But if a player were to forget/become less familiar with certain positions (which I don't think can happen to natural positions or researcher-set ones but don't quote me on that) then the weightings might go down in certain cases and give a player with unchanged attributes a lower CA value.
  8. The CA calculations are complex, but generally seem based on a player's best position (as interpreted by the game) rather than punishing a player for branching out. A striker could go from 0 to 13 in AML training without altering his CA but then jump up 10 points when he hits 14, should he be strong in the main attributes for one of the AML roles. But if he's a better target man it might stay the same. I won't pretend to understand how it all works, or how to game it, really.
  9. It's all due to changes in weighting. Adding points to positions doesn't use up CA/PA otherwise.
  10. That's the general outfield use for it, yeah.
  11. Agility is vital as it influences how far across his goal he can dive to make saves. Very low Strength and Balance might be worrying but the others I wouldn't care about at all.
  12. Even in FM terms, if the opposition is using a high press and your full-back decides to play a pass infield with his 5/20 weak foot... he's already probably less accurate than your forward players, less composed and technical... scary stuff.
  13. I make most of my in-game decisions as if they're the real thing, and watch games irl assigning everything 1-20 values and criticising the manager's choice of player roles & duties.
  14. After watching Neil Taylor and then Martin Olsson for so many years all my fullbacks have to be strong with both feet. It's so easy to stop them going forward by standing in the one channel they can pass down. Forward players with skill I wouldn't worry about but a defender that can only play one direction can cause so many problems if faced with a high press. Declan John looks scared of playing with his right as well. I'm going to have to search for another new left back in FM19!
  15. That's not how it works in the current researcher tools. The weak foot attribute has a set CA cost/weighting like everything else. Improving the weaker foot doesn't change the weighting of Technical attributes or anything like that.