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  1. This is still happening, One of the most Annoying things in the game, Like I get the Mods asking for Evidence in PKM's, Look at how many have been Provided...
  2. Love the skin, Just wondering if its at all possible to make the Skins slightly Transparent so that the Stadiums can be seen through the background. If this isn't possible not to worry just i feel its something thats missing from Skins this year.
  3. Knap & I are working together to hopefully bring the Best Possible Tactics in a variety of Styles and Formations.... That's the plan anyway.
  4. Yeah thats exactly right, I haven't even made the 120 Team yet to be honest just been looking at the 140 side, But it gives a fantastic indication of how a tactic is working/can work
  5. Hey bud, I made the Tactic Test League - I set the Team at 140ca Only so all Players have a Current Ability of 140ca, Out of the 30 sides the 140CA Test Side is Predicted to be 29th, All the Sides are As They are in Game, Liverpool is Liverpool Real Madrid is Real Madris so on and so forth... I think this give a great gauge to look and see how a tactic can Over Achieve
  6. I don't see why we cant put our Collective heads together and come up with something.
  7. It's the patch, TTF i think needs to retest his tactics and see ho they stand in this 19.3.4 Match Engine
  8. The tweak of Knapps Tactics which can be found a few posts back is fantastic very very good base of defense and attack even with my poor Middlesbrough side
  9. Which versions of these Tactics brother as you have been busy with different variants
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