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  1. Got a link to support that? Every news article I've come across says Stockholm.
  2. Taller players are often faster. Long legs, big stride. Short players can be deceptively slow. Illusion of pace caused by little legs moving quickly. There's very little practical difference between Pace 15 and 17 in the match engine afaik. In kph I think Pace 1 is faster than Pirlo ever bothered to run. 20 wouldn't catch Bolt. Seen Son's top speed quoted as 32kph (from specific matches, don't know what he's clocked at generally) which is a good step down from the top end sprinters in the game. Adama Traore has hit 37, Bale 36.9. Dan James and Mbappe 36. Walcott and Sane around 35.5 (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/03/15/daniel-james-interview-comparing-kylian-mbappe-bit-crazy/) Kyle Walker is sub-35 and has a Pace rating of 18 in game. Pace 15 is pretty quick but too many players seem to be rated as if a value less than 10 is horribly slow. Players all become compressed within a "safe" 11-14 range.
  3. Most of my players actually got upgrades. We sold all the PL failures, so much of our midtable Championship side is still building up from the League One and PL2 attributes they had in the summer. My personal opinion is that no one needs a solid argument to challenge any (of my) ratings. As long as things are kept civil seeing someone else's opinion never hurts. We're still free to ignore suggestions and/or defend our work after all.
  4. Happens with me for my wingers who play either in the AM or M strata depending on which tactic is used (I usually use both types during every match). One of these is a natural ST, and his attributes are tanking despite being a 19 year old potential wonderkid. Oddly though doesn't affect the player who flits between all the wings or the AMC slot depending on where I want him on any given day. Neither are the guys who occasionally move from DM to AM affected. Strange and very frustrating.
  5. @SouthernNUFC you should never have to apologise for making a lengthy post of your opinions of the data. Some researchers are far too precious and would apparently prefer there to be no discussion at all, such is the high barrier for entry they try to enforce here. 9 is a decent rating for Fede's passing accuracy. It's not a bad rating for a centre half (who largely play simpler passes than players further forward, even if many are long) and his range of passing was always limited with us. Lascelles should have a rating of 5-6 if he's misplacing simple passes regularly (under no pressure or other circumstances). The rating of 14-15 you recommend for Lejeune would make him as capable on the ball as a most Championship midfield playmakers.
  6. Command of Area was possibly Fabianski's biggest weakness with us. A lot of times he'd stay rooted to his line instead of coming out to sort pretty straightforward things out. Could never fault his ability to make important saves (especially late in games) but there was only one period during his first season where I felt he was dealing with his fair share of crosses (we had Javier Garcia as GK coach at the time, now of Arsenal). Now we have goalkeepers who are even more shy and one can't even make saves. Picked for their passing ability. Game's gone mad.
  7. Happens with my players who don't play in the same position every game (like the winger who plays ML, AML, or AMC in my system). Resets to "playing position" seemingly based on what they last did. Very frustrating.
  8. Indeed. From what I hear he's doing well and we're hopeful he'll be back at the club before too long. Talented footballer. The way it works in game is a little awkward as there's no way to provide an explanation, and using the date he actually left the club for treatment leaves a big window over the summer where he can move around.
  9. Maupay's Temperament and Sportsmanship too high. Dirtiness too low. Full range of the 1-20 scale needs using. Filthy little stamper who has the gall to accuse a player of diving after he's left half his studs in him. Repeat offender now. Romaine Sawyers guilty of cynical trips off the ball. Dirtiness 7 far too low. Sportsmanship 12 too high. Dalsgaard lost his head completely trying to cope with Roberts & Dyer so 14 Sportsmanship and Temperament too high there as well. Get that the team as a whole is going through a tough time but those lads stood out as cooking under the pressure.
  10. Perhaps 'Brings ball out of defence' more appropriate? Certainly something he did for Wales as the left-sided centreback. Don't know how it works with fullback roles.
  11. If he "rarely dribbles anymore" then how is he "running with the ball down the left often". PPMs are a player's tendency to ignore a manager's instruction, not follow them. He should only have the PPM if he does an exceptional amount of dribbling for a fullback, deciding to do so instead of passing, or clearing the ball, even when it's not appropriate. If he's acting entirely based on a manager's instruction, then he should have no PPM. Dribble More is a very common instruction in the fullback role/duties. It's redundant and inhibits the player's ability to play any other way.
  12. Emyr Huws Injury Proneness should be a lot higher than 13. 18-20 surely given his record.
  13. Paul Dummett's home reputation is probably too high given his international standing. Looks a bit quick based on what I've seen of him, too. Ben Davies' Runs With Ball Down Left PPM doesn't reflect how he plays irl. Very rarely have I seen him try to take someone on down the wing.
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