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  1. Yeah managed to do that, I'm content with all this now and happy with how the skins looks
  2. It's like the most silliest thing isn't it, Like how i didn't realise that myself is ridiculous because I've been using Graphics for years i just thought it was a Back Ground Pack. OK Thank you for your help
  3. The FMT Stadium Super Pack isn't actually a 'Background' pack unless you manually go in and set it to it on the Config file which Mamba showed me to do 1 and then that one i did manually showed up and then i realised it wasn't the right pack. I downloaded another pack and voila it all works perfectly, I've even managed to edit a little bit myself as i wanted a few things more Transparent. I'll show you. So this is how i have it now. So that is really good - Is there any way to make these boxes transparent now though. See where in the screens i have certain bits transparent but others are blocked out Grey, Is there a way to make that full Transparent?
  4. Ok developments - With the Help of @mamba34 I have managed to get it all sorted, I'm absolutely over the moon - Thank you to @wkdsoul and also @el-chambo for helping along the way. Utter Legends. Thanks again.
  5. I've changed it, Still nothing. Oh well what can you do. Thank you for all your efforts
  6. No mine is correct then, I have mine as you have yours set up i was just making sure thats all
  7. Not to worry, I really appreciate you trying you best to help me, one of those things i guess. Just a quick Question though where do you put your background Pictures. I have mine in my Documents/SportsInteractive/Football Manager 2020/Graphics and i have the FMT Stadium Superpack in the Graphics folder with my Player Faces - Logo's - Trophies and kits. I'm wondering if that is the right place for them this year or if its changed
  8. I've done that 3 times now, it's always been selected to show Background Pictures
  9. If you look in the background the screen i just posted mine looks like yours now with the Gray but that.s the Skin you sent me i am using there, I honesty don't understand why it won't work
  10. So this is what i have done regarding the information you have asked me to do.
  11. I have only one in there, I made a back up copy of the original Skin incase when i was messing about it messed it up and the back up is the one that i am using now.
  12. Yeah i have Player Faces and Logo's and Kits in the game i just would like this as an addition that's all
  13. Nope still nothing, If you have done it and it works for you just PM me the Skin and i'll test it out as ive been trying for over a week now and nothing is working at all
  14. I want if possible at all to have the Background Pictures that are there on show but to be the full background picture so when i go to the Club page it shows the whole Background Stadium in the background rather than just a little side picture like shown in the Pictures there.
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