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  1. bluenonny

    What team shall I be?

    Fulham, don't know what it is about them but always enjoy a good save with Fulham. I have also had some success and enjoyment with Aston Villa & Bristol City. If you want a longer journey Salford City is a good adventure.
  2. bluenonny

    FM16: What Team Should I Be?

  3. bluenonny

    FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    I started with Millwall, really enjoyable.
  4. Just finished Season 1 with Spurs in the EPL, romped the league, won the UEFA cup, FA Caup & league cup Harry Kane scored about 55 goals, with 4 others contributing over 20 goals each. Of the top of my head won on 107 points, scored over 100 goals and had a massive + goal difference, really enjoyed the tactic, thanks.
  5. The Chinese transfer window shuts tomorrow, some point? Hopefully that's the last one left and the patch is out a couple of weeks later maximum.
  6. bluenonny

    FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    What EPL team is best suited financially and reputation wise to be able to bring in Harry Kane, Eric Dier, John Stones, Ross Barkley, Joe Hart, plus a few more and mixed with some top/world class overseas players?
  7. bluenonny

    [FM16][WIP] Steklo X6

    everyone knows major releases are never mid-week!
  8. Born : Hamilton Accies Living : Hamilton Accies
  9. bluenonny

    FM15: What Team Should I Be?

    Coventry, Portsmouth, Bristol City
  10. bluenonny

    Football Manager snacks/drinks?

    Roy Keane prawn sandwiches for me & plenty strong filter coffee
  11. bluenonny

    FM14: What Team should I be?

    In deciding a new game for FM2014 and after listening to the radio build-up to the Manchester City v Barcelona game where they mentioned that 15 years ago last night Man City were in the 3rd tier of English football preparing to play Macclesfield I took my inspiration to League 1. To try and emulate I have broken it down to the following teams currently in League 1 ~ Sheffield United, Wolves or Coventry. What do people think would be the most inspiring/fun team to choose in terms of stability, youth, finance, stadium, crowds, season ticket holders & ability to attract the best lower league players and Scandinavian prospects from the start. Thanks for any input.
  12. bluenonny

    FM14: What Team should I be?

    What was the something else you got into?
  13. bluenonny

    FM14: What Team should I be?

    Everton & Liverpool
  14. bluenonny

    FM14: What Team should I be?

    I'm top of the league with Newcastle 1st season 20 points clear with 26 games played, so far.
  15. bluenonny

    FM14: What Team should I be?

    Southampton ; Aston Villa ; Real Sociedad ;