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  1. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from box.co.uk. I ordered a a new laptop and the delivery date has passed. Have been reading elsewhere a few horror stories. Anyone had a good and recent experience?
  2. Hi Guys Wondering if you could give suggestions for a new laptop. Budget of £1,000 as an absolute maximum. Priority is having lots of leagues running but followed by the 3D match. Cheers in advance
  3. Hey Looking for some advice. Thinking of getting a new laptop. Want to run as many leagues as I can for a price between £500 and £750. Any recommendations?
  4. Mr Hough Just wondered again if the Player Requirements changed on the 8th May will still apply to the GCS tactic. And if they don't do you have details of the Player Requirements for the GCS tactics. Thanks
  5. Mr Hough I think the GCS tactic (from the 26/03/10) is amazing however I can't seem to get the recent classic version working. Anyway I just wondered if the attribute requirements you changed on your opening post still apply for the GCS version. And if not do you still have the attributes that apply for the GCS version you had listed before the 8th of this month. Thanks again. You have given me my love for this game.
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