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  1. Our guidelines say Jumping Reach 20 should only be used for players 6'6 and over, with above average jumping ability. It's one of the more objective 1-20 scales we have. 20 is by-design proper NBA territory. Strength 20 is Akinfenwa.
  2. Anticipation then agility and acceleration. Balance and composure to do something with it.
  3. The bigger the pitch the more space each player will have, making it easier to find passing options and create chances when you're shifting the ball patiently from side to side. Smaller pitches suit defensive teams as it's easier to restrict spaces. You then have more reliance on set pieces and counter attacks to create your goalscoring opportunities.
  4. Attributes should be rated 1-9 instead of 1-20. The current system is overly specific for what is a subjective assessment of quality, and most of the range is ignored 90% of the time anyway. Might make the database file smaller as well?
  5. Same for knowing what attributes specifically do.
  6. Clubs do have values assigned for tactical preferences, separate from those of their current manager, and chairmen and other decision-makers have their own profiles and preferences which can include the types of manager and staff they hire.
  7. There are non-disclosure agreements for research? I've signed them for beta testing the couple of times I did it but never anything for research.
  8. @Jogo Bonito Nice work on the career so far. Jarrod Bowen doesn't have a Welsh bone in his body, though.
  9. Misleading to compare a player's top speed to Bolt's average over a whole race in fairness. Bolt's peak speed was just shy of 45kph. How speeds are measured and reported varies so you need to be careful, but 38kph seems like a solid 20 to me. Dan James clocks at 36kph which is going to be a 19 in FM20. Without the numbers available I had him down at 15 at the start of the season, knowing he was very fast from watching him in u18s and u23s football, but not knowing quite how that pace would measure up in senior games.
  10. The Dribbling attribute isn't a player's ability to beat a live human man (or men) one on one, that's a combination of Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Technique, Balance, Agility etc. Dribbling is the accuracy and speed at which chosen dribbling actions can be performed. Which can surely be replicated with an elaborate enough arrangement of cones.
  11. Ben Clarke and James Parry of TNS U19s are good players. Compared favourably to some of our PL2 regulars last night.
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