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  1. Managed to sort that out now, Thanks for the Heads up.
  2. Head to My documents/football manager 2021/Skins/Mr Hough Mashup Madness Skin/Settings/TCS21 settings -------- Delete That File. Reload and everything should be bob on
  3. I've just downloaded it and it's worked for me? The file will say Base 21 Dark (FM 20) skin but it's the Mashup skin as i used the Base skin as a base for this mashup, I don't know how to change it so thats why it's like that. Anymore issues can you please let me know. Thank you.
  4. Sorry about the issues I'm at work at the minute so can't do anything, Once home ill look to see what the problem is
  5. I absolutely love TCS's Skin but also find that even with numerous times asking on here and twitter etc there had been no reply to the transparency of this years skin so i decided to take upon myself to try and do it myself. I took Michael Murray's Base skin as that allows you to have the background images and began to transfer the TCS files over one folder at a time the reload the skin in game to see which is that actual file that makes the background change (not Transparent) once i had done that i ended up with this absolutely fantastic mashup skin. I have also included the Header colo
  6. @bluestillidie00 do you mind if i PM you regarding this as i don't want to taint your work so to speak?
  7. So i managed to do this earlier on today, Safe to say i'm absolutely buzzing with myself. If i'm allowed i'll give it out with consent of course.
  8. @bluestillidie00 is there any chance at all that either you can do it or give me/us the instructions to make the Backgrounds Transparent so i/we can use Background Images with your Skin. Thankyou for your help.
  9. Hey Everone, I'm using the new TCS skin but would like to make it more Transparent, Any idea's how i do that? Thank you in advance for your help
  10. Download seems to be super slow for me, What about a torrent file to make it faster that way?
  11. Yeah managed to do that, I'm content with all this now and happy with how the skins looks
  12. It's like the most silliest thing isn't it, Like how i didn't realise that myself is ridiculous because I've been using Graphics for years i just thought it was a Back Ground Pack. OK Thank you for your help
  13. The FMT Stadium Super Pack isn't actually a 'Background' pack unless you manually go in and set it to it on the Config file which Mamba showed me to do 1 and then that one i did manually showed up and then i realised it wasn't the right pack. I downloaded another pack and voila it all works perfectly, I've even managed to edit a little bit myself as i wanted a few things more Transparent. I'll show you. So this is how i have it now. So that is really good - Is there any way to make these boxes transparent now though. See
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