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  1. Knap, Slightly off topic sorry but whose skin is that you are using in this shot? Thanks.
  2. Fulham, don't know what it is about them but always enjoy a good save with Fulham. I have also had some success and enjoyment with Aston Villa & Bristol City. If you want a longer journey Salford City is a good adventure.
  3. Just finished Season 1 with Spurs in the EPL, romped the league, won the UEFA cup, FA Caup & league cup Harry Kane scored about 55 goals, with 4 others contributing over 20 goals each. Of the top of my head won on 107 points, scored over 100 goals and had a massive + goal difference, really enjoyed the tactic, thanks.
  4. The Chinese transfer window shuts tomorrow, some point? Hopefully that's the last one left and the patch is out a couple of weeks later maximum.
  5. What EPL team is best suited financially and reputation wise to be able to bring in Harry Kane, Eric Dier, John Stones, Ross Barkley, Joe Hart, plus a few more and mixed with some top/world class overseas players?
  6. everyone knows major releases are never mid-week!
  7. Roy Keane prawn sandwiches for me & plenty strong filter coffee
  8. In deciding a new game for FM2014 and after listening to the radio build-up to the Manchester City v Barcelona game where they mentioned that 15 years ago last night Man City were in the 3rd tier of English football preparing to play Macclesfield I took my inspiration to League 1. To try and emulate I have broken it down to the following teams currently in League 1 ~ Sheffield United, Wolves or Coventry. What do people think would be the most inspiring/fun team to choose in terms of stability, youth, finance, stadium, crowds, season ticket holders & ability to attract the best lower league players and Scandinavian prospects from the start. Thanks for any input.
  9. What was the something else you got into?
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