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  1. juvito2k

    Completely Dominant 4-3-2-1

    write down team instructions or upload away tactic
  2. juvito2k

    Completely Dominant 4-3-2-1

    i cant see "team instructions" and for "away games" please fix edit "This one surprised me.. Unfortunately lost in Semi final " doesnt work for me.
  3. juvito2k

    Completely Dominant 4-3-2-1

    team instructons screenshots doesnt work
  4. It's not only that cant set team training, individual training, buy/"sell" coaches for B teams the training facilities are lower league level when in reality B team shares training facilities with A team bold is fixed
  5. juvito2k

    High-Scoring 4-3-3-0 (Plug and Play)

    Coul you please reupload in another website gamefront doesnt work in my country
  6. I bought the game from dlgamers in October 16 í received a key for "Football manager 2014 Full Game" entered the key and unlocked fm2014 never said beta in the library, today the game doesn't update to 14.1.2 FUUUUUUUU
  7. The Portuguese teams B are poorly made, they are more like the reserves of English clubs and not like the Spanish B teams! In reality the club can change the players between B team and A team during all the season! They share the same training facilities In the game the B teams are useless even the U19 are better to develop players
  8. Modern Warfare with minor tweaks 442 or Modern Warfare slow 442?
  9. juvito2k

    Modern Warfare 442

    the link doesn't work correct please!