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  1. I dont think you can make any conclusion about a tactic by playing ONE single match with it. Maybe the next 3 matches the team would be destroyed playing controlled possession or tiki taka and you would see the complete opposite.
  2. Same here. It was different before the latest me update last week, but as many others have stated the game got definitely harder with the update. For me we are back to normal now, some find it hard some find it easy (especially the people who are playing fm for years obviously).
  3. I think there was virtually no match over 3 days of stream in which Leverkusen had less than 20 shots per match, even against the best german teams. Is this supposed to be realistic in any way?
  4. Of course they do, 90% of all goals are coming that way. Goal variety was so much better in 17 (more long shots, free kicks and so on).
  5. I agree. Not only shooting to the corner flag but way too many shots in general.
  6. FM12 wins every poll for years now, i dont take this very seriously to be honest. More concerning is that FM18 is not better in this poll than FM17 because normally the newest version always gets more votes than everything else (besides 12). The true winner of this poll is FM17. Rightfully so.
  7. Actually its very easy. ME was broken for me with these weird goals from crosses.
  8. Regens faces completely irrelevant, wingers defensive duties a very minor issue. Overall nothing even close to game-breaking. FM 17 is challenging and rewarding as it should be.
  9. Anyone noticed if the "wide midfielders defending too wide" problem is solved? Other early thoughts of the match engine?
  10. I really dont know what people are talking about. :-) Okay maybe if you refer to the wide midfielders, i can understand. But other than that the defending was definitely more horrible in 16 and goals galore 15.:-)
  11. Everyone knows that the videos will be released before the beta, not just before the 10th November.
  12. I thought they wanted to show some more videos of the match engine before the release. How long do they want to wait if the beta is released Thursday or Friday?:-)
  13. I really have no idea what you are talking about? Nothing wrong with Vardy at 7.20, nothing wrong with Salah at 6.40 (ghosting through the defender? Again what are you talking about?), Totti plays good but nothing extraordinary (rating 7.6?), he is marked tightly all the time (8.08, 12.02)? Obviously sometimes he has the class to escape from it since the video only shows some highlights. I see some great to watch football, much variety, different styles and different types of goals, one long shot, one great play through the middle, one goal after a nice cross. So thanks for this video anyway- for me its the final proof that the FM 17 is really fantastic because if THIS is what people show to criticise the ME it must really be a great one.:-)
  14. So "Matchday" should be next. I hope we will see the video today. :-)
  15. Its funny that the main complaint all around this board for months now is that narrow formations are completely overpowered and play through the middle would be way too good because wide midfielders would stay wide. Now there is a thread called cross simulator and the same people are complaining that crosses are overpowered.
  16. Actually my soft spot for defensive play is the exact reason why this is the best ME for me.:-) There are some flaws defensively as always but i dont recall any ME with better defending overall. Had way too many goals in 15 and as i said the conceding from crosses in 16 was driving me crazy. :-) In 17 its possible to keep clean sheets in a row with a solid tactic (what i didnt manage to do in the last versions).
  17. Im reading all the negative feedback here and just wondering if i am the only one who thinks that the ME (only commenting on the me) is BY FAR the best in history of FM and really a lot of fun? Of course there is always room for improvements and im still a fan of FM 12 with the former me. But we finally have a ME without any game breaking bugs or weaknesses, no goals galore as in 15 or stupid goals from crosses as in 16. Actually (sorry sigames) i see no reason for buying 18 right now because i enjoy 17 so much! Reading all the critics here i wonder if there is actually anyone else who thinks the same?
  18. This file was (at least for me) always the one and only file that worked without any problems. So please keep up the good work and if necessary take your time. I prefer this because i want a stable file.
  19. Is there any way to prevent something like that? Or is there a way to know from the start which teams could be affected by this?
  20. Stupid question: Do i understand it correctly, I can start from any league i want and dont have to start with level 22? So if i start in league 10 or 15 for example, there wont be any problems with the stability in the upcoming seasons?
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