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  1. Modern Warfare with minor tweaks 442 or Modern Warfare slow 442?
  2. http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/5606/arroz2.png AMAZING Default Squad 2 losses i didnt change the tactic away from home Lost against basel in First round knockout UCL after get qualified first in a group with Man U, Valencia Partizan! Lost away game because started the game with home tactic lost the first game away 3-1, and e hamered the golkeeper in home but the game only finhished 1-0 i had 15!!!! shot on target!!! Won the league cup and lost scottich because super keeper AMAZING Mr HOUGH!!! Second Season with some decent buys i will trash everything!!
  3. Mr Hough, started with rangers because ten point penalty, i am in February , 1 point ahead of Celtic( should be 11points ahead without penalty) with 91 goals, passed first in CL ( MU, Valencia, Partizan) AMAZING Thank you
  4. Mr hough when someone receives red card what you do? My right winger gets red card and them 43 min im wining 3-0 !!!!!
  5. Most people dont read the op they only see the link
  6. Screens please! Wingers left foot on right, right on left?
  7. Mr Hough the first tactic on this topic is the best ever, i will test this new one in another save
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