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  1. It's the patch, TTF i think needs to retest his tactics and see ho they stand in this 19.3.4 Match Engine
  2. The tweak of Knapps Tactics which can be found a few posts back is fantastic very very good base of defense and attack even with my poor Middlesbrough side
  3. Which versions of these Tactics brother as you have been busy with different variants
  4. @knap What would you say your best tactic overall is at this present Time, Or top 3 Tactics, Cheers Brother
  5. How do i change it so the Face Image isnt blocking the number, If possible to move the face image to the left slightly if possible
  6. Found an issue with the tactic screen look as you drag player from left to right the box comes and covers all the players names and positions and would it be possible to have the Club and Player image seperated to fill the space void rather than having them overlapping and leave space. Maybe even try the Players Nation - Club - Player Face then Attribute circle Just an idea
  7. would it be possible to have this changed to a toggle so you can turn it on if you want it and turn it off if you don't At the minute it's automatically on and when you turn it off you cant turn it back on until you go to another player and it automatically turns itself back on again
  8. This tactic is absolutely incredible, I have my Scarborough side i'm in my 4th season won promotion each season so i'm in the Vanarama national league (Old Conference League) currently 1st place 4 points clear after 30 games so i'm doing well. I've just beat a reading side that's 2nd place in the Championship 2-1 in the F.A Cup, I cant believe it to be honest, With this tactic anything seems possible. My side is supposed to fight bravely against relegation too of all things. Thank you @knap
  9. I have fixed my issues this is how i did it In my custom graphics i had a section called panels which was for the advertising boards on the 3D pitch This is what caused the problem i deleted this and since then ive had no issues running my custom graphics Thanks for you help
  10. Felix, I've already done this and same outcome. What happens is you remove the custom logos etc then if you load them back in without closing the game and reload the profile skin everything works fine its when you put them back and close the game down to restart that the problems arise. if that makes sense
  11. Here is the latest one FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.13 23.06.17).dmp
  12. Ok i've read the forums and done some testing, Here is what ive found out. I turned off Football Manager last night, Everything fine, I load it up today as its loading i get a crash dump message, I close my laptop down and try again, Same outcome. i look on the forum and see how to fix Crash Dumps - Delete Cache and Preferences etc. I do this and still doesn't work i do abit more digging and find about removing your custom graphics. I do this and hey presto every thing is bang on apart from i don't have any graphics so i add my graphics back to the folder and shut it down and try again and it goes back to the crash dump. i repeat the process above and its back working again, I then add my Player Badges and Player Faces and instead of closing down and restarting i reload the profile, It works so now i have my game running with player Faces and Badges. i restart my game and its happened again with the crash dump. I'm sorry for the long post but i wanted to be as detailed as i can. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. Graphics has gone from 5 stars to 1 star and i've checked all the Settings on my Nvidia control panel and its selected as "use global setting" which is the high performace Nvidia Processor. I'm pretty computer savvy but this has stumped me, Any ideas on how i can fix. Thanks in advance
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