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  1. I think it can be summed up in such a way that the game is beautifully packaged but what is most important inside, i.e. the match engine is far from ideal. I hope that in the next versions of the game the greatest focus will be on the match engine.
  2. @KUBI Can we expect patch wchich improve ME? This ME is boring. 3 headers from wingers is weird. It doesn't metter if I play narrow or wide, in 90% of cases it's ends the same. Pass on the wing and cross.
  3. Can we expect another patch improve ME or maybe this patch was the last one? I hate this ME. In every match i have goal from free kick or corner. I lead in match and what? Of course goal from free kick or header from corner in 90 minute. Before the last patch FM was very enjoyable. Now is boring and annoying. Edit: 2 minutes ago in my save Betis beat Real Madrid 5-1. Betis scored 2 goals from free kicks and one goal from corner. It was AI vs AI
  4. Before the update game was very enjoyable. Now in every game i have 1 or 2 goals from free kicks and of course in every match i have penalty kick. Before play through the middle was very nice. Now team play only using the wings. The last thing is a lot of goals. In every match the teams score together 3-4 or more goals.
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