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  1. Thanks mate, happens often for me my wing backs must always be my best takers lol
  2. Hey @knap still doing amazing with many of your tactics so no complaints here. One thing I’ve noticed is attacking corners seem to leave an unmarked player on the half way line and very often he gets the ball and has a straight run at my keeper. Have you noticed this in your testing? Just thought I’d point it out.
  3. Nothing really to add to this discussion other than great work @knap u must put in crazy hours developing these, without getting much done on ur own saves lol Had great success with many of ur tactics at different levels of the footballing pyramid. All I will add is the longer u stick with a tactic the better results get. Incredible work mate, great for lazy guys like me that want to just plug and play!
  4. Still is Dave! Totally forgot about this tactic from an older save... Been grinding to get out of League 2 for 3 seasons, going good now I switched during current year. Works great in lower leagues due to 'very rigid' philosophy, no point using all these different tacics about with poorer players haha sticking with this now until i get established in the Premier League!!
  5. Have to say this tactic is excellent (dave's version) and there is no difference post-update for those who are asking. I am Rangers in 2019 using mainly youth team players and original squad with very few signings throughout the years. I have broke all sorts of domestic records (not that impressive considering its Scotland I agree) but also managed back-to-back CL 1/4 finals with very, very impressive results against much stronger teams along the way. Squad management, keeping squad morale at a high and not chopping & changing starting 11 between games is a must for success in this yea
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